6 Aug 2019

3 Major Developments Happening Right Now That Could Lead To Global War
Let’s start with a stunning new development in the Middle East. Even though most Americans do not realize it, Israel and Iran are already shooting at each other. Israel has been striking Iranian military targets inside Syria for months, but now the rules of engagement have apparently changed, because in recent days the IDF has started conducting airstrikes against Iranian targets inside Iraq… In an unprecedented move, Israel has expanded its attacks on Iranian targets, with two bombing strikes on Iran-run bases in Iraq in the space of ten days.

‘Why mourn the Temple – we’ve had the Temple Mount for 52 years’
The Temple Institute has released a powerful new video to awaken world Jewry and reframe the traditional period of mourning into one of preparation for the rebuilding of the Third Holy Temple. “Tisha B’Av is not about just mourning, it is about acting to bring the Holy Temple back to the world – a ‘House of prayer for all nations.’

‘One Million Moms’ Boycotts Whole Foods Market for Sponsoring Drag Queen Hour
Christian advocacy group “One Million Moms” is boycotting retailer Whole Foods now that the grocery store supports Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH). The boycott comes after the city of Atlanta LGBTQ Affairs tweeted that Whole Foods is the latest sponsor for its drag queen story hour. The tweet said that NBA team the Atlanta Hawks and NFL team the Atlanta Falcons were also sponsors.

Johnstone: Americans Should Be Very Skeptical Of Calls For New “Terrorism” Laws
Indeed, it is an established fact that the US government will use the narrative about the need to fight terrorism to advance pre-existing agendas. The first draft of the massive USA Patriot Act was introduced a week after the 9/11 attacks, far too fast for anyone to have gathered the necessary information from all the relevant government bodies about what changes were necessary and typed out the hundreds of pages of the bill. Legislators later admitted that they didn’t even have time to read through the densely worded bill before passing it the next month, so to believe that it could have been written in a week would be childish. One thing I can tell you won’t fix your problems, America, and that’s listening to the propagandists who want you to hand over even more control to a government that has already begun floating high-altitude surveillance balloons over your country without your permission.

Poll: Swing Voters Hugely Oppose 2020 Democrats Promising More Immigration
The latest Harvard/Harris Poll reveals that about 69 percent of swing voters said they are somewhat unlikely or very unlikely to support a 2020 presidential candidate that supports opening the U.S.-Mexico border to more illegal and legal immigration.

Nearly 90 percent of B-1B bombers not ready for war, top Air Force general says
Out of a fleet of 61, only seven B-1B Lancer bombers are mission-capable, while 39 are down for inspections and the remaining 15 are in depot maintenance, according to a report by Task and Purpose on Wednesday. Gen. John Hyten said on Tuesday during his Senate Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing that the reason for the disrepair is because the military is over-using and under-maintaining the bombers. “We were just beating the heck out of them,

Two earthquakes strike Tennessee Monday morning
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) – Two earthquakes have struck Tennessee early Monday morning. The bigger one happened about one kilometer southeast of Mascot, just outside of Knoxville.

Time for the courts to defend parental rights
When Annmarie Calgaro’s son, 15 years old at the time, decided he wanted to be a girl, the county and school system were able to obtain custody and authority over him so he could start taking hormones and obtain surgical mutilation of his body, against his mother’s wishes.

Islamic Terrorism from Mexico to the U.S.
A captured Islamic State fighter recently confessed how, in an effort to terrorize America on its own soil, the Islamic terror group is committed to exploiting the porous US-Mexico border, including through the aid of ISIS-sympathizers living in the United States. Abu Henricki, a Canadian citizen of Trinidadian origin, told researchers with the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism that ISIS sought to recruit him and others to penetrate the US-Mexican border through routes originating in various Central American locales.

Siberia burns as Putin sends in the military
Siberia is burning. Almost three million hectares of land in the centre and east of the nation were on fire, officials said, roughly about the size of Belgium.

Trump could Initiate Building of Third Temple as Head of Edom
Jewish sources hint that the alliance between the U.S and Israel is the prophetic end-of-days coming together of Esav and Jacob as a prelude to the building of the Third Temple. Some experts believe that President Trump fulfills many of the requirements for the leader of Edom that will make this happen. Rabbi Hillel Weiss, the spokesman for the Sanhedrin, noted that Trump’s role in building the Third Temple was essential to so many of the issues that concern people around the world.

The Latest UN Horror Show: Christian Refugees Ignored
“Since January, the process has become even slower and more difficult. The UNHCR has not even granted newcomers refugee status since…”

Water reservoirs nearly full, 8 500 rescued as record-breaking rains hit Mumbai, India
Very heavy monsoon rains are affecting Indian financial capital Mumbai (population 18.4 million) since June 25, leaving the seven lakes and reservoirs supplying drinking water to the city almost full and at the highest levels since 2016. Officials said the supply can comfortably last up to September 2020 without any cuts.

Severe Tropical Storm “Francisco” to hit Kyushu with violent winds and heavy rain, Japan
Japanese weather officials are warning residents of Kyushu of violent winds, high waves, mudslides, swelling rivers and flooding in low-lying areas as Severe Tropical Storm “Francisco” makes landfall and starts moving over Kyushu early on Tuesday (JST), August 6, 2019. Francisco is the 8th named tropical cyclone of the 2019 Pacific typhoon season.

Daily Talker: Spying On Students
A research project at Harvard University is causing a lot of controversy this morning. The school has acknowledged that it secretly photographed more than 2,000 students in 10 lecture halls as part of a study on classroom attendance.

Anti-Semitism Spiking: ‘They Start with Jews, but They Never Finish with Jews’
…Adolf Hitler would have loved it: a float in this year’s carnival parade in the Belgian city of Aalst. It featured a Nazi-style depiction of greedy Jews, sitting on a pile of money, one with a rat on his shoulder. And when confronted by Jewish groups, the town mayor defended it.

Ohio church holds drag queen storytime during service
Dan Davidson can usually be seen around Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church sweeping the floors and getting the building ready for worship services. On Sunday, June 16, though, church caretaker Davidson woke up before the sun to get ready for a new role at the church that morning. He spent hours applying layers and layers of makeup and glitter to transform himself into Sparkle Leigh.

ALERT: How the Radical Left Is Planning for Civil War, Using El Paso Shooting As Excuse
In the wake of the most recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, as the pieces continue to come together, the narrative demonizing white Americans and law-abiding gun owners is already raging.

UN Plans New Global Censorship Push to Combat “Hate Speech”
The United Nations released a new and rambling plan to combat what the organization sees as “hate speech” on Saturday. A memo on the plan was signed off on by the organization’s secretary-general, Antonio Guterres.

Report: Baltimore Cannot Account for Millions in Federal Funding
Twitter suspended an account Sunday evening allegedly linked to the gunman who killed nine and wounded dozens outside a Dayton, Ohio, bar early Sunday morning, after several reports identified the account and noted its left-wing political orientation.

Khan’s London: Signs Warn People Not To ‘Defecate’ in City Streets
The central London borough of Westminister, known for its enriched history, pride, and architecture, has reportedly put up signs warning people not to poop in the streets.

EU against relocation of embassies to Jerusalem
If any continent should be vigilant against the existential threat to the Jewish State, it is Europe – the whole of which aided and abetted in the genocide of the Jewish people.

FBI Was Preparing To Hire Social Media Monitors Weeks Before El Paso, Dayton Attacks
Several weeks before the shootings that took 29 innocent lives the FBI had posted on the bureau’s website a request for private sector monitors to assist federal agents in tracking social media posts to prevent future attacks, according to the post.

Israeli researchers say they’ve developed vaccine for skin cancer in mice
Israeli researchers say they have developed a vaccine and treatment for skin cancer in mice, using nanotechnology.

Five simple questions that blow apart the official fake news narrative about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting
The official news narrative about the El Paso WalMart mass shooting is largely fabricated. Even though the violence was real, and people were really shot and killed, the narrative surrounding the tragedy is almost all fiction.

United Nations Continues To Push Gaia Worship Saying Humans Must Become Vegetarians In Order To Stop Climate Change By 2050
Climate Change and worship of the Earth as the ‘mother goddess‘ is quite popular in our day. The New Agers who practice this ancient pagan religion call it Gaia, but they are not the only ones. Earth worship is a favorite ‘sermon topic’ for Pope Francis in Rome, for all major universities and colleges here in America, and for the demonically-powered United Nations in New York City.

NARRATIVE CONTROL: Multiple reports, witnesses claim that there were “three or four” shooters at El Paso Walmart, but police only claim one
Details surrounding the mass shooting at a Walmart store in El Paso, a Texas city bordering Juarez, Mexico, are continuing to roll in, but already there are conflicting witness accounts versus what police and other authorities are reporting.