3 Sep 2019

Iran building new classified military base in Syria: intelligence sources
Iran has established a new military base in Syria and has plans to house thousands of troops at the location, according to multiple Western intelligence sources. The classified Iranian project, called the Imam Ali compound, was approved by top leadership in Tehran and is being completed by the Iranian al-Quds Forces.

Iran refuses to cooperate with UN nuclear agency investigation – report
Iran is refusing to cooperate with a UN investigation into its alleged storage of nuclear equipment and radioactive material in Tehran… Diplomats claim that Iran has refused to answer important questions asked by the IAEA over allegations that it had established a now-dismantled site in Tehran to store nuclear equipment and material used during past weapons development.

Will there be a US-Russia-Israel summit in Jerusalem before elections?
Efforts are underway to hold another US-Russian-Israel trilateral security meeting in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting. Though he did not say when this meeting would take place, it is widely believed that he would like it to happen before the September 17 elections in order to highlight his diplomatic credentials just prior to the opening of the polls.

Afghanistan war: US-Taliban deal would see 5,400 troops withdraw
The United States would withdraw 5,400 troops from Afghanistan within 20 weeks as part of a deal “in principle” with Taliban militants, Washington’s top negotiator has said. Zalmay Khalilzad revealed details of the long-awaited deal for the first time in a TV interview after briefing Afghan leaders on the agreement. But he said final approval still rested with US President Donald Trump.

New US-led patrols in Arabian Gulf raise stakes with Iran
As the US tries a new way to protect shipping across the Arabian Gulf amid tensions with Iran, it finds itself sailing into uncertain waters. For decades, the US has considered the waters of the Arabian Gulf as critical to its national security. Through the gulf’s narrow mouth, the Strait of Hormuz, 20 percent of all crude oil sold passes onto the world market.

‘Arab states condemning Hezbollah sounds like Messianic times’
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Israel had “endured several tense days” this week, alluding to a major escalation on the border with Lebanon Sunday, when Hezbollah terrorists fired a barrage of anti-tank missiles at IDF positions. “I welcome the remarks by the foreign ministers of Bahrain and the UAE against Hezbollah’s aggression. They condemned the helplessness of Lebanon, which allows the Hezbollah terrorist organization to operate from its territory against Israel. This sounds like the Messianic times, but it shows the fundamental change taking place in the Middle East.

US considering including ‘Jerusalem, Israel’ on passports
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the Trump administration is considering allowing US citizens born in Jerusalem to list “Jerusalem, Israel” on their US passports. While the Trump administration recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, State Department policy still does not allow for the indication of Jerusalem as being a part of Israel on passports of US citizens.

Netanyahu Promises Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount “Before the Messiah Comes” But Security Minister Says Sooner Than That
a reporter for Kan News, asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the “elementary rights of the Jews to pray at the Temple Mount, their holiest site.” Netanyahu’s answer, which was published in “Sheva”, was, “Don’t worry, it will happen, and before the arrival of the Messiah.” “The right of the Jewish people to their holy place, the Temple Mount, is unquestionable,” Netanyahu wrote, “I believe that the right of prayer for Jews in this place should be arranged, and even more so that we should provide for the freedom of worship for all religions in Jerusalem.”

Party Declares They Will Work Towards “Complete” Jewish Country “In Anticipation of Messiah
“We, the undersigned, are declaring that we will work in the Knesset and in every other framework towards a complete Israel as per the holy opinion of the revered Rebbe of Lubavitch. We will be resolutely opposed to the establishment of a Palestinian state or the establishment of Palestinian autonomy of any kind, the delivery of land, or the evacuation of any [Jewish] communities.

Massive Idolatrous Festival in Nevada Plagued with Suspicious Death
Though billed as a celebration of artistic expression, the annual desert Burning Man Festival incorporates countless elements of ancient idolatry. Recent festivals have been plagued by unusual deaths that seem linked to its central figure, a euphemist representation of ancient human sacrifice. This ceremony referred to by Druids as the ‘wicker man’ is almost universal amongst pagan cults and evolved as a replacement for human sacrifice.

Exorcists correct Jesuit superior: The devil is real
“The real existence of the devil, as a personal subject who thinks and acts and has made the choice of rebellion against God, is a truth of faith that has always been part of Christian doctrine,” the exorcists said. Sosa, superior general of the Jesuits, had suggested in an interview last week that the devil was just a “symbolic reality” …In making the comments Sosa is rejecting an article of faith, which is an element in the canonical crime of heresy, noted canon lawyer Ed Peters said.

Dorian evacuation orders hit Florida, Georgia, Carolinas
Mandatory evacuations hit coastal areas from Florida to the Carolinas on Monday as Hurricane Dorian was expected to graze Florida and possibly strike Cape Hatteras, N.C.

Kurds Falling Prey to Turkey Expansionist Policy
Syrian Kurds are on top of Turkish hit list as they are the major obstacle in Ankara expansionist policies in Syria. Since the beginning of Syrian conflict Turkey tries to instrumentalize the Syrian war to further its own agenda.

Nasrallah: We no longer have red lines. This is start of new phase
Hezbollah, he said, broke “the biggest red line for dozens of years” for Israel by targeting it across border, not in the contested Shebaa farms area where the group had previously targeted IDF troops. The attack against Avivim was a message to Israel, Nasrallah warned. “We no longer have red lines. This is the start of a new phase. Remember this date.”

Scientists Attempt Controversial Experiment To Edit DNA In Human Sperm Using CRISPR
First it was human embryos. Now scientists are trying to develop another way to modify human DNA that can be passed on to future generations, …”If we can wipe out a particular gene, it would be incredible,” Palermo says. “Theoretically, in principal, this would be a major, major benefit to society.” “It doesn’t matter whether you’re manipulating the embryo or you’re manipulating the sperm,” …”The concern is what kind of world are you creating as you move down the path to start manipulating human genetics. We’re on the cusp of prospective parents controlling the genetics of their offspring,”

Democrats Pass Resolution Applauding ‘Nonreligious Americans,’ Criticizing Churchgoers
the resolution criticizes religious Americans: “[T]hose most loudly claiming that morals, values, and patriotism must be defined by their particular religious views have used those religious views, with misplaced claims of ‘religious liberty,’ to justify public policy that has threatened the civil rights and liberties of many Americans, including but not limited to the LGBT community, women, and ethnic and religious/nonreligious minorities.” Secular and atheist groups applauded the resolution.

US Travel Industry Nightmare Unfolds As Chinese Tourist Stay Away From Washington, DC
“If market share loss continues in future years, the United States will be losing out on one of the largest and fastest-growing source markets of global travel…” 

Brexit: ‘Election in October’ if MPs block no deal
The government is expected to table a motion to hold a general election on 14 October if it is defeated by MPs opposed to a no-deal Brexit on Tuesday.Boris Johnson said he did not want an election, but progress with the EU would be “impossible” if they won.

Iran stifling probe of storage of nuclear equipment
Iran is stifling a United Nations probe of its alleged storage of nuclear equipment and radioactive material in Tehran, diplomats told The Wall Street Journal on Monday.

Liberal FEC chairwoman targets online news she considers ‘fraudulent’
New concerns are being raised that online conservative media outlets could face federally imposed censorship going into the 2020 elections.

Dorian kills 5 as hurricane stalls over Bahamas, triggers massive flooding
Hurricane Dorian unleashed massive flooding across the Bahamas on Monday, pummeling the islands with so much wind and water that authorities urged people to find floatation devices and grab hammers to break out of their attics if necessary. At least five deaths were blamed on the storm.

It’s Always 1984 On the Administration’s Calendar at Loveland High School
It’s Always 1984 On the Administration’s Calendar of Loveland High School. There are still very good high schools in Colorado. However, this is the type of school that parents should avoid, lest your child be the next victim of Principal Big Brother

Martin Armstrong Asks “Are Democrats Trying To Change American Politics By Opening Borders?”
“This nonsense of the Democrats to create open borders and then allow them voting rights is just off the wall. This is a political ploy to change the voting population to seize the power of the United States.”

For Those Who Don’t Identify as Male or Female, Growing Acceptance—and Accommodation
A growing number of states and companies are allowing people to designate their gender as “X” instead of male or female on driver’s licenses and other forms of identification.

Archaeologists Uncover Babylonian Destruction of Jerusalem Just How Bible Describes It
 Academics are saying the Bible is trustworthy after discovering evidence of the 6th century Babylonian siege of Jerusalem as it is described in 2 Kings, Chapter 25.

“A Murderer’s Row”: Oil And Gas Bankruptcies To Accelerate As $137 Billion Debt Matures Over Next Two Years
5.7% of all energy companies with junk rated bonds are defaulting as of August, the highest level since 2017. The metric is “considered a key indicator of the industry’s financial stress.”