25 May 2019

Military official: Iran can sink U.S. warships with ‘secret weapons’
Iran can sink U.S. warships sent to the Gulf region using missiles and “secret weapons,” a senior Iranian military official was quoted as saying by the semi-official news agency Mizan on Saturday. The United States on Friday announced the deployment of 1,500 troops to the Middle East, describing it as an effort to bolster defenses against Iran as it accused the country’s Revolutionary Guards of direct responsibility for this month’s tanker attacks.

Satellite images reveal: Iran building border crossing to smuggle weapons
Iran is building a border crossing between Iraq and Syria that will allow the smuggling of weapons new satellite images have revealed, raising concerns that it could could expedite the transfer of weapons from Tehran to groups like Hezbollah. The images, taken by ImageSat International (ISI)…allegedly shown construction activity of permanent infrastructure 2.6 kms west of the official Al Bukamal Al-Qaim border crossing between the two countries.

‘Sabotaged’ tanker in Gulf of Oman leaked oil
A sizeable oil slick developed in waters where tankers were damaged off the United Arab Emirates on 12 May. Finnish company Iceye says one of its radar satellites detected a long trail leading from the Saudi-flagged vessel Amjad two days later. The crude oil tanker and three other ships suffered damage while anchored outside the port of Fujairah.

Trump approves $8bn Saudi weapons sale over Iran tensions
US President Donald Trump is approving the sale of billions of dollars’ worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, citing Iranian threats to its arch rival. Mr Trump invoked a rarely used aspect of federal law to push through the $8bn (£6bn) deal – bypassing Congress. He did so by declaring that ongoing tensions with Iran amounted to a national emergency.

US judge blocks funds for Trump border wall plan
A US federal judge has temporarily blocked the use of defence department funds to build a border wall between the US and Mexico. The judge granted the injunction to block the use of $1bn (£786m) in Arizona and Texas because it had not been approved by Congress. President Donald Trump declared an emergency earlier this year, saying he needed $6.7bn to build the wall as a matter of national security.

Nearly 25% of Americans are going into debt trying to pay for necessities like food
American have an average of $6,506 in credit card debt, according to a new Experian report out this week. But which expenses are adding to that balance the most? A full 23% of Americans say that paying for basic necessities such as rent, utilities and food contributes the most to their credit card debt… Another 12% say medical bills are the biggest portion of their debt.

North Korean missile test violated U.N. resolution, says Bolton
U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said on Saturday North Korea’s recent missile launches violated a U.N. Security Council resolution and urged leader Kim Jong Un to return to denuclearization talks. It was the first time a senior U.S. official has described the tests as a violation of U.N. resolutions aimed at halting North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs and came ahead of a four-day visit to Japan by U.S. President Donald Trump…

Indianapolis 500 officials will offer measles vaccine at race
IndyCar medical director said that a “very limited supply” of vaccines will be available to fans at the race.

Robots conduct daily health inspections of schoolchildren in China
Please stand in front of Walklake for your examination. This health checking robot takes just 3 seconds to diagnose a variety of ailments in children, including conjunctivitis, and hand, foot and mouth disease. Over 2000 preschools in China, with children aged between 2 and 6, are using Walklake every morning to check the health status of their students.

Italy, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus offer to send firefighting planes to Israel
Foreign ministry thanks countries for willingness to help Israeli crews working to contain hundreds of blazes amid during heatwave

Thousands Ordered to Evacuate as Fires Continue to Rage Across Israel
Thousands of Israelis may be forced to spend this upcoming Sabbath out of their homes; many no longer have a home to return to.

LGBT progressivism horrors: Parents to start physically maiming their own babies to slice off all “gender” organs in the name of progressivism and “equality”
If you wonder where “progressivism” is headed, look no further than the self-mutilation movement where LGBT followers physically maim their own bodies to become so-called “nullos” by cutting off their nipples and reproductive organs.

Outrage As Baptist Pastor Dan Freemyer Gives Benediction Prayer At Baylor Graduation Asking God To ‘Deliver Us’ From The Evil Of ‘Straight White Men’ And ‘Fossil Fuels’
A number of years ago, I created a category on NTEB called “The Church Of Laodicea“, for articles and stories about churches and pastors claiming to be Christian yet were incredibly either lukewarm or full-blown apostates. For a long time there was little to no stories involving Baptist churches. Sadly, over the past year, that has changed. Baptist churches are falling just as far and just as fast as the Liberal megachurches are.

Monsanto Faces More Than 13,000 Plaintiffs Amid Calls In Europe They Kept Dossiers On Influential People Both Pro And Anti Pesticide, Rigged Studies
Last week Activist Post reported that Monsanto had kept dossiers on influential people throughout France and other European countries. This week, it was revealed that the German chemical and pharmaceuticals giant Bayer disclosed that Monsanto, the controversial U.S. pesticide producer behind genetically modified organisms (GMOs) involved in more than 13,000 plaintiffs lawsuits alleging illness had kept “watch lists” of its opponents including journalists in key EU member states and in EU institutions.

Amid ‘extreme’ heat wave, officials close parks, restrict holiday bonfires
Police and firefighting officials are preparing for an “extreme” heat wave starting Wednesday and continuing into the weekend, shuttering popular hiking areas and limiting permits for the traditional bonfires that accompany the Lag B’Omer holiday that begins Wednesday night.

46 cases of MUMPS in county with highest illegal immigrant traffic

Hidalgo County, Texas, is ground zero for the most illegal aliens coming in among all places along the southwestern border. It is also experiencing an outbreak of mumps, with 46 reported cases countywide since March, an unprecedented number for any U.S. county. Yet you would never know about this if you rely on the national media beat reporters at the border to report on it.

Democrats’ passage of “Equality Act” is the first stage in their attempts to CRIMINALIZE Christianity and throw all practicing Christians in prison (while banning their speech)
One of the first things Americans need to understand about Democrats is that virtually every piece of legislation they propose is misnamed.

BREAKING: Leading Cardinal Declares Nancy Pelosi Gets NO COMMUNION!
The head of the Vatican court just declared that Nancy Pelosi cannot receive communion until she changes her stance on abortion.

Jason Chaffetz: Democrats claim they want election security – They really want to secure election victories
In the wake of the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller confirming Russian interference in our 2016 presidential election, we are enjoying broad bipartisan consensus on the need to improve election security.

Israel braces for fresh fire flare-up as temperatures set to skyrocket
Help from four countries expected to arrive as officials warn brush fire outbreak could worsen with scorching heat and wind, day after dozens of homes destroyed in blazes

Al Jazeera Says Its Holocaust Denial Video Was A Mistake, But Has A Long History Of Anti-Semitism
The Al Jazeera news network and its AJ+ subsidiary have a long history of anti-Semitism. The network, which pushes Islamic rhetoric in Arabic but has wrapped itself in progressive liberalism in English, is controlled by the royal family of Qatar.

WATCH: Ilhan Omar Attacks Conservative People Of Faith On House Floor
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) attacked conservative people on the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday over their advocacy for pro-life stances on abortion.