27 Jul 2019

Nasrallah: Israel’s claims about Hezbollah using Beirut port are baseless
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah objected to remarks…by UN Ambassador Danny Danon, that the Iranian regime was using the port of Beirut for military purposes and “categorically” denied the claims calling them “baseless.” He later referred to…workers in Lebanon: “There is a difference between the work of the Palestinians and the other foreigners, since the Palestinians are under occupation and cannot return to their Palestinian homeland,” he said.

One Palestinian dead, 56 wounded at weekly Gaza riots
One 23-year-old Palestinian died of his wounds of Friday while 56 more were wounded from IDF fire during the latest weekly Gaza protest along the border fence, according to Palestinian Health Ministry reports. The report specifies that 38 of those injured were cause by live ammunition fire, 22 of the injured were children and three were women. Thousands gathered along the Gaza border fence on Friday for the weekly March of Return protests.

Hong Kong protests: Police fire tear gas at Yuen Long rally
Hong Kong police have fired tear gas at an unauthorised protest involving thousands of demonstrators. Protesters had been marching through the northern district of Yuen Long, condemning an assault on pro-democracy protesters by armed masked men that took place there last week. Protesters had accused the police of turning a blind eye and colluding with the attackers – claims the police deny.

Philippines earthquakes kill at least eight
At least eight people have been killed and dozens more injured after two earthquakes struck a province in the Philippines. The earthquakes, magnitudes 5.4 and 5.9, hit the province of Batanes, an archipelago in the north of the country early on Saturday. Mayor Raul de Sagon said around 60 people were hurt. Many people were in their homes when the earthquakes struck.

Guatemala signs migration deal with US after Trump threats
The US and Guatemala have signed a migration agreement, days after US President Donald Trump threatened the Central American country with tariffs. Under the deal, migrants from Honduras and El Salvador who pass through Guatemala would be required to stop and seek asylum there first. Migrants who failed to do so would then be ineligible for asylum in the US.

US Supreme Court gives go-ahead for Trump wall funding
The US Supreme Court has said that President Donald Trump can use $2.5bn (£2bn) of Pentagon funds for a section of wall on the southern border. The court ruled by five votes to four to block a ruling by a federal judge in California that barred the president from spending the money on the wall. The wall, dividing the US and Mexico, was Mr Trump’s major campaign promise during the 2016 election.

Trump: US and UK working on ‘very substantial’ trade deal
US President Donald Trump has said talks about a “very substantial” trade deal with the UK are under way. He said a bilateral post-Brexit deal could lead to a “three to four, five times” increase in current trade. There are no details about how this would be achieved. After a phone call with Boris Johnson on Friday, Mr Trump said the new prime minister would be “great”.

China Outlines Space War Plans
China’s strategy for developing advanced space weapons were disclosed this week in Beijing’s first defense white paper issued in years. The defense strategy report produced by the People’s Liberation Army was made public Wednesday and drops earlier veiled references by bluntly identifying the United States as Beijing’s main adversary that is undermining world peace.

Backup to Roe: Online abortion pills!
So what are abortionists developing as a backup, should Roe be overturned and the regulation of abortion be sent back to the states? The internet abortion.

Netflix says, ‘We’re here, we’re queer’
In a letter sent by Netflix to leaders of a Straight Pride event, the internet giant said, “You should know that we’re unafraid of bullies. Our legal department is here, it’s queer, and it’s telling you to steer clear.”

County does 180, allows church to have school
Sarasota County, Florida, officials have abruptly reversed a decision to prevent a church from hosting a religious school that serves students from underprivileged homes who have learning disabilities.

Tropical Storm “Nari” forms near Japan, landfall expected over the central-eastern coast of Honshu Island
Tropical Storm “Nari” formed July 26, 2019, as the sixth named storm of the 2019 Pacific typhoon season. Landfall is expected early July 27 (UTC) over the central-eastern coast of Honshu Island, close to Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture.

Fall-like air breaks record lows from early 1900s in parts of southern US
Cool air has descended on the southern United States and broken records more than a century old.

Europe melts under Sahara heat wave, smashes heat records
Even ice cream, Italian gelato or Popsicles couldn’t help this time. Temperature records that had stood for decades or even just hours fell minute by minute Thursday afternoon and Europeans and tourists alike jumped into fountains, lakes, rivers or the sea to escape a suffocating heat wave rising up from the Sahara.

The Reasons Why China Wants War with the United States
There is a plethora of articles appearing about the growing Chinese threat to the United States. The essential reporting of the threat is accurate, however, how deep the determination, the length of the plot and the motivation behind China’s intent to exterminate as many Americans as possible, is omnipresent and being largely ignored, even within the Independent Media. In fact, it is accurate to say that since the Obama administration, we have forced China’s hand to make destroying America, China’s number one goal.

Biblical Archaeologists Discover A ‘Massive’ Giant-Sized Fortification Believed To Be The Ancient Philistine City Of Gath And Home To Goliath
Digging and excavations at the site of what is believed to be the ancient biblical city of Gath have been going on for a few years now, but archaeologists have recently found an exciting ‘new layer’ which is shedding light on Gath actually being the home of Goliath and his fellow giant brothers. Results are still being analyzed but suffice to say it is creating a buzz in the biblical archaeology community in the Middle East.

Strong phreatic eruption at Tangkubanparahu, heavy ashfall reported, Indonesia
A strong phreatic eruption took place at Indonesian Tangkubanparahu volcano (also know as Tangkupan Perahu) early July 26, 2019. Two people have been injured and taken to hospital.