9 Sep 2019

Universal Prayer, Non-Jewish Sacrifice on Mount of Olives to Cancel Out War of Gog and Magog
The article went on to explain that if a non-Jew who observes the Noahide laws wishes to perform any of the other commandments in the Torah in order to receive a heavenly reward should not be prevented from doing so. Similarly, if a non-Jew brings a korban olah (burnt offering), it must be accepted. There are some opinions that maintain that non-Jews may bring korban olah and korban shlamim (usually translated as ‘peace offering’)

Hezbollah setting up precision missile site in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley
Various activities to facilitate the manufacture and conversion of precision-guided missiles at the facility have lately been identified, including the establishment of a dedicated assembly line for precision weapons, and the transfer of sensitive and dedicated equipment.

Washington Warns of U.S Backed Israeli Attack on Lebanon
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Lebanon on Wednesday, Sept. 4, that Israel is aware of a second, bigger Iranian-Hizballah missile factory and that they are preparing to bomb it reports Debka. The secretary emphasized that Israel would be acting with full U.S support, whatever the outcome of the operation may be.

Trump cancels peace negotiations with Taliban after Kabul attack
“Unbeknownst to almost everyone, the major Taliban leaders and, separately, the President of Afghanistan, were going to secretly meet with me at Camp David on Sunday. They were coming to the United States tonight. What kind of people would kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position? They didn’t, they only made it worse! If they cannot agree to a ceasefire during these very important peace talks, and would even kill 12 innocent people, then they probably don’t have the power to negotiate a meaningful agreement anyway. How many more decades are they willing to fight?”

Islamic cell funding radical imams uncovered in Italy
Ten people were arrested in the Italian regions of Piemonte and Abruzzo on charges of terrorism, money laundering and covert financing, Italian daily La Stampa reported on Sunday. Through tax evasion, Jameleddine B. Brahim Kharroubi, a small business owner of Tunisian origin, accumulated about two million euros to fund radical imams in Italy and abroad. The report highlighted that Brahim Kharroubi and the uncovered Islamic cell had ties with Al Nusra, the Al Qaeda branch active in Syria.

German mainstream parties vote for neo-Nazi as community leader
Stefan Jagsch is a member of the neo-Nazi party National Democratic Party of Germany that supports a boycott of the Jewish state. German media outlets on the weekend reported on the CDU, SPD and the Free Democratic Party politicians voting for Jagsch. He will represent the community Altenstadt, a municipality in the district Wetteraukreis, with about 2,500 citizens.

Hong Kong police fire tear gas as clashes erupt after thousands appeal to Trump
Thousands of protesters earlier sang the Star Spangled Banner and called on U.S. President Donald Trump to “liberate” the city. They waved the Stars and Stripes and placards demanding democracy. “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong,” they shouted before handing over petitions at the U.S. Consulate. “Resist Beijing, liberate Hong Kong.”

Dorian industry insured losses seen in several billions of dollars: Munich Re
Insured losses from Hurricane Dorian are expected to total several billions of dollars, German reinsurer Munich Re (MUVGn.DE) said on Sunday. Board member Torsten Jeworrek, speaking at an industry conference, said that the estimate was a “rough guess” as damage was still to be tallied.

IDF: Shi’ite militias fired rockets at Israel from Syria
Rockets were fired at Israel from the outskirts of Damascus by a Shi’ite militia operating under the command of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Quds Force…A number of rockets were launched from Syrian territory but failed to hit Israeli territory, the statement said. “The IDF holds the Syrian regime responsible for all events taking place in Syria.”

Airstrikes at Al Bukamal? The alleged Iranian base and the ‘explosions’
Just after midnight, in the first hours of Monday morning, loud explosions were heard in an around the Syrian town of Al Bukamal near the Iraqi border. Very quickly reports emerged that “Iranian” or “Iranian-backed militias” had been targeted in the attacks. These appeared similar to a June 2018 airstrike that targeted a Kata’ib Hezbollah base at a similar location.

Russia’s ruling party hit badly in Moscow election
Russia’s ruling United Russia party has suffered major losses in Sunday’s election to the Moscow city parliament, nearly complete results show. The party lost nearly a third of the seats in the 45-member parliament, but remains on course to retain its majority with about 26 seats. With most opposition candidates disqualified, the Communists, independents and others gained seats.

Iran seizes ship with Filipino crew for alleged fuel smuggling in Gulf
Iran’s coast guard has seized a foreign tugboat suspected of smuggling fuel in the Gulf and detained its 12 Filipino crew members, state television reported on Saturday. It said the tugboat was carrying nearly 284,000 litres of diesel. The report did not say what national flag the vessel was flying.

Typhoon lashes Japanese capital, one dead, power, transport disrupted
One of the strongest typhoons to hit Japan in recent years struck just east of the capital, Tokyo, on Monday, killing one woman, with record-breaking winds and stinging rain damaging buildings and disrupting transport. More than 160 flights were canceled and scores of train lines were closed for hours, snarling the morning commute for millions in a greater Tokyo area that has a population of some 36 million…

Hezbollah says it downed Israeli drone
Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah downed an Israeli unmanned aircraft on Monday outside a southern Lebanese town after it crossed the border, the movement said in a statement. The Israeli drone is now in the hands of Hezbollah’s fighters, the Iranian-backed group said. The Israeli military said one of its drones “fell inside southern Lebanon during routine operations”.

IAEA found uranium traces at Iran ‘atomic warehouse,’ diplomats say
Samples taken by the U.N. nuclear watchdog at what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a “secret atomic warehouse” in Tehran showed traces of uranium that Iran has yet to explain, two diplomats who follow the agency’s inspections work closely say. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is investigating the particles’ origin and has asked Iran to explain the traces.

Dorian Death Toll Climbs In The Bahamas As Thousands Are In Desperate Need Of Supplies
Forty-four people have been confirmed dead in the Bahamas and thousands more are in desperate need of food, water and shelter following Hurricane Dorian.

Joy Behar & Meghan McCain Urge Dems to Assassinate Trump on “The View”- Now on Leave??
McCain: I will say, іf you take thіѕ kіll ѕhоt, Dеmосrаtѕ, ya bеttеr not mіѕѕ. Jоу Behar: Yeah. McCain: Ya bеttеr hіt his jugular and іf there’s еvеn a finger still moving аt the еnd of it you’re gonna ruin your chances іn 2020. But уоu bеttеr do thіѕ wеll, іf уоu’rе gоnnа do it. And my fаіth in Dеmосrаtѕ… Bеhаr: If уоu ѕwіng уоu hаvе tо hіt thе ball.

Cyborg Magician Anastasia Synn Has 26 Microchip Implants As She Implants One Live At ‘Biohack The World’ Tech Conference In Las Vegas
You are watching it happen, people, you are watching 2,000 year old prophecy leaping from off the pages of your King James Bible, and the news it’s creating is fresher than tomorrow’s headlines. The end times are roaring to life, and the vast majority of this old fallen world are having one Hell of a time with it. Actually, the Hell part comes a little bit later on the timeline but for all intents and purposes is happening right now. Dead man walking!

The Communist Chinese and Democratic Party Allies Are Engaged In a Plot That Has Murdered 70,000 Americans
China has declared war upon the United States. They killing tens of thousands of Americans and nobody is holding them accountable, but should be surprised? /No, this is not genetic specific genetic bioweapons that I previously wrote about back in July of 2019. This is move covert, not quite as deadly, but has the potential to kill millions of Americans.

Fentanyl drug bust: Investigators seize enough fentanyl to kill 14 million people
Law enforcement officers in Virginia have seized enough fentanyl to kill 14 million people, busting a massive three-state drug ring as part of what they called “Operation Cookout.” Thirty-five suspects were arrested, and four others are on the run.

German citizens are arming themselves with firearms
As of today, close to 640,00 German citizens are legally permitted to carry a deterrent gun or similar self-defense weapon. To put things in perspective, in 2014, there were just 260,000.

If elected to the White House, Democrats promise to ban combustion engines, meat products, transportation and agriculture, plunging America into famine and pestilence
In their run for the presidency, Democrats are now making a shocking array of promises designed to feed the delusions of the fanatical Left.

Straight People Are Rejecting Transgenders: Activists Demand Government Intervenes
Transgender people are being sexually rejected by almost all straight people and most gays and lesbians, according to a recent study.

Marijuana use by US college students up, highest in 35 years
U.S. college students are using marijuana at the highest rates in 35 years, according to a report released Thursday.

Alaska Ordered To Pay $100K To Muslim Inmates Over Ramadan Food Options – CAIR To Provide ‘Religious Sensitivity Training’ To Correctional Officers
Once again terror-tied CAIR is calling the shots and forcing Sharia law onto American citizens.

Severe crop damage after late frost hits parts of Argentina
A 12-hour frost with an extremely low temperature of -10 °C (14 °F) in the southern oasis and -5 to -8 °C (23  – 17.6 °F) in the Uco Valley caused severe damage to fruit production in Argentina on September 3, 2019. Experts suggested that this was due to the very dry weather in the earlier months from June to August, which are more conducive to frost.

THE ABORTION AGENDA: Its Benefactors & What You Don’t Know
Pay very close attention, because there is a lot more going on with their abortion agenda, than meets the eye. Who’s involved, where is this headed, and what atrocities have already occurred? Something very significant began back in 1993, leading up to this, and no one is reporting on it.

Democratic Party Passes Resolution Against Christianity
The Democratic National Committee has taken its stand, and it’s against orthodox Christianity. It passed a resolution last Saturday calling for the Party to be more inclusive toward non-believers. On its own that’s not remarkable. But the document also strongly denounces Christian belief and action.