17 Sep 2019

Yemen’s Attack on Saudi Arabia Fulfills Isaiah’s Gog and Magog Prophecy
A catastrophic attack in Saudi Arabia by Iran-backed Yemenite Houthi rebels shook the world, destroying the facilities that produce five percent of the entire world’s oil. If the U.S. picks up the gauntlet thrown at their feet by the Iranians, the confrontation in Yemen predicted by Isaiah as preceding the pre-Messiah War of Gog and Magog may suddenly appear, as one rabbi said, “much sooner than anyone thinks.” “The war between Iran and America, which is the sons and daughters from far away, will begin in Yemen,” Rabbi Fish said. “This will be the first stage in the multi-national War of Gog and Magog.”

‘A Blessing For Our Entire City:’ D.C. Synagogue Celebrates Arrival Of New Torah
One of the most joyous and rare events for a Jewish community is the arrival of a new Torah, Judaism’s holiest text. After the monumental task of handwriting the scroll is complete, a congregation typically celebrates with prayer, a parade and a feast. Such was the scene on Sunday when members of Ohev Sholom, D.C.’s oldest Orthodox synagogue, inaugurated their new Torah. Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld believes it is the first to be written entirely in the District. It was probably also the first time a “Torah Truck” blasting Israeli techno music drove through the city, too.

US and Saudis considering joint military response on Iran after oil attacks
According to New York Times reporting on Monday, U.S. and Saudi Arabian officials confirmed that Iranian weapons were used in the strikes and did not originate from Yemen, as the Iranian backed Houthi rebels claimed after the attack. The missile and drone attacks forced the Saudi government to shut down their oil facilities at Abqaiq and Khurais, which process much of the crude oil supply for the Saudi kingdom, which in turn accounts for roughly one-tenth of the world’s supply.

Netanyahu’s Party Stops Soros Agents from Busing Arabs to Polls
The Central Elections Committee issued an injunction tonight (Sunday) against the left-wing NGO Zazim‘s initiative to bus 15,000 Arab voters to voting booths on election day, ruling that the initiative is in violation of the election laws. Zazim (movement) is an NGO that is backed by the New Israel Fund (NIF) which is backed by billionaire currency manipulator George Soros.

Netanyahu: Longest Levite Rule in Israel Since Hasmoneans
In a tweet, Hoffman noted that if Netanyahu does not continue as the prime minister, it will end the longest period of time that someone from the tribe of Levi has ruled over Isreal since the Hasmonean Dynasty ended in the First Century CE.

Hand-drawn swastika found in Department of Homeland Security headquarters
The Nazi symbol was discovered on the building’s third floor on Friday. Staff members were informed of the incident in an email from Brian Murphy, principal deputy undersecretary for the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, that was sent just after 5 p.m., Meehan also said that the situation was “immediately referred” to the Office of the Inspector General and “is currently being investigating to ensure that swift and corrective action is taken.”

Days before election, Cabinet approves new Jordan Valley settlement
At its weekly meeting on Sunday, held in the Jordan Valley, the Cabinet approved Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposal to officially recognize the community of Mevo’ot Yericho. Netanyahu also reiterated his pledge to annex the Jordan Valley if reelected.

Pope urges world leaders to sign ‘Global Pact’ for ‘new humanism
The Daily Wire reports on a plan in which the pope is inviting representatives of multiple religions, international groups and others to sign a “Global Pact of Education.” He wants to “Hand on to younger generations a united and fraternal common home.” There, he quotes Clinton in saying “It takes a village” to raise children. The Vatican said just days ago the pope confirmed, in a video message, “A global educational pact is needed to educate us in universal solidarity and a new humanism.”

San Diego State University Normalizes Pedophilia As A “Sexual Orientation”
It suggests that embracing pedophilia as an alternative sexual orientation could be part of the “acceptance of diverse sexual identities.” Conservatives have been warning for years that the ultimate endgame of every fetish, gender identity and sexuality being not merely tolerated but endorsed would eventually be the mainstreaming of pedophilia.

Explosion Hits Russia’s Largest Virus Lab Which Houses Plague, Smallpox, Ebola And Other Deadly Viruses
A sudden explosion at a Siberian virus research center on Monday reportedly left the facility engulfed in flames, according to several Russian news outlets. Firefighters and other emergency personnel were dispatched to the “Vector Institute” located several miles from Novosibirsk – an emergency which was upgraded “from an ordinary emergency to a major incident,” according to RT, due to the research center for virology and biotechnology housed in the facility – however the mayor of Koltsovo said there were no biologically dangerous substances in the area where the explosion occurred, and that the Vector laboratory was not in use at the time. The State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology Vector, also known as the Vector Institute, and which is located deep inside Siberia for a reason…

Yes, They Are Coming for Your Guns
At the Democratic-primary debate in Houston last night, Beto O’Rourke formally killed off one of the gun-control movement’s favorite taunts: The famous “Nobody is coming for your guns, wingnut.” Asked bluntly whether he was proposing confiscation, O’Rourke abandoned the disingenuous euphemisms that have hitherto marked his descent into extremism, and confirmed as plainly as can be that he was. “Hell yes,” he said, “we’re going to take your AR-15.”O’Rourke’s plan has been endorsed in full by Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, and is now insinuating its way into the manifestos of gun-control groups nationwide. Presumably, this was O’Rourke’s intention.

The U.S. Army’s Next Generation of Super Weapons Are Coming
Streamlining multiple targeting sensors to destroy long-range targets, arming forward- positioned robots to penetrate enemy defenses and receiving organized weather-specific terrain mapping from nearby drones – are all emerging combat dynamics increasingly made possible by AI-enabled weapons and technologies.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu casts his ballot: These are very close elections
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife cast their ballots in Jerusalem on Tuesday morning. “President [Donald] Trump said yesterday that these are close elections, I can reaffirm to you this morning that these are very close [elections],” said Netanyahu. “I call on all citizens of Israel to come and vote, like my wife and I have come and voted. Good luck.”

Supreme Court examines lawfulness of Parliament suspension
The Supreme Court is meeting to consider whether Boris Johnson acted lawfully in suspending Parliament. The 11 judges will hear two appeals relating to the PM’s decision to prorogue Parliament to mid-October. Edinburgh’s Court of Session found last week that the shutdown was unlawful and “of no effect” but London’s High Court said it was not a court matter.

Data on almost every Ecuadorean citizen leaked
Personal data about almost every Ecuadorean citizen has been found exposed online. Names, financial information and civil data about 17 million people, including 6.7 million children, was found by security company vpnMentor. The massive cache of data was found on an unsecured cloud server almost anyone could look at.

Oil prices soar after attacks on Saudi facilities
Oil prices ended nearly 15% higher on Monday, with the Brent benchmark seeing its biggest jump in about 30 years. The rise came after two attacks on Saudi Arabian facilities on Saturday knocked out about 5% of global supply. Brent crude initially surged 20% at the start of trading, but eased back to end at $69 a barrel, up 14.6%.

Saudi oil attacks: US says intelligence shows Iran involved
The United States has issued satellite images and cited intelligence to back its allegation Iran was behind attacks on major Saudi oil facilities. Iran denies involvement in Saturday’s air attacks, which were claimed by Iran-aligned Houthi rebels in Yemen. But unnamed US officials speaking to US and international media say the direction and extent of the attacks cast doubt on Houthi involvement.

Blackout hits 4 nations in Central America, affects millions
A failure in Central America’s electrical grid left millions of people without power for hours in at least four countries Monday. Honduras was the country hardest hit, with the entirety of its territory and its more than 9 million inhabitants affected. Traffic snarled as more than 600 stoplights went dark in the capital, Tegucigalpa.

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi calls for more terror attacks on the West in rare audio four months after his last video message
“BADLY injured” ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has released a new message calling for more deadly attacks on the West – four months after he emerged from the shadows. The latest speech from the terror chief is titled “Do Deeds” and was released as an audio message, according to several reputable sources.

Divided Fed set to cut interest rates this week, but then what?
Deep disagreements within the Federal Reserve over the economic outlook and how the U.S. central bank should respond will not stop policymakers from cutting interest rates… While an oil price spike after attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities…added to the list of risks facing an economy already slowed…the deep divide…around the Fed’s policymaking table means further rate cuts could be far from a done deal.

The Latest: Report: Strikes on Iran-backed fighters in Syria
The Latest on tensions in the Persian Gulf and the fallout after weekend attack on major oil sites in Saudi Arabia…Syrian opposition activists say unknown aircraft have attacked posts of Iranian-backed fighters in an eastern town near the Iraqi border. The activists said the airstrike took place early Tuesday in Boukamal, in the eastern province of Deir el-Zour. There was no immediate word on casualties.

Russia, Iran, Turkey say Syrian constitution committee ready
The leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran announced…that an agreement has been finally reached on the composition of a committee tasked with rewriting Syria’s constitution… Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told journalists at the end of the meeting…that differences on one last committee member has been overcome, paving the way for the committee to start working as soon as possible.

In Communist California, the Only Acceptable Excuse to Avoid Mercury/Aluminum-Laden Vaccines Is DEATH! CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS THE ONLY SOLUTION!!!
In Communist California, the only acceptable excuse to avoid mercury/aluminum vaccines is DEATH! Mandatory vaccines is just the beginning of a new flavor of governmental tyranny! Gun confiscation is next and history speaks as to what will follow.

California state lawmakers pass bill requiring public universities to offer abortion pill on campus
The California State Assembly voted overwhelmingly to pass legislation to require public universities in the state to offer medication abortion at on-campus student health centers.

Buddhist Monk says all races and religions could live together if it weren’t for Muslims
In Myanmar, Muslims are killing Buddhists and trying to destroy Buddhism in order to create an Islamic State.

Porn Company up in Arms Over NZ Government’s Proposed Porn Bans Designed to Protect Kids
The world’s largest porn provider is strongly opposing moves by the New Zealand Government to protect children from the harmful effects of pornography.  With the average age of exposure to pornography being 11, many are recognizing a need to better restrict access to sexually explicit content.

6 dead, 300 000 ha (741 000 acres) of prime agricultural land destroyed after worst storm in 140 years hit Spain
At least six fatalities have now been confirmed from the harsh weather that has been affecting southeastern Spain since September 11, 2019. Authorities are describing it as the worst storm since 1879 when floodwaters killed over 1 000 in Murcia and Orihuela.

Strong explosion at Sakurajima volcano, Japan
A relatively strong explosion took place at Sakurajima volcano, Aira caldera, Japan at 22:46 UTC on September 15, 2019 (07:46 LT, September 16).

Sarah Silverman Proclaims This Teenager Is Jesus Christ. Someone Call God.
On Saturday, following an appearance on The Daily Show by teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg, supposed comedienne and genuine leftist Sarah Silverman decided that Thunberg was the reincarnation of someone from long ago:

George Soros is Backing ‘Climate activist’ Greta Thunberg
…”His sense is that she’s been programmed – manipulated no less – to give apocalyptic speeches in front of the great and good, and wonders if her autism is used as an excuse to shut her up at key moments.”

NO WHITES ALLOWED: The Newest Craze On College Campuses Is Barring White People From Having A Voice While Claiming To Be For ‘Diversity And Inclusion’
We live in a time where upside down is considered to be right side up, and Liberals are working hard to prove that statement seven days a week, 365 days per year. Take ANTIFA for example, they claim to be an ‘anti-fascist‘ group who are ‘fighting Nazis‘, yet in reality are themselves a fascist group who use violence, threats and intimidation, like the real Nazis did, to promote their ‘anti-fascist’ message. We see something similar popping up on college campuses all across America as Liberal universities claim to be ‘fighting racism’ by being racist. Welcome to the new idiocy in higher learning.