5 Sep 2019

‘Silicon Valley Sharia’: Big Tech pouring cash to Ilhan Omar
Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., has campaigned against Israel, supported men accused of joining ISIS, trivialized 9/11 by saying “some people did something” and allegedly used campaign funds to pay for an extra-martial affair. So what companies are enthused about supporting the newcomer to Congress for another term in 2020? ……….Google. And Apple.

A First: Chief Rabbinate Looking into Biblical Justification for Jews to Pray on Temple Mount
During their annual meeting the The Temple Headquarters organization noted that the police said that they are able to enforce and protect Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount reports Rotter. More and more senior officials, including the prime minister, are willing to consider Jewish prayer on the holy site as well as extended Jewish visiting hours and also opening it on Shabbat. This has compelled Israel’s Chief Rabbinate to begin expediting Halachik (Jewish law) studies on the matter of Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.

Netanyahu in Hebron Invokes Caleb’s Call to Conquer Land
In a historic speech given by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Hebron, the Israeli premier referenced Caleb’s battle call in Numbers 13 saying: “We all remember the victory call of Caleb son of Jephunneh who was loyal to Hebron – Let us by all means go up!” The statement was in referenced to Numbers 13 when Caleb, one of the 12 spies, tried to reassure the nation of Israel after the other spies relayed a negative report saying: Kalev hushed the people before Moshe and said, “Let us by all means go up, and we shall gain possession of it, for we shall surely overcome it.” (Numbers 13:30)

A land without water: the scramble to stop Jordan from running dry
Soon, the aquifer was losing water faster than rains could refill it. In 1987, the springs that fed the two main pools in northern Azraq stopped flowing. By 1990, the pools dried up. Today, the water table has dropped from the surface to tens of metres below ground. This is happening not just in Azraq, but in aquifers across Jordan.

Boy thrown from Mall of America balcony returns home
The boy’s family said Tuesday on a gofundme.com site that their son has completed inpatient treatment and has returned home. KSTP-TV reports the boy, identified only as Landen, will continue to receive outpatient rehabilitation for multiple injuries. “We are so thankful, and we rejoice in the Lord’s blessings to our family,” the family said …

Canada denies Arab media report it will take in 100,000 Palestinians
Canada denied a report in the Lebanon-based newspaper Al Akhbar on Wednesday according to which the country has reached an understanding with the United States that it will receive 100,000 Palestinians (40,000 from Lebanon and another 60,000 from Syria). The Lebanese paper quoted a source in a Palestinian faction. The paper claimed that there is a further understanding with Spain to receive 16,000 Palestinians from Lebanon, alongside similar agreements with Belgium and France.

Erdogan: Why can’t we have nuclear weapons too?
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday it was unacceptable for nuclear-armed states to forbid Ankara from obtaining its own nuclear weapons, though he did not say whether Turkey had plans to obtain them.

Guatemala declares state of siege after suspected drug dealers kill soldiers
Guatemala’s government on Wednesday declared a state of siege in five northeastern provinces in an effort to regain control after three soldiers were killed by suspected drug traffickers, authorities said.

Miners Discover New ‘Extraterrestrial’ Mineral in Israel Worth More Than Diamonds
A new mineral on Earth, previously known to only exist in space, has been officially recognized, and it’s a rare gem indeed. Israeli mining company Shefa Yamim unearthed the new material in the Zevulun Valley in northern Israel. It was said to closely resemble sapphire or ruby in its composition.

China Is Using Fentanyl as ‘Chemical Warfare,’ Experts Say
Behind the deadly opioid epidemic ravaging communities across the United States lies a carefully planned strategy by a hostile foreign power that experts describe as a “form of chemical warfare.” It involves the production and trafficking of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that caused the deaths of more than 32,000 Americans in 2018 alone, and fentanyl-related substances. China is the “largest source” of illicit fentanyl in the United States, a November 2018 report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission stated.

In rare Hebron visit, Netanyahu says Jews will remain in divided city forever
During a rare visit to Hebron on Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israelis would remain in the flashpoint West Bank city forever, but stopped short of announcing new construction in the area as Jewish locals and right-wing lawmakers have been demanding.

Netanyahu to dash to London Thursday, meet Johnson, amid UK political upheaval
Despite a major political crisis in Britain, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to embark on a “snap visit” to London on Thursday for meetings with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, his office announced Wednesday.

China And Iran Flesh Out Strategic Partnership
The updated agreement echoes many of the points contained in previous China-Iran accords, and already in the public domain. However, many of the key specifics of this new understanding will not be released to the public, despite representing a potentially material shift to the global balance of the oil and gas sector, according to a senior source closely connected to Iran’s petroleum ministry. The central pillar of the new deal is that China will invest $280bn developing Iran’s oil, gas and petrochemicals sectors.

Lawyer For Epstein’s ‘Madam’ Says ‘Hundreds Of Names’ Contained In Upcoming Records Dump
An attorney for Jeffrey Epstein confidant (and alleged groomer) Ghislaine Maxwell told a judge on Wednesday that there are “hundreds” of people named in what is expected to be approximately 2,000 pages of documents ordered unsealed by the federal appeals court in New York, according to Bloomberg.

Iran to violate nuke deal again, sets fourth deadline for November
Iran said it would violate the 2015 nuclear deal for the third time in four months and set a new November deadline for additional potential violations if a French compromise does not materialize. On Wednesday, statements by both Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif indicated that Tehran would start using more of its advanced centrifuges in violation of the deal.

Carrie Lam: Hong Kong extradition bill withdrawal backed by China
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has said the Chinese government “understands, respects and supports” the withdrawal of the city’s controversial extradition bill. The bill would have allowed criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland China from Hong Kong. It was seen as evidence of China’s tightening control over the territory, and sparked months of protests.

Iran nuclear deal: Tehran to develop centrifuges for uranium enrichment
Iran is to lift all limits on nuclear research and development – the latest step in reducing its commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. President Hassan Rouhani said that from Friday the country would begin developing centrifuges to speed up the enrichment of uranium. Last year, the US withdrew from the 2015 deal and reimposed punishing sanctions against Iran.

Alan Greenspan says it’s ‘only a matter of time’ before negative rates spread to the US
It will not be long before the spread of negative interest rates reaches the U.S., former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said. “You’re seeing it pretty much throughout the world. It’s only a matter of time before it’s more in the United States,” Greenspan told CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” on Wednesday, adding investors should watch the 30-year Treasury yield.

Steamboat Geyser continues to break historical yearly eruption record
The Steamboat Geyser at Yellowstone National Park is no Old Faithful. The world’s tallest active geyser — whose major eruptions shoot water more than 300 feet into the air — is known to be unpredictable. But if there was ever a year to witness Steamboat’s spectacular surge of water, this might be it. Steamboat has erupted 34 times as of Tuesday, according to the US Geological Survey.

Trump Administration Considering Social Credit Score System to Determine Who Can Buy a Gun
The Trump administration is considering launching a social credit score-style system in coordination with Big Tech that would use spy data collected from Amazon, Google and Apple devices to determine whether or not an individual can own a gun. “The proposal is part of an initiative to create a Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA), which would be located inside the Health and Human Services Department,”…

Erdogan says ‘unacceptable’ for Turkey not to have nuclear weapons like ‘neighbor’ Israel
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said…it was unacceptable for nuclear-armed states to forbid Ankara from obtaining its own nuclear weapons, while its “almost neighbor” Israel uses its nuclear arsenal to terrorize other nations. “Some countries have missiles with nuclear warheads, not one or two. But (they tell us) we can’t have them. This, I cannot accept,” he told his ruling AK Party members in the eastern city of Sivas.

Turkey threatens to open gates for Syria refugees to go West
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to allow Syrian refugees to leave Turkey for Western countries unless a so-called “safe zone” inside Syria is established soon. Erdogan made the threat in a speech to his ruling party officials on Thursday. He also said Turkey was determined to create the safe zone and would do it alone if there’s no deal with the U.S. by the end of the month.

McKrae Game, former conversion therapy leader, comes out as gay and apologizes to LGBTQ community
The former leader of one of the nation’s largest conversion therapy ministries has come out as gay. Now, McKrae Game is disavowing the organization he founded and apologizing to the people he’s hurt.

Flesh Eating Cocaine Laced With Veterinary Drug Levamisole
Cocaine cut with the veterinary drug levamisole could be the culprit in a flurry of flesh-eating disease in New York and Los Angeles. The drug, used to deworm cattle, pigs and sheep, can rot the skin off noses, ears and cheeks. And over 80 percent of the country’s coke supply contains it.

2020 Democratic Contender And New Age Witch Marianne Williamson Says Hurricane Dorian Shifted Its Path Because Of ‘Visualization, Meditation And Mind Control’
Marianne Williamson is not only a Democratic candidate for president in 2020, she is also a New Age witch who believes she is more powerful than nature, and that by using ‘creative visualization’ she is able to tell hurricanes where to go. Who was the last person I came across who had that magic power? Oh, that’s right, Gloria Copeland, wife of televangelfraud pastor Kenneth Copeland, also claims she tells storms where to go. Hmm, I guess there not as much difference as I thought between witchcraft and the “name-it-and-claim-it” crowd, eh?

Todd Bentley sexual misconduct allegations widen to Pakistan
Sexual misconduct allegations against Fresh Fire USA leader Todd Bentley have now snowballed to include reports from victims overseas, according to Stephen Powell, the estranged protégé of the popular and controversial faith healer, whom he dismissed in a report last Thursday as “not fit for public ministry.”

Tropical Cyclone “Lingling” forms in the Western Pacific Ocean, heading toward the Korean Peninsula
Tropical Cyclone “Lingling,” known as Liwayway in the Philippines, formed September 1 in the Western Pacific Ocean as the 14th named tropical cyclone of the 2019 Pacific typhoon season. The storm is heading toward southern Ryukyu Islands, Japan and the Korean Peninsula. The Pacific Ocean will remain very active in the days and weeks ahead. Make sure you check updated numerical model predictions at the end of the report.

Revelations From the Underworld: What the Bible Says (Part 4)
Many are questioning me on what the Bible has to say about the topic of this series. Some, like Jack, below, have questioned my mental health. In Part 4 of this series I am going to discuss how I was an unwilling participant in this battle and how God chooses people, not based upon what we want, but what the Lord needs.

Revelations From the Underworld: Our Hidden History
The ultimate threats facing all of humanity come from above and below. This installment of this series deals with our hidden past and what we know about the threats from above which are tied to the threats below. In writing about the non-human entities that threaten mankind there are some basic principles that must be considered before providing details.

Food Kits from U.S. Program to Feed “Vulnerable” Syrians Diverted to Terrorists
A multi-billion-dollar government program to feed “vulnerable” Syrians has provided food for jihadist militants in a group designated by the United States as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).