14 Sep 2019

Drone attack on Saudi oil facilities is major escalation
The attacks began around four in the morning; video showed massive fires, billowing smoke and locals reported explosions. Iranian media implied that the attacks were carried out by Houthi rebels in Yemen, who have been backed by Tehran. However the facilities that were struck are in northeastern Saudi Arabia, closer to Bahrain and Qatar. A drone would have to fly 1,000 km. to reach the facilities. Iran has frequently boasted of new drone technology…

UN Agency: PA Economy On Brink Of Collapse
The report said the causes of the situation were Israel’s withholding of some of the tax revenue it collects on behalf of the PA, cuts in American financial support, and a decline in grants and foreign aid from countries and organizations.

Pro Third Temple Politician will Demand to Rule over Israel’s Judges
In light of their favorable performance in the polls, Itamar Ben-Gvir, the head of the Otzma Yehudit party now says that he will demand the role of Justice Minister as a condition to entering into a coalition reports Ynet. This means that if Netanyahu wants to secure a right-wing coalition, as he says he does, he will likely have to comply with Ben-Gvir’s demand. The Justice Minister oversees all aspects of Israel’s Justice System. Ben-Gvir and his party have come out openly in favor of building the Third Temple and are expected to pass the minimum threshold of four seats in Tuesday’s election.

IDF’s Modern Day Leviathan: Striking at Israel’s Enemies From the Depths
A submarine is the most expensive platform that Israel can buy, and the Israel Defense Forces is about to expand its fleet to six German-made Dolphin platforms—half of them new-generation vehicles that can stay submerged for longer. These vessels, bristling with advanced technology, can covertly gather intelligence on enemy activities, approach distant coastlines and strike targets with precision missiles, while remaining out of the reach of the enemy’s missiles and rockets.

Report: Netanyahu Warns War With Gaza Could Break Out In Next Few Days
With less than one week until the elections, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that rocket fire from Gaza is making an IDF incursion inevitable, perhaps even before the elections on Tuesday. “It looks like there will be no other choice but to embark on a wide-scale campaign against the terror forces in Gaza. I don’t risk the lives of our soldiers and citizens just to get applause,” Netanyahu said. “There probably won’t be a choice but to topple the Hamas regime.

“Ringing” black hole proves Einstein right yet again
A quirk of Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity says that after two black holes collide and merge, the newly-created black hole should “ring” like a bell, sending gravitational waves rippling through spacetime. When two black holes collide and form a new one, they distort the very fabric of reality,…

Failed GM mosquito control experiment may have strengthened wild bugs
Ultimately, this program should cut down the population of mosquitoes in an area ,…Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. Researchers from Yale University have now examined mosquitoes around the city of Jacobina, Brazil, where the largest test of this technique has taken place over the last few years. Not only did numbers bounce back up in the months after the test, but some of the native bugs, they found, had retained genes from the engineered mosquitoes.

Russia and Turkey prepare to meet Iran in Ankara
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are preparing to meet their Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, on Monday in Ankara. They will be discussing Syria and, according to Russian media, the situation in Idlib province in northern Syria. Turkish-backed Syrian rebels and extremist groups in Idlib have been hard pressed in recent months by increasing bombardment from the Syrian regime.

Russia prevents Israeli airstrikes in Syria
The controversy between Israel and Russia regarding airstrikes of Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq continues, despite the meeting Between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin…Moscow has prevented three Israeli air strikes on…Syrian outposts recently, and even threatened that any jets attempting such a thing would be shot down, either by Russian jets or by the S-400 anti-aircraft missiles.

UN Agency: PA Economy On Brink Of Collapse
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is warning of an imminent collapse of the Palestinian Authority (PA) economy in a new report that was presented in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Tuesday. The report said the causes of the situation were Israel’s withholding of some of the tax revenue it collects on behalf of the PA, cuts in American financial support, and a decline in grants and foreign aid…

Flash floods in south-eastern Spain kill at least five
At least five people have died and 3,500 have been evacuated from their homes after flash floods struck south-eastern Spain. Rivers burst their banks as some areas of Valencia, Murcia and eastern Andalucía saw the heaviest rainfall on record. Vehicles were swept away by rushing flood waters, causing at least three deaths.

New storm to hit Bahamas two weeks after Hurricane Dorian
A new storm is threatening the Bahamas just two weeks after Hurricane Dorian tore through part of the islands. Tropical Depression Nine strengthened into Tropical Storm Humberto on Friday night. It is currently moving towards Great Abaco, one of the islands worst hit by Dorian. About 1,300 people are missing in the Bahamas following the hurricane, while at least 15,000 are in need of shelter, food and medical care.

Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes
Drone attacks have set alight two major oil facilities run by the state-owned company Aramco in Saudi Arabia, state media say. Footage showed a huge blaze at Abqaiq, site of Aramco’s largest oil processing plant, while a second drone attack started fires in the Khurais oilfield. The fires are now under control at both facilities, state media said.

BBC Tells Schoolchildren There Are ‘over 100’ Genders
The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) tells primary schoolchildren that there are over 100 genders as part of its “Teach” video series, which has some concerned parents and observers up in arms. “You know, there are so many gender identities,” declares the head teacher in response to child’s question. “We know that we have got male and female, but there are over 100, if not more, gender identities now.”

China to exempt U.S. pork, soybeans from additional tariffs: Xinhua
China will exempt some agricultural products from additional tariffs on U.S. goods, including pork and soybeans…in the latest sign of easing Sino-U.S. tensions before a new round of talks aimed at curbing a bruising trade war. The United States and China have both made conciliatory gestures, with China renewing purchases of U.S. farm goods and U.S. President Donald Trump delaying a tariff increase on certain Chinese goods.

Turkey says OIC to convene after Netanyahu annexation plans
The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will hold an extraordinary meeting on Sunday to discuss Israel’s announcement of its intention to annex areas of the West Bank, the Turkish foreign ministry said… Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday he would annex the Jordan Valley, a large swathe of the occupied West Bank that Israel captured in 1967 and which Palestinians want as part of a future state.

IDMC: 7 million people displaced due to natural disasters in the first half of 2019
Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC) records show that over seven million people have been displaced from their residences due to natural disasters during the first six months of 2019. There were about 10.8 million new displacements worldwide in the first half of 2019, seven million triggered by disasters – the highest mid-year figure IDMC has ever recorded – and 3.8 million by conflict and violence, IDMC said…

The coffee industry is starting to get jittery with no significant rain in the forecast for Brazil
September marks roughly the end of the harvest season and the start of a new growing season for coffee in central-south Brazil, the world’s No. 1 coffee-producing country at more than 30% of the output, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Midwest Farmers Facing Crisis After Heavy Rain, Epic Flooding, and Trade War with China
The Midwest is still struggling to recover from two devastating floods which brought historic destruction to the region.

Tropical Storm Humberto expected to become reality Saturday; Track shifts farther east from Florida coast
Florida could still see tropical storm force winds despite soon-to-be Tropical Storm Humberto moving further off the state’s east coast, the National Hurricane Center said Friday night.

Vietnam Veteran Found Covered In Ants At VA Clinic In His Final Days — Twice
Vietnam veteran who served in the U.S. Air Force was found covered in ants and ant bites twice during his final days at his local Veterans Affairs (VA) clinic, according to his daughter.

God Takes a Beating on Television
It’s a fallacy to suggest that in the news media, business trumps politics. CNN’s and MSNBC’s dismal ratings are in direct proportion to their deliberate decision to embrace far-left anti-Trumpism.

Austin Texas is The First City To Pay Women to Kill Their Babies
Austin Texas has decided to allocate 150,000$ to make it easier for women to get abortions. The plan is the city can pay for food, travel, child care, and lodging for low income women wanting an abortion. Deciding they will put funds towards making abortion easier in their city.

Gay ‘chemsex’ is fueling HIV epidemics in Europe, experts warn
A surge in “chemsex” parties, where people spend days getting high on drugs and having sex with scores of partners, is re-fueling epidemics of HIV among gay men in European towns and cities, doctors say.

Biblical Archaeologists And Preservationists In Israel Horrified As Plan Is Approved To Install Cable Cars Flying Over The Western Wall Near Mount Zion In Jerusalem
The approved plan to build a network of cable cars to fly over the Holy City of Jerusalem and surrounding areas is indeed an intriguing idea. On one hand, I can certainly understand the position of the historical preservationists and biblical archaeologists who largely are against this plan. But as someone who studies the Bible, loves Israel and its amazing history, the chance to fly closely above the Temple Mount is something I would absolutely want to do.

Why California Must Declare A State Of Emergency On Homelessness — Or Get A Governor Who Will
It’s time for California’s governor to use the powers granted to him by the state’s constitution and declare a state of emergency on housing and homelessness.