3 Aug 2019

Iran to further reduce commitments to nuclear deal
Iran will take another step to reduce its compliance with a landmark 2015 nuclear deal, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Saturday without elaborating, according to parliamentary news agency ICANA. Iran has repeatedly said it will reduce its commitment to the nuclear accord in stages and may even withdrew from the pact altogether unless the remaining signatories find ways to shield its economy from US sanctions.

King Abdullah refuses meeting with Netanyahu – Report
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requested a meeting with Jordanian King Abdullah, but…the King refused. Netanyahu is reported to have also asked Abdullah to have a conversation over the phone, to which the king still said no. In the paper, a Jordanian source said that relations between the two countries are very difficult because of the Israeli elections and lack of progress with US President Trump’s “Deal of the Century.”

Russia protests: Opposition leader Lyubov Sobol detained
Russian opposition leader Lyubov Sobol has been detained ahead of an unauthorised protest in Moscow. Ms Sobol was in a taxi about to set off for the rally when police officers dragged her into a black van, which swiftly sped off. Protesters are gathering in the Russian capital after authorities disqualified a number of opposition candidates from standing in local elections.

INF nuclear treaty: Trump says new pact should include China
US President Donald Trump has said he wants a new nuclear pact to be signed by both Russia and China. Mr Trump said he had spoken to the two countries about the idea, and that they were both “very, very excited”. His comments came after the US withdrew from a key nuclear treaty with Russia, raising fears of a new arms race.

Florida just declared a public health emergency over its ballooning Hepatitis A cases
With 56 new cases of Hepatitis A reported statewide in the week since the last reporting period, the Florida Surgeon General declared a public health emergency…“I am declaring this Public Health Emergency as a proactive step to appropriately alert the public to this serious illness and prevent further spread of Hepatitis A in our state,” Florida Surgeon General Dr. Scott Rivkees said.

Air Force to deploy ground-based lasers in first field test of ‘directed energy’ weapon
The Air Force announced Friday it will soon deploy two ground-based laser weapons…to test how they can be used against small drones, the service’s first “operational field test” of an experimental “directed energy” weapon…the Air Force announced a $23 million…contract for two of Raytheon’s High Energy Laser Weapons Systems…which the systems are to be tested for 12 months in an undisclosed “contested environment” outside the continental United States.

KNOWLES: Marianne Williamson’s Diabolical Heresy
…Williamson made her career proselytizing A Course In Miracles, a 1976 book written by Columbia University psychologist Helen Schucman, who believed the text had been dictated to her word-for-word by a spirit claiming to be Jesus Christ.

Strong and shallow M7.4 earthquake hit near the coast of southwest Sumatra, Indonesia
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the BMKG as M7.4 hit off the coast of southwest Sumatra, Indonesia at 12:03 UTC (19:03 local time) on August 2, 2019. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). USGS is reporting M6.9 at a depth of 52.8 km (32.8 miles); EMSC M6.8 at a depth of 40 km (24.8 miles).

BREAKING: Unbelievable! Deep State FBI Helped Hillary Clinton Erase and Bleachbit Data Off Laptops and Hammer Her Phones
It was reported today that the Obama FBI and DOJ worked with Hillary Clinton in the destruction of evidence pertinent to her case.  Her case was a sham and the FBI assisted in the coverup.

The Democrats Are the Gun Confiscation Party-Genocide ALWAYS Follows Gun Confiscation
If the Democrats are elected and control the White House in 2020, America is electing the party of gun confiscation and history shows that America would be electing the party of genocide, by default.

BREAKING: Texas Arrests 32 in Massive Food Stamp Fraud Scheme
According to new information coming from Texas officials, 32 people were arrested in June for their role in a massive fraud scheme involving food stamps and the SNAP benefit program. Prosecutors alleged that “over 300 purchases utilizing 92 different EBT cards from 61 different [SNAP] recipients were used to procure over $71,000 worth of goods.”

Poll: 9 in 10 Young Britons Believe Their Lives Have No Purpose
A nationwide poll has revealed that 89 per cent of 16- to 29-year-olds believe that their lives have no meaning or purpose.

The US Pentagon And DARPA Are Conducting Wide-Area Surveillance Tests Using Experimental High-Altitude Balloons Across 6 Midwestern States
If you thought that the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States was going to repeal the Patriot Actat best, or stop government intrusion into our lives at least, you would be quite wrong. Case in point is our story today about DARPA and the Pentagon conducting high-altitude spy tests using mass surveillance balloons over 6 midwest states. And no, this is not conspiracy theory either. Down below are links to the manufacturers of the balloons.

French Group ‘Test for Discrimination’ on Private Beaches
The social justice group SOS Racisme has been using hidden cameras to test private French Riviera beaches for signs of “discrimination”.

Major Solar Storm To Strike Earth This Week As “Black Supermoon” Looms
An absolutely massive hole has formed in the upper atmosphere of the Sun, and our planet will align with that hole later this week.  Once the alignment happens, Earth will be bombarded by a “solar storm”, and nobody is quite sure yet how bad it will be.  If the storm is relatively minor, we could just experience a few disruptions to satellite communications and see some pretty lights in the sky.

Barack Obama ‘best US president in history,’ college student poll says. Lincoln, Washington not even close.
The College Pulse poll surveyed 8,112 students to determine the outcome, and Obama nabbed 1,744 — or 22 percent — of the votes.

WOW! FBI Caught Using Far Left Websites Wikipedia and Snopes as Sources for Junk Report on Deep State “Conspiracy Theories”
The FBI recently published a report warning that “conspiracy theorists” discussing the “deep state” are a new domestic terrorism threat.

Fundraiser To Help Our Longtime NTEB Volunteer Janette Carter Who Is Disabled And Needs Funds To Prevent Being Evicted From Her Home
I have known Janette for nearly 10 years now. She is a strong Bible believer, a close personal friend, and also the person who faithfully records the notes for all of our weekly Sunday night radio Bible studies, and then posts them all across Facebook. She also has some serious health issues that she has done her best to deal with over the years. When I heard that she was in danger of being evicted, I knew exactly what the Lord would have me to do. The first thing I did was make a donation, and the second thing is I sat down and started writing this article.

Hundreds Of Bees Are Dropping Dead Around 5G Cell Phone Towers In California As Controversy Mounts Around New Mobile Technology
There is a lot of conspiracy theory being generated about the nascent 5G cell phone technology that has come online now in California and soon to the rest of the country. Some of it is hype and nothing more, but as is the case with the vast majority of conspiracy theory, there is a lot of truth to it as well.

Raw human sewage all over the beaches of California is the perfect metaphor for the failure of liberalism
Why is there raw feces strewn across nearly all the beaches along the West Coast? The answer is simple: Liberal policies allow people to openly crap all over their own cities (like San Franshitsco), causing untreated raw human sewage to be flushed directly into the oceans every time it rains

Facebook Supports the Mark of the Beast
Facebook, no surprise, backs the Mark of the Beast (aka a global ID). Why do people need a global ID unless nationalism is dead. and satanic globalism is the future of this country.

Gillette CEO: $8 billion loss is ‘price worth paying’ over #MeToo campaign
Gillette CEO Gary Coombe said he does not regret his company’s controversial marketing campaign targeted at the #MeToo movement even though the company has taken an $8 billion hit.