20 May 2019

Ayaan understands Islam’s Jew-hating Jihad for the prophet
Somali ex-Muslim conscientious objector to Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, warned her capacity audience that the “scale and scope” of Islamic Antisemitism remains incomprehensible to most Westerners, rendering this ugly, burning hatred even more dangerous. “Little attention is paid (to it) and that is a pity because it is the most zealous, most potent Jew hatred. It both condemns Jews wholesale and seeks to destroy the State of Israel.” “Love of the Prophet, requires hatred of the Jews.”

Trump Admin Kicks Off Plan to Foster Israeli-Palestinian Peace
The Trump administration has started to implement its multi-faceted plan to foster peace between Israel and the Palestinians, a process that will begin in June when Bahrain hosts a forum to promote economic development in key Palestinian territories, according to senior administration officials. The Trump administration’s long rumored peace plan is just beginning to spill into public view, with senior officials organizing a June 25 business forum in Bahrain that will bring together a range of political and business officials in the region to develop methods to spur growth in the Palestinian economy.

Japan issues warning over probable volcano eruption
Japan’s Meteorological Agency on Sunday issued a warning over a possibility of volcanic Mount Hakone erupting. Along with this, the agency also raised its alert level to two on a scale of five, according to NHK. The step was taken after the number of volcanic earthquakes near the mountain increased on Saturday.

US in new push to resolve Israel-Lebanon sea border dispute
Israel and Lebanon both claim some 860 square kilometers (330 square miles) of the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon hopes to unleash offshore oil and gas production as it grapples with an economic crisis. Washington is mediating between the two countries, which have been officially at war since Israel’s creation in 1948.

Europe’s far-right parties hunt down the youth vote
“The far right has made a very explicit effort to pander to younger audiences. They’ve essentially rebranded themselves,” said Julia Ebner, a researcher with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a left-leaning think tank. “Far-right political parties have been most active in engaging with social media users.” The far right has also succeeded at picking up on existing grievances and fears among young people and at using their language and cultural reference points, she said.

Trump: I don’t want to fight, but you can’t let Iran have nukes
While Trump continued opposing military intervention, he indicated Iranian nuclear development would constitute an urgent exception.

What You Need to Know About the Newly Minted Satanic Temple ‘Religion’
By recently granting tax-exempt status to the Satanic Temple, the IRS now officially acknowledges the group as a religion. “This acknowledgment will help make sure the Satanic Temple has the same access to public spaces as other religious organizations, affirm our standing in court when battling religious discrimination, and enable us to apply for faith-based government grants,” read a statement posted to the organization’s Instagram account.

Russia to Launch ‘Fake News’ Database
Russia’s media regulation agency Roskomnadzor announced Wednesday that it will create a public database of “fake news,” using new authority granted to the agency by President Vladimir Putin with a controversial Internet law signed at the beginning of the month.

Trump Threatens “THE END OF IRAN” After Rocket Lands Near US Embassy in Baghdad
Iraqi military spokesman Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasoul told The Associated Press that a Katyusha rocket fell near the statue of the Unknown Soldier, less than a mile from the U.S. Embassy. He said the military is investigating the cause but that the rocket was believed to have been fired from east Baghdad. The area is home to Iran-backed Shiite militias.

New Caledonia earthquake: HUGE 6.8 quake rocks island off coast of Australia
The quake hit 179 km (111 miles) eats of Tadine in the Loyalty Islands. Moreover, the earthquake hit a depth of 14 km (9 miles) the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has confirmed. The island is located in between Australia and Fiji near to the infamous Ring of Fire. Last December the island was put on “immediate evacuation” following a tsunami warning.

A tropical cyclone is brewing in the Atlantic, but hurricane season has yet to arrive
A tropical cyclone could form in the Atlantic in the next few days and barrel toward Bermuda, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami. Whether the storm will track toward the Carolinas or elsewhere on the coast was too early to predict, as of Saturday afternoon. A special outlook has been issued for an area of low pressure that is expected to form several hundred miles S or SW of Bermuda late this weekend. Thereafter, gradual development of this system into a tropical or subtropical cyclone is possible.

‘New York Times’ Bret Stephens: West ‘in crisis,’ Israel on right track
New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner Bret Stephens said earlier this week that Western civilization is “in crisis” due to people straying from certain values. “The West is in crisis because it is following policies that are not in keeping with its values and deep traditions, especially with the rise of antisemitism, which is usually the harbinger of national decline,” he said at the annual American Friends of Migdal Ohr (AFMO) Gala….

Radical Islam’s Existential Threat to Christianity Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Middle Eastern Christians have endured a long and violent history at the hands of radical Muslims. At the turn of the 20th century, Christians made up 20 percent of the population in the Middle East. Today, that number is only 3-5 percent. “Christians have been harassed in more countries than any other religious group and have suffered harassment in many of the heavily Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa,” says the Pew Research Center’s Katayoun Kishi Related.

Trump and the Jews: A Fascinating Look into American Jewry and the US-Israel Relationship Under Trump
“How can a president who has been so good for the Jewish people fail to receive [the liberal American Jewish community’s] support?” Trump and the Jews explains that while the majority of Jewish Americans voted for Hillary Clinton, there is a “strong and growing part of the Jewish community that isn’t so clearly anti-Trump,” Rubin told Breaking Israel News. The majority of these Jews are Orthodox Jews and those “very strongly connected to Israel and their Judaism.”

Carriers Promise They Stopped Selling Your Location… Again
Last year it was discovered that Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile were all selling your real-time location data to third-party companies. They offered no oversight of what the companies did with the data whatsoever, and if that’s not disturbing enough, those third-parties turned around and sold the data to yet other parties like LocationSmart. …the companies pledged to stop selling your data in varying statements. The most notable statement came directly from T-Mobile CEO John Legere…. But last January, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T got caught continuing the practice. In that case, your location data was so laughably accessible; a bounty hunter could buy it for a mere $300. Now, five months later… Even as they stress that they had the right to do so, and did nothing wrong. This time, we’re sure they “super-duper promise” and really mean it.

Palestinian PM: We weren’t consulted about U.S.-led economic conference
Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh claimed that the Palestinian government was not consulted regarding a US-led economic conference being held in Bahrain next month designed to encourage investment in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Reuters reported on Monday. The economic portion of US’s Middle East peace plan is expected to be revealed at the conference June 25, according to the White House.

US president says war would be ‘end’ of Iran as tensions rise
US President Donald Trump has issued a stern warning to Iran, suggesting it will be destroyed if a conflict breaks out between the two countries. “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran,” he said in a tweet on Sunday. “Never threaten the United States again!” The US has deployed additional warships and planes to the Gulf in recent days.

Saudis say they will defend themselves, as Trump warns Iran
Saudi Arabia does not want war but will not hesitate to defend itself against Iran, a top Saudi diplomat said Sunday after the kingdom’s energy sector was targeted this past week amid heightened tensions in the Persian Gulf. U.S. President Donald Trump, meanwhile, warned Iran that it will face destruction if it seeks a fight, while Iranian officials said their country isn’t looking for war. Trump spoke after a rocket hit near the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Abbas aide: U.S. peace plan will fail without Palestinian statehood
Any American peace plan that ignores the Palestinian people’s political aspirations for an independent state is doomed to fail, a senior Palestinian official said Monday — boding poorly for a Mideast peace conference in Bahrain,planned next month. The comments by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ spokesman immediately cast a cloud over the conference, which is expected to take place in late June in the tiny Gulf Arab state of Bahrain.

As U.S.-Iran tension simmers, rocket fired near Iraq’s U.S. Embassy
A rocket was fired into the Iraqi capital Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone, which houses government buildings and diplomatic missions, on Sunday night, falling near the U.S. Embassy but causing no casualties… The attack came two weeks after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Iraqi leaders…that if they failed to keep in check Iran-backed militias, which are expanding their power in Iraq…the United States would respond with force.

U.S. warship sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade tensions
The U.S. military said one of its warships sailed near the disputed Scarborough Shoal claimed by China in the South China Sea on Sunday, angering Beijing at a time of tense ties between the world’s two biggest economies. The busy waterway is one of a growing number of flashpoints in the U.S.-China relationship, which include a trade war, U.S. sanctions and Taiwan.

Visualizing The Countries In Range Of Iranian Ballistic Missiles
While they cannot match the 6,000 km range of North Korea’s Taepodong-2, Iranian missiles could prove a major threat to U.S. military installations across the Middle East…

Healthcare Workers Warn that Mandatory Vaccines Are Already Here
Since the passage of California State Bill 792, or the “Mandatory Vaccination Law,’ concerned citizens around the country have been publicly voicing their discontent with the notion of forced vaccines. Now, professional healthcare workers are warning us that an insidious form of mandatory vaccines are already here, and in a recent video, nurse Lauren Atkinson, from Georgia, shares her troubling story of how hospitals are threatening the jobs of healthcare workers who refuse the flu vaccine.

Katyusha Rocket Lands Near US Embassy in Central Baghdad
A Katyusha rocket was fired off into Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone on Sunday. The blast was heard in central Baghdad on Sunday night.

Miracles Happen! “Unplanned” Movie is Causing Abortion Workers to Leave Their Jobs
Abby Johnson’s star is growing and growing. The “Unplanned” movie has been an overwhelming hit and exceeded expectations. In a recent interview with Rachel del Guidice of The Daily Signal, Johnson delivered lots of good news about the effects of the movie on the abortion industry it seeks to villainize.

135 officers arrest 50 people in massive Connecticut heroin bust: 11 suspects on the run
State and Federal law enforcement arrested 50 people in Connecticut on Friday as part of a massive undercover operation that resulted in the seizure of thousands of bags of heroin, guns and $15,000 in cash.

HPV vaccine carries 25% chance of lifelong sterilization, study finds
A new research study has found that 25% of girls who receive the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine end up sterilized. They will never be able to conceive children.

CIA Officer Under Brennan Sentenced To Prison For Chinese Espionage
Kevin Mallory will be spending the next 20 years behind bars for passing information to a Chinese intelligence officer under Obama’s reign.

Now that we know the FBI is corrupt and treasonous, it’s time to revisit the “official narrative” of 9/11 in search of the real truth
 Now that the American people are fully aware the FBI is a corrupt, treasonous criminal cabal, it’s important to revisit the events of 9/11:

Canada: al-Qaeda linked charity helps Toronto area Islamic center raise funds to turn church into mosque
The “Al-Qaeda-linked Kuwaiti charity”–Revival of Islamic Heritage Society–helped the Canadian Islamic organization Abu Huraira Center raise funds “to buy a former Church to convert into a mosque”, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism. The Church property cost about 8,800,000.

Al Jazeera suspends journalists over Holocaust video
The Al Jazeera media network on Sunday suspended two journalists responsible for a video claiming the extent of the Holocaust was being misrepresented by Jews.

hina State Run Media Broadcasts Anti-American Movies To Millions Amid Deepening Trade War 
“Enlightenment from this film to Chinese: there’s no equal negotiation without fighting.”