22 May 2019

Americans are in the midst of a dangerously uncivil Civil War
“The Nazi cartoons are back.” “It’s 1932 all over again.” “Never again shall Arabs control Jerusalem.” “Tlaib and Omar are intentionally mainstreaming anti-Semitic memes just as Hitler did in the lead up to World War 2.” Why are Jews still voting for the Democratic Party?” “Omar should kiss the ground here, the country that rescued her. She wants Sharia law, go back to where it is, don’t bring it here.” “Why are Jews hiding when their people are being demonized?” “The progressives are lost. The Anti-Semitism is out of control, it is a serious situation.” “Such blatant evil cannot be denied and it must be faced.”

Unseasonable extreme heatwave expected to hit the country
The Health Ministry warned in a statement that low humidity and high winds are expected with temperatures predicted to soar above 40 degrees Celsius (above 100 degrees Fahrenheit) in most parts of the country. It said that several measures should be taken to avoid any health risks.

Unusual May Snow in Colorado, the Rockies
Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari has the latest on the big, unusual snow that hit the Rockies in late May. (video)

Severe Thunderstorms and Flash Flooding to Remain Threats in Plains and Midwest Into Late-Week
Severe thunderstorms and heavy rain will continue to impact parts of the Plains and Midwest into late-week with damaging winds, large hail, tornadoes and flash flooding. (video)

‘Totally devastated’: Major Christian broadcaster suffers catastrophic firebombing
The Jerusalem studios of Daystar were completely destroyed over the weekend during a weekend arson attack.“Reduced to a pile of rubble and ashes,” said network owner Marcus Lamb. “I’m certain the enemy thought this attack would be fatal to our efforts to share the Gospel across Israel. But as usual, he’s wrong. What the devil meant for evil, God will use for our good.” He indicated police have two working theories concerning possible motivation. The first is the firebombing was religiously motivated since “the TV station is Christian and it’s Ramadan, and Muslims are upset and blah, blah, blah,”

DOJ threatens war with Congress over Mueller report
Democrats are infuriated that the Mueller report found the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia. But now, the Washington Examiner reports, Justice Department officials are warning House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., that if the House moves to punish Barr, the DOJ no longer with cooperate on make more of the Mueller report available.

Lawsuit seeks ‘chart of the statutory violations’ by Hillary Clinton
Fitton said that now that the Mueller investigation has ended, “the FBI has the time and manpower to focus on an investigation of Clinton unencumbered” by former FBI Director James Comey, former Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, former lead FBI investigator Peter Strzok, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page “and their anti-Trump colleagues.” Judicial Watch said it has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Justice Department for “draft copies of FBI charts containing information on potential ‘statutory violations’ committed by Hillary Clinton in the former secretary of state’s use of a non-secure, non-government email server to conduct government business.”

Antifa Organizer Ordered To Pay Legal Fees Over ‘Unreasonable, Frivolous’ Lawsuit
A San Francisco judge on Wednesday ordered a Berkeley Antifa organizer to pay Judicial Watch $22,000 in legal fees and $4,000 in litigation costs, while her co-plaintiffs were ordered to pay $1,000 each to the conservative legal watchdog. Judge Vince Chhabria, an Obama appointee, called Yvette Felarca’s lawsuit against Berkeley Unified – in which Judicial Watch was named as a party – “frivolous” and “unreasonable.”

Yes, our US troops were ordered to ignore Afghan pedophiles raping little boys
American soldiers are being punished for blowing the whistle on the systematic rape and enslavement of young boys at the hands of brutal Afghan Muslim military officials. On Thursday, Obama administration flacks went out of their way to downplay Afghan child rape as “abhorrent,” but “fundamentally” a local “law-enforcement matter.” This is the price the innocents pay for blind multiculturalism.

Japan tells the UN they will NOT take in any refugees, saying the needs of their own citizens come BEFORE the needs of Muslim migrants
Japan’s prime minister said that his nation needs to attend to its own demographic challenges posed by falling birth rates and an aging population before opening its doors to refugees.

Catholic Cardinal Burke: It’s ‘responsible’ for Christian nations to resist ‘large-scale Muslim immigration’
“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what’s happened, for instance, in Europe, in countries like France and Germany and also here in Italy. And it’s also happening in the United States.” Burke cited a book called No Go Zones which, he said, “records places in the United States where, in fact, Muslim immigrants have set up their own legal order.” “In other words, they resist the legitimate authority of the state,” he continued. This suggests to the cardinal, then, that resisting mass immigration by Muslims into one’s country is a laudable act of patriotism. “So to be opposed to large-scale Muslim immigration is … a responsible exercise of one’s patriotism,” he said.

Turkey sees improvement in F-35 talks with U.S. but prepares for sanctions
Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar said he sees an improvement in talks with the United States over the purchase of Russian S-400 defense systems and U.S. F-35 fighter jets, but added that Ankara was also preparing for potential U.S. sanctions. Turkey and the United States are at odds over Ankara’s decision to buy the S-400s, which cannot be integrated into NATO systems.

UAE, Saudi Arabia to attend U.S. peace conference in Bahrain
The United Arab Emirates on Wednesday said it welcomed a June 25 to 26 “Peace to Prosperity” economic workshop hosted in Bahrain in cooperation with the United States. The Trump administration has cast the conference as an overture to its own plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The UAE also announced its support for the workshop and its participation in it with a delegation, Emirates News Agency (WAM) said later on Wednesday.

U.S. suspects Syrian government may be using chemical weapons
The United States sees signs the Syrian government may be using chemical weapons, including an alleged chlorine attack on Sunday in northwest Syria, the State Department said on Tuesday, warning that Washington and its allies would respond “quickly and appropriately” if this were proven. “Unfortunately, we continue to see signs that the Assad regime may be renewing its use of chemical weapons, including an alleged chlorine attack in northwest Syria…

US: deal ‘not only economic’; Bahrain: workshop ‘serves no other purporse’
A day after the US and Bahrain jointly issued a communique announcing an “economic workshop” in Manama in June – the first phase in the Trump administration’s rollout of its long-awaited peace plan – the US stressed that the “deal of the century” was not just an economic one, while Bahrain underlined that this particular meeting was.

Indonesia post-election protests leave six dead
Six people have been killed and 200 injured during mass rallies against the re-election of Indonesian President Joko Widodo. Indonesian police confirmed the death toll based on reports from hospitals. They said the cause of the deaths was being investigated. The national police chief has said the public should not assume police were responsible.

Yemen war: UN appeals to Houthi rebels over aid
The UN says food aid is being diverted by some corrupt and uncooperative officials in Houthi-held areas of Yemen, where millions of people are believed to be on the verge of famine. David Beasley, head of the World Food Programme (WFP), told the BBC the agency’s efforts to reach people in need were being repeatedly blocked. He said he hoped “good Houthi leaders” would prevail over the corrupt ones.

Nevada passes National Popular Vote bill in bid to upend Electoral College
The Nevada Senate approved Tuesday a National Popular Vote bill on a party-line vote, sending the legislation aimed at upending the Electoral College to the governor. Assembly Bill 186, which passed the Senate on a 12-8 vote, would bring Nevada into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, an agreement between participating states to cast their electoral votes for the winner of the popular vote.

Why Is the Pentagon Interested in UFOs?
U.S. Navy pilots and sailors won’t be considered crazy for reporting unidentified flying objects, under new rules meant to encourage them to keep track of what they see. Yet just a few years ago, the Pentagon reportedly shut down another official program that investigated UFO sightings. What has changed? Is the U.S. military finally coming around to the idea that alien spacecraft are visiting our planet?

Israel hit by extreme heatwave and worst is yet to come
Israel on Wednesday is expected to be hit by an extreme heatwave that will reign supreme throughout the country over the coming weekend. According to Meteo-Tech meteorological company, while in northern and central Israel the weather will be very hot, in the south of the country (and in the Sea of Galilee region) the temperatures will reach extreme heights.

Israel expands Gaza fishing zone amid reports of six-month truce
Israel said Tuesday it has expanded the fishing zone off the Gaza coast from 22km (12 nautical miles) to 28km (15 nautical miles) in order to avoid “a humanitarian deterioration of the Strip.” The announcement comes just hours after both Israel and Hamas denied reports that they had reached a six-month ceasefire, although the expansion of the fishing zone is the first stage of such a truce.

U.S. south ‘still under the gun’ after deadly storms
A storm system that blasted the U.S. South was weakening on Tuesday but another was on its way after thunderstorms and tornadoes left a swath of destruction, killed at least two people and tore up a NASCAR grandstand. More than 30 tornadoes struck on Monday and Tuesday from Texas, Oklahoma and across the southern plains into Missouri, said meteorologists with the National Weather Service.

May snow wallops Denver area and many other places across the US
Only several days ahead of Memorial Day weekend — the unofficial start of summer — heavy snow pounded the Denver area Monday evening into Tuesday morning. Many in Colorado were disappointed to find a heavy blanket of snow outside their windows.

From Texas to Oklahoma, more than 40 tornadoes touch down
More powerful storms are building in the southern Plains where five and a half million people are under a threat of severe weather. Tornadoes touched down in several states over the weekend. School is canceled Monday for more than 150,000 kids around Oklahoma City where the biggest threat is right now. David Begnaud reports.

40 000 troops on standby as extremely heavy rain hits Taiwan, debris flow warnings issued for 214 streams
Extremely heavy and heavy rain warnings are in place in most of Taiwan on Monday, May 20, 2019. Warnings against debris flows were issued for 214 streams. The country’s Ministry of National Defence (MND) has placed 39 000 soldiers on standby to help residents deal with potential disasters.

Yes, our US troops were ordered to ignore Afghan pedophiles raping little boys
American soldiers are being punished for blowing the whistle on the systematic rape and enslavement of young boys at the hands of brutal Afghan Muslim military officials.

Dunkin’ Do Nots: Don’t Mix Coffee with Politics
When shoppers are barraged with Converse’s 11-year-old drag kid and Target is busy funneling money to an LGBT indoctrination factory, it’s a relief to see that some companies refused to get caught up in radical politics. Over at Dunkin’ Donuts, executives have decided to distinguish themselves another way: by staying neutral.

Watch Australia Because Their Government’s Tyranny Is Coming Here
Australia is disappearing the rights of its citizens to the point where the country is soon going to indistinguishable from Communist China. It is almost as if the PM of Australia is modeling his government after the Communist Chinese government. Some think Australia is a beta test for what is coming to America. Bad’day Mate!

Medial fascism: Vaccine pushers also believe the government can FORCE you to undergo chemotherapy
Medical fascism is on the rise in America as left-wing medical tyrants push mandatory vaccines and mandatory chemotherapy on the masses, even while they are screaming that the government should “get your hands off my body” when it comes to abortions.

False Teacher Beth Moore Wants To Tear Down Biblical Womanhood And ‘Throw Off The Shackles’ Of The Apostle Paul’s Commands On The Operation Of The New Testament Church
Beth Moore is another one of the many end times female false teachers who are really motivational speakers who really want to be preachers who really want to be men. She started out innocently enough, teaching the bible to women, then somewhere along the way, she changed. Drastically. In 2019, we find her leading a full-on frontal assault on both biblical womanhood and what the Bible says is the role for women who want to serve in the church to play. She has gotten so bad, in fact, that we have made her a full-time resident of the Church at Laodicea.

U.S. school fails Christian student for refusing Islamic prayer
The declarations could have been made by an imam in a mosque sermon. “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.” “Islam at heart is a peaceful religion.” Jihad is a “personal struggle in devotion to Islam, especially involving spiritual discipline.”

Ilhan Omar in U.S. illegally? Serious lawsuit seeks answer
Former Justice Department prosecutor and Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman, who previously petitioned the Department of Homeland Security and the House of Representatives to investigate Rep. Ihlan Omar, D-Minn., to determine her eligibility for naturalization, now has gone to court.

Geologist: A Yellowstone Eruption “Would Destroy Most Of America”
Zaba is importantly not predicting that the volcano is going to erupt soon, but simply stating that it does have the power to destroy humanity and life as we know it…