11 May 2019

Cuba to increase rationing amid shortages
Cuba has announced rationing of more products amid shortages it blames on the US trade embargo and hoarders. There have been hours-long queues for basic foodstuffs in recent weeks on the Caribbean island. People have posted photos of long waits at the supermarket under the hashtag #lacolachallenge, meaning queue challenge.

Pentagon deploying Patriot anti-missile battery to Middle East to further deter Iranian threat
The Pentagon would not specify the location but a senior military official said it would arrive “relatively soon.” The decision follows an announcement earlier in the week that the U.S. would deploy a carrier strike group and bomber task force to the region in response to indications that Iran and its proxies were preparing to attack U.S. forces and interests in the region.

Debate rages in Egypt as Christian women told to cover up
A Coptic priest’s comments about women’s clothing being too revealing in churches has sparked a heated debate this week among Egyptian Christians, the largest religious minority in the Middle East. Father Daoud Lamei, a well-known parish priest in an upmarket Cairo suburb with a sizeable social media following, lambasted Christian women for attire that he deemed immodest.

April was another record month for illegal immigration
According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), April set yet another record, with a total of 109,000 apprehensions at the southwest border. Unless the administration…calls for a complete shutoff of immigration processing at the border, it’s unlikely that the numbers will fall significantly. The partial measures being pursued currently might have worked a year ago when we warned about the tsunami, but not now that we are squarely in the storm.

San Francisco Weighs ‘IPO Tax’ to Spread Tech Wealth
City leaders here are proposing to more than triple a tax on stock compensation in a bid to use revenue from a wave of public offerings by tech companies to address concerns about growing wealth disparity. The so-called IPO tax would raise the levy on corporations for stock-based compensation to 1.5% from the current rate of 0.38%.

Chinese Officials Warn: Christianity Causes ‘Enormous Harm’ to Society
Government leaders in China’s third most-populous province held a seminar last month to warn communist officials of the “enormous harm” Christianity poses on China’s security, according to China Aid, which promotes religious freedom within the country.

Calif. approves new sex ed guidance; critics say it is too explicit, morally corrupt
California’s Department of Education voted to approve a controversial guidance for sex education for elementary and middle school students despite protests by parents and others.

Houston Rains Bringing Floods Reminiscent of Hurricane Harvey, Water Rescues Begin Into the Night
The fourth-largest city in America is bracing for storms Thursday night that could bring even more flooding to a region that has been saturated during the last week. Houston officials have emergency vehicles staged for anticipated flooding not seen since Hurricane Harvey in 2017, which was one of the greatest rain events in the country’s history.

May snowstorm breaks 117-year-old record in Minnesota
While the calendar shows it’s more than six weeks into spring, Mother Nature dealt a wintry blow to Minnesota with a winter-like storm that unleashed historic snow amounts in some locations on Wednesday into Thursday.

Tetanus Vaccine Causes a New Disease Known as Antiphospholipid Syndrome
…The tetanus vaccine causes a new disease known both as Hughes syndrome and antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). It’s an autoimmune condition that can attack any part of the body, though is best noted for heart attacks and killing fetuses. It’s likely that APS will become more common with the new generation of vaccine adjuvants now being produced.

Trump Takes Iran Seriously, Here Is Full List Of Firepower That The US Military Is Sending To Middle East Right Now To Counter Latest Iranian Threat
On Monday, we told you that in response to threats from Iran, the US military had authorized the USS Abraham Lincoln to be deployed to the Middle East. Yesterday, the Lincoln passed through Egypt’s Suez Canal. Iran said they could take out the Lincoln with a single missile, and guess what? The United States is talking them seriously and sending quite an impressive array of ships, planes and firepower. The full list is in the article here below.

Mother Says 12-Year-Old Daughter Was Taken To Clinic, Had Birth Control Implanted In Arm Against Her Will
The mother of a 12-year-old Beaver Falls girl is demanding answers after a doctor implanted birth control in her arm.

White House Immigration Plan Likely to Include Mandatory E-Verify
An immigration plan being drafted by the White House is likely to include a provision that mandates, nationally, the E-Verify system that prevents businesses from hiring illegal aliens over American citizens.

Change Your Faith, or Else: Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Equality Act’ Will Make Religious Freedom Less Equal
The House Judiciary Committee voted last week to advance the deceptively named “Equality Act,” which, according to the conservative legal nonprofit Alliance Defending Freedom, “gives people of faith an ultimatum: Change your faith-based practices or face government punishment.”

Death by donation: Euthanizing patients for organs gaining acceptance
Organ donation is a selfless gift to those on transplant wait lists. But what if we euthanized patients by harvesting their organs?

New Data Reveals 19 Million People in 43 States Exposed to Toxic Chemicals in Drinking Water
While those who lead our cities, towns, and public utilities companies continually reassure us that they’re doing us a service and require payment to continue doing so, it is glaringly obvious that most Americans are getting a poor return on their investment.

Massive Fifth Column Forces Have Infiltrated The United States and Are Ready to Attack
This article is filled with questions that emanate from a developing narrative in which it is apparent that there is nothing about the US government that can be trusted and there are indeed people who intend to do us harm if we stand in the way of an extreme leftist take over.

Planned Parenthood CEO Declares Her Happiest Moment Was Forcing Christians To Pay For Abortion Drugs
In February 2018, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards said that Christians should be forced to perform abortions because morality is a form of ‘discrimination.’ In a recent statement, Richards said that her ‘happiest moment’ was forcing Christians to pay for abortions:

Colo. School Shooting Suspect Was ‘Transitioning to Male,’ 2nd Suspect Said He ‘Hates’ Christians
You can be certain the latest school shooting in Colorado will be dropped by the media real quick.

The Vatican Is Bringing Christian Pastors To Rome To Train Them In How To Perform Catholic Ritual Exorcisms Using Saints, Icons And Graven Images
Ah, Rome, drunken with the blood of the saints, Rick Warren would feel right at home here. You will remember that back in 2014, Rick Warren gushed effusively about ‘our pope’, and what a great jobs he was doing. Well, now Pope Francis has invited Christian pastors to come to Rome and learn the ways of Babylon in how to ‘cast out devils’. Not surprisingly 241 people have taken the bait from the man in the fish hat to become trained in how to use Roman Catholics idols and icons to perform exorcisms. If it wasn’t so profoundly sad, it would be pretty funny.