6 Jun 2019

Russia has unexpected message for Iran on Syria
The fight over control of strategic assets in Syria has gone up a notch after Russia expels pro-Iranian militias from Tartus port, ahead of Russian-American-Israeli summit over future of Syria and recognition of the regime by US, Israel in exchange for restricting Iranian activity in the country.

Iran is ‘six months away from an atomic bomb’
Olli Heinonen, who headed the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) security team and served as the organizations’ deputy director general, on Wednesday morning told Army Radio that Israelis on the whole are not aware of the severity of the Iranian threat. “Israelis need to be worried, and the Gulf states also have reason for concern,” Heinonen said. “How will you be able to ensure your security if Iran achieves nuclear abilities?”

Do We Face A Global Food Disaster?
No, this is not at all an endorsement of the apocalyptic scenarios of AOC or that famous young Swedish climate expert, Greta. It is, however, a look at unusual weather disasters in several key growing regions from the USA to Australia, the Philippines and beyond that could dramatically affect food availability and prices in the coming year. That in turn could have major political implications depending on how the rest of the growing season develops.

Palestinian public furious over secret 67% pay raise for ministers
The revelations have rocked the West Bank, where the cash-strapped government has been forced to slash the salaries of its employees because of a financial crisis. Coming during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, a time of high expenses for struggling families, the report renewed outrage among Palestinians who have long seen their leadership as out of touch and rife with corruption. “The cabinet members behaved as if the government is their private shop and they can take as much as they want without being held accountable,” said political commentator Ehab Jareri

Greenblatt to PA: Take responsibility for your economy
Jason Greenblatt, the US Representative for International Negotiations, responded on Wednesday to claims by Palestinian Authority (PA) “prime minister” Mohammad Shtayyeh, who said the PA is on the verge of collapsing. “PM Shtayyeh is wrong, the PA isn’t ‘in a collapsing situation,’ the PA caused the situation. Time for the PA to step-up & take responsibility for their people & the economy. The PA can’t continue to blame the US & everyone else for a situation they caused,”

Hannity sources reveal ‘explosive’ IG report may already be in AG Barr’s hands
Sean Hannity said that he has sources telling him that the long-awaited report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz could be released “any day now” and that “it may now have already been handed over to the attorney general.”

Former Arkansas state senator found shot to death: report
Former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith (R) was reportedly found dead from a gunshot wound in her home this week. Collins-Smith, 57, was reportedly found in her Pocahontas, Ark., home with a gunshot wound, Ken Yang, her former press secretary, told KATV. Yang told KATV that her neighbors reportedly heard gunshots a day or two before officials found her body.

PLOT TWIST: Christopher Steele Will Meet With U.S. Officials, Report Says
According to The Sunday Times, former British Intelligence officer Christopher Steele, who was responsible for the infamous Trump “golden showers” dossier, will meet with U.S. investigators in London to speak of his relationship with the FBI. Steele has been adamantly refusing to meet with U.S. intelligence officials; the House Intelligence Committee, which was examining the origins of the dossier when it was under Republican control last year, requested for him to meet with them, but he would not. I

Harvard breakthrough shows stem cells can be genetically edited in the body
“Our study demonstrates that we can permanently modify the genome of stem cells, and therefore their progenies, in their normal anatomical niche. There is a lot of potential to take this approach forward and develop more durable therapies for different forms of genetic diseases.

Police on alert as Pride parade comes to Jerusalem
Some 2,500 police officers will secure Thursday’s Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance parade, according to superintendent Micky Rosenfeld, the Israel Police national spokesman to foreign media. Anywhere from 15,000 to 30,000 people are expected to attend the event, which has been taking place for the last 15 years.

Israel gets first gay minister: Ohana appointed interim justice minister
Amir Ohana will be the country’s first gay minister ever after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to appoint him interim justice minister…The official Prime Minister’s Office statement announcing the appointment emphasized Ohana’s professional qualifications as “a lawyer who is very familiar with the legal system,” and his apprenticeship in the State’s Attorney’s Office Tel Aviv district.

China’s Xi praises ‘best friend’ Putin during Russia visit
Chinese President Xi Jinping has described Russia’s Vladimir Putin as his “best friend” during a three-day visit to Moscow focusing on trade and relations between the two countries. The visit comes as China-US relations have soured over a bitter trade war. Russia had decided on a pivot to the east years ago after ties worsened with the West over the Ukraine conflict.

Denmark election: Social Democrats win as PM admits defeat
Denmark’s Liberal Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen has conceded victory in the country’s general election, paving the way for Social Democrat leader Mette Frederiksen to take power. At 41, Ms Frederiksen is set to be the country’s youngest ever prime minister. The centre-left Social Democrats won 25.9% of the vote and her bloc secured 91 of the 179 seats in parliament.

US-Mexico talks: Trump says more progress needed to avoid tariffs
US President Donald Trump has said “not nearly enough” progress is being made in negotiations with Mexico to avert his threatened tariffs. Trump administration officials will meet for a second day of talks with Mexico’s foreign minister in Washington on Thursday. Mr Trump vowed import duties of 5% will take effect on Monday unless Mexico stems the flow of migrants to the US.

Trump says ‘climate change goes both ways’
President Donald Trump has said he believes climate change “goes both ways” following a 90-minute discussion with environmentalist Prince Charles. “I believe that there’s a change in weather and I think it changes both ways,” Mr Trump told Piers Morgan in an interview that aired on Wednesday. Mr Trump said he shared the prince’s desire for a “good climate” but blamed other nations for increasing pollution.

Trump administration ends federal foetal tissue research
The Trump administration has ended federal research using human foetal tissue, delivering a victory to anti-abortion advocates. The move, announced on Wednesday, has been criticised by scientists who say such tissue is essential in researching diseases like HIV and cancer. The Department of Health and Human Services cited “the dignity of human life” as a “top priority”.

Pelosi tells Dems she wants to see Trump ‘in prison’
Speaker Nancy Pelosi told senior Democrats that she’d like to see President Donald Trump “in prison” as she clashed with House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler in a meeting on Tuesday night over whether to launch impeachment proceedings. Pelosi met with Nadler (D-N.Y.) and several other top Democrats who are aggressively pursuing investigations against the president…

Oakland in California decriminalizes magic mushrooms and peyote
…Oakland City Council in California…voted unanimously to decriminalize hallucinogenic fungi, otherwise known as “magic mushrooms.” The vote makes Oakland the second U.S. city to decriminalize the natural hallucinogens… The city council’s vote directed law enforcement to cease investigating and prosecuting individuals for using or possessing drugs sourced from plants, cacti and…mushrooms that contain the hallucinogen psilocybin.

Judge weighs fate of Missouri’s only abortion clinic after court hearing
A St. Louis judge said on Tuesday he will work quickly to decide whether Missouri’s only abortion clinic can remain open after a hearing on a lawsuit aimed at forcing state health officials to renew the facility’s license to perform the procedure. Women’s healthcare and abortion provider Planned Parenthood sued Missouri last week after state health officials refused to renew the license of the St. Louis clinic…

Alien news: Belief in ET will soon replace faith in GOD – shock claim
More than half of Americans believe in a God, with the figure for those who believe in aliens only slightly lower. One professor, who has authored a new book called American Cosmic, states that a belief in aliens could replace religious beliefs. The book, written by Diana Pasulka, a professor at the University of North Carolina, focuses on why humans chose to believe in the supernatural, and how we use Gods and aliens to explain the unexplainable.

Gaza factions warn of escalation over stalled ceasefire terms
The Gaza Strip’s militant factions…warned that Egyptian mediation efforts Israel’s “foot-dragging” in following through with certain ceasefire arrangement could lead to an escalation beginning with border protests later this week. “We insist on holding our Eid in the locations of Jihad…to communicate to the people of the world that the people of Palestine, and the people of Gaza, will not break and their determination will not break,”…

Trump threatens China with tariffs on further $300 billion of goods
U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to hit China with tariffs on “at least” another $300 billion worth of Chinese goods but said he thought both China and Mexico wanted to make deals in their trade disputes with the United States. Tensions between the world’s two largest economies have risen sharply since talks aimed at ending a festering trade war broke down in early May.

California And Nevada Have Been Hit By 240 Earthquakes Over The Last 24 Hours
The unusual shaking on the west coast continues to intensify. As you can see from this map, over 240 earthquakes have struck the states of California and Nevada over the last 24 hours. Yes, the west coast gets hit by quakes every day, but this is definitely an unusually high number. Fortunately, most of the earthquakes have been very small, but a couple of them were greater than magnitude 3.0.

Drug Cartels, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, CHICOMS, MS-13 Are One Big Happy Family Awaiting Orders
May you live in interesting times says the Chinese proverb. However, it does not say, may you live in dangerous times. The latter is truer than the former.

Number of measles cases in US this year surpasses 1,000
The number of measles cases in the United States this year has reached 1,001, health officials said Wednesday, as they vowed to stop the spread of misinformation about vaccines.

Democrats Have Removed ‘So Help Me God’ From House Committee Oaths
Yes, Democrats Have Removed ‘So Help Me God’ From House Committee Oaths

Sudan protest organizers say 40 bodies pulled from Nile
At least 40 bodies were pulled from the Nile River in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, organizers of pro-democracy protests said Wednesday, bringing the death toll since the violent dispersal of a sit-in outside the military’s headquarters to 100.

Taxpayers Outraged After The Australian Government Agrees To Pay Global Warming Wizard Al Gore $320K To Conduct ‘Climate Training’ For Low-Information Liberals
Snake oil salesman and global warming wizard Al Gore has once again found a willing sucker, this time the land of down under, Australia. Back in 2009, the climate change charlatan positively declared that the polar ice caps would melt away by 2014, and that the sea levels would rise many feet. In 2019, not only did the seas not rise, there is more polar ice than ever before. Things did not get much better in 2017, when Gore released his ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ sequel and deceptively rewrote his original failed prophecy about New York being taken over by rising sea levels, and saying that it had, in fact, come true. P.T. Barnum never had such chutzpah.

La Luz Del Mundo leader Naason Joaquin Garcia charged with rape
The leader of a Mexican fundamentalist Christian church that boasts more than 1 million worldwide followers was busted in Los Angeles on charges of human trafficking, child rape, child pornography and other crimes, officials said.

Laodicean Christians In The Philippines Start The ‘I’m Sorry’ Movement To Apologize To The LGBTQ+ Community For Believing And Preaching The Bible
From time to time, people will write to me to let me know about a ‘great movement of the spirit’ happening in some foreign country like Africa, China, or in this case, the Philippines. But when I go to check it out, instead of seeing glorious end times revival I see nothing but Laodicean slop produced by bible rejecters who call themselves Christians.

Bishop says ‘Pride Month’ activities are harmful to kids, faces huge international backlash
When Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin tweeted a simple warning to his diocese cautioning against participation in LGBT “Pride” events during so-called “Pride Month,” an international backlash quickly erupted.

Former Head Of The International Atomic Energy Agency Security Team Warns Israel That Iran Now Only 6-8 Months Away From Nuclear Missiles
Yes, we have been hearing this for some time now, that Iran is only “months away” from having nuclear weapons, and so far it has not come to pass. But Iran not getting a nukes is not due to their lack of trying, not at all. Now, the former head of the IAEA says Iran, if present trends continue, will indeed have a nuclear weapon between now and the end of our current calendar year.

How A Shift To Majority-Childless Adults Will Deeply Change Culture
This year, the birthrate in the United States has fallen yet again, to 1.7 children per woman—well below the 2.1 replacement rate. With the exception of Hungarian President Viktor Orban, most leaders in the developed world seem to shrug at this news and focus on other matters.

Unseen health dangers: 5G is exceptionally harmful to children
Despite its “blazing fast” speeds, 5G and its soon-to-be ubiquitous presence throughout the world will, in many ways, spell the end of life as we currently know it. Unlike 2G 3G, and even 4G, 5G functionality necessitates a massive grid of very densely-packed transmission towers and equipment, which means that exposure to it will be virtually inescapable.

Doctor warns Los Angeles collapsing into Third World health status… the filth of progressivism has become undeniable
The City of Angels is looking a whole lot more like a Den of Demons these days, as the second-largest city in the United States descends into “complete breakdown,”