26 Sep 2019

Astronomers watch six galaxies suddenly fire up into quasars
Normally things happen slowly out in space. But now astronomers have spotted an event … play out in a matter of months, as a usually-quiet galaxy suddenly fired up into an energetic quasar – and not just once, but in six different cases.

Earthquake Report
Initial analysis from the Hong Kong Observatory indicated that an earthquake of magnitude 6.0 has occurred at 6:59 p.m. on 26 September 2019 (Thursday) (Hong Kong Time) in Turkey.

Infant among at least 20 dead after strong quake rocks eastern Indonesia
Terrified residents ran into the streets as buildings fell in around them after the 6.5-magnitude quake hit at around 8.45am local time (0045 GMT). “The total number of people who died in the earthquake is 20,” national disaster mitigation spokesman Agus Wibowo said in statement.

DOJ Clears Trump Less Than 24 Hours After Pelosi’s Impeachment Announcement
The Department of Justice announced Wednesday that it opted not to investigate President Donald Trump over a controversial phone call he had in July with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The news came hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California announced the start of an official impeachment probe.

Trump Driving Out Inhabitants of Ancient Israel as Commanded in Numbers 33
The current situation, Abu Marzouq explained, has led to a drop in the number of “Palestinian refugees” in Lebanon. He went on to say that it was one of the goals of the heavily anticipated “Deal of the Century” – Trump’s peace initiative that seeks to remove the refugee problem from the negotiating table. This means that according to Hamas, Trump is exerting pressure on Lebanon to force its inhabitants to leave the southern part of the country. And since southern Lebanon is part of Biblical Israel, it is safe to say that Trump is helping to fulfill a largely overlooked commandment in Numbers 33:

Terrorist in Critical Condition after Firebomb Aimed at Worshipers in Joseph’s Tomb Explodes Prematurely
An Arab Terrorist tried to throw a molotov cocktail at Israeli worshippers in Shechem (Nablus) on Tuesday. However, the firebomb spontaneously exploded in the perpetrator’s hands causing third-degree burns. According to reports, the terrorist is in critical condition in a Nablus Hospital. This event could be what was meant in the book of Psalms which says: He has dug a pit and deepened it, and will fall into the trap he made. His mischief will recoil upon his own head; his lawlessness will come down upon his skull. (Psalm 7:16-17)

Trump Demands Muslim Countries Show Respect to Israel
In his speech at the annual U.N. General Assembly in New York on Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump spoke about the common interest of Israel and other Muslim countries of “battling extremism”, the president added: “that is why it is so important to have full normalized relations between Israel and its neighbors only a relationship built on common interest mutual respect and religious tolerance can forge a better future.” Trump then called on the international community to take action against the threat from Iran, which he said also employs anti-Semitism.

Brazilian President Anointed in ‘Temple of Solomon’ as Ruler of Brazil
Brazilian President Jair Bolosnaro recently visited the Temple of Solomon, a church built as a replica of the original Temple of Solomon that once stood in Jerusalem. The purpose of his visit was literally “Messianic”: to be anointed as the leader in the manner that King David was anointed with oil by the Prophet Samuel.

The fight over “the right to be forgotten” and why a landmark EU court case matters
Following several years of legal battles, Google has emerged victorious with the European Union Court of Justice ruling the EU’s “right to be forgotten” rules do not extend past EU borders. So Google needs only to de-index contested search results within the 28-country EU zone, and not globally. But this is only the beginning of a long, and thoroughly modern, legal conflict. The idea of the “right to be forgotten” is a thoroughly modern conundrum, amplified by the internet’s tendency to never forget anything, especially anything salacious. In the past, one could reasonably move on from any controversial misdemeanor, even ones that may have made the news. A drunk and disorderly incident, for example, may have reached local newspapers, but years pass and the isolated incident essentially disappears,…

CNN Reports on Dems Mass Defecting to Trump in Ilhan Omar’s Minnesota
A funny thing is happening in Minnesota’s mining country, however — and it could mean that the Gopher State might turn red in 2020. The trend is so pronounced in this usually Democratic corner of the world that even CNN is covering it. Take the mayor of Eveleth, Minnesota — who votes Democrat in local elections but has a Trump sticker on the front of his desk. He’s in the middle of the Iron Range, a mining area much closer to Canada than it is to the Twin Cities:

UNRWA staffers share antisemitic content with no consequences, NGO says
UNRWA staff members, including teachers, regularly share antisemitic and pro-terrorism content on social media and face no consequences, NGO UN Watch denounced. In a report published on Wednesday, the Geneva-based organization exposed posts from ten United Nations employees. The content included praises of terrorism against Israelis and a picture of Adolf Hitler describing him as a humanitarian.

DR Congo: Vaccine campaign for world’s largest measles outbreak
More than 800,000 children are to be targeted for vaccination in the Democratic Republic of Congo, after a measles outbreak killed more than 3,500 people this year. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Congolese government aim to carry out the emergency programme across the country in slightly more than a week. The WHO says the epidemic is the world’s largest and fastest moving.

Australia abortion laws: Terminations now legal in New South Wales
Abortion has been decriminalised across Australia after the last remaining state where it was illegal, New South Wales (NSW), voted to reform its laws. The bill, passed on Thursday, overturns a 119-year-old law which had been criticised by opponents as archaic. The legislation had generated weeks of heated debate and deeply divided the state’s conservative government.

US and Japan agree initial trade deal focusing on agriculture
The US and Japan have agreed an initial trade deal that will eliminate or lower tariffs on certain products traded between them. Duties on some agricultural goods will be removed or lowered, while digital products will also benefit. US President Donald Trump said the world’s first and third largest economies achieved a “tremendous” deal.

Trump immigration plans: US signs deal to deport migrants to Honduras
Honduras has signed a deal with the United States to accept migrants applying for asylum in the US. Under the agreement, the US would be able to deport to Honduras asylum seekers who passed through the country on the way to the US southern border. Critics say Honduras, which has one of the highest murder rates in the world, is not a safe destination for those fleeing violence and poverty.

Saudi Arabia says military response to Iran is possible
Saudi Arabia’s minister of state for foreign affairs has said all options, including a military response, are open after attacks on two oil facilities, which it has blamed on Iran. While Saudi Arabia wanted to avoid war and escalation, Iran would be held accountable for the drone and missile strikes, Adel al-Jubeir told the BBC.

Senate again votes to end Trump emergency declaration on border wall
The Senate again voted on Wednesday to end President Trump’s emergency declaration on the U.S.-Mexico border wall, paving the way for a veto showdown with the White House. Senators voted 54-41 on a resolution to end the declaration, which Trump used to shift billions of dollars from the military toward wall construction.

Iran demands U.S. ‘pay more’ for a wider deal
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani demanded on Wednesday that the United States “pay more” for any agreement that goes beyond the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that Washington abandoned. Rouhani also rejected meeting U.S. President Donald Trump while the two are in New York this week for the annual United Nations General Assembly, but both U.S. and Iranian officials suggested they have some interest in a negotiation.

Parts of the Missouri River Are Smashing Records for Days Above Flood Stage and More Rain Is Ahead
Records are being smashed on portions of the Missouri River for the number of days above flood stage and with more rain ahead many river gauges will extend these records.

It’s gotten so bad in Europe that white girls are now wearing Islamic headscarves to avoid be sexually assaulted by Muslim migrants
During an appearance last week on OE24, a local Austrian television station, Franz stated, “Speak with women on the street, speak with children, speak with young girls. I myself know fathers who, when their daughters come home in the evening when they live in the problem area, give them headscarves so they won’t be recognized as Austrians. I know this personally, in the 15th district of Vienna, this is a fact.”

Century-class Solar Minimum in progress
The Sun was blank more than 89% of the time from June 22 – September 22, with only 6 brief and tiny sunspots and not a single significant solar flare during this period of extreme quiet, Dr. Tony Phillips of the SpaceWeather reports.

Are the Attacks on Saudi Oil Fields Foretold in Scripture?
The story I’m after though is what these events mean for Christians. What are we to make of all this? How does this tie into our worldview and does Old Testament prophecy foretell these recent events?

Climate Scientists Write To UN: There Is No Climate Emergency
A group of 500 esteemed scientists and professionals in climate science have officially notified the United Nations that there is no climate crisis and that spending trillions on a non-problem is ‘cruel and imprudent’.

NOTHING BURGER: White House Releases Full Transcript Of Ukraine Phone Call, Trump’s Approval Rating Hits 2.5 Year High As Americans See Through Pathetic Democrat Ploy
Well, here we are one day after the Democrats started impeachment proceedings, and hours after the White House released the full transcript of President Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine. The result? Trump’s approval rating is at a 2.5 year high, as the American people are rejecting this obvious and pathetic rouse by the Democrats to stop Trump from winning reelection in 2020.

Eco-hysteria girl “Greta” a victim of extreme psychological terrorism by radical left-wing handlers… it’s time to #RescueGreta
 The eco-fascists have now turned to terrorizing and mentally abusing their own children as a tactic for social influence. Greta Thunberg — the hysterical 16-year-old girl who has been rolled out by her Antifa-linked parents to lecture the world about the climate change hoax —  is apparently a prisoner of a torturous brainwashing / indoctrination scheme that has terrorized the poor girl into believing she will literally die if global warming isn’t stopped.

THE WINNER! President Reuven Rivlin Formally Gives PM Benjamin Netanyahu Mandate To Form New Government In Israel As Chaotic Election Cycle Ends
Israel has been holding their collective breath in what has become one of the most arduous and contentious elections in quite some time. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been given the chance to form a new government in Israel, but he has no easy road ahead of him. He technically could fail in his attempt to form a new government over the next 42 days. Anytime you think that elections in America are puzzling, frustration and confusion, just remember that they don’t hold a candle to crazy, seat-of-your-pants, patchwork style of governing the Israelis use to build a new governmental administration.

U.S. sanctions Chinese firms for smuggling Iranian oil
…“Today we are imposing sanctions on certain Chinese entities for knowingly transporting oil from Iran contrary to United States sanctions,” Mr. Pompeo said at an event hosted by United Against Nuclear Iran, a bipartisan advocacy group focused on stopping the Islamic republic from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Florida Cop Threatens to Carry Out Mass Shooting, Not “Red Flagged” and Not Arrested
 ….Since the tragic shooting in El Paso, Texas in which a deranged gunman murdered 22 people inside a Walmart, law enforcement have been making dozens of arrests. These arrests consist of people who have been threatening to carry out a mass killings. One person, however, recently threatened to carry out a mass shooting — twice — and he has yet to be arrested. His occupation is a police officer.