19 May 2019

In the Path of This Storm? ‘Take Cover Now!’
the National Weather Service spotted a “rain wrapped tornado on the ground” in San Angelo. “Take cover now if you are in the path of this storm!” the service cried. Meanwhile, over 35,000 Texas customers have no power between the two cities. And that’s not all: With tornado season peaking, at least 34 have been spotted across a swath of the country including Texas, Nebraska, and Kansas. One wrecked two homes Saturday morning in Comanche County, Oklahoma….In all over 70 million people are facing the prospect of severe weather from southern Minnesota to Texas.

U.S. sanctions are limiting Iran’s ability to fund Hezbollah – report
The latest wave of US sanctions has significantly curbed Iran’s ability to fund Hezbollah, The Washington Post reported on Saturday. The Lebanese terrorist group has traditionally been the best funded Islamic Republic’s proxy, with its fighters and affiliates benefiting from salaries and social services paid for by Tehran.

Turkey keeps talking about building an S-500 system with Russia
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey had finalized it’s S-400 deal with Russia and would not turn back from acquiring the advanced system. In comments made Saturday the Turkish leader also hinted at producing an “S-500” system jointly with Russia. This would be a major new element of the emerging Turkish-Russian alliance and another sign of Ankara’s drift away from the US and NATO.

Iran-US tensions: ‘There will be no war’, says Zarif
Iran’s foreign minister has said he does not believe a war will break out in the region amid concerns over rising tensions with the US. Mohammad Javad Zarif told state news agency IRNA that Tehran did not want a war, and that no country had the “idea or illusion that it can confront Iran”. The US has deployed warships and planes to the Gulf in recent days over what it has described as Iranian “threats”.

Trump breaks silence amid Alabama abortion ban row
US President Donald Trump has outlined his “strongly pro-life” views on abortion amid controversy over strict new laws passed in several states. Mr Trump said he was against abortion except in cases of rape, incest or a “serious health risk” to the mother. His stance on what is a divisive election issue in the US emerged days after Alabama passed a law banning abortion in almost all cases.

‘Weapons in our hands’ Venezuelan Military warns it is ready to slaughter US troops
Troops in the South American country took part in what was dubbed a “march of loyalty” to show their support for President Nicolas Maduro. The embattled Socialist leader visited Aragua State to watch…soldiers pledged their allegiance. “Only the ones who fight have a right to be. You will never invade my country. Listen to us small gringo. We are ready. With weapons in our hands … we are waiting for you,” the personnel shouted during the parade.

US issues warning to airlines flying over Gulf
The Federal Aviation Administration has warned US airlines flying over the Gulf to exercise caution “due to heightened military activities and increased political tensions in the region.” The advisory, which also covers airspace over the Gulf of Oman, comes amid rising tensions between the US and Iran.

China’s top diplomat calls for U.S. restraint on trade, Iran
China’s senior diplomat Wang Yi told U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo…that recent U.S. words and actions had harmed the interests of China and its enterprises, and that Washington should show restraint… Speaking…by telephone, Wang said the United States should not go “too far” in the current trade dispute between the two sides, adding that China was still willing to resolve differences through negotiations, but they should be on an equal footing.

Congo’s Ebola outbreak: Health workers fear for their safety
Some doctors fighting the second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in history are afraid to wear scrubs.

Dozens of tornadoes have struck the Plains since Friday, with a serious outbreak feared on Monday 
Severe storms have plagued parts of the Plains since Friday, including about 50 reported tornadoes, and more severe weather is on the way. A dangerous severe weather outbreak is possible Monday, which would target parts of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. Massive hail, destructive winds, and potentially strong tornadoes could be in the offing.

Rapid DNA testing reveals a THIRD of migrants faked family relationship with kids
An Immigration and Customs Enforcement pilot of new rapid DNA testing at the border has found that nearly a third of those tested were not biologically related to the children in their custody.

Syria accuses Israel of airstrikes near Damascus
Several explosions were heard in the Syrian capital on Friday night as the country’s air defenses opened fire on “objects” coming from the direction of the Golan Heights, state media reported.

Pete Buttigieg Equates Radical Shia And Wahhabi Islam With Christianity
Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg equated radical Shia Islam and the Islamic ideology behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks with Christianity’s capacity for extremism Friday.

Senator Feinstein (D) Is An Unregistered Agent for Communist China
Dianne Feinstein loves communists. Senator Feinstein cavorts with communists. She has close alliances with many of America’s most dangerous enemies. In short, Senator Dianne Feinstein is an enemy of the State.

Ohio pastor gets life in prison on child sex trafficking charges
A minister in Ohio who pleaded guilty to child sex trafficking has been sentenced to life in prison.

Socialism Leaves South Africa in the Dark
Nearly 150 years after electricity came to South Africa, the country is in the dark. The blackouts can strike at any time and then lights, hot water and even major industries vanish into the darkness.

WHO 2050 Prediction: 10 Million Could Die From Mutated Superbugs And We’ll Have Nothing To Fight Them
The discovery and widespread use of antibiotics many decades ago have saved millions of lives. Infections that were once a death sentence were easily treated with the medications. Unfortunately, many antibiotics are now becoming ineffective because bacteria have become resistant to the drugs.

THE RAVENSBRUCK RABBITS: Brilliant Secretly-Coded Letters Written By Four Concentration Camp Inmates To Tell the World About Horrific Nazi Medical Experiments During WWII
There are many amazing stories of survival when we read about Hitler’s Holocaust in WWII, stories of astounding courage, bravery and defiance in the face of stupefyingly overwhelming odds. The four women who risked their lives to warn the world of Nazi atrocities is such a story.

College Board president pushing ‘adversity score’ is same man behind controversial Common Core program
The College Board president behind the recent decision to assign applicants an “adversity score” is the same man who courted controversy pushing Common Core, the national K-12 curriculum standards project that several states adopted, then dropped under pressure from education activists.

Trump Admin Notifies 500,000+ Employers They Have Workers With Bogus Social Security Numbers
The Trump administration has notified more than 500,000 employers that some of their employees’ names do not match their reported Social Security numbers in a new move to crack down on illegal aliens.

WATCH: Barr Promises America Will Soon Know “EXACTLY What Happened!”
Attorney General William Barr appears to be highly suspicious wrongdoing occurred as the highest level in the events leading to the Trump campaign probe. Speaking to FoxNews, Barr promised to find out “exactly what happened.” Barr also called Pelosi’s claim he lied “laughable” and part of the “political circus.”

Communist China Edits Pastor’s Sermon, Deletes ‘God Made Heaven and Earth’
As further evidence of Communist China’s continuing persecution of Christians, a pastor’s sermon was edited by government officials who required him to remove the sentence “God made Heaven and Earth and created everything,” and also demanded that he include more Chinese and pro-Communist Party references, the religious liberty watchdog group Bitter Winter reported.

A Chicago couple lives like Orthodox Jews — and preaches the word of Jesus
Two members of the Illinois Jewish community, who dress in religious garb, are outed as Christian missionaries. They don’t deny it, and don’t see a problem