23 Aug 2019

Three seriously wounded from explosive device in West Bank
A father and his two adult children were seriously injured on Friday after a grenade was thrown at them from a car near the spring of Ein Bubin near the Israeli settlement of Dolev in the West Bank in what the military is calling a serious terror attack. Magen David Adom rescue services said that a 46 year-old and a 19 year-old man were seriously injured and an 18 year-old woman was critically injured.

Escalation expected at the Gaza border – report
Israel has refused to allow Qatari funds into the Gaza Strip and will not permit the transfer until it receives a commitment that calm would be maintained until after the elections next month…Sources in Hamas said that…an escalation is to be expected in the march on the fence on Friday and that they were considering resuming attempts to damage the fence, the launch of incendiary balloons and other activities.

IDF stops Gaza terrorist entering Israel after grenades thrown at troops
The IDF stopped yet another terrorist from entering Israel near the southern community of Kibbutz Nachal Oz, late Thursday night. “The gunman,” as a Hamas affiliated Telegram channel referred to the attacker, approached the Gaza ‘security fence’ and “hurled several grenades at IDF soldiers,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a tweet.

PA President Abbas: We Shall Enter Jerusalem — Millions of Fighters!
In a visit to the Jalazone Refugee Camp near Ramallah earlier this month, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claimed that the Palestinians “will enter Jerusalem – millions of fighters.” In a video uploaded to Abbas’ Facebook page…the Palestinian president stated that the Palestinian people “shall remain [here], and nobody can remove us from our homeland.”

Russian nuclear accident: Medics fear ‘radioactive patients’
Russian medics who treated radiation victims after a military explosion in the Arctic had no protection and now fear they were irradiated themselves. Two of the medics in Arkhangelsk spoke to BBC Russian about the victims’ evacuation, on condition of anonymity. Five nuclear engineers died on 8 August when an “isotope-fuel” engine blew up at the Nyonoksa test range, officials said. Six other people were injured.

The Amazon in Brazil is on fire – how bad is it?
Thousands of fires are ravaging the Amazon rainforest in Brazil – the most intense blazes for almost a decade. The northern states of Roraima, Acre, Rondônia and Amazonas have been particularly badly affected. However, images purported to be of the fires – including some shared under the hashtag #PrayforAmazonas – have been shown to be decades old or not even in Brazil.

Hail Satan?: The Satanists battling for religious freedom
Everything you know about Satanism is wrong. At least that’s what a new documentary about the Satanic Temple could be about to prove. Despite the similarity of the name, the Temple is different to The Church of Satan, established in 1966 by chat show circuit celebrity Anton Levey in San Francisco, California. Human sacrifice? Wrong. Blood drinking? Wrong. Black Mass? Well, sort of right.

Scientists Attempt Controversial Experiment To Edit DNA In Human Sperm Using CRISPR
First it was human embryos. Now scientists are trying to develop another way to modify human DNA that can be passed on to future generations, NPR has learned. Reproductive biologists at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City are attempting to use the powerful gene-editing technique called CRISPR to alter genes in human sperm. NPR got exclusive access to watch the controversial experiments underway.

Iran Kicks Off ‘Massive’ War Games, Unveils Homemade Russian Missile System
The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ ground forces kicked off a “massive” set of war drills…as the country unveiled its own homemade version of Russia’s advanced S-300 missile defense system… Iranian military leaders said the war games will mix with actual fighting as the IRGC forces seek to cleanse what they described as “anti-revolutionary terrorist groups” from along the country’s borders.

Putin orders reciprocal Russian response to U.S. missile test
Russian President Vladimir Putin…told the Defence Ministry and other government agencies to analyze the threat posed by a new U.S. missile test and to prepare a reciprocal response. The Pentagon said…it had tested a conventionally-configured cruise missile that hit its target after more than 500 km (310 miles) of flight, the first such test since the United States pulled out of a major arms control treaty with Russia on Aug. 2.

Palestinians to get half-billion dollars from Israel in new tax deal
Israel has agreed to allow the Palestinian Authority to collect at least half-billion dollars in tax money, which normally Israeli government collects on the Palestinians’ behalf, in an effort to help relieve a burgeoning economic “crisis” constraining the West Bank, a senior PA official said Thursday.

In Brazil, sudden darkness befalls Sao Paulo, baffling thousands
In the height of daytime on Monday, the sky suddenly blackened, and day became night in Sao Paulo. Sure, smog is bad in the Western Hemisphere’s largest city, where traffic jams can stretch for dozens of miles. But not this bad. What was going on? Was the end near?

Wildfires: After July was hottest month ever, fires rage across globe
Wildfires are burning across the globe, clogging the sky with smoke from Alaska to the Amazon, and scientists say it’s no coincidence that July was the warmest-ever month recorded on Earth.

An FAQ on Christianity for the Unbeliever
…Since ignorance is what leads us to fear something (unless we’re talking about platypuses, as the more you know about them, the scarier they are — did you know they’re poisonous?), I thought I’d write an FAQ about Christians to help explain what these strange new people are, so everyone won’t be all freaked out about them.

Rare weather phenomenon amassing in southern hemisphere – Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW)
A rare weather phenomenon for the southern hemisphere – Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) – is amassing in the polar stratosphere. This may lead to unusual or extreme weather in parts of the southern hemisphere (potentially New Zealand) during September and October 2019. SSWs are much more common in the northern hemisphere. You are probably familiar with a major northern hemisphere’s SSW event of February 2018 – dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’ – and odds are you’ll be seeing many international headlines with ‘September to Remember’ in the days and weeks ahead.

President Trump Unleashes “Jade Helm 19” War Games In North Carolina
Jade Helm 16 was one of the most egregious acts ever perpetrated against the American people by the Obama administration. They actively practiced putting down a civilian rebellion and imposing martial law. They also used crisis actors to play ex-American military to play the role of guerilla chieftains in their rebellion against a liberal establishment that was running the United States.

US combat deaths in Afghanistan hit five-year high
2019 has been the deadliest year for U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan in five years.

US Lawmaker Blasts Wall that Prevented Suicide Bombings
“Walls are destructive, not productive,” claimed the congresswoman, referring to the security barrier that has prevented Palestinian terrorists from killing innocent Israelis.

Gillette backflips on ‘toxic masculinity’ with new firefighter ad
Razor brand Gillette says it is “shifting the spotlight from social issues to local heroes” after an ad delving into “toxic masculinity” caused a customer backlash.

Shocking Raw Video Shows Attempted Stabbing Of US Marine Veteran By Domestic Terror Group ANTIFA At Portland Riots Last Weekend
ANTIFA is not only a domestic terror organization inflicting fear and intimidation on American citizens, they are also a fascist group that uses fascist means and tactics to bully people into submission. Not only that, like their heros the Ku Klux Klan, ANTIFA likes to wear hoods and masks when they stalk you in the streets. The Dayton mass shooter was linked to ANTIFA, and as soon as the fake news media found out  he was a Liberal calling for Socialism, they dropped the story like a hot rock.

Arab report: US and Russia permitting Israel to bomb in Iraq
The Arabic-language Asharq Al-Awsatnewspaper reported on Wednesday that the bombing of Iranian weapons warehouses in Iraq in recent weeks, which has been attributed to Israel, was carried out with permission from the United States and Russia.

Famous Christian departees have lost their sense of truth
The evangelical world has been rocked with the recent news of several prominent Christians who are suddenly and very publicly abandoning their faith. Marty Sampson, a Christian music artist, wrote that he believes Christianity is “just another religion.” Weeks earlier, Joshua Harris, known for his books on dating and sexual purity, posted on Instagram that he had undergone a “massive shift in regard to my faith” and declared he is no longer a Christian.

FBI Busts 67 Sex Traffickers, Recovers 103 Child Victims
An FBI-led operation has culminated in the arrest of 67 suspected sex traffickers across the United States and the recovery of 103 child victims, authorities announced.

Facebook’s Latest ‘Mistake’ – Blacklisting Artwork Mocking the Chinese Government
Instagram recently censored a post by an artist critical of the Chinese government. The anti-Beijing post was removed by the Facebook-owned social media platform, but death threats made against the artist remained uncensored. Instagram later restored the artwork, while Facebook claimed that the censorship had occurred due to “a mistake” by the company.

Disabled 41-Year-Old Man is Euthanized After Funding for Home Health Care Runs Out
Canadian Sean Tagert, aged 41, was killed by assisted suicide after health officials decided to cut the funding for his in-home care hours.

Baltimore’s Crime-Fighting Strategy Gets A Bit Strange
Man gets no jail time for having three pounds of pot in his car. 

Ocasio-Cortez Claims Electoral College a Racist Scam to Benefit Middle America
“She’s not just wrong, she’s stupid.”