10 Jul 2019

Democrats Wage War on Jesus
Left-wing political activist Linda Sarsour angered many on Saturday when she tweeted that Jesus was a Palestinian. The Israeli Prime Minister’s son, Yar Netanyahu, who is known to be an avid student of history, also pointed out the absurdity of Sarsour’s comment, bringing a graphic proof from within Christianity. “Are you that stupid? On the cross above Jesus’ head was the sign “INRI”- “Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm”, which means in Latin- Jesus of Nazareth king of the Jews! The Bible say that Jesus was born and raised in Judea! ”

McConnell Releases Damning Footage of Dem After She Announces Bid for His Senate Seat
There’s a reason why Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is a legislative legend. He is tough as nails and doesn’t play games. Yet McConnell keeps his calm and maintains an excellent sense of humor while he’s kicking some leftist butt. And his Tuesday morning video illustrates perfectly all of those things.genesis

Iran threatens to enrich uranium to 20% purity as tensions rise
“Earlier today, the level of enrichment reached 4.5%,” Behrouz Kamalvandi, the spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, told the state-run Iranian Students News Agency. In a separate report, Kamalvandi said Tehran may consider boosting enrichment to as much as 20% purity or using more advanced centrifuges at a later stage. It’s “among the options considered,”

Followers of occultist Aleister Crowley to be welcomed back to his former Highland home
Crowley, who bought Boleskine in 1900, conducted various black magic rituals at the house including a six-month long experiment to raise his Guardian Angel. It is said the experiment was not properly completed, with the spirits raised by Crowley never fully banished leading to a number of unexplained events at Boleskine. Crowley developed the new religion of Thelema, which observes a number of feasts throughout the year, after honeymooning in Egypt in 1904. He claimed to have been contacted by a supernatural entity who provided him with the Book of the Law, a sacred text that served as the basis for Thelema.

Yellowstone Volcano Eruption Fears Triggered by California Earthquakes
The quakes—a magnitude 6.4 and 7.1 on July 4 and 5 respectively—had apparently raised fears an eruption at the supervolcano could be triggered by these events. Related search terms, according to Google Trends, included “California earthquake” and “the big one California.”

Pope meets Putin; two leaders talk about Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Vatican July 4, and the two discussed the ongoing wars in Eastern Ukraine and in Syria, the Vatican said. Russia plays a major role in both conflicts. At the end of the 55-minute private meeting, Alessandro Gisotti, interim director of the Vatican press office, issued a statement describing the discussions as “cordial.”

Trump: We will no longer deal with British Ambassador
“I have been very critical about the way the U.K. and Prime Minister Theresa May handled Brexit. What a mess she and her representatives have created. I told her how it should be done, but she decided to go another way. I do not know the Ambassador, but he is not liked or well thought of within the US,” Trump tweeted. “We will no longer deal with him.

EU ‘urges’ Iran to end enrichment and uphold nuclear deal
The European Union on Tuesday called on Iran to cease its violations of the 2015 nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and halt its efforts to enrich uranium beyond the 3.67% cap imposed by the agreement.

Temple Mount Sifting Project Unveils Artifacts From the Time of David
In 1999, the Islamic group responsible for the Temple Mount began construction on a large underground mosque. They broke a law prohibiting unauthorized construction, and during the project dumped tons of debris into the Kidron Valley. Over the years, The Temple Mount Sifting Project has uncovered a treasure trove of artifacts. Throughout its history, more than a quarter of a million volunteers have worked on the sifting project making it the largest archeological project in history. Since its beginning, the project has uncovered enormous archeological evidence.

Palestinian commander: We will capture Gaza border towns in future war
“We will take the settlements bordering Gaza. In any future war, the enemy must expect groups behind enemy lines to enter and control those settlements,” said a commander of one of the terrorist groups in Gaza to the Lebanese Al Akhbar newspaper on Wednesday. The commander added that scuba units will also play a “very important role” in an upcoming conflict.

Netanyahu responds to Iran’s threats: Israel’s F-35 jets can reach you
Tehran should remember that Israel’s air force can strike anywhere in the Middle East, including Iran and Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday after visiting a F-35 squadron at the Nevatim Air Force base. “Iran has threatened recently to destroy Israel,” Netanyahu said…standing in front of an F-35 “Adir” plane. “It is worthwhile for them to remember that these plans can reach everywhere in the Middle East, including Iran and Syria.

Australian seagulls carry antibiotic-resistant superbugs
Seagulls all over Australia are carrying superbugs resistant to antibiotics, scientists say. They found more than 20% of silver gulls nationwide carrying bacteria such as E. coli, which can cause urinary tract and blood infections and sepsis. The research has raised fears that the antibiotic-resistant bacteria- similar to superbugs which have hit hospitals – could infect humans and other animals.

Brexit: Bid to make no deal more difficult scrapes through Commons
MPs have voted by the thinnest of margins for a process that would make it more difficult for a future prime minister to prorogue Parliament. Tory MP Dominic Grieve wanted to amend the Northern Ireland Bill to stop a future PM forcing through a no-deal Brexit by suspending Parliament. His amendment – to require ministers to regularly report on the situation in Northern Ireland – passed by one vote.

US to enlist military allies in Gulf and Yemen waters
The US says it wants to create an multinational military coalition to safeguard waters around Iran and Yemen. Gen Joseph Dunford, chairman of the US military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he wanted to “ensure freedom of navigation” in the region, which provides essential trade routes. The US has blamed Iran for attacks on six oil tankers in May and June.

Iran threatens to sink US warships and destroy army bases as war fears loom
Iranian commander Hossein Nejat launched a new fiery threat towards the US amid the weeping row between Washington and the US. The two sides have been at loggerheads since US President Donald Trump pulled out of the so-called nuclear deal. It exchanged an easing of sanctions for restrictions on the enrichment of uranium.

Big Government and Big Tech Are Partnering to Track Us Everywhere
…For Orwell’s Big Brother dystopia to become Reality – Big Government would need private sector help. Enter private sector Big Tech…“The study found that digital assistants (Google Home and Amazon Echo) can be ‘awake’ even when users think they aren’t listening…“(T)he devices listen all the time they are turned on – and Amazon has envisioned Alexa using that information to build profiles on anyone in the room…

China June exports seen falling, adding to fears of global slowdown: Reuters poll
China’s exports likely fell in June as weakening global demand and a sharp hike in U.S. tariffs took a heavier toll on the world’s largest trading nation, a Reuters poll showed. Imports are expected to have fallen for a second straight month, pointing to continued weakness in domestic demand and highlighting the need for Beijing to roll out more economic support measures.

Turkey warns United States against harmful steps over Russian S-400s
Turkey called on the United States on Wednesday to avoid steps harmful to bilateral relations after the U.S. State Department spokeswoman reiterated Ankara would face “real and negative consequences” for acquiring Russian S-400 defense systems. Turkey’s foreign ministry spokesman said the comments by the State Department…were not in line with the spirit and content of talks between presidents of the two countries at the G20 summit last month.

Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak’s Dire Warning: Delete Your Facebook Account Now! 
“Who knows if my cellphone’s listening right now.” 

Tropical depression forecast to form in Gulf of Mexico this week.
The hurricane season is awakening from its slumber. After several quiet weeks, the National Hurricane Center said Monday that there’s an 80% chance a tropical depression will form by the end of the week in the Gulf of Mexico.

Clint, Texas border facility: Reports of “scabies, shingles and chickenpox” prompts calls for answers
House Democrats want top immigration officials from the Trump administration to testify this week about the crisis at the border. The lawmakers want answers about reports of dangerous and unsanitary conditions at migrant detention facilities.

Twitter Announces Ban On Language ‘Dehumanizing Religious Groups’
Twitter announced in a statement issued Tuesday a new protected class is being recognized by the online forum: Religious groups. The move comes as one religion has campaigned for decades for a global ban on speech critical of Islam, while other major religions have been content to use public persuasion rather then the jackboot of government or corporate totalitarianism to deal with critics.

UK & France Accept Trump’s Call For More Troops In Syria As Germany Rebuffs
Hailed as a “a major victory for Donald Trump’s national security team.”

Here Are The Details On California’s Sex Education
The California Board of Education implemented progressive sex and gender education curriculum in public schools across the state, regardless, in some cases, of parental knowledge or consent.

Accused Child Trafficker Epstein Claimed To Be Co-Founder of the Clinton Global Initiative
Accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein claimed that he was a co-founder of the Clinton Global Initiative, a subsidiary of the scandal-plagued Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton was a frequent Epstein travel companion.

CPS Is Taking Kids Away Based on ‘Predictive Analytics’ Computer Program To Judge Parents
Child Protective Services (CPS) is using a “Predictive Analytics” computer program to determine whether or not parents should be allowed to keep their children.

Weaponizing The Dollar Has Accelerated The Demise Of The US Empire
The Trump administration’s incessant sanctions wars are curbing the dollar’s global hegemony and speeding the demise of U.S. empire…