9 Apr 2019

It’s Not The Equality Act, It’s The Homosexual Supremacy Act
Don’t let the left and the Talking Snake Media lie to you. They lie to us all by the words they hope will drive and dominate the narrative. One of those words is “equality.” They have deceived more people by this one word than perhaps by any other. After all, who could be against equality? If they can create a linguistic narrative driven by the notion of “equality,” then if we oppose it they tag us as people who are against fairness and equal rights for all and as people who are nothing more than blackguards and bigots. But the reality is that not all behaviors are equal in moral value and should not be treated the same. The behavior of a man engaged in the act of sodomy with a homosexual partner is not morally equivalent to the behavior of a man who is engaged in loving and conjugal union with the wife of his youth. It is moral blindness and even stupidity to pretend otherwise.

Mark Meadows: More criminal referrals coming, ‘overwhelming evidence’ shows DOJ, FBI abuse
Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., teased more criminal referrals against Justice Department and FBI officials on Monday as a colleague of his plans to submit one of his own. House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., announced on Sunday he is ready to send eight criminal referrals to Attorney General William Barr this week related to the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. In a tweet, Meadows, a member of the Oversight Committee, said it was the “right move” and hinted that there is more to come. “The right move from @DevinNunes. More criminal referrals to come. And certainly more deserved. Overwhelming evidence shows multiple FBI + DOJ executives abused their power to undermine a duly elected President Trump. They will be held accountable,” Meadows said.

Intense spring storm to deliver blow to 200 million people in US this week
A major storm will target the central United States with a wide array of travel-disrupting weather conditions around the middle of the week. After first sweeping through the West, the storm will strengthen across the nation’s heartland around Wednesday and Thursday, bringing everything from damaging winds to heavy snow, rain and a renewed risk of severe weather.

Stormy weather to continue its grip on the Middle East this week
More unsettled weather is expected across parts of the Middle East this week as some areas continue to endure devastating flooding. The death toll in Iran stands at 70 following several weeks of flooding that have affected most of the country, according to BBC News.

Spring on hold as chill descends on northern Europe this week
It is going to feel more like winter than spring in parts of northern Europe this week as Arctic air sends temperatures tumbling. The biggest shock will be felt from the Netherlands to Poland and Slovakia, where temperatures soared well above normal on Monday.

Trump Purge Set to Force Out More Top Homeland Security Officials
Government officials, who asked not to be identified discussing personnel changes before they were announced, said at least two to four more high-ranking figures affiliated with Ms. Nielsen were expected to leave soon, too, hollowing out the top echelon of the department managing border security, presidential safety, counterterrorism, natural disasters, customs and other matters.

GOP State Rep. Delivers Controversial Prayer Before Swearing In Chamber’s First Muslim Woman
State Representative Stephanie Borowicz has said she simply prayed “how I pray every day” when she delivered a nearly two-minute prayer on March 25 that was heavy on Christian imagery and praised Trump for standing beside Israel, shortly before state Representative Movita Johnson-Harrell was sworn in. “I don’t apologize ever for praying,” Borowicz told The Pennsylvania Capital-Star. (VIDEO)

Bokhari: Amazon Is on a Digital Book Burning Spree
As with financial blacklisting, a censorship spree that starts by targeting extreme ideas quickly moves towards the censorship of more mainstream ones. In early March, the online retailer banned Muhammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam, a Chronological Koran and critique of the Islamic religion co-authored by British populist Tommy Robinson. The book is a chronological reordering of the Islamic Koran, followed by commentary by Robinson and his co-author, Peter McLoughlin. Amazon did not return Breitbart News’ request for an explanation of why the book was banned.

Rep Nunes to Send 8 Criminal Referrals to DOJ Connected with Russia Probe – FISA Warrant
Over the weekend, Nunes told Fox News that he is preparing to send 8 criminal referrals to the Department of Justice and they are all related to the Russia probe and the FISA warrant used to spy on a member of the Trump campaign. The referrals spell out charges ranging from leaking highly classified information and conspiracy to lie to Congress and the FISA court.

Boston Herald erupts on toxic media, Democrats
The editorial board of the Boston Herald published a piece on Monday titled “Democrats and toxic media at their worst,” revealing how top names in the news business intentionally twist the president’s words to mislead and divide the public. “The left and its compliant media are willfully reporting false news to the American people,” the Herald’s editors said.

Pro-Life Pastor Destroys Roe v. Wade in Front of Phoenix City Council: Uses PC Language to Expose Hypocrisy
“We are engaging in the highest form of hypocrisy if we puff our chests and look down our noses at slave traders and German soldiers and sit quietly and impotent while children are slaughtered in the wombs of their mommies.” – Pastor Jeff Durbin

Erdogan Says Russia Defense Deal ‘Done’ as Putin Urges More Ties
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he’s going ahead with the controversial purchase of a Russian air-defense system over U.S. objections as Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin urged even closer military links between their two countries. “Everything is done” on the agreement to buy the S-400 missile system and “those who ask or suggest we backtrack don’t know us,” Erdogan told reporters after talks with Putin in Moscow on Monday. “If we sign a deal on an issue, that’s a done deal. This is our sovereign right, no one can ask us to back down.’’

Federal Court UPHOLDS Kentucky Law Forcing Abortionists to Offer Women Ultrasounds: “Historic Day!”
“This also inherently provides the patient with more knowledge about the effect of an abortion procedure: it shows her what, or whom, she is consenting to terminate. That this information might persuade a woman to change her mind does not render it suspect under the First Amendment. It just means that it is pertinent to her decision-making.”

Israel election: PM Netanyahu seeks record fifth term
Israelis are voting in the country’s most closely-fought general election in years. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the right-wing Likud Party, is seeking a fifth term in office. But he is facing corruption allegations and a strong challenge from former military chief Benny Gantz. Mr Gantz, head of the centrist Blue and White alliance, is challenging Mr Netanyahu on the key issue of security and is promising cleaner politics.

Sudan protest: Demonstrators continue sit-in despite crackdown
Heavy gunfire has been heard outside the army headquarters in the Sudanese capital Khartoum where thousands of protesters have been holding a sit-in for the third night in a row. They are calling for the resignation of President Omar al-Bashir. Witnesses reported seeing people running for cover after the shooting began. Earlier, tear-gas was fired.

Randolph Alles: US Secret Service director to leave post
US President Donald Trump has reportedly fired the director of the US Secret Service. Randolph Alles is one of several Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials being ousted on Monday, says the BBC’s US affiliate, CBS News. Mr Alles’ departure comes a day after DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen tendered her resignation under pressure over the situation at the US-Mexico border.

A powerful spyware app now targets iPhone owners
Security researchers have discovered a powerful surveillance app first designed for Android devices can now target victims with iPhones. The spy app, found by researchers at mobile security firm Lookout, said its developer abused their Apple-issued enterprise certificates to bypass the tech giant’s app store to infect unsuspecting victims.

Bokhari: Amazon Is on a Digital Book Burning Spree
Under pressure from left-wing journalists and activists, Amazon is purging right-wing authors from its store, including a book co-authored by English Islam critic and independent commentator Tommy Robinson. The web retail giant has become the dominant market player in book sales, accounting for nearly 50 percent of physical and 83 percent of e-book sales in the U.S.

U.S. judge halts Trump policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico
A U.S. judge on Monday halted the Trump administration’s policy of sending some asylum seekers back across the southern border to wait out their cases in Mexico, stopping a program the government planned to expand to stem a recent flood of migrants. The ruling is slated to take effect on Friday, according to the order by U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg in San Francisco. The preliminary injunction will apply nationwide.

U.S. proposes list of EU goods for tariff retaliation against Airbus subsidies
The U.S. Trade Representative…proposed a list of European Union products ranging from large commercial aircraft and parts to dairy products and wine on which to slap tariffs as retaliation for European aircraft subsidies. With the move, the USTR said it was kicking off the process for retaliation against over $11 billion worth of damage from EU subsidies to Airbus that the World Trade Organization has found cause “adverse effects” to the United States.

Atheism becomes the largest religion in the United States
For the first time in history, atheists constitute the largest religious group in America. According to the General Social Survey, the number of Americans who have no religion has increased 266% over the past three decades and now account for 23.1% of the population, just barely edging out Catholics and Evangelicals as the nation’s dominant faith. Mainline Protestant churches have suffered the greatest collapse, declining 62.5% since 1982 and now comprising just 10.8% of the U.S. population.

Senator proposes US enter defense pact with Israel
Lindsey Graham tells Republican Jewish Coalition that world should be made to see that an attack against Israel is an attack against America

Corrupt Hillary Clinton Superdelegate Pleads Guilty, Headed To Jail
Another day, another corrupt Hillary supporting Democrat is headed to jail. But this is not any Hillary supporter, but one of the superdelegates Hillary used to rig the primary against Bernie Sanders.

Pope Blames US And Europe For Deaths Of Children In Syria And Afghanistan
Pope Francis has hit out at the United States and Europe for the deaths of children in Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan, stating there would be no wars with wealthy Western countries didn’t manufacture arms.

Thousands Of Elderly Patients Go Blind In Britain Due To Eye Surgery Rationing
Healthcare rationing is a regular part of the United Kingdom, which has nationalized healthcare in a way Democrats in America want to bring here.

Abrams: GA Bill Saving Babies from Abortion is “Evil,” “Bad for Business”
ailed Georgia 2018 Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said her state’s pro-life “Heartbeat” bill– which would ban abortions after six weeks unless the pregnancy was conceived through rape or incest–is “evil” and “bad for business.”

Christianity Answers Barbara Bush’s Questions About When Life Begins
It is clear that Barbara Bush formed her feelings about abortion with little knowledge about what the Bible says about the soul.

‘Sugar Babies’ CEO Charged with ‘Incitement to Debauchery’
A Norwegian CEO who ran poster campaigns trying to recruit young women to become “sugar babies” to older men outside university campuses has been charged with “public incitement to debauchery” in Belgium.

Canadian Man Fined $55k For ‘Misgendering’ Transgender Female
A Canadian man was fined $55,000 for “misgendering” a transgender female, who is biologically male.