7 May 2019

7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea
CANBERRA, Australia – The quake hit around 7:20 a.m. Tuesday about 33 kilometers (21 miles) southeast of Bulolo, on the country’s eastern side. It struck at a depth of 127 kilometers (79 miles), U.S. Geological Survey said. It wasn’t immediately clear if there was any major damage.

Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung spews massive smoke-and-ash column
Mount Sinabung on Sumatra island – which has been rumbling since 2010 and saw a deadly eruption in 2016 – spewed the thick plume after activity picked up recent days. Disaster agency officials said the eruption has the “potential” to affect flights, but it had not issued a formal notice for planes to avoid the area. Local residents living along rivers near the crater were advised to be on alert for possible lava flows.

8 Zoonotic Diseases Shared Between Animals and People of Most Concern in the U.S.
“Every year, tens of thousands of Americans get sick from diseases spread between animals and people. CDC’s One Health Office is collaborating with DOI, USDA, and other partners across the government to bring together disease detectives, laboratorians, physicians, and veterinarians to prevent those illnesses and protect the health of people, animals, and our environment,” Plague, Emerging coronaviruses (e.g., severe acute respiratory syndrome and Middle East respiratory syndrome)……

European Elections: “The Battle for Europe has Begun”
“My friends, we are gathered here today to stand up for our freedom and our sovereignty. “Immigration must be stopped, and the Islamist ideology must be eradicated…. Islamization and globalism are new totalitarianisms that threaten European countries.” — Marine Le Pen, Prague Press Conference.

Report: Israel Provided Tip About Possible Iranian Attack on US Interests in GU.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton said: “The United States is … send[ing] a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force.”ulf
Israel tipped the United States about a possible Iranian plan to “attack U.S. interests in the Gulf” prior to U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton warning Iran on Sunday night with “unrelenting force,” reported Israel’s Channel 13, citing senior Israeli officials. “The officials said intelligence gathered by Israel, primarily by the Mossad intelligence agency, is understood to be part of the reason for Bolton’s announcement,” according to the outlet, adding that the tip was passed along a few weeks ago during discussions at the White House between delegations led by Bolton and his Israeli counterpart, Meir Ben-Shabbat.

Organisms that breathe arsenic discovered in the Pacific Ocean
Arsenic is toxic to almost all life forms, but now researchers at the University of Washington have discovered that some microbes in the Pacific Ocean not only tolerate the stuff, but actively breathe it. Arsenic-breathing microbes have previously been found in hot springs or lakes with high arsenic levels, but finding them in the ocean, where there isn’t all that much arsenic to begin with, is quite strange.

Rocket Lab fires a set of satellites into orbit for US military
2019 is shaping up as quite a success story for US space startup Rocket Lab. The company has backed up a successful satellite launch for DARPA in March with another for the US Air Force, seemingly putting a string of technical troubles behind it as it looks to ramp up the frequency of its missions from here on out.

Artificial embryos possible after embryonic stem cells breakthrough
An incredible new study from researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has for the first time found a way to transform skin cells into all three of the stem cell types that make up an early-stage embryo. This extraordinary discovery points a way toward creating an embryo without the need for an egg or sperm.

Magnitude-5.8 earthquake rattles Ilocos Norte in northern Philippines
An earthquake of 5.8-magnitude struck Ilocos Norte province in the northern Philippines on Monday, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said. The institute said the quake, which struck at 10:48 a.m. local time, hit at a depth of 8 km, about 11 km northwest of Pagudpud town in Ilocos Norte. Phivolcs said the quake was also felt in nearby Pasuquin town in Ilocos Norte, Tuguegarao City, Claveria town in Cagayan province, Sinait town and Vigan City in Ilocos Sur province.

‘Fearfully, wonderfully made’ proven in Times Square
Over the weekend, thousands of tourists and native New Yorkers saw a live 4-D ultrasound of a third-trimester baby on huge video screens in Times Square, despite efforts to censor the images. Focus on the Family reports the turnout for “Alive from New York” far exceeded expectations. “That close to 20,000 people would jam into New York City’s Times Square on a Saturday to celebrate life should encourage everyone who continues to champion and protect the most vulnerable and innocent among us,” the ministry says. “It was a triumph and the largest pro-life gathering in the history of New York City.”

HHS stirs up left-wing anger for defending religious rights
More praise is pouring in for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which under the Trump administration is finally defending the federally-protected conscience rights of doctors and nurses.

Tear-filled Alveda King on NDOP: ‘Hallelujah!’ for Trump
King got emotional after listening to Trump’s sincere appeal to God given after Vice President Mike Pence and First Lady Melania Trump lifted America up to God, asking for His blessing on the U.S. – the first country in the world’s history to have governing laws and principles rooted in the Bible.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims Records Himself Rebuking Pro-Life ‘Old White Lady’ Saying Rosary
Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims videotaped himself last week as he rebuked a woman he called an “old white lady,” who was praying the rosary as she demonstrated in front of a Planned Parenthood facility.

Dalai Lama Warns America and Europe About Muslim Refugees
“A human being who is a bit more fortunate has the duty to help them. On the other hand, there are too many now,” he said. “Europe and America, cannot become an Arab country,” he added with a laugh, the daily reported.”

Bilderberg Elites Planned Free Speech Crackdown Prior to Trump Win, Internet ID Next Step
In June of 2016, Prior to the current social media purge, Bilderberg elites discussed implementing an Internet ID in Dresden, Germany. Under the Obama administration, a National Internet ID was proposed. CBS News reported in 2011, Those involved said that the ID needed to be created by the private sector because if the government did it, “it wouldn’t be trusted”. When discussions were taking place on how to implement this ID system, Facebook emerged.

As Ramadan nears, Islamic terror groups tell the world that jihad is the best form of worship
Terrorist groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and the Taliban in recent days made their annual call to arms as Ramadan approaches, claiming Allah exceptionally rewards martyrdom during the holy month. This year, the holiest month for Muslims is expected to run from the evening of May 5 to June 5, depending on the phases of the moon.

Lost Fertility Clinic Embryos Weren’t Living Persons, Ohio Appellate Court Rules
Frozen embryos are not living persons, an appellate court in Ohio affirmed Thursday. The ruling is the latest development in a case brought by a couple who lost three embryos in a fertility clinic storage tank malfunction last year.

Qatar will allocate $480 million to the West Bank, Gaza
The Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani has ordered the transfer of $480 million to the Palestinian Authority and the Gaza Strip, according to a statement from the Qatari Foreign Ministry. Some $300 million will go toward the Palestinian Authority’s budget for health and education, with the remaining $180 million earmarked for UN programs for the Palestinians as well as electricity services.

US accuses China of backtracking on trade deal
US trade representative Robert Lighthizer has accused China of backtracking on commitments in trade talks, but insisted a deal on tariffs is still possible. He said President Trump’s threat to impose new taxes on Chinese exports came after China reneged on promises. But he said a Chinese delegation was still expected in Washington on Thursday for a further round of talks.

Microsoft offers software tools to secure elections
Microsoft has announced an ambitious effort to make voting secure, verifiable and subject to reliable audits by registering ballots in encrypted form so they can be accurately and independently tracked long after they are cast. Two of the three top U.S elections vendors have expressed interest in potentially incorporating the open-source software into their voting systems.

Cartels thrive in New Mexico county after feds shut down checkpoints
…Otero County last month became the first border community to declare a state of emergency after the federal government shut down two local checkpoints in the area, which had traditionally provided a second line of defense against shipments of drugs and illegal immigrants who managed to sneak through the border at El Paso, about 90 miles to the south.

Catholic Clergy Accuse Pope Francis of Heresy, Call to Reprimand Him
A group of Catholic Church clergy members and theologians has called on bishops to admonish Pope Francis, accusing the head of the Vatican of heresy, according to reports.

Resistant ’superbug’ hitting hospitals in N.Y., N.J. should be declared public health emergency, lawmaker says
A U.S. senator is calling for federal officials to declare a public health emergency over the a potentially deadly fungus that has been spreading at health care facilities in New York and New Jersey, among other states.

Tropical Cyclone “Fani” forced one of the biggest human evacuations in history, death toll rises to 30
At least 16 people have been killed in India and another 14 in Bangladesh due to strong winds and heavy rain produced by Tropical Cyclone “Fani” since it made landfall May 3, 2019. More than 200 were injured.

Pope slanders those who are calling for strengthening nation sovereignty and protecting borders
Pope Francis addressed participants at a Vatican conference on Thursday and denounced a trend toward nationalism that entails “excessive demands for sovereignty.” “The common good has become global and nations must associate,” the pope told members of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences who gathered for their annual meeting, entitled “Nation, State, Nation-State.”

Facebook Has An Orwellian Future Just For You
Alex delves into what you can expect in the very near future as the totalitarian tech rollout accelerates. There are already plans to surveil any dissent via text messages and organized digital gulags.

Crimes, deaths, and attacks during Ramadan 2019 – updated daily
Crimes, deaths, and attacks during Ramadan 2019 – updated daily: Ramadan killathon – takbir!

No, Christianity Doesn’t Need To Endorse Homosexuality To Grow
Stop accepting the Bible as true and admit Christianity has gotten it terribly wrong on homosexuality. This is the advice Rev. Oliver Thomas gives in a recent opinion article in USA Today for how the church can stop “hemorrhaging members” and see brighter days.

United States Deploys USS Abraham Lincoln With Bomber Strike Force To Middle East After Hearing Iran Planned Attack On US Forces In Region
Well this was quite the surprise tonight. As a very shaky ceasefire is called between Israel and Hamas, the United States makes the stunning announcement that we are sending over the USS Abraham Lincoln and a bomber attack squad to the Middle East after threats from Iran.

NOT OVER: As Ceasefire Goes Into Effect, Netanyahu Says Gaza Campaign Not Over And Israel Is Preparing To Continue Fight Against Hamas
As we told you yesterday, it is no coincidence of any kind that the United States is sending over the USS Abraham Lincoln to the Middle East to deal with some vague, non-specific “Iranian threat’ at exactly the same time Hamas wants a ceasefire. Netanyahu has zero intentions of letting this one go after Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad rockets killed 4 Israelis over the weekend.

Review: ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’: A Tense Look At Bundy’s Charm
“Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” is a Netflix original crime biopic about serial killer Ted Bundy…Rather than focusing on the grotesque nature of Bundy’s crimes, as one might expect from the title, the film centers around Bundy’s relationships and the impact his various trials had on them.

Rejected: Transgender Weightlifter’s Claim to Women’s Records Revoked By League
A born-male transgender weightlifter, who recently smashed several women’s powerlifting records in a single day by “identifying” as a woman, has had the claims rejected by the official weightlifting league.