17 May 2019

The Media Won’t Say It, but Christians Are the No. 1 Persecuted Group Worldwide
Sri Lanka. April 21. Five hundred wounded, over 300 dead in terrorist attacks. According to mainstream media and many in the international community, these attacks were another senseless assault on “humanity.” But the destruction of Christian churches on Easter morning was not motivated by generic hatred. We know exactly why these men, women, and children died. They died for their Christian faith. On the holiest day in the Christian calendar, three bombs ripped through Christian churches, killing hundreds who had gathered peacefully to celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the dead. But international leaders have studiously avoided calling this what it is: anti-Christian persecution.

These Big Name Rappers Are Tight With Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan
The rapper said Farrakhan, who has repeatedly demonized Jews as “satanic” and railed against interracial marriage, was banned “for telling truth.” Snoop Dogg’s support for Farrakhan is far from unique in the rap community.

US Suspends All Passenger And Cargo Flights To Venezuela
Though all of the major US carriers have already ended their flights to Caracas, the Department of Homeland Security has officially suspended all air traffic – passenger and cargo – between the US and Venezuela due to the “ongoing political stability and increased tensions.”

‘We did all we could, but it wasn’t enough’ | Asteroid simulation ends with direct hit in NYC
A group of scientists and planners from all across the world met this month in College Park, Maryland to run through a practice scenario and discuss what they’d do if a large asteroid was discovered in an orbit heading towards earth. This exercise was completed over a five day time frame, during which they ran through a 10 year timeline of discovering, observing, and trying to mitigate the threat from a large asteroid heading towards the earth.

In first for Asia, Taiwan lawmakers back same-sex marriage
Taiwan became the first place in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage on Friday, as thousands of demonstrators outside parliament cheered and waved rainbow flags, despite deep divisions over marriage equality.

Israeli ambassador’s ‘Bible speech’ at U.N. goes viral
Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon’s speech several weeks ago has taken on a new life on social media and YouTube as translations into different languages have propelled the “biblical speech” well beyond the walls of the United Nations building. Wearing a kippah and reading from the Bible, Danon defended Israel’s right to the land of Israel.

Jerusalem Police brace for second Ramadan Friday prayers in Old City
Police are taking security measures and remain on high alert in and around the Old City of Jerusalem over Friday, as visitors arrived and prayers commenced on Temple Mount for the second Friday of Ramadan. Roads in the old city were closed to enable the thousands of worshipers to make their way on foot to the Temple Mount.

Taiwan gay marriage: Parliament legalises same-sex unions
Taiwan’s parliament has become the first in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage following a vote on Friday. In 2017, the island’s constitutional court ruled that same-sex couples had the right to legally marry. Parliament was given a two-year deadline and was required to pass the changes by 24 May. Lawmakers debated three different bills to legalise same-sex unions and the government’s bill, the most progressive of the three, was passed.

Trump unveils ‘merit-based’ immigration policy plan
US President Donald Trump has outlined plans for a new US immigration system designed to favour younger, better educated, English-speaking workers. In an address at the White House, he proposed moving away from the current system that favours applicants with family ties to the US. He said border security would be beefed up and a tougher line taken on asylum seekers.

Apprehensions up 42% on NORTHERN border as Mexicans, Central Americans try to enter US from Canada
The overwhelming surge of illegal immigrants on the U.S.-Mexico border is drawing agents away from the northern border, where apprehensions are also increasing significantly. Sault Ste. Marie Border Patrol Agent in Charge Henry Laxdal told WJFW apprehensions in the Detroit sector increased 42 percent between 2017 and 2018, though the numbers pale in comparison to the southern border crisis.

Likud members: leaving West Bank settlements was a crime
Likud members sent a message to Prime Minister Netanyahu calling for him to revoke the disengagement law from 2005, that enabled the pullback from Gaza and disbanding four settlements in the Northern West Bank. Nine members of Likud along with others from the right- wing, toured the site of Homesh, a settlement that was evicted in 2005 as part of the disengagement from Gaza.

After Huawei blow, China says U.S. must show sincerity for talks
The United States must show sincerity if it is to hold meaningful trade talks, China said…after U.S. President Donald Trump dramatically raised the stakes with a potentially devastating blow to Chinese tech giant Huawei. China has yet to say whether or how it will retaliate…although…the ruling Communist Party’s People’s Daily publishing a front-page commentary that evoked the patriotic spirit of past wars.

Farmageddon Looms: Only 30% Of US Corn Fields Have Been Planted, 5 Year Average Is 66%
It is no exaggeration to say that what we are facing is a true national catastrophe.

Facebook Censors Picture of Unborn Baby, Says It May ‘Be Sensitive to Some People’
Facebook censored a pro-life advertisement campaign featuring an unborn baby because it might “be sensitive to some people.”

Second Worst Ebola Outbreak in History Is Now Killing 66 Percent of People Who Become Infected
The current outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has infected 1,720 and killed 1,136, giving the viral disease a whopping 66 percent fatality rate. And the situation is making public health experts on the ground increasingly nervous.

Turkish Lira Tumbles After Trump Terminates Preferential Trade Agreement In Retaliation For S-400 Order
“I have determined that, based on its level of economic development, it is appropriate to terminate Turkey’s designation as a beneficiary developing country effective May 17, 2019.”

Wettest 12-month period on record leaves US nearly drought-free amid rampant flooding
The continental United States just recorded its wettest 12-month period in recorded history, while also moving one step closer to being drought-free, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Texas Police Raid Dallas Diocesan Offices, Claim Catholic Officials Withheld Information
Texas police raided the offices of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas Wednesday on the grounds that Catholic officials withheld information from authorities’ sex abuse investigation.

Trump: If Iran does anything, they will suffer
US President warns Iran will “suffer greatly” if it targeted US interests.
US President Donald Trump warned on Monday that Iran would “suffer greatly” if it targeted US interests.

President Trump Was Right: CDC Confirms 143 Babies Born Alive After Abortions, Left to Die
The “fact checkers” at Associated Press were the latest to fulminate against President Trump mocking Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam about executing babies born alive after an abortion attempt. The tweet was mockable: “The reality behind President Trump’s false accusation that abortion doctors execute babies.” Apparently, abortion doctors just kill….germs? Cellular clumps?

Walmart Betrays Trump And America In Unpatriotic Move
Walmart is one of the most profitable companies in history and a true American success story. But their success came at a cost.

CNN & MSNBC Caught Meddling In US Democracy
Both Channels put out fraudulent claims about Presidential polls..