27 Sep 2019

A First Since Days of Noah: Animal Sacrifice to Restore God’s Covenant
The Conference of the Organization of the 70 Nations hosted a ceremony on Thursday whereby an animal sacrifice was offered on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. The objective – to renew the covenant made between God and all of mankind.

NYTimes ‘Outs’ Ukraine-Call “Whistleblower” As CIA Officer
if The New York Times is to be believed, the complainant is a C.I.A. officer who was detailed to work at the White House at one point, according to three people familiar with his identity. The man has since returned to the C.I.A., the people said.

Police vet to Congress: ‘I will not comply’ with ‘assault weapon’ ban
“I was a bump stock owner, and I had to make a decision: Do I become a felon, or do I comply?” she said. She did once, she said. Not again. Muller said if a so-called “assault” weapons ban is passed, “I will not comply.” Muller said she was at the hearing to give voice to women who were victims of gun violence and who could not protect themselves because of anti-gun legislation

Senior IDF General: “We are Starting to Approach the Level of War” with Iran
According to Shalom, the military’s working assumption is that Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force, would be the one to oversee a missile attack of that type, which Shalom said could be launched from Iraqi territory. “In the end, when he [Soleimani] takes a hit to the nose, he wants to hit back, and he has taken some blows recently. So my working assumption is that it’s only a matter of time until he tries,” said Shalom. Such an attempt could involve not only missiles but also long-range drones. “It could be in the form of a surface-to-surface missile, cruise missiles, or long-range UAVs …. We are starting to approach the level of war,” he warned.

Terrorist Attack on Temple Mount: Policewoman Stabbed
A policewoman was stabbed by an Arab terrorist on the Temple Mount on Thursday. The officer was stabbed in her arm and suffered mild injuries. The terrorist was apprehended and placed under arrest. Following the attack, the Temple Mount was closed to Muslim worshipers. Also after the attack, at least three members of the Muslim Waqf were taken in by police for questioning.

In Front of UN, Abbas Threatens Holy War Against Israel
After thanking UN bots for blindly siding with ‘Palestinians’, PA chairman Abu Mazen took to the podium and warned that Israel is: “denying worshipers access to the holy places” saying “I caution against these policies and reckless measures which will lead to dangerous consequences…the result will be a religious war.”

Netanyahu says he wants his pre-indictment hearing broadcast live
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday urged Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to allow his pre-indictment hearing next week in a series of corruption cases to be broadcast live. “After three years of a deluge of biased, partial leaks, the time has come for the public to hear everything. Including my side, in a complete and full manner — without mediators, without censorship and without distortions,” Netanyahu said in a video uploaded to his social media channels.

Trump Moves To Bar Senior Iranian Officials From US
President Donald Trump on Wednesday took steps to bar senior Iranian officials and their immediate family from entering the United States as immigrants or non-immigrants, the White House said in a proclamation. The proclamation repeated U.S. accusations that Iran sponsors terrorism, arbitrarily detains American citizens, threatens its neighbors and carries out cyber attacks.

Egypt’s Sisi plays down repeat protest call as security tightened
Egypt’s president told supporters not to worry about calls for further protests against his rule on Friday, as security forces tightened controls in the center of the capital and closed off entrances to Tahrir Square. Protests broke out on Sept. 20 in Cairo and other cities following online calls for demonstrations against alleged corruption by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and the military.

Polish president: Israel is responsible for all recent antisemitism in Poland
Polish president Andrzej Duda claimed that Israel was responsible for the latest antisemitic attacks in Poland in a meeting…with Jewish leaders in the Polish consulate…on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly… Duda’s claims were in response to Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz, who in February said that Poles “suckle antisemitism with their mother’s milk.”

Abbas promises to continue paying families of martyrs, receives applause at U.N. General Assembly
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday in his speech at the U.N. General Assembly that despite Israel’s demands, the Palestinian Authority will continue to pay salaries to terrorists. “Even if I had only one penny, I would’ve given it to the families of the martyrs, prisoners and heroes,” said Abbas and received a round of applause from the crowd.

Iran nuclear deal: EU nations warn Tehran over breaches
Britain, France and Germany have warned Iran against any further breaches of the international nuclear deal signed in 2015, the BBC has learnt.
In New York on Thursday, the three EU signatories to the deal said they would trigger a special dispute mechanism if there were further violations. Iran began breaching its commitments under the deal after the US abandoned it and imposed sanctions last year.

Lorenzo becomes 2nd Category 4 hurricane of season over open waters of Atlantic
Hurricane Lorenzo continued to rapidly strengthen over the open Atlantic Thursday morning, reaching Category 4 status and becoming the third major hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic season. Meteorologists say that Lorenzo could undergo additional strengthening and may grow into a Category 5 storm.

Trump admin says UN ‘undermining role of the family’ by promoting abortion
United States Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar led a group of 19 nations in asking the United Nations this week to remove pro-abortion language from U.N. documents while President Donald Trump separately blasted its promotion of abortion.

San Francisco Schools Radicalizing Kids as Young as 5 With Anti-Trump, Anti-American Propaganda Showcased at Recent Rally
Last week, 3 San Francisco schools took students as young as 5-years-old to a local “Close the Camps” rally. Liberals are starting their brainwashing before children even learn how to read and write. This is unacceptable.

The horrifying rape epidemic by ‘Muslim refugees’ in Finland has reached the point where Fins have given up hope
Is rampant rape the price Finnish women must pay for giving asylum to Muslim migrants? Finland, now, has become “one of the least safe countries in Europe for women,” according to Finland’s leading newspaper, “all because of the Muslim influx.”

Strong and shallow M6.8 earthquake hits Maluku, Indonesia
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the BMKG as M6.8 hit Seram Island, Maluku, Indonesia at 23:46 UTC on September 25, 2019 (08:46 local time, September 26). The agency is reporting a depth of 18.2 km (11.3 miles). USGS is reporting M6.5 at a depth of 18.2 km (11.3 miles); EMSC M6.6 at a depth of 33 km (20.5 miles).

‘Historic’ snowstorm may bring blizzard conditions to Montana, several feet of snow to mountains
The first day of fall may have just been on Monday, but winter is already well on its way to parts of the northern Rockies, where a potentially “historic” winter storm is setting up for this weekend.

Ukraine Transcripts Show Crowdstrike Is The Common Denominator Between Hillary Clinton’s Email Server, Joe Biden, Burisma Holdings, And The Russian Collusion Hoax
Why are the Democrats rushing so fast to try and impeach President Trump? Because of a single word in the Ukraine transcripts – CrowdStrike. Who are they? CrowdStrike is a private sector security company in Silicon Valley, and they were hired by the Crooked Hillary team to keep her email server out of the hands of the FBI.

A controversial Bill passed in Iran, it allows men to marry daughters, draws flak from other nations?
Iran Parliamentarians have moved a bill in order to protect the rights of children which includes a clause that lets a man marry his own adopted daughter considering the fact that she is 13 years old.

Toy Maker Mattel Launches ‘Creatable World’ Gender Neutral Dolls To Indoctrinate Children To Accept And Imitate The Transgender Lifestyle
Mattel says that ‘gen-alpha’ kids, or children under the age of 10 ‘see gender very differently’, and because of that they need a gender-fluid and gender neutral doll to identify with. But hold on a second, can anyone tell me whythat children under the age of 10 ‘see gender differently’? Who taught them that? I’ll tell you why. It’s because the satanically-driven public school system and the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile mafia has been ramming it down their throats since they started preschool, that’s why.