5 Oct 2019

North Korean and U.S. negotiators meet to break nuclear stalemate
U.S. and North Korean officials arrived to begin nuclear talks at an isolated conference center on the outskirts of Stockholm on Saturday, in an attempt to end months of stalemate. The meeting will be the first formal working-level talks since U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met in June and agreed to restart negotiations that stalled after a failed summit in Vietnam in February.

Greek PM asks U.S.’s Pompeo for help to calm offshore tensions with Turkey
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis urged the United States on Saturday to use its influence to defuse tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, where Cyprus and Turkey are locked in a dispute over offshore rights. Mitsotakis told visiting U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that Turkish moves south of the island in recent days were a “flagrant violation” of Cyprus’ sovereign rights.

Hong Kong: Transport paralysed in clampdown on rioters
Most of Hong Kong’s metro system remains shut after a day which saw stations and businesses attacked in violent anti-government protests. Only the Airport Express remained open as protesters began fresh demonstrations in the autonomous Chinese territory. Chief executive Carrie Lam has defended her decision to invoke emergency powers in order to restore order.

Ecuador protests: Hundreds held as president decries ‘criminals’
Ecuador’s President Lenín Moreno has said he will “not negotiate with criminals” after a second day of protests over cuts to fuel subsidies. Mr Moreno said he would not reverse his decision to scrap fuel subsides, which have been in place for four decades. Chairing a cabinet meeting, the president said he would not bow to the demands of “criminals”.

Iraq protests: Death toll soars after four days of protests
The death toll in anti-government protests that have swept Iraq the past five days has soared to at least 70, security and medical sources say. The figure has more than doubled since Friday, as clashes between protesters and police intensified. The military said “unidentified snipers” had killed four people in Baghdad, including two police officers.

Legacy Systems Held DHS’ Biometrics Programs Back. Not Anymore.
The Homeland Security Department is retiring the decades-old system…to analyze biometric data…to…refine and…expand the agency’s application of the controversial technology. The new cloud-based platform, called the Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology System, or HART, is expected to bring more processing power, new analytics capabilities and increased accuracy to the department’s biometrics operations.

China, Russia Deepen Technological Ties
China and Russia are deepening and expanding their ties — economic, military, technological — as external pressures limit their access to overseas markets and technology. Both countries hope the collaboration will help to compensate for domestic deficiencies and to compete successfully with the United States in today’s critical technologies.

Trump suspends entry of immigrants who cannot pay for healthcare
U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday signed a proclamation suspending entry of immigrants who will not be covered by health insurance within 30 days of entering the United States or do not have the means to pay for their healthcare costs themselves. The proclamation, issued by the White House, said it would not affect any individual’s eligibility for asylum or refugee status. The measure will take effect on Nov. 3, it said.

Palestinians to resume taking Israeli collected tax money
The cash-strapped Palestinian Authority (PA) will once again accept tax revenues collected on its behalf by Israel, after rejecting the money for months, Israeli and Palestinian officials said on Friday. The PA had stopped taking the money because of a dispute with Israel over stipends paid to the families of Palestinian terrorists killed or jailed by Israel.

Erdogan says Turkey to launch ‘air and ground’ operation in Syria
President Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkey will carry out an “air and ground military operation” east of the Euphrates river, prompting US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to warn of an “all-out war” to defend its region. It was Erdogan’s most direct indication of a unilateral incursion into the war-torn country since Ankara and Washington decided to establish a “safe zone” there.

“Flat-Out False”: WaPo Calls Out Adam Schiff For Lying About Whistleblower
“Schiff earns Four Pinocchios”

Hurricane Lorenzo makes history as one of the biggest storms in the world
First in August, meteorologists saw the slow development of Hurricane Dorian: It is the strongest hurricane of the year so far, and also took the title of one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded to make landfall in the western Atlantic with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph. Dorian matched the same strength observed in the devastating 1935 Labor Day hurricane.

The Civil War Which Is Commencing in California-Impeachment Is the First Shot
In 20 years, historians will write that the impeachment of Donald Trump was the first shot of the coming civil war in modern-day America.  All week long, I have been landing on the square that the civil war is going to begin in California. The following will clear up some misreporting that has taken place in the past few days.

Light Poles That Are Spying On You
Seven years ago, I reported on this when it was being beta tested. Today, Intellistreets is everywhere. These light poles are spying on you. This video tells you what all the they can detect.

Two Rockets Fired At Israel Friday Night By Palestinian Terrorists After March Of Return Riots Resulted In The Death Of Gaza Man Shot While Trying To Breach Border Fence
The liberal fake news media loves to promote the ‘enduring struggle of the brave Palestinian people’ as they fight against the ‘occupying regime of Zionist Israel!’, that’s how the phony headlines they write play it off. But the reality is so very much different.

What Is The LaRouche Cult? The Group Taking Credit For ‘Eating Babies’ Ocasio-Cortez Troll
LaRouche PAC, a fringe political action committee, took credit for the stunt Thursday evening on Twitter and noted the congresswoman didn’t “rule out eating babies.”

Barr Asks Facebook To Halt Rollout Of Privacy-Focused Program Over Criminal Evidence Concerns
Attorney General William Barr sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday asking the Facebook founder to halt a program officials believe could hide criminal evidence.

Elizabeth Warren Fires National Organizing Director Over “Inappropriate Behavior”
“multiple complaints”

U.S. trade deficit widens.
With the value of imports rising by more than the value of exports, the Commerce Department released a report on Friday showing the U.S. trade deficit widened by more than anticipated in the month of August.

Hepatitis A Outbreaks Flare Up Across USA…
Hepatitis A outbreaks are erupting across the U.S., reversing a long-term decline in cases of the viral liver disease and prompting state health departments to mount aggressive vaccination campaigns.
Since outbreaks of the virus began in 2016, 30 states have reported cases totaling more than 26,000, including 268 deaths.

Bernie Sanders Released From Hospital After Suffering Heart Attack
“After presenting to an outside facility with chest pain, Sen. Sanders was diagnosed with a myocardial infarction. He was immediately transferred to Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center”