12 Oct 2019

Tokyo eerily quiet, bracing for worst typhoon in 6 decades
Typhoon Hagibis, closing in from the Pacific, is expected to bring up to 80 centimeters (30 inches) of rain in the Tokyo area, including Chiba to the north that had suffered power outages from a typhoon that hit last month, and some buildings remained partly repaired.

Google still up to its election pranks
But when Zack Vorhies left Google, he brought thousands of internal documents with him to bolster his claims – and during a radio interview on Friday morning, he stated that among other misdeeds, Google is determined to keep President Donald Trump from getting re-elected in 2020. “The CEO made a statement that they were going to use artificial intelligence in order to combat the fake news that helped Donald Trump get elected,” he told American Family Radio talk-show host Sandy Rios. …it doesn’t matter if your Left, it doesn’t matter if you’re Right – Google is going to do it for anyone who challenges the establishment narrative.”

Dems’ dim view of churches comes out of closet
“Beto” O’Rourke suggested the federal government should deny tax allowances to a house of worship if it opposes same-sex marriage, a biblical belief that presumably most churches embrace despite the current cultural norms. “There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone,” O’Rourke declared, “that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us.”

Sorry, Darwin, but bacteria don’t compete to survive
“Survival of the friendliest” outweighs “survival of the fittest” for groups of bacteria, according to new research. The research reveals that bacteria would rather unite against external threats, such as antibiotics, rather than fight against each other. The discovery is a major step towards understanding complex bacteria interactions and the development of new treatment models for a wide range of human diseases and new green technologies.

Russia and China to sign internet censorship treaty
Russia and China are set to sign an agreement for cooperation in censoring illicit internet activity, according to a new report on Tuesday. The latest agreement, which Russia is set to sign on Oct 20, shows a growing relationship between two powers and Russian moves towards Chinese-style internet crackdowns, according to Reuters. Internet controls have increased under the leadership of both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Communist mob attacks Trump supporters exiting Minneapolis rally
Video from the scene shows protesters roughing up Trump supporters, burning a pile of trademark red “Make America Great Again” hats, waving a communist flag (incorrectly identified by Schaffer as a Chinese flag) and destroying barricades put up to ensure everyone’s safety.

California wildfires rage on, killing 2 and sparking widespread evacuations of 100,000 residents
Two people have died in California as wildfires continue to rage out of control Friday in the greater Los Angeles area, forcing the mandatory evacuations of people in more than 20,000 homes. Los Angeles Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas said the fire along the northern edge of the city has grown to more than 7 square miles and has destroyed at least 25 homes. A middle-aged man who was near where the fire was burning went into cardiac arrest Thursday night and died, the chief added. Police Chief Michel Moore said mandatory evacuations in the area have encompassed about 100,000 people in over 20,000 homes.

Edward Snowden: Joe Biden Threatened Countries Not To Give Me Asylum
It was one of two people. Then-Secretary of State John Kerry or then vice president Joe Biden. And they would say, look, we don’t know what the law is, we don’t care if you can do this or not, we understand that protecting whistleblowers is a matter of human rights and you could do this if you want to. But if you protect this man, if you let this guy out of Russia, there will be consequences. We’re not going to say what they’re going to be, but there will be a response.

Turkey shells U.S. Special Forces in Syria, U.S. forces fall back
Turkey shelled US Special Forces near the city of Kobani in northern Syria on Friday, Newsweek reported. Because of their current rules of engagement, the Americans did not respond to the attack and instead fell back. No injuries were reported among the American forces. The Turkish attack took place as part of “Operation Peace Spring”, which is aimed at Kurdish fighters.

Saudi Arabia oil attacks: US to deploy thousands of extra troops
The Pentagon has announced the deployment of thousands of additional troops to “enhance the defence of Saudi Arabia”. US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper says he has authorised the deployment of additional forces, including fighter jets and a defence system. He said it was in response to “threats in the region”, amid efforts to protect the kingdom from “Iranian aggression”.

U.S. outlines ‘Phase 1’ trade deal with China, suspends October tariff hike
U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday outlined the first phase of a deal to end a trade war with China and suspended a threatened tariff hike, but officials on both sides said much more work needed to be done before an accord could be agreed. The emerging deal, covering agriculture, currency and some aspects of intellectual property protections, would represent the biggest step by the two countries…

Palestinians split by walkback on tax revenue collected by Israel
The Palestinian Authority’s decision to accept hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues collected by Israel has divided its leadership and enraged many among the public. The PA declined to accept any funds last February to protest Israel’s decision to withhold $12 million a month, a sum the PA allocates to its Martyrs’ Fund…

US troops come under fire as Turkish forces advance in Syria
Turkish forces faced fierce resistance from US-allied Syrian Kurdish fighters on the third day of Ankara’s offensive in northern Syria as casualties mounted, international criticism of the campaign intensified and estimates put the number of those who fled the violence at 100,000. In a complicating twist, Washington said its troops also came under fire from NATO ally Turkey.

California becomes 1st state to require universities to offer abortion medication
Governor Gavin Newsom has had quite the eventful day as he signed two additional laws Friday afternoon.

The Catholic-Muslim Interfaith Council Created By Pope Francis Announces New Chrislam Headquarters Opening In 2022 That Combines A Mosque And Church According To Signed Covenant
As far as advancing the end times timeline goes, 2019 has been a banner year for Pope Francis and the coming One World Religion. We told you back in February that the pope has travelled to Abu Dhabi where he met with Sunni Muslim leader Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb. There the two men signed a global peace covenant called the Document On Human Fraternity For World Peace.

Extremely dangerous Typhoon “Hagibis” nears Tokyo, potentially the strongest to hit the city since 1958, Japan
Extremely dangerous Typhoon “Hagibis” is approaching Japan. Landfall is expected near Tokyo on October 12 with maximum sustained winds of 160 km/h (98 mph), equivalent to Category 2 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Authorities are urging residents and tourists to prepare in advance and protect their lives.

Slow-moving nor’easter affecting parts of the Northeast, anomalously cold air mass drops into the Central USA
Heavy rain and gusty winds produced by a potent, slow-moving ocean storm / nor’easter are expected to linger over southeastern New England into Saturday, October 12, 2019. Meanwhile, an early-season major winter storm continues across the Northern Plains as an anomalously cold air mass drops into the Central U.S. and interacts with a vigorous storm system. Critical to extremely critical fire weather conditions continue across portions of Southern California due to gusty winds and a very dry airmass.

PURE EVIL: Officials Find Five More Bags and a Box of Fetal Remains on Top of the 2,000 Remains Already Discovered in Home of Abortion Doctor
Dr. Ulrich Klopfer recently passed away in Illinois. Following his death his family found the remains of over 2,000 aborted babies in his home.

Just In Time For Halloween, The Satanic Temple Opens New Headquarters In Salem Massachusetts With Massive Statue Of Baphomet Greeting Visitors
America has existed since 1776, and never at any time did satanism or anything connected with the Devil become a visible, open segment of our society. For 243 years we have resisted Satan and rightly consigned things connected with him to the outskirts of society. This is not the case in 2019. Now we see groups like The Satanic Temple not only operating openly, but registered with the United States government as an officially-recognized ‘tax-exempt church’.

Authorities Order 100,000 Evacuated in California Wildfire
A wildfire raged out of control along the northern edge of Los Angeles early Friday, forcing thousands of people from their homes as firefighters battled flames from the air and on the ground.

If You’re Even Mildly Tempted To Vote Democratic In 2020, This 3-Minute Clip Of The Recent CNN LGBTQ+ Town Hall Will Instantly Change Your Mind
We can tell you till the cows come how insanely radical the Democratic Party has become, and you might get the idea. Or, we can have you watch the 3-minute video in the this article and there will be absolutely no doubt of any kind how crazy the Democrats are in 2020. From applauding 9-year old transgender boys to punishing churches who refuse to perform same-sex marriages, this is not your father’s Democratic Party.