9 Jul 2019

US women’s soccer team drops, steps on American flag celebrating World Cup victory
A player on the U.S. women’s national soccer team intentionally dropped the American flag on the ground during post-victory celebrations after the team’s big win against the Netherlands in the World Cup final on Sunday. Midfielder Allie Long initially dragged the flag on the ground, and when she turned toward a camera to pose alongside Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, she dropped the flag at her feet for the photo op and can be seen stepping on it.

When Pride Parades Increase, So Should the Messianic Response
LGBTQ activists are so proud of their agenda that they make sure everyone knows it; why is the same not true of Messianics?

A Bird’s Eye View of ‘Trump Heights’ in Northern Israel
Love him, or hate him, in the Jewish State of Israel, Donald Trump is a rockstar. Last month, Israel sought to thank the US president by announcing a new settlement named after him on the Golan Heights. “Trump Heights” is little more than a sign at this point, but plans are being drawn up for a new community that will no doubt draw a great many Israeli residents. (video)

Just In: Ilhan Omar Fesses Up to Fake Story She Told 400 Students About ‘Racism’ and ‘Injustice’
When pressed, the congresswoman acknowledged that some of the facts in her “America-is-terrible” story might have been completely wrong.

AG Barr Determines Trump Admin Can Legally Add Citizenship Question to Census
Attorney General William Barr stated on Monday that there is a legal path to adding the citizenship question to the 2020 United States Census, despite a negative ruling at the Supreme Court.

Good News: Egypt Legalizes 127 Churches in Sweeping Approval
While the committee still has many churches to legalize, this is a promising start for a country in which Coptic Christians have faced fierce levels of violence and persecution for decades.

Researchers: ‘We Have Found Biblical Ziklag’
The name Ziklag is unusual in the lexicon of names in the Land of Israel, since it is not local Canaanite-Semitic. It is presumed to be a Philistine name, given to the town by the alien invaders from the Aegean sea. Ziklag is mentioned multiple times in the Bible. The runaway David episode was one; Ziklag was also the scene of an Amalekite raid that featured burning and taking local women and children captive, including two of David’s wife.

Deep-CEE: The AI deep learning tool helping astronomers explore deep space
Deep-CEE builds on Abell’s approach for identifying galaxy clusters but replaces the astronomer with an AI model that has been trained to “look” at colour images and identify galaxy clusters. Chan trained the AI by repeatedly showing it examples of known, labelled, objects in images until the algorithm is able to learn to associate objects on its own.

Earth’s eighth persistent lava lake found on remote sub-Antarctic island
Persistent lava lakes on the other hand, are very rare. In fact, among the 1,500 land-based, potentially active volcanoes on Earth, only seven persistent lava lakes have been found so far, until now. The seven known persistent lava lakes are Mount Nyiragongo (DR Congo), Erta Ale (Ethiopia), Mount Erebus (Antarctica), Ambrym and Mount Yasur (Vanuatu), Kilauea (Hawaii) and Masaya (Nicaragua). After 30 years of suspecting its existence and location, a team of scientists from the British Antarctic Survey and University College London, has finally confirmed number eight….

Top Trump officials to speak to Christians United for Israel
Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton are set to address the annual Christians United for Israel conference, a sign of how much President Donald Trump values pro-Israel evangelicals. Pence, Pompeo, Bolton as well as ambassador to Israel David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt, the top U.S. Middle East negotiator, will speak Monday and Tuesday at the conference taking place in Washington D.C. Such a broad array of top senior foreign policy and security officials is rare for pro-Israel groups.

TROPICAL UPDATE: Chance for tropical development in Gulf increases to 70 percent
An area of low pressure is expected to form Wednesday in the northeast Gulf along a stalled front. The National Hurricane Center increased the tropical formation odds to 70% within the next 5 days This potential tropical weather system will bring heavy rains to the US Gulf coast, especially to the central and eastern Gulf states.

Russia to start delivery of S-500 air defense system ‘ahead of schedule’
Russia’s latest S-500 air defense missile system will be delivered to troops ahead of schedule following successful trials, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said…”The successful preliminary trials have enabled the Defense Ministry of Russia to make a decision on cutting the time of starting the serial deliveries of this surface-to-air missile system to the troops.

Hong Kong extradition bill ‘is dead’ says Carrie Lam
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has said the controversial bill that would have allowed extradition to the Chinese mainland “is dead”. At a press conference on Tuesday, Ms Lam said the government’s work on the bill had been a “total failure”. But she stopped short of saying it had been fully withdrawn, and protesters have vowed to continue mass rallies.

Afghanistan talks agree ‘roadmap to peace’
A landmark peace conference between the Taliban and influential Afghans, including government officials, has agreed a “roadmap for peace” that could hasten the end of the 18-year war. A statement called for an end to civilian casualties and the protection of women’s rights within an “Islamic framework”. The non-binding agreement comes as the US and Taliban continue to negotiate an American withdrawal.

Government faces no-deal backlash from its business experts
The government’s attempts to find a technological solution to its Irish border Brexit problem have run into immediate difficulties with its own business advisers. The BBC has obtained internal documents, including the terms of reference which some of its business experts are refusing to sign off on. They are concerned the terms could be used to endorse a plan of action in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Washington D.C. Flooding Leads to Water Rescues, Stranded Vehicles
A flash flood emergency was declared Monday morning for the nation’s capital and surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia after the area received nearly a month’s worth of rain in an hour. The heavy rains flooded numerous roads causing dozens of drivers to be stranded. All lanes of the Capital Beltway’s inner loop shut down about 8:30 a.m. at the American Legion Bridge, the Washington Post reported.

Jerusalem court: PA must pay compensation for Hamas, Jihad terror attacks
Jerusalem District Court ruled Monday that the Palestinian Authority must pay compensation for 17 attacks carried out by terrorist organizations such as the PLO, Hamas and Islamic Jihad at the start of the millennium… The attacks cited in the ruling include the October 2000 lynching of two IDF soldiers in Ramallah; the December 2001 suicide bombing on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem; and the March 2002 attack at the Gavish family home in Elon Moreh.

U.S. appeals court to take up constitutionality of Obamacare
The future of Obamacare could be at stake on Tuesday when a coalition of Democratic-led states and House of Representatives urge a federal appeals court to overturn a Texas judge’s ruling that the U.S. healthcare reform law is unconstitutional. Republicans have repeatedly tried to repeal Obamacare…and while the Justice Department would normally defend a federal law, the Trump administration has declined to defend its constitutionality…

Church of England says it will recognize marriages of transgender worshipers
The marriage of worshipers who transition to a different gender will still be valid, the Church of England has said.

River flooding in Tennessee ruins cotton, soybean crops
Lush green fields of cotton and soybeans turned into lakes Tuesday as flooding from the overfull Mississippi River covered thousands of acres of farmland in Lauderdale County in west Tennessee.

US Gulf Coast put on alert for potential tropical storm to form late week
After more than a month of inactivity in the tropical Atlantic basin, development is likely in the northern Gulf of Mexico with potential impacts to residents and visitors later this week and this weekend.

APA: We’d Like to Teach the World to Swing…
Just when you think you’ve heard it all, the American Psychological Association (APA) decides this: Monogamy is the new bigotry. That’s right. According to the supposed “mental health experts,” open marriages are the tolerant approach to intimacy. And they’ve launched a task force to prove it to the world.

VILE AFFECTIONS: Mile High Comics In Denver Sponsors ‘All Ages Drag Show’ Targeting Children, Helping To Pave The Way For Acceptance Of Pedophiles
In case you haven’t been paying attention, drag queen children are all the rage these days. This time last year, I only knew of less than half a dozen of the drag queen kids like Desmond Is Amazing, but blink your eyes and *Presto!*, drag queen events for children are suddenly all across the country. Why sudden rush to promote drag to kids? Simple, because once you have gotten people to mentally sign off on that, getting you to also tolerate pedophilia will be a slam-dunk. Don’t think it will happen in America in the next one to two years? You’re an idiot and a fool if you think otherwise.

TRUMP OFFICIAL: ICE Ready to Deport 1M Illegal Aliens with Final Orders | Neon Nettle
The director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has confirmed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is ready to begin deporting around one million illegal aliens.

ACLU Told CA Teachers To Help Students Obtain Abortions Without Parental Notification, Video Reveals
Video footage purportedly shows the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) instructing teachers on progressive sexual education and gender theory in collaboration with California school districts and Planned Parenthood.

‘Church Is Not The Building, It’s The People’: Does Watching Church Online Count?
Church attendance in America has been on the decline in recent years.  According to Pew Research, only 36 percent of Americans attended weekly services in 2014, a 14 percent decline from a 1950’s Gallup Report.

The UN and AMLO Are Transforming Mexico Into a Military Enemy of the United States
Recently, I received the following communication from an anonymous Mexican official. He is concerned that his government and military are being taken over by the United Nations. This is not a farfetched claim as it was announced in the media that the Mexican National Guard was being trained by the United Nations..

ACLU Told CA Teachers To Help Students Obtain Abortions Without Parental Notification, Video Reveals
Video footage purportedly shows the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) instructing teachers on progressive sexual education and gender theory in collaboration with California school districts and Planned Parenthood.

Pedophiles Are Now Calling Themselves ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ And Want Inclusion In LGBTQ Movement
For years now, we’ve been telling you that eventually the ever-growing alphabet soup that is the LGBTQ Movementwould, at some point, have to add a ‘P’ to their acronym. The letter ‘P’ of course standing for pedophile. Why is this inevitable? Because of their motto, ‘all love is love‘. The word of God says otherwise.

STUDY: Leaked Huawei Resumes Reveal Extensive Ties To Chinese Intel Agencies
As we previously highlighted, grenade attacks and deadly shootings in Sweden – concerns over which were once derided as a conspiracy theory by the media – now represent a “national emergency” according to a new report.

“Get Used To It” – Sweden Is Experiencing A “Small Scale War”
As we previously highlighted, grenade attacks and deadly shootings in Sweden – concerns over which were once derided as a conspiracy theory by the media – now represent a “national emergency” according to a new report.