1 Oct 2019

PC(USA) congregation hosts pagan sculpture at church
A Presbyterian Church (USA) congregation in New York has garnered controversy for its decision to host a pagan sculpture on their property. The United Presbyterian Church of Binghamton, a PC(USA) congregation associated with the pro-LGBT group More Light Presbyterians, hosted a fifteen-foot tall totem sculpture known as the Sviatovid. “Admittedly, and thankfully, the purpose of Sviatovid in this festive context is not worship, but mere interest. Yet, there is something inside that recoils at erecting an ancient Slavic deity in a church chancel of the same God who commanded, ‘You shall have no other gods before me’ (Exodus 20:3, ESV).”

Five earthquakes in less than an hour rattle southeast Missouri, experts say
An area of southeast Missouri experienced five earthquakes in less than hour Monday morning, experts say. The area near Lilbourn is part of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Quakes along the fault line have been felt across the south and Midwest in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee, the department says.

79 confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease now reported in outbreak linked to North Carolina state fair
An outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease linked to a state fair this month in North Carolina has grown to 79 confirmed cases, including 55 hospitalizations and one death, according to the state division of public health. Authorities haven’t pinpointed the source of the outbreak, but the division of public health said in an online post that many of the people reported attending the NC Mountain State Fair in Fletcher, outside Asheville, between September 6 and 15.

Trump Shares Pastor’s Warning of ‘Civil War-Like Fracture’ If Impeached
“Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats can’t put down the impeachment match,” Jeffress said on Fox News’ Fox & Friends program on Sept 29. “They know they couldn’t beat him in 2016 against Hillary Clinton, they’re increasingly aware of the fact that they won’t win against him in 2020, and impeachment is the only tool they have to get rid of Donald Trump—and the Democrats don’t care if they burn down and destroy this nation in the process.

Trans-Faith Takes Over The Church: Transgender Pastors & Renaming Ceremonies
A pandemic of perversion has engulfed our society as LGBTQ activists demand that we bow down at the altar of moral relativism. But, instead of providing clear Biblical answers to this cultural chaos, many churches have fallen in league with them by aligning the Gospel message to conform with this twisted mindset. From non-binary deacons that refuse to accept that they are either men or women to hyper-sexual, church-sponsored drag shows, to transgender baptisms and renaming ceremonies, the assault on Biblical values has intensified.

Poás Volcano erupts again, sends ash cloud 2 km into atmosphere
Poás Volcano, located 47 km (29 miles) northwest of the Costa Rican capital of San José, erupted Monday morning, authorities said. The event began at 5:40 a.m. and sent a column of ash 2 km above the volcano’s crater,…

UK weather: Britain to be ‘battered by gales and possibly SNOW’
After a moist few weeks, the UK is about to be battered by much more moist climate. The tail-end of considered one of Europe’s strongest-ever hurricanes, Lorenzo, is anticipated to hit subsequent week, bringing with it gales and presumably even snow, consultants say. “Lorenzo is a real beast of a storm,” Met Workplace forecaster Steven Keates instructed The Solar. Lorenzo is a class 5 hurricane

State of Surveillance-Edward Snowden:Names 8 Million Americans Who Will Be Detained When Martial Law Is Imposed
Main Core is the code name of an American governmental database that is believed to have been in existence since the 1980s. It is believed that Main Core is a federal database containing personal and financial data of millions of United States citizens[clarification needed] believed to be threats to national security. The data, which is believed to come from the NSA, FBI, CIA, and other sources,is collected and stored without warrants or court orders. The database’s name derives from the fact that it contains “copies of the ‘main core’ or essence of each item of intelligence information on Americans produced by the FBI and the other agencies of the U.S. intelligence community”.

Time to Test Drive Kushner’s Middle East Peace Plan
America remains the only power that can secure a peace plan between Israelis and Palestinians. Right now, the United States is consumed with impeachment and the Arab world with Iran. Yet, deep-rooted trends, revealed in the recent elections in Israel, show that Arabs and Jews are now seeking reconciliation for the first time in decades.

Ron Paul Asks: “Impeachment… Or CIA Coup?”
It may appear that the Democratic Party, furious over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, is the driving force behind this ongoing attempt to remove Donald Trump from office, but at every turn we see the fingerprints of the CIA and its allies in the US deep state.

Supreme Court to Decide High-Stakes ‘LGBT’ Cases Amid Partisan Scrutiny
The three cases will ask the justices to decide whether federal law barring discrimination based on ‘sex’ applies to ‘gay’ and ‘transgender’ employees.

Top climate scientist breaks ranks with ‘consensus’
An MIT-trained scientist who has specialized for nearly 25 years in abnormal weather and climate change has published a book explaining why he believes the data underpinning global-warming science are unreliable.

Antimicrobial resistance is drastically rising
This excessive and indiscriminate use of antimicrobials has serious consequences: the proportion of bacteria resistant to antimicrobials is rapidly increasing around the world. Drugs are losing their efficacy, with important consequences for the health of animals but also potentially for humans.

Montana governor declares emergency as rare September storm pounds Rockies
Montana Gov. Steve Bullock declared an emergency Sunday as a rare September snowstorm walloped the Northern Rockies with powerful winds and as much as 3 feet of snow.

Hurricane “Lorenzo” – Hurricane and Tropical Storm Warnings issued for the Azores
Hurricane “Lorenzo,” once record-breaking Category 5 hurricane, maintains its strength as it heads toward the Azores and the United Kingdom. Hurricane and Tropical Storm Warnings are now in effect for the Azores. Lorenzo is expected to bring hurricane and tropical-storm-force winds to the Azores beginning Tuesday night, and these conditions will continue into Wednesday. Large swells generated by Lorenzo will continue to spread across much of the North Atlantic basin during the next few days. These swells will produce life-threatening surf and rip currents.

Record-breaking September snowstorm dumps 4 feet of snow on parts of Montana, USA
A record-smashing snowstorm with wet snow and strong winds hit parts of the Northern Rockies on September 28 and 29, 2019, resulting in power outages, uprooted trees, and road closures. Several parts of Montana experienced blizzard conditions and more than a foot of snow, setting new daily rainfall records. Wind gusts from 64 to 96 km/h (40 to 60 mph) were measured in Montana.

Claiming Strip Clubs for Christ: Churches Setting up Shop in Unconventional Places
A church in Southern Florida hopes to convert a former strip club into a permanent place of prayer.

Revolutionary Guards commander: Iran has encircled Israel from all sides
An Iranian Revolutionary Guards top commander threatened Israel, warning against an Israeli attack on Iran, Radio Farda reported on Saturday.

SNL Suggests Assassinating President Trump Instead Of Impeachment
While the left is busy demonizing President Trump for warning of civil war, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” put out a sketch suggesting he should be assassinated because impeaching him would take too long.

University of Oklahoma Student Government: the Pledge of Allegiance Is ‘Incompatible’ with First Amendment
The student government at the University of Oklahoma voted to ban the Pledge of Allegiance in the name of “freedom of speech,” claiming that the pledge is “incompatible” with the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Hail, tornado, and record-low temperatures hit California, USA
A series of unusual weather events hit the city of Davis, California, on September 28 and 29, 2019. Thunderstorms swept through the state’s central part, producing dime-sized hail. A tornado was also spotted near the area.

FBI video shows Chinese spy’s ‘dead drops’ at US hotels, feds say
Federal prosecutors in Northern California released this video footage that they said the FBI secretly recorded, showing an accused Chinese spy conducting dead drops at hotels in the United States.

Watching Perry Stone Checking His Phone While Pretending To Speak In Tongues Shows How Utterly Bankrupt The Charismatic Movement Has Become
Let me just say that watching this video of charismatic pastor Perry Stone pretending to speak in tongues is, to me, highly disturbing and unsettling to say the least. Stone alternates from speaking in a very flat monotone, sound like Lenny from ‘Grapes Of Wrath’ to spouting the same silly and repetitive gibberish he learned from end times heretic Kenneth Copeland. At the bottom of this article we have included some videos to show you how phony these people really are.

Los Angeles Leaders Want Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom To Declare A State Of Emergency As Homeless Camps Threaten To Overtake The Golden State
What happens when you have a state that wants to live without rules and laws, and declare everything to be a ‘right’? You have lawlessness, chaos, and a broken system that creates of dependent entitlement class of sick people instead of instead of a healthy working class of healthy people. This is the real price to pay for having a ‘sanctuary city’ in California, New York City and in other places around the country.

Does America Meet the 3 Preconditions for Civil War?
I have been saying for over 30 months that, more than 20 times in print or broadcast, that Hillary Clinton will be running for President. Biden is done! Kamala Harris has underworld connections too deep and too well-known to cover up and her party is distancing themselves from her. Warren is a fraud and everyone knows it. Further, Warren cannot hold the attention of a room. There is literally nobody that can be beat Trump except for Hillary.

UNCOVERED: Ukraine ‘whistleblower’ is an anti-Trump Deep State CIA employee who used fake news reports to lodge complaint
With every new detail we learn about “Spygate,” the Obama-era operation to undermine President Donald Trump and remove him from office with a phony allegation of “Russian collusion,” we can see clearly there were many elements of the Deep State working in concert to carry out the biggest political scandal in the history of our country.

A Very Disturbing Story Out of Saudi Arabia
Dr. Paul Begley was the first to report the start of the war between Saudi Arabia and Iran and it is not going well for Saudi Arabia. My military sources tell me that it won’t be long until we are bombing Iran, likely with cruise missles to start. Here is the story.

UK: Muslim preached jihad on Islamic TV channel despite being under house arrest with restricted Internet access
An extremist preached jihad on a UK-based Islamic TV channel despite being under house arrest with restricted access to the phone and internet. The man – a notorious lieutenant of infamous hate preacher Anjem Choudary – called Eman Channel, a station available on Sky and Virgin, on at least 18 occasions to take part in TV phone-ins.

France, Netherlands Call for ALL Children’s Toys to be Made ‘Gender-Neutral’
Governments in France and the Netherlands are calling for all children’s toys to be made “gender-neutral.”