30 Jun 2019

Southern residents to turn to UN to protest incendiary balloons
Residents of Israel’s South have decided to turn to the United Nations concerning the waves of incendiary balloons that have been launched from Gaza toward Israeli communities near the Strip… Heads of regional councils near the Gaza border and residents of communities in the area are looking into the legal options for turning to the UN in order to protest the disruptions and human rights violations…

After threat from U.S., PA frees businessman who attended Bahrain summit
Palestinian Authority security forces released Hebron businessman Saleh Abu Mayaleh on Saturday at 10:45 p.m., after he had been detained upon his return from the economic conference in Bahrain. According to Palestinian reports, the decision to release the businessman came following a threatening letter from the US Embassy.

IfNotNow campaigning to highlight ‘occupation’ in US 2020 elections
The radical IfNotNow US-based organization that campaigns against Israel’s control of the West Bank has formed a new non-profit branch to highlight its message during the 2020 presidential campaign. The organization stated that Israel’s occupation of the Palestinians was a moral concern for the US Jewish community and alleged that allegations of antisemitism are manipulated to fight those who oppose Israel’s policies.

Sudan security forces ‘carry out raid’ ahead of mass protest
Sudan’s main opposition group says security forces raided its office and blocked a new conference on the eve of mass protests against military rule. Security forces have been patrolling parts of the capital, Khartoum, ahead Sunday’s planned protests. The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) called for a “million-strong” march on Sunday to push the military to hand control to civilians.

US-North Korea: Trump and Kim agree to restart talks in historic meeting
Donald Trump has become the first sitting US president to set foot in North Korea, after meeting Kim Jong-un in the area dividing the two Koreas. Mr Trump and the North Korean leader posed for handshakes before talking for nearly an hour in the heavily fortified demilitarised zone (DMZ). Both countries agreed to set up teams to resume stalled nuclear talks.

Delay to rule allowing US medics to refuse procedures on moral grounds
A rule protecting US medics who refuse to carry out procedures on moral or religious grounds has been delayed. The so-called “conscience rule” was due to come into effect on 22 July, but has been postponed because of a legal challenge in California. Opponents warn it would endanger patients, particularly women and LGBT+ people seeking access to contraception, HIV treatment or abortion.

ISIS poised for ‘devastating’ comeback thanks to secret billions and sleeper cells, new report warns
ISIS is about to make a come back — but this time it “could be faster and even more devastating” than first time round, a new report warns. The death cult’s Caliphate in Syria and Iraq collapsed this year but it is feared hardcore followers escaped as part of a tactical retreat. The Washington-based Institute for the Study of War is warning in a report that the brutal terror group is set to come back — bigger and more dangerous than before.

Swine fever toll in China may be twice as high as reported, industry insiders say
As many as half of China’s breeding pigs have either died from African swine fever or been slaughtered because of the spreading disease, twice as many as officially acknowledged… While other estimates are more conservative, the plunge in the number of sows is poised to leave a large hole in the supply of the country’s favorite meat, pushing up food prices and devastating livelihoods in a rural economy that includes 40 million pig farmers.

Calls to Normalize Pedophilia on the Rise: New Report Recommends Workshops Instead of Prosecution
Jackie Hill Perry, who shares her journey from lesbian to Christian poet, writer, and hip-hop artist in her book “Gay Girl Good God,” recently retweeted a TED Talk speaker who normalizes pedophilia.

A deadly, drug-resistant fungus has swept the globe—here’s how it spreads
Patients infected with a deadly, drug-resistant fungus are dripping with the dangerous germ, which pours into their surroundings where it lies in wait for weeks to find a new victim. That’s according to fresh data reported from the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology recently in San Francisco.

Cockroaches may soon be unstoppable—thanks to fast-evolving insecticide resistance
The day that squeamish humans—and exterminators—have long feared may have come at last: Cockroaches are becoming invincible. Or at least German cockroaches (Blattella germanica) are, according to a new study. Researchers have found that these creatures, which have long been a prevalent urban pest, are becoming increasingly resistant to almost every kind of chemical insecticide.

No End in Sight for Record Midwest Flood Crisis
The 2019 Mississippi River flood fight is going to slog deep into the summer — and maybe much longer.

US Army Wants 500,000 Active Troops By 2020, Amid Threats Of War
The US Army wants 500,000 active duty military personnel by 2020, amid threats of war with Iran near the Strait of Hormuz and potential conflict with China across the South China Sea. The service’s recruiting goals, however, first reported by Army Times, is facing significant difficulties with unhealthy, ineligible millennials.

Get Outraged And Stay Outraged
There are some things so wrong that we cannot allow ourselves to get used to them. We must always be outraged over them. Always grieve over them. We can never accept them as the new status quo. The drag queen assault on our children is one of those things.

End Times Prophecy Being Fulfilled
…The following interview with Lisa Haven didn’t begin with the intention to cover end times prophecy, but much of the discussion kept coming back to this central theme.  I would never have believed that I am living the end times when I was younger. However, when one examines current events and compares them to what the Bible says, can there be any question about the nature of the times we live in? I recently interviewed Lisa Haven and this message came through loud and clear. This is a facinating interview tihe Lisa Haven on the end times that we find ourseleves in.

City Council in St Louis Park, MN Voted to Ditch Pledge of Allegiance …Then Backlash
St Louis Park, Minnesota: The St Louis Park City Council decided unanimously on June 17 that the Pledge of Allegiance had been ‘weaponized.’ So they amended their rules to remove it from the beginning of their council meetings. You know, to make everything more “diverse.”

Yes, Our Global Climate Is Changing Rapidly, And No, There Is Nothing You Can Do About It And There Is No Power On Earth That Can Stop It
The headlines this week have been literally, pardon the pun, on fire with talk about all the intense weather that has been sweeping not just across America, but all over Europe as well. Yahoo News said “Europe sweltered Saturday on the sixth day of a widespread and deadly 114.6 degrees Fahrenheit heat wave”.

Judge Keeps Dismemberment Abortions Legal in Indiana, 27 Babies Died Having Their Limbs Torn Off
Federal judge Sarah Evans Barker, issued a preliminary injunction in the abortion industry’s favor, allowing dismemberment abortions in Indiana. The American Civil Liberties Union, on behalf of abortion practitioners, sued to stop the dismemberment ban from taking effect July 1.

Newly Consecrated Gay Bishop Declares God Is A Woman
Rev. Thomas Brown, who is married to a fellow priest, was ordained as a bishop of the diocese of Maine in the Episcopal Church June 22. Immediately following his ordination, Brown referred to God as a “she” twice in the Nicene Creed.

Mom of 12-Year-Old Drag Queen Shocked To Find Pedophile Lusting After Him
You may perhaps have heard about the preteen drag performer who goes by the name “Desmond Is Amazing.” Desmond Napoles is an online sensation who’s appeared on “Good Morning America” and has become a cause célèbre among the LGBT community.

Catholic Bishop Walks Asylum Seekers Across US Mexico Border To ‘Protest Trump’
A Catholic bishop from Texas walked with Central American migrants across the US-Mexico border bridge to protest the Trump administration.