25 Sep 2019

Joe Biden’s 2020 Ukrainian nightmare: A closed probe is revived
In his own words, with video cameras rolling, Biden described how he threatened Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in March 2016 that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending the former Soviet republic toward insolvency, if it didn’t immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. “I said, ‘You’re not getting the billion.’ I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money,’” Biden recalled telling Poroshenko. “Well, son of a bitch, he got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time,” Biden told the Council on Foreign Relations event, insisting that President Obama was in on the threat.

IG Found ‘Whistleblower’ Had ‘Political Bias’ in Favor of Trump 2020 Rival
the Office of Intelligence Community Inspector General found that the so-called “whistleblower” who raised concerns about President Donald Trump’s discussions with foreign leaders had a “political bias” in favor of one of Trump’s rivals in the 2020 presidential election.

Democrats Wrote to Ukraine in May 2018, Demanding It Investigate Trump
The demand, which came from U.S. Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Dick Durbin (D-IL), and Patrick Leahy (D-VT), resurfaced Wednesday in an opinion piece written by conservative Marc Thiessen in the Washington Post.

Does anyone tell the truth anymore?
In America, the 2020 Presidential campaign is already underway. The Democrats are pretending they are running a progressive campaign when in truth they are hell bent on transforming America into a Socialist state. In truth, they are running a campaign built on hate, racism and division. The stench of Socialism is in the air and, if we listen to Bernie Sanders and some of the new Democratic faces, Socialism is only a temporary pause on the road to full-blown Marxism. Marxism doesn’t start in Congress. It starts with the radical brainwashing of impressionable young minds on campus.

In the UK it is George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” come true
Cambridge University is in the midst of an ideological war which seems somewhat mad to anyone looking at it from the outside, but is actually a case of the pigs taking over the farm. Goldsmiths, University of London, announced that it will ban red meat food from its restaurants and cafeterias to help in fighting climate change. Cows, it seems, with their gas emissions, contribute to CO2. The new green authoritarianism is joined by the prestigious University of Cambridge, which in addition to beef has decided to also ban lamb. What we are seeing is ideological conformism obtained through the obedience of students and the population to extremist ecological diktats.

Arab Party Head Hints Muslims will Build Third Temple
This was the first time the Arab parties expressed support for an Israeli candidate since Yitzhak Rabin in 1992. Rabbi Pinchas Winston noted that when a Muslim Arab quoted Jewish Psalms, it was clearly “hashgacha pratit” (divine intervention) and needed to be understood. Even more surprising was when Odeh tweeted a verse from Psalms. The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. Psalms 118:22.

God Takes a Beating on Television
It’s a fallacy to suggest that in the news media, business trumps politics. CNN’s and MSNBC’s dismal ratings are in direct proportion to their deliberate decision to embrace far-left anti-Trumpism. The same holds true for commercialized Hollywood, except in this case, it’s not just anti-Trumpism that excites. The hatred is deeper. Hollywood is committed to levels of anti-Christian bigotry never before seen in its industry. There’s no discernible market demand for it, but it believes Christianity must be insulted at every opportunity. Then there’s “Preacher” on AMC. Why stick to man when you can portray the Lord Himself as an evil buffoon? In the Sept. 8 episode, God the Father plots to destroy all of humanity with the help of Jesus and Adolf Hitler (yes, you read that right).

If You Can’t Sell Your Hysteria to Adults, Try Kids
The entire American left — the mainstream media, the environmentalist movement and Democratic politicians in particular — are celebrating the involvement of teenagers and even younger children in protesting the world’s “inaction” with regard to global warming. And not just the American left, of course. The left throughout the world is celebrating. A 16-year-old Swedish girl whose contempt for adults is breathtaking is an international hero.

NASA orders six more Orion spacecraft for deep-space missions
NASA has signed contracts with Lockheed Martin for six Orion spacecraft. The space agency’s indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) Orion Production and Operations Contract (OPOC) is for an initial half-dozen of the manned capsules, with the option for six more to be ordered by 2030 for a potential total of 12.

Liberman doubles down, won’t sit with ultra-Orthodox, ‘messianics,’ Arabs
Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman reiterated his opposition on Tuesday to sitting with the ultra-Orthodox and right-wing religious parties, as well as the Arab parties and the Democratic Union. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted that any unity government between his Likud Party and Blue and White needs to include his ultra-Orthodox allies as well as the religious-Zionist Yamina Party.

Netanyahu: ‘Erdoğan: Stop lying’
According to Netanyahu, “Those who don’t stop lying about Israel, and who slaughters Kurds in his own country; those who deny the terrible massacre of the Armenian people – such will not preach to Israel. Erdoğan, stop lying.”

Trump: Mideast understands need for normalizing ties with Israel
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday said there is a growing recognition in Middle East that countries must battle extremism, must have normalized relations between Israel and its neighbors. Speaking at the the United Nations General Assembly, the president also called on nations around the world to tighten the economic noose around Iran’s economy, saying no country should support Iran’s “blood lust.” Trump went on to urge nations around the globe to reject globalism, saying wise leaders put their own people and countries first.

Burisma ‘Clearly’ Paid Hunter Biden to Sell Influence, Says CNN Contributor
Joe Biden’s family ties to an influence peddling scheme at a Ukrainian gas company could hurt the former vice president’s 2020 campaign, political scientist Ian Bremmer told CNN on Tuesday. “[Joe] Biden does have a problem here. I have to say $50,000 a month for Hunter Biden—clearly to be selling influence because otherwise, no one would ever pay him that kind of money—for a company that, frankly, was pretty corrupt and has been before and has been since under investigation,” Bremmer said.

Trump To UN: The Future Does Not Belong To Globalists
Trump was almost painfully presidential – the UN, after all, is not the forum for off-the-cuff remarks. The speech was wide-ranging, but the overriding theme was the importance of national pride and sovereignty to every country. “The future,” Trump told the assembly, “does not belong to globalists.”

Top 10 Signs of Redemption This Year
On Sunday evening, the Hebrew calendar moves forward to 5780. According to Jewish tradition, the final redemption must arrive before the beginning of the 6,000th year so signs should be appearing. A quick roundup of the past year shows that this is indeed the case as Breaking Israel News gives a recap of the top ten Geula (redemption) articles of the year (There were so many that we added a bonus).

State media in Iran, Russia indicate growing Russia-Iran-Turkey alliance
On Wednesday Iran’s Press TV put out a tweet in English with a quote from Turkey’s leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “Nuclear power should be forbidden for all or permissible for all,” the tweet said…The message of Iran wasn’t a secret, it tagged Erdogan and hashtagged it “Israelisexempt”. What is more secret is the growing Iran-Turkey-Russia alliance that is emerging and illustrated via state controlled media.

Australian Capital Territory legalises personal cannabis use
The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has become the first jurisdiction in the nation to legalise recreational cannabis use. Lawmakers in the territory passed a landmark bill on Wednesday allowing adults to possess up to 50 grams of the drug and to grow four plants at home. Personal cannabis use remains prohibited elsewhere in Australia, but medicinal use was legalised in 2016.

Indonesia protests over sex before marriage bill
Police have fired tear gas and water cannons at protesters demonstrating outside the Indonesian parliament over a proposed new criminal code that would ban sex before marriage. Protests against the bill also took place in other cities in the country. The bill would outlaw most abortions and make insulting the president illegal.

Trump impeachment: Pelosi launches inquiry into Ukraine claims
The US Democratic Party has begun a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump over allegations that he pressured a foreign power to damage a political rival. Top Democrat Nancy Pelosi said the president “must be held accountable”. Mr Trump has denied wrongdoing and called the efforts a “witch hunt”.

IRS Testing Behavioral Analytics to Verify Online Users
When taxpayers use online systems, the IRS really wants to make sure the people accessing information are who they say they are. The agency has implemented a number of authentication tools over the years—with varying degrees of success—and is now looking at behavioral analytics as an option.

Prof Warns: Social Credit to Shift Law ‘From Constitution to Analytics, Algorithm’
Professor Larry Backer of Penn State University writes in a 2018 paper that resistance to social credit systems in the west could be dissolved when the masses are “socialized… as a collective” and “…the great culture management machinery of Western society develops a narrative in which such activity is naturalized within Western culture.”

Rivlin considers giving Netanyahu the mandate to form government
President Reuven Rivlin is considering tasking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with forming a coalition government as soon as this evening regardless of development in negotiations between the two major parties…Benny Gantz will brief the president on the progression of negotiations for the formation of a unity government.

King Abdullah: West Bank annexation will harm Israel ties with Jordan and Egypt
Jordan’s King Abdullah Netanyahu’s declared policy to annex the West Bank, is going to have a major impact on the Israeli-Jordanian relationship as well as the Jewish state’s ties to Egypt. The king, who is heading to the annual UN General Assembly in New York, told MSNBC that Egyptian-Israeli relations will also be adversely impacted.

Eating meat could be banned like smoking, says top barrister, as he calls for new crime of ‘ecocide’
Eating meat could be banned like smoking, one of Britain’s foremost barristers has predicted, as he called for the offence of ‘ecocide’ to be introduced to prosecute those who damage the nature on a massive scale.

Severe Cyclonic Storm “Hikaa” about to hit Oman with hurricane-force winds and heavy rain
Tropical Cyclone “Hikaa” is expected to cross Oman coast close to Duqm around 15:00 UTC on September 24, 2019 as a Severe Cyclonic Storm with a wind speed 110 – 120 km/h (68 – 75  mph) and gusts to 135 km/h (85 mph), according to RSMC New Delhi.

Strong and shallow M5.9 earthquake hits Pakistan – India border region
A strong and shallow earthquake registered as M5.9 by the EMSC hit Pakistan at 11:01 UTC (16:01 local time) on September 24, 2019. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). USGS is reporting M5.2 at a depth of 10 km. Updates are at the end of the report.

Tropical Storm “Jerry” forecast to pass very close to Bermuda, Tropical Storm Warning in effect
Just a couple of days after a close encounter with Category 3 Hurricane “Humberto,” Bermuda is expecting another tropical cyclone this week. Although Jerry is no longer a hurricane, its impact is expected to be strong and a Tropical Storm Watch is in effect the entire country.

Eternal Life Through the Shed Blood Of Jesus Christ Is A Free Gift That You Can Receive Right Now
Our sins have separated us from a righteous and holy God, but in His Mercy and love towards us He has made a way of escape for all those who seek it. I am talking to you, right here and right now. God has an AMAZING gift for you, it costs you nothing but it caused Him to shed every drop of blood He had so He could purchase it for you. What is it? It’s your salvation.

DAY OF WONDERS: Facebook Spends $1 Billion Dollars To Purchase Tech Company That Will Allow You To Control Your Computer Using Only Your Thoughts
Back in the late 1990’s there was a Christian film series on the end times called Apocalypse, produced from the Left Behind people and released by Cloud Ten Pictures. They all had to do with life on earth after the Rapture of the Church and showed us a world in the time of Jacob’s trouble, that ends in the time known as the Great Tribulation. From a doctrinal perspective they were hit and miss at best, but they were compelling to watch because we got to see the end times acted out. The second film in the series had a fascinating plot line. It involved an entire world connected to the Internet, now controlled by the Antichrist, and his crowning achievement was giving an unsuspecting, adoring world the “Day Of Wonders”.

Fake News Media Salivating As 145 House Democrats Order 4PM Meeting Today On Beginning Impeachment Hearings On President Trump, But What About Burisma Holdings?
It’s got to be hard to be a Democrat in the Trump era, I’ll give you that. First, the Democrats were assured of a more than a ‘99% chance’ that Crooked Hillary would win in 2016, and that failed. Then to stop him, they created a story out of thin air that President Trump had won because of ‘Russian collusion’, and launched a 2.5 year, multimillion dollar witchhunt investigation to prove it, and that failed. Then they put Robert Mueller on the stand for a ‘slam-dunk’ event to prove their case for impeachment, and that too also failed spectacularly. Now they are sure they have President Trump right where they want him, and at 4 PM EST today, they are meeting like rats on the Titanic to discuss bringing impeachment proceedings.

Green gaming: Video game firms make climate promises at U.N.
Gaming is going green — and some of the biggest game companies hope players will, too.

PG&E cuts power to 24,000 Northern California homes for wildfire risk
Sierra Nevada foothills in Northern California were on edge — and in the dark — Tuesday after an electric utility company cut service to tens of thousands of customers there in an effort to prevent wildfires amid dry conditions and hot winds that forecasters expect to last through Thursday.