14 Jun 2019

Feminist admits abortion is ‘killing that we need to be able to defend
Feminists have “come a long way, baby” since abortion was supposed to be “safe, legal and rare” and a fetus just a tumor-like glob of tissue. Today, says at least one feminist author, proponents may as well unashamedly admit the truth that abortion is a form of “killing.” But a good form of killing. Sophie Lewis, a radical feminist author who appears on a recently posted video, says the “violence” of killing an unborn baby can be defended because of the “violence” by the fetus against the “gestator.”

Manhattan has ‘Trump Tower,’ Israel to have town called ‘Trump Heights’
The cabinet will convene a special meeting on the Golan Heights on Sunday to approve the establishment of a new community there to be named after US President Donald Trump: Ramat Trump (“Trump Heights”). This step, according to resolution that will be brought for the government’s approval, will be taken as a way of showing appreciation for Trump’s actions toward Israel across “a wide range of fields, and out of gratitude for the American recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.”

Two Rocket Attacks From Gaza in 24 Hours But “Miracle” Saves Men Studying Torah
“A miracle happened to us. We thank the Creator for saving the young men who were sitting and engaged in Torah study,” Rabbi Fendel said to Israel National News. The rabbi explained that there were several men learning Torah just a few meters away from the point of impact.

US Blames Iran for Attack on Two Oil Tankers in Sea of Oman in Potentially Explosive Situation
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for an attack against two oil tankers, the Norwegian-owned Front Altair and the Singapore-owned ship Kokuka Courageous, in the Sea of Oman as part of their plan to cut off the vital oil shipping route through the Straits of Hormuz. No casualties were reported. Iran has been known to use Limpet mines against tankers in the past most notably during the “Tanker Wars” in the late 1980s.

Jerusalem Conference Addresses Recent Spike of Jew-Hatred in US
Moderating a panel in Jerusalem this week titled “The Mainstreaming of Anti-Semitism: The Media, BDS and Celebrated Bigotry,” David Hazony, executive director of the Israel Innovation Fund, analyzed the issue right off the bat: “What you are seeing on [North American college] campuses is only a thin slice of the anti-Semitic beast that has emerged in our public life around the world in the last six months, in the last year.” “All of a sudden, The New York Times’ editorial-page cartoons; all of a sudden, columns; all of a sudden, valedictory addresses, commencement speeches, congressional convocations, politicians—all of a sudden in America, you’ve got synagogues being shot up, synagogues being torched. All of a sudden, what we thought had been hidden, gone away, has come roaring back.”

Pennsylvania has had seven earthquakes so far this year. Here’s where they’ve occurred.
A 3.4 magnitude earthquake struck around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday in Juniata County, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. A short time later, a small aftershock hit the same area, bringing the total number of earthquakes to hit Pennsylvania this year to seven.

3 earthquakes reported in Tennessee over 2 days
There were no reports of damage or injuries following three fairly small earthquakes in Tennessee over a period of about 25 hours.

IAF attacks targets in Gaza Strip after rocket fire
The IAF attacked a number of targets in the Gaza strip on Friday morning after a rocket fired from Gaza struck a Chabad Yeshiva in Sderot on Thursday night, an IDF spokesperson confirmed on Friday morning. IDF aircraft attacked a number of terror targets throughout the night, including terror infrastructure in military complexes and a military complex of the naval force of Hamas in Gaza.

Israel will transfer Qatari funds to Gaza factions next week – report
The Israeli government conveyed a message to the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip saying that it will transfer Qatari funds by the end of next week… The report said that Israel transmitted a message via Qatar, Egypt and the UN envoy to the Middle East, according to which it is committed to implementing the understandings of the truce, which include transferring the Qatari funds and reopening the fishing zone until next weekend.

Iran says responsible for Strait of Hormuz after video shows mine removal
Iran said on Friday it was responsible for maintaining the security of the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf…adding that blaming Tehran for attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman was alarming. “We are in charge of maintaining security of the Strait and we rescued the crew of those attacked tankers in the shortest possible time … U.S. Secretary of State (Mike) Pompeo’s accusations towards Iran is alarming,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said.

U.S. Senate passes resolutions condemning ‘all forms of antisemitism’
The United States Senate on Thursday night passed two resolutions against antisemitism, one unanimously condemning “all forms of antisemitism.” The Bipartisan Cruz-Kaine Resolution, which was put forward by Republican Senators Ted Cruz (Texas) and Tim Kaine (Virginia), was described by the Texan senator as “what should hopefully be a simple, but crucially important matter for the Senate,” while addressing the Senate.

Ecuador’s top court approves same-sex marriage
Ecuador’s highest court has approved same-sex marriage in a landmark ruling in the traditionally Catholic country. The vote at the nine-member Constitutional Court came as they ruled on the lawsuits by two same-sex couples who wanted to get married. Five voted in favour, arguing all people were equal. Four said the issue had to be debated in parliament.

Yemen war: Second assault on Saudi Abha airport in two days
Yemen’s rebel Houthi movement has launched drones at a Saudi airport, the second such attack in two days. Five drones targeted Abha airport and the nearby city of Khamis Mushait, Saudi officials said in a statement. No casualties were reported and Abha airport was said to be running normally without any disruption to flights. An attack on Abha on Wednesday injured 26 people.

Millennials Face Greatest Hardships From Toxic Economic Conditions; Likened To ‘Canaries In The Coalmine’
A study by researchers at Stanford University found that American millennials face challenges unlike any previous generation, and their struggles are likely signs of mounting issues due to decades of rising economic inequality in the U.S. Millennials, individuals born between 1980 and 2000, earn less money without college degrees than their predecessors and are more likely to die by suicide or drug overdose than any other generation.

Conservative Anglicans Criticize Church Of England Opening The Door For Marijuana Investments
Holy smokes! The Church of England is considering investing in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

India’s west coast hunkers down as Cyclone Vayu approaches
Authorities have evacuated nearly 300,000 people from India’s western coastline ahead of a very severe cyclone that’s expected to make landfall as the year’s second major storm.

‘Never seen anything like it;’ Illinois communities facing plague of spiders
Swarms of baby spiders were reported floating through the air and landing on cars and other objects in Illinois near St. Louis on Tuesday.

Golan community named for US president to be called ‘Trump Heights’
A new community planned for the Golan Heights in honor of US President Donald Trump will be named Ramat Trump, literally translatable as “Trump Heights,” and will be approved at the next cabinet meeting on Sunday.

China Tests New Sub-Launched Strategic Missile
China conducted a flight test of its newest strategic submarine-launched missile, the JL-3, coinciding with the visit to Asia earlier this month by Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan.

NY Assembly Votes to Give Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants
The New York State Assembly passed a bill Wednesday that would allow illegal immigrants in America to obtain driver’s licenses.

YouTube’s Arbitrary, One-Sided Policies Threaten Free Speech In America
The nation is witnessing increased suffocation of free speech in the past weeks, from YouTube banning right-wing figures to interest censoring pro-abortion content.

The DOJ Intentionally Brought Foreign Nationals Into The US As Snitches — Then It Lost Some: IG
The Department of Justice “sponsored” about 5,500 foreign nationals to come to or stay in the country between 2015 and 2017 in order to provide assistance to the DOJ in criminal cases, according to a June audit from the DOJ inspector general.

This Sickening Purge Of Christian And Conservative News Publishers From Social Media Is The Only Way The Liberal Left Can Win The Election In 2020
This has prompted the Giant Tech Social media companies to actually write algorithms which weed out Conservative thought from their sites.  They are not being discreet about this. It’s BLATANT CENSORSHIP and they are proud to be part of it.

False Flag? Iran Has Little To Gain From Oman Tanker Attacks
Gulf of Tonkin 2.0? Regardless of whether Iran is responsible for damage to vessels in the Sea of Oman, Bloomberg’s Julian Lee explains, it will still get the blame – and suffer the fallout.

Jordan Peterson Close To Launching “Anti-Censorship” Social Media Platform
Psychologist and author Jordan B. Peterson announced this week that progress on Thinkspot, his subscription-based “anti-censorship” social media platform, has the project closer to launch.