6 Sep 2019

China & US Advancing Drone Swarm Technology – A Harbinger Of Revelation 9?
Have you ever seen a large flock of birds flying in unison? They look like a cloud. And the whole flock can shift left, right, up, or down – all in a split second. Now, imagine one of these groups is coming to get you. That’s right. Imagine a swarm of bees is coming after you. Would a shotgun do you much good? Not really. You can fire into a swarm of bees, and you might take out one or more. These drones are launched from a special tube in less than a minute to create a vicious swarm designed to overwhelm an adversary autonomously.

Californians can now officially refuse to help police
California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, signed a bill on Tuesday that allows citizens to refuse help to police officers, Fox News reported. Previous legislation required any “able-bodied person 18 years of age or older” in the state to help an officer who requests assistance during an arrest.

Right After Party Endorses 3rd Temple, Polls Show them Entering Knesset After Elections
On the same day that Ben-Gvir expressed support for building the third Temple, polls showed him passing the minimum threshold of four seats and entering the upcoming Knesset following elections on September 17.

Economist labels Dems’ climate plans one and the same: bad for Americans
“It’s a trillion here and a trillion there,” says Nicolas Loris, an economist focusing on energy, environment, and regulatory issues for The Heritage Foundation. “Each of these plans really follows down the same path – which is tax, regulate, and essentially ban the use of natural resources that have made our lives more prosperous, wealthier, easier, [and] more comfortable.” And according to Loris, regardless how many trillions of dollars the candidates are purporting to spend, their plans are “all going to do the same thing, which is make Americans worse off by driving up energy prices, by using taxpayer dollars to support crony companies, and to do really nothing to impact climate change or the environment.”

Special US envoy to Mideast Jason Greenblatt to resign
Reportedly, Greenblatt, who has played a key role in the Trump administration’s Mideast peace plan for the Israelis and the Palestinians, will remain at the White House for another few weeks until the launch of the political component of the proposal following the Sept. 17 Israeli elections.

In London, Netanyahu and Johnson talk Iran, Middle East peace process
“We have the challenge of Iran’s aggression and terrorism, and I’d like to talk to you about how we can work together to counter these things for the benefit of peace,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his British counterpart, Boris Johnson.

Pope makes strategic visit to Mozambique after peace deal
Thirty years after…. John Paul II begged Mozambicans to end their civil war, Francis is expected to endorse the new Aug. 1 accord and urge its full implementation when he meets with government authorities on Thursday, his first full day in the region. He arrived Wednesday evening but had no public events scheduled after his brief airport welcome ceremony that featured traditional drums, dance and ululating singers.

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon want asylum in Canada
Waving Palestinian and Canadian flags, hundreds of Palestinian refugees gathered outside the Canadian Embassy in Beirut on Thursday requesting asylum in the North American country.

Omar, Tlaib welcome decision ruling US terror watchlist unconstitutional
US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has expressed her appreciation after a US federal judge ruled that an FBI terror watchlist was unconstitutional. “I have heard of horrifying stories of Muslim Americans who were placed on the so-called ‘watch list,’ with no pathway (you know, due process!) to getting their names removed. Today, it’s Muslims, but tomorrow it can be you, if we don’t stop this madness,” Tlaib…tweeted…

U.S. blocks U.N. Security Council statement on Israel, Lebanon – report
The United States blocked a statement about the recent tensions between Israel and Hezbollah by the United Nations Security Council, the AFP reported on Thursday. According to the report, the statement drafted by France stated that “members of the security council condemned all violations of the Blue Line, both by air and ground, and strongly calls upon all parties to respect the cessation of hostilities.”

Syria war: Turkey warns Europe of new migrant wave
Turkey has warned it may reopen the route for Syrian refugees to enter Europe if it does not get more international support for creating a safe zone in northern Syria. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for “logistical support” to establish a safe zone in Syria’s north-east. “Either this happens, or we will be forced to open the gates,” he said.

Americans have become children — demanding, dependent and needy
As a population, it’s exotic to the point of extinction, vanishing in plain sight: the American adult. As a trend, this has been gestating for at least the past decade, from Judd Apatow’s glorified man-babies to Lena Dunham’s ostensibly grown “Girls” to the acceptance of “adulting” into the lexicon. But it truly, alarmingly calcified this summer.

Hong Kong leader says bill withdrawal a first step as city braces for weekend protests
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam on Friday said measures announced this week to help restore order in the Chinese-ruled city are a first step, and disagreed with a credit downgrade by rating agency Fitch after months of sometimes violent protests. The Asian financial hub is bracing for more demonstrations this weekend…after Lam’s withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill failed to appease some activists.

Iran set to begin ‘unlimited’ nuclear research and development
Iran is set to begin…unlimited nuclear research and development work…to scale back its commitment to the 2015 nuclear deal, without declaring an outright withdrawal. On Thursday, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif officially informed European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini that Tehran was acting in response to “the European countries’ failure” to defend the agreement amid continued pressure from the US…

Another wave of deadly floods after record rainfall paralyzes Mumbai, India
Record rains hit Mumbai on September 4, 2019, resulting in widespread flooding. At least five people were killed and one remains missing.

Bahamas hurricane survivors tell of children swept away; looting seen
Richard Johnson said his six-year-old brother Adrian was just too small to withstand Hurricane Dorian. The boy was blown into churning storm surge and is among thousands of people missing, many children, after the worst hurricane to hit the Bahamas.

SPLC-Inspired ‘Diversity Inventory’ Leaves Students ‘Traumatized’
A high school in North Carolina is under fire for an assignment entitled “Diversity Inventory” that left students crying and parents outraged. Heritage High School English teacher Melissa Wilson gave out an assignment to her class last week that asked them to categorize themselves, their parents, their doctor, friends, and more by race, class, sexuality, and religion, among other things.

Are US Aircraft Carriers secretly protected by Electromagnetic “Tesla” Shields?
In January 2017, all U.S. aircraft carriers were recalled to their home ports for unknown upgrades. There has been much speculation about what the carriers had been secretly equipped with given the growing threats posed by hypersonic cruise missiles against which the carriers appeared defenseless.

Texas Town Votes to Ban ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’
A city council in Texas has voted to ban public spaces from being used to hold controversial Drag Queen Story Hour events, according to reports.

WALSH: Bernie Sanders Wants To Exterminate The Surplus Human Population. But Why Isn’t He In The Surplus?
Last night, CNN hosted a seven-hour town hall to discuss climate change. The most remarkable thing about the whole affair is that a studio audience actually volunteered to sit through the entire event. I’m not sure if they were mostly prisoners on work release or sadomasochists punishing themselves for the thrill of it, but we do know that at least one audience member was an avowed eugenicist.

39 Arrested For Alleged Human Rights Abuses During ICE’s ‘Operation No Safe Haven V’
An ICE press release said the arrests of 30 men and nine women were part of Operation No Safe Haven, which took place nationwide between August 27 and 29. ICE partnered with local offices in major cities across the country to find and arrest the fugitives. The agency explained that the 39 suspects were foreign nationals with outstanding removal orders. From the press release:

Federal Judge Rules Terror Watch List Violates Constitutional Rights in Response to Lawsuit Brought by Terror-Tied CAIR
This is who Federal Judge Anthony Trenga is taking his orders from: the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department. During that case, a captured internal document of the Muslim Brotherhood was released, naming CAIR’s parent organization, the Islamic Association for Palestine, as one of its allied groups, and explaining that the mission of Brotherhood groups in the U.S. was “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

Swedish Researcher Pushes Eating Human Flesh as Answer to Future Climate Change Food Shortages
Climate Change alarmism has taken a macabre turn that will seem to be satire, but is not. It happened in Sweden.

Bernie Sanders announces support for global eugenics and depopulation, calls on accelerating abortions in countries populated by people of color
In a bizarre, almost surreal CNN town hall event that repeatedly claimed hurricanes are all man-made, Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called for a global-scale eugenics program to reduce human population by accelerating abortions in countries populated by people of color.

Globalist media ordered to start pushing cannibalism as a food source; planetary collapse of Earth’s biosphere is now being engineered
This is an abbreviated story format to bring you the most important highlights you need to know. Item 1: The mainstream media has been ordered to start promoting cannibalism

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Never Searched Pervert Weiner’s Laptop Until After the 2016 Election – Weiner’s iPad and iPhone Are Now Missing!
We uncovered that the Obama White House ran the Weiner email investigation with the aid of the corrupt FBI and DOJ.  Now we know the corrupt FBI didn’t even search Weiner’s laptop till after the 2016 election and then somehow have misplaced Weiner’s iPhone and iPad.

They’re coming for your straws, cheeseburgers, and light bulbs: Here’s what the 2020 Dems plan to do for climate change
As promised, 2020 presidential candidates showed up for a marathon seven-hour CNN town hall to discuss global warming last night. Here’s what they had to say:…Joe Biden’s eye filled with blood during the event. He also stumbled and jumbled all the way through an answer about national security.

Hitler’s ‘Last Living Relative’ Convicted of Pedophilia For Assaulting 13 Year Old Girl
The man who claims he is the last living relative of Adolf Hitler says his last name is holding him back from getting a good job. Not surprising. But he is in the news for other more nefarious reasons – he was just convicted of child pedophilia. Romano-Lukas Hitler claims he is related to Adolf through Hitler’s father Alois and he is the only person alive still using the Hitler name.