29 Apr 2019

Turkey, Iran, Russia condemn US move on Golan Heights
Turkey, Russia, and Iran on Friday condemned the U.S. decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Syria’s occupied Golan Heights. “In this regard they strongly condemned the decision of the US Administration to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, which constitutes a grave violation of international law, particularly the UN Security Council resolution 497, and threatens peace and security in the Middle East,” read the statement

Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day: Revisiting Islam’s Greatest Slaughter of Christians
…the genocide of Christians—mostly Armenians but also Assyrians and Greeks—that took place under the Islamic Ottoman Empire, throughout World War I. Then, in an attempt to wipe out as many Christians as possible, the Turks massacred approximately 1.5 million Armenians, 300,000 Assyrians, and 750,000 Greeks.

A Lab-Grown Brain Twitched an Isolated Muscle. Here’s Why That’s Amazing
When cultured together with the spinal cord and its supporting muscles isolated from embryonic mice, the mini-brain slices automatically reached out and formed connections called synapses. These human-mice chimeric synapses weren’t just for anatomic show: when stimulated, the highway-like “tracts” of neural connections repeatedly sparked electrical bursts that made the muscles zombie-dance.

A Deceptively Simple Tweak to CRISPR Makes It 50 Times More Accurate
a team from Duke University may have found a universal workaround—a trick to fundamentally boost CRISPR’s accuracy in almost all its forms. The upgrade is deceptively simple: tag a “locking” structure to one end of the guide RNA so that only the targeted DNA can unleash the power of the Cas scissors.

Kissing Bug, Which Causes Chagas Disease, Confirmed In California
The deadly “kissing bug” has been confirmed in dozens of U.S. states, including California, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. Chagas disease, as it’s officially known, earned the moniker because the triatomine bugs that transmit it typically bite people in the face.

Street artist and provocateur Dan Park was originally jailed for three months after he tweeted that, “Rape culture is fundamental and OK among MENA [Middle East and North African] people”. In other words, it’s now a hate crime in Sweden to tell the truth – that there are massive problems with integration amongst Muslim migrants.

Hungary donates millions to help foreign persecuted Christians and victims of Muslim Jihad
“The Hungarian government has pledged an initial 9 million forints (roughly $31,000 U.S.) in emergency aid to the survivors of the recent attacks on Christians and Christian churches in Sri Lanka” and Hungary is considering an even larger donation. That’s in addition to millions spent on other aid projects to help persecuted Christians and victims of jihad.

Russia and Iran in ‘hectic race’ for the future of war-torn Syria
While Iran is attempting to improve, and even revive, Syria-Turkey relations, with the aim of forming a regional alliance, Russia, he said, is working to nudge the Assad regime closer to Saudi Arabia and the other Arab countries, with the aim of weakening Iran’s influence on Syria and in the entire region.

Russia open to possible new arms control deals with U.S. – Kremlin aide
Citing administration officials, The Washington Post reported on Thursday that Trump has ordered his administration to prepare a push for a new arms control agreement with Russia and China due to the mounting cost of the 21st-century nuclear arms race. Ushakov, in remarks to Russian state TV released on Sunday, said Moscow was ready to hold talks about the subject.

San Diego Synagogue Shooting: One Killed, Three Wounded as Worshipers Listen to Priestly Blessing
60-year-old Lori Gilbert Kaye was killed and three others were wounded by a 19-year-old shooter who opened fire in the Chabad Poway Synagogue in San Diego at 11:23 am on the Holy Sabbath. One of the wounded was reported to be a eight-year-old girl wounded in the leg and face, and another was Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, the 57-year-old rabbi of the synagogue. The rabbi may lose several fingers in what were described as “defensive injuries.”

IAF jets take to the skies in preparation for Independence Day flyover
Israeli fighter aircraft will be flying over cities and towns across the country over the coming days in preparation for the military’s annual Independence Day flyover… Independence Day will begin the night of May 8 following Memorial Day commemorations. Last year residents of Tel Aviv were shocked to see practice flights over the city without any announcement by the IDF, causing the military to release an official apology “for the panic that was caused.”

Iranians evacuate after unidentified aircraft seen in east Syria
Iran began evacuating headquarters in Deir al-Zor area in eastern Syria on Sunday after unidentified aircraft flew over the area for 30 minutes, local news agency Deir EzZor 24 reported. Local sources told Deir EzZor 24 that the aircraft were not Russian, Iranian or Syrian. A large presence of military vehicles has been reported in the area since the aircraft were spotted.

Sri Lanka bans face veils after Easter day bombing attacks on churches
Authorities in Sri Lanka on Monday banned women from wearing face veils under an emergency law put in place after deadly Easter Sunday attacks by Islamist militants. The measures would help security forces to identify people as a hunt for any remaining attackers and their support network continues across the Indian Ocean island, authorities said.

Spain election: Socialists win amid far-right breakthrough
Spain’s governing Socialists won the country’s third election in four years, but have fallen short of a majority. PM Pedro Sánchez’s party polled 29% and will need the help of either left-wing Podemos and regional parties, or the centre right, to form a government. For the first time since military rule ended in the 1970s, a far-right party, Vox, is set to enter parliament.

Ukraine’s president-elect rejects Russian passport plan
Ukraine’s president-elect has mocked Russia’s offer to give passports to his countrymen, saying the document would provide “the right to be arrested”. In a Facebook post rejecting the idea, Volodymyr Zelensky pledged to give citizenship to “suffering” Russians. Earlier this week, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin signed a decree offering people in eastern Ukraine’s separatist territories passports.

An algorithm wipes clean the criminal pasts of thousands
This month, a judge in California cleared thousands of criminal records with one stroke of his pen. He did it thanks to a ground-breaking new algorithm that reduces a process that took months to mere minutes. The programmers behind it say: we’re just getting started solving America’s urgent problems…The group [Code For America] had made Clear My Record, a tool that can analyse text in court files, using character recognition to decipher scanned documents.

Manhunt on for gunman who shot one person dead and left seven injured when he opened fire at a cookout near a Baltimore church
A man has died and seven others are wounded after a gunman fired indiscriminately into a crowd that had gathered for Sunday afternoon cookouts along a Baltimore street. Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said the gunfire erupted after 5pm on a block in the city’s western district of brick row homes. Harrison said a man approached a crowd on foot and began firing in what he called ‘a very tragic, very cowardly shooting.’

Lebanon ready to determine maritime border with Israel
The speaker of Lebanon’s parliament indicated Lebanon was prepared to set a maritime border with Israel under the supervision of the United Nations. During an April 23 meeting in Beirut with Maj.-Gen. Stefano del Col, commander of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), Nabih Berri said his country was prepared establish a maritime border and special economic zone with Israel…

Security beefed up in Tokyo as emperor prepares to abdicate
Divers scoured moats around the Imperial Palace and police dogs sniffed in bushes on Monday as authorities ramped up security for the start of Japan’s new “Reiwa” imperial era. The new era begins on Wednesday when Crown Prince Naruhito ascends the Chrysanthemum Throne a day after the abdication of his father, Emperor Akihito, brings to an end the 31-year Heisei era.

Canada s Montreal declares emergency over flooding
Montreal: The Canadian city of Montreal on Friday declared a state of emergency over the threat of flooding following a similar decision by the capital Ottawa.

Photos: Unusual spring storm blankets Chicago in snow, more than 700 flights canceled
With only a mere four days until May, north-central United States residents witnessed an unusual sight as more than 2 inches of snow fell in Chicago for the first time in more than a century.

Goldman Sparks Erdogan’s Fury, Predicts Lira Will Crash To All Time Low In 12 Months
“We are rolling our forecasts to show even further depreciation (USD/TRY to 6.25, 6.50 and 7.00 in 3, 6 and 12 months).”

Trump Announces Withdrawal From U.N. Small Arms Treaty — Signs Doc in Front of NRA, Tosses Pen Into Crowd
…“Under my Administration, we will never surrender American sovereignty to anyone. We will never allow foreign bureaucrats to trample on your Second Amendment freedoms. And that is why my Administration will never ratify the UN Arms Trade Treaty” he announced to the raucous crowd.

College Professor Teaching Future Doctors Compares Unborn Babies to Parasites
A presentation by a University of California San Diego professor shocked students recently by comparing an unborn baby to cancer and parasites.

NEVER Bring An Amazon Alexa Into Your Home
Privacy advocates are sounding alarms about Amazon’s Alexa device. A few weeks ago, the commands users were giving to their “smart devices” were being monitored by humans all in the name of “product empowerment.” But there is even worse news for those who cherish their privacy.

The measles outbreak is a massive false flag; nearly all outbreaks are caused by infected migrants, not American children
“Think about how cold-blooded it is, that the bureaucrats and the UN and the globalists that control our government, opened our borders and told the entire Third World, filled with diseases, to pour into our nation,” reports Alex Jones in a bombshell new video called “The Measles Outbreak is a Giant False Flag and Hoax.”

Undercover Katy human-trafficking sting yields 47 arrests in 10 days
Dozens of people were arrested in an undercover, human-trafficking sting conducted in the Katy area last month, according to local law enforcement officials.

Every Liberal City In America Is Headed Toward Venezuela
Liberal cities across America are collapsing into Third World

Corporate coercion The Human Rights Campaign is dictating LGBT policies to the majority of America’s biggest companies
The nation’s largest LGBT advocacy group released its annual scorecard for businesses last month, a report that increasingly has U.S.-based companies scrambling to meet a growing list of ideological demands.

Iran: Leaving nuclear treaty one of ‘many options’ after US sanctions move
Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tells state broadcaster that authorities are considering “numerous” options in response to U.S. ending waivers for import of oil from Iran. Meanwhile, Iran’s chief of staff says U.S. Navy has not changed its protocol regarding the now-blacklisted Revolutionary Guards.