12 Jun 2019

“Biggest Animal Disease Outbreak Ever” Has Already Killed Millions…And There’s “No Way To Stop It”
We have never seen an animal disease outbreak like this before, and it is rapidly getting worse. African Swine Fever, also referred to as “pig Ebola”, has already wiped out millions upon millions of pigs and it continues to spread to even more countries. There is no vaccine and there is no cure, and so essentially we don’t have any way to stop this disease….this epidemic has now become the “biggest animal disease outbreak we’ve ever had on the planet”…

Project Veritas: Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, “Bible” Terms Censored
Pinterest REACTS. LiveAction’s Pinterest Account has been permanently suspended. (Video)

Putin to talk with the Pope about Ukraine
Observers think the two will also discuss Syria, the Middle East, including Jerusalem, and perhaps even Venezuela. The Vatican is the only door truly open to Putin in the West. the Russian leader seeks a “Holy Alliance” between the Catholic Church and Russia against the “moral decay” of contemporary society. But no visit to Moscow is in the cards for the pontiff. The Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is a source of concerns.

Pro-Life Victory in Connecticut as Anti-Pregnancy Center Bill Dies
Pro-life activists in Connecticut say the fact that a bill intended to place faith-based pregnancy care centers under the thumb of the state attorney general died in the State Senate this week is miraculous. Wolfgang also told CT Mirror the death of the bill in the State Senate after it passed the House – with Democrat majorities in each chamber – was “an act of God.”

Local CBS affiliate: Why isn’t Omar talking about her tax issues?
The national media might not take a lot of interest in Ilhan Omar’s curious tax filings, but at least some of the local media has awoken to some of it. The local CBS affiliate attempted to get answers from the House Democrat about the questions raised by her tax filings, but got nothing but stonewalled. Why, WCCO wonders, does Omar not want to explain why she filed joint married returns with one man while being legally married to another,??????

Huge metallic anomaly detected buried beneath the Moon’s largest crater
“Imagine taking a pile of metal five times larger than the Big Island of Hawaii and burying it underground,” says Peter James, lead author of the study. “That’s roughly how much unexpected mass we detected.”

Rocket alert system updated to display specific cities
Israel’s incoming rocket alert systems will now sound in specific communities where a threat is identified rather than the current array of sirens which are triggered throughout larger regions, the IDF announced. On Wednesday the Home Front Command began a campaign to educate the public about the new alert system in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Amharic. The Homefront Command has also begun a specific campaign for the Haredi community.

Lebanon to pay heavy price in next war between Israel and Hezbollah
The Head of the Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Amir Baram warned of overt action against Hezbollah if it continues to build up terror infrastructure along the border and that Lebanon risks paying a heavy price for its cooperation…”We will continue to act to thwart his efforts to threaten our security covertly and overtly as required, and if war is imposed upon us, we will exact a heavy price from this organization and those who give it backing…” he said…

Syrian air defense responds to Israeli attacks – report
Syrian air defenses responded to Israeli missile attacks on Tel al-Harah in southern Syria at 2:00 a.m. Syrian time on Wednesday morning, dropping some of the missiles, according to the Syrian state news agency SANA. Material damage was reported without casualties. SANA also reported that Israel conducted cyber attacks on Syrian radar systems, in order to jam the Syrian radar.

Jordan, Morocco and Egypt to attend Bahrain workshop
Jordan, Egypt and Morocco will join Saudi Arabia and Gulf States at a Bahrain summit on June 25-26 aimed at supporting the Palestinian economy, reports indicated on Wednesday. The meeting has been boycotted by the Palestinian Authority because it is thought to form the foundation for the Trump administration’s “Deal of the Century.”

Chaotic scenes as HK protests turn violent
There is no sign of the protesters giving up despite being pushed back from the Legislative Council (LegCo) building. Ambulances have been seen arriving in the Admiralty area and tear gas is still being fired from police lines, witnesses say.

Chandrayaan-2: India unveils spacecraft for second Moon mission
India’s space agency has unveiled its spacecraft that it hopes to land on the Moon by September. If successful, India will be the fourth country to achieve a soft landing on the Moon, following the US, the former Soviet Union and China. Chandrayaan-2 will be the country’s second lunar mission. Its first mission, Chandrayaan-1 which launched in 2008, was an orbiter and did not actually land on the surface of the Moon.

Uber takes its flying taxi ambitions to Australia
Uber has said Australia will become the first international market for its flying taxi service Uber Air. The firm has selected Melbourne as the third pilot city for its air taxi programme, joining Dallas and Los Angeles. Test flights are due to start from 2020, with the aim of launching commercial operations from 2023. Several companies are developing flying taxis as a future mode of transportation.

Japan’s Shinzo Abe heads to Tehran amid US-Iran tensions
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is heading to Iran with a keen eye on international sanctions and domestic politics. The visit, which begins Wednesday, is partly aimed at easing tensions between Washington and Tehran over Iran’s nuclear programme. However, observers have expressed doubt over what can actually be achieved.

Mysterious large mass discovered on Moon bewilders scientists: ‘Whatever it is, wherever it came from’
A large mass of unknown material has been discovered on the largest crater on the Moon and scientists aren’t sure what it is. According to an April 2019 study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, the researchers believe the mass could contain metal from an asteroid that crashed into the celestial satellite, which resulted in the aforementioned crater, known as the Lunar South Pole-Aitken basin.

China Installs Surveillance Cameras in Churches to Monitor Christians
China’s Orwellian-like network of surveillance cameras now includes churches.

New York City closes 10th Jewish school for violating vaccine order
New York City is shuttering an Orthodox school in Brooklyn because it has continued to admit unvaccinated students in violation of a city order.

Massive Ebola outbreak spreads across DRC border, infected 5-year-old in Uganda
Health officials in Uganda have confirmed the country’s first case of Ebola stemming from a massive outbreak that has been raging across the border in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since August of 2018.

Heat wave: Western US bakes as temperatures soar to 120 degrees
Folks in the western U.S. are sweltering under an unusually intense June heat wave, with temperatures soaring to near-record highs from Oregon to Arizona.

Brutal hailstorms hit Germany, severe damage reported, several people injured
Exceptionally intense hailstorms with hailstones larger than 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) hit southern Germany on June 10, 2019, leaving several people, including a 7-year-old child injured. Hail the size of golf and tennis balls damaged numerous cars, boats and homes in the state of Bavaria, including its capital Munich.

Tropical Cyclone Vayu Strengthening; May be Strongest Strike in Western India’s Gujarat State in 20 Years
Tropical Cyclone Vayu is strengthening and poses a danger to parts of western India and southeastern Pakistan later this week, including flooding rain, storm surge and damaging winds. Vayu could be the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall along far northwestern India’s coastline in 20 years.

NEARLY 1,700 Suspected Child Predators Arrested in DOJ Operation “Broken Heart”
The Trump Department of Justice arrested nearly 1,700 suspected child predators in operation “Broken Heart.”

As Amazon’s Alexa Passes 100 Million Units Sold, It Will Now Be Always-On And Always Recording And Storing All Conversations In Your Home
Understanding of Bible prophecy is a lot like driving into a smog-filled city like Los Angeles, where I lived for a time before getting saved back in the last 1980’s. When you view LA from a distance, it is very obvious that the whole city is ringed with a dark, brownish-gray layer of smog. But as you get closer, a funny thing happens. That same smog that was crystal-clear from a distance virtually disappears as you drive into it, and once inside, is nearly invisible. So it is with Bible prophecy as it gets closer to the time of its fulfillment.

TX Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Bill Banning Funding of Abortion Providers
Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas signed a bill into law that bans local governments from funding abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood.

Blue Wave: Los Angeles Typhus Cases Hit 100 as Rat-Infested Slums Spread Disease
If we want to see the blue wave in full effect, we only need to take a look at liberal Los Angeles, where millionaire celebrities lecture the rest of the population from their mansions, surrounded by rat-infested slums.