24 Sep 2019

Arab Party Head Hints Muslims will Build Third Temple
This was the first time the Arab parties expressed support for an Israeli candidate since Yitzhak Rabin in 1992. Rabbi Pinchas Winston noted that when a Muslim Arab quoted Jewish Psalms, it was clearly “hashgacha pratit” (divine intervention) and needed to be understood. Even more surprising was when Odeh tweeted a verse from Psalms. The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. Psalms 118:22.

Eye for an eye the appropriate response?
A national defense analyst believes a full-blown regional conflict in the Middle East could be in the works. While the appropriate response may be an eye for an eye, Maginnis warns that this could escalate into a fairly significant conflict. “I think it could certainly go to something that is tantamount to a regional conflict,”.

It’s official: Rosenstein’s plan to entrap president was real
“It is astonishing and shocking McCabe thought he could have the FBI conduct a ‘counterintelligence’ operation on the president and Rosenstein thought it would be appropriate to wear a wire to secretly record President Trump in the Oval Office. That the DOJ and FBI sat on this smoking gun for a year shows the need for urgent housecleaning at those agencies.” Rosenstein offered to wear a wire to record his conversations with Trump and provide evidence the president should be removed. Rosenstein sought to ensure that the media would have “difficulty” finding anyone in the DOJ to comment. DOJ officials, according to the documents, engaged in a concerted effort to frame the reporting as “inaccurate” and “factually incorrect.”

German village elects neo-Nazi as council head, prompting outcry
Administrators in a German village have unanimously elected a member of a neo-Nazi party as council head as he was the only person interested in the job, prompting an outcry from politicians who demanded the vote be annulled.

Netanyahu: Committed to the right-wing bloc
Netanyahu stressed that the meeting was practical and told the leaders of the bloc that he made it clear during the meeting that he represents the entire national camp, acts on its behalf and negotiates on behalf of the entire bloc. “I am committed to what I promised you,” Netanyahu told the party leaders.

France, Britain and Germany blame Iran for Saudi Arabia attack
France, Britain and Germany said on Monday that it is clear Iran was responsible for an attack on Saudi oil facilities on September 14. In a joint statement, the three governments also called on Tehran to agree to negotiations on its nuclear and missile programs as well as regional security issues. “The time has come for Iran to accept a long term negotiation framework for its nuclear program, as well as regional security issues, which include its missile programs,” said the statement, quoted by Reuters.

Iran Threatens to Turn Israel into ‘dust in half a day’
Alamolhoda, the representative of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Khorasan Razavi province, said during a televised sermon on Friday that the Islamic Republic was no longer defined by its borders, as the Popular Mobilization Units in Iraq, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, the national front in Syria and Islamic Jihad and Hamas in Gaza “are Iran.” He went on to state that if Iran’s borders were trespassed, Israel would be “turned to dust in half a day,” and confirmed that Iran played a role in the Sept. 14 drone and missile attack on the Abqaiq and Khurais oil fields in Saudi Arabia.

Multitudes, Multitudes in the Valley of Decision
Israel has had their elections and now the real work begins: to accomplish the seemingly impossible and form a coalition government. They have 28 days to do it; President Rivlin has vowed he will use every legal method at his disposal to avoid a Round 3 of elections. A coalition of the various political parties must be formed with a minimum of 61 seats.

King Abdullah warns annexation would have ‘major impact’ on Israel ties
With Israel and Jordan set in a month to mark 25 years to their peace agreement, Jordan’s King Abdullah warned that Israeli annexation of the West Bank would have a “major impact” on ties between the two countries. Abdullah…said that he took Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pre-election statement regarding annexation with a “pinch of salt” because of the timing.

‘Significant progress’ in 2 hour Netanyahu-Gantz meeting
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz took “significant strides” toward creating a national unity government, President Reuven Rivlin said following a two-hour meeting between the trio. Negotiating teams for Blue and White and Likud will meet on Tuesday, and Netanyahu and Gantz will meet again with President Rivlin on Wednesday.

West Papua: Day of violence sees at least 27 dead
A new wave of violence has hit the restive Indonesian region of West Papua after hundreds of protesters, mostly high school students, set fire to several buildings in a town on Monday. At least 23 people died in the regional capital Wamena, some of whom were trapped inside burning buildings. The protests were reportedly triggered by a teacher’s racist comments – an allegation the police called a “hoax”.

Haiti senator opens fire outside parliament, wounding two
A Haitian senator opened fire during a protest outside the country’s parliament building, wounding two people including a photographer. Chery Dieu-Nalio, a photographer for the Associated Press, was hit in the face. Leon Leblanc, a security guard, was also wounded in the incident. Senator Jean Marie Ralph Féthière opened fire as he left parliament in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Egypt protests: ‘Hundreds held’ after rare anti-government unrest
Almost 500 people have been detained in Egypt in the past few days after protests against alleged government corruption, human rights activists say. Demonstrations were reported in Cairo, Alexandria and several other cities on Friday night, and in the port city of Suez on Saturday evening. The authorities have not yet released an official number of arrests.

6.0 quake shakes Puerto Rico; no damage immediately reported
A 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck near Puerto Rico late Monday, rousing and scaring many from their sleep in the U.S. territory. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake struck 49 miles (79 kilometers) off the island’s northwest coast at a shallow depth of 6 miles (10 kilometers). Three aftershocks, of magnitude 4.7 and 4.6, hit within less than an hour in the same region at the same depth.

Two rockets ‘hit’ near US embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone
Several rockets have been fired towards Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, landing near the embassy of the United States in Iraq, according to security sources cited by news agencies. Residents of the Iraqi capital reportedly heard the explosions followed by alert sirens that sounded briefly across the Tigris River overnight on Tuesday.

Mosquito-borne EEE virus reaches record number of infections
Six states have reported a record number of infections of Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), a mosquito-borne virus blamed for seven recent deaths.

President Trump At United Nations Tells Gathered World Leaders That Human Rights ‘Come From God’ And Not From World Governments
President Trump today had the attention of nearly all the leaders of the free world, and he had a message for each and every one of them. In a stunning rebuke, President Trump reminded his listeners, many of them leaders on nations that persecute Christians, that human rights ‘come from God’ and as such cannot be taken away. Trump went on to say protecting religious freedom was one of his highest priorities. What an incredible polar opposite from the previous president’s constant promotion of Islam and Sharia Law.

Tropical Cyclone “Hikaa” to make landfall in Oman on September 24
Tropical Cyclone “Hikaa” formed September 22, 2019, over the Arabian Sea as the 5th named storm of the 2019 North Indian Ocean cyclone season. On the forecast track, Hikaa is expected to make landfall in Oman on September 24.

CA Democrats Introduce LGBTQ Bill that would Protect Pedophiles who Rape Children
As you’ll find in the following article, one aim to normalize it is to begin with “LBGTQ” youth with an attempt to stop the registration of sex offenders if they’re found guilty of “specified” sex crimes and if the “offender is no more than ten years older than of the minor.”

“A Glimpse Of Government’s Ability To Totally Control Our Lives”
Over the years technology has greatly expanded the ability of government to watch the movements and control individuals. During this time I have encountered several people that have run afoul of the law in some way or other the way the legal system deals with people is also changing.

Leftist Progressive Puppet Teen Greta Thunberg Gives Outrageously Bad Acting Performance At UN That Left People Thinking ‘Sunset Boulevard’ Instead Of Climate Change
When I saw the photos of “teen activist” Great Thunberg giving her great speech at the UN, it all looked very formidable and serious. That is, until, I watched one of the many videos of this badly-coached young woman who is obviously nothing more than a female version of David Hogg with a slightly different agenda. As I watched her speech, all I could think of was Gloria Swanson in ‘Sunset Boulevard’ crying out “Mr. DeMille, I am ready for my closeup!“. Fade to black.

NeverTrump Republican Bill Weld Wants Death Penalty for Trump for Speaking to Ukraine About Biden Crime Family
So now they want Trump dead for speaking to Ukraine about the Biden family selling their public office for millions.

This is Germany – once again Jews are no longer safe
Germany is now no longer safe for Jews. After receiving millions of immigrants from the Middle East from countries where Jews are not allowed to exist. German Chancellor Angela Merkel refuses to take the most basic steps to ensure the safety of the Jewish community.

Russia and China Will Make Their Stand In Venezuela (Part 1)
it is the contention of the CSS that President Trump is being drawn into the Iranian conflict in order to drain valuable personnel and material resources. Russia and China are clearly going to make their stand in Latin America, specifically on the Colombian / Venzuelan border.

China and Russia Are Practicing Joint War Games Against the United States
China and Russia Are Practicing Joint War Games Against the United States

Unvetted drone footage shows China transferring hundreds of shackled Uighur minorities
Recently released drone footage appears to show Chinese police transferring hundreds of imprisoned religious minorities who are blindfolded and shackled.

Pregnant Mother Hacked to Death at South African Resort
A pregnant mother was reportedly stabbed to death as she slept near her family while on vacation at a resort in South Africa on Tuesday.