8 Apr 2019

Palestinians and Nazis, End-of-Days Esau-Ishmael Alliance
It is undeniable that during World War II, many Muslims allied with Germany and hundreds of thousands of them fought for the Nazis. It could be argued this was due to their common enemies: the British Empire, the Soviet Union, and the United States of America. … this alliance was based on common philosophies and a hatred of their greatest common nemesis: the Jews.

Russia, Angola sign cooperation deals in Moscow
Russia delivered six SU-30K fighter jets to Angola this year and two more are expected by the end of May, Angola’s Defense Minister Salviano de Jesus Sequeira told reporters. He said the country is interested in buying Russian S-400 air-defense systems, but there is no talks because of economic difficulties. “Angolan armed forces are used to work with Russian weapons” and because of that the military cooperation between the two countries “will last forever,”, Sequeira added.

Senator Lindsey Graham: “An Attack Against Israel is an Attack Against US”
In a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) in Las Vegas on Saturday, South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham proposed a mutual defense agreement with Israel since “an attack against Israel should be considered an attack against the United States.” Graham said America should tell Israel’s enemies that if they intend “to destroy the one and only Jewish state, you have to come through us to get them.”

Did The Pope Just Evoke the Prophetic Alliance Between Esau and Ishmael Against Jerusalem?
It is a well-known Jewish idea that the clashes among Jacob, Esau and Ishmael that began in the book of Genesis continue throughout history. Objectively speaking, the primary political and spiritual adversaries of the Jewish people (the descendants of Jacob) have always been Christians (the descendants of Esau) and Muslims (the descendants of Ishmael). There is an ancient Jewish teaching that, during the End Times, the descendants of Esau and the descendants of Ishmael will unite in their desire to destroy the descendants of Jacob. Pope Francis referred to harmony between Christians and Muslims as “a beautiful flower that promises to bear fruit.”

Are We Ready For An Implant That Can Change Our Moods?
The FDA has only approved deep brain stimulation for a handful of conditions, including movement disorders — dystonia, essential tremor and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease — and a type of treatment-resistant epilepsy. Now, many scientists in the U.S. and around the globe are experimenting with the technology for psychiatric conditions like depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder. The results of clinical studies so far are very mixed: Some patients say they have been totally transformed while others feel no effect at all, or they get worse. …the technology’s potential to instantly and powerfully change mood raises ethical, social and cultural questions.

Hamas: Global Warming Launched Our Rockets
The art of abdicating responsibility for the firing of rockets into Israel reached a level that only be described as something out of a Monty Python sketch as Hamas blamed weather conditions for their recent launching.

One truthful Democrat emerges to call out party’s ‘delusions’
The problem, of course, is that all leading Democrats are drinking the Kool-Aid that America is ready to embrace extreme, left-wing policies and that Mueller and Barr are covering up for Trump and Vladimir Putin. This is the stuff of moon bats and tin-foil hats, yet if there is a major Dem in power with the courage to say so, I’ve missed it. The whole party, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi included, seems determined to hold hands and jump off a cliff.

Scientologists consider Tom Cruise to be a ‘deity’
Cruise is said to be “considered a deity within Scientology.” Former church member Leah Remini has said, “He is second to David Miscavige — the savior of the free world.” Cruise was seen March 9 at the front of a celebration of the holiest day of the Scientology calendar — L. Ron Hubbard’s March 13 birthday — at the church’s spiritual mecca in Clearwater, Fla.

Physicists Are Starting To Question Physical Reality
This new idea is basically saying that that the physical universe that everyone sees, all the matter, all the physical objects only exists because humans perceive it as that. ItBreitenberg (848532) resembles a sort of mass hallucination that is being used to make sense of the mathematical relationships of objects. While this does seem quite far-fetched, according to Kastrup, it’s gaining ground.

Laura Ingraham Guest Says Trans People Will ‘Destroy’ Gender Norms to Create ‘New Species’—’Human and Part Machine’
Fox News host Ingraham was speaking to Dr. Paul Nathanson, a gender relations professor,… “I think that the trans people have taken it one step further because by abandoning gender altogether, not simply re-writing it, they’re basically trying to use social engineering to create a new species. Which is what, in fact, the transhumanists have been doing for the past half century. Using medical and other technologies to develop a new species.

PA warns of ‘chaos’ and ‘violence’ if Netanyahu annexes West Bank
The Palestinian Authority has warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about any attempt to annex the West Bank, which will lead “to a cycle of violence and chaos.” Speaking at the the World Economic Forum in Jordan, Palestinian Liberation Organization secretary-general Saeb Erekat chastized Netanyahu saying that “the international community cannot treat Israel as a state that is above the law,” Channel 13 reported.

Ex IDF intel. general: New missile defense strategy needed against Hamas
With Hamas targeting the country’s center more frequently, Israel needs a radical shift in its missile defense strategy, former deputy head of IDF Military Intelligence Brig.-Gen. Meir Elran wrote in an Institute for National Security Studies post on Sunday. According to the post, after making initial jumps forward in missile defense surrounding the 2012 and 2014 wars with Hamas, especially with Iron Dome, the defense ministry may have gotten complacent.

Sudan protest: Clashes among armed forces at Khartoum sit-in
Elements of Sudan’s military have acted to protect protesters in Khartoum after security forces fired tear gas to break up a mass sit-in, eyewitnesses say. Soldiers tried to chase away pick-up trucks firing tear gas, on the second night of a sit-in protest calling for President Omar al-Bashir to resign. Protesters sought shelter in a navy facility, a witness said, as tension among the armed forces was laid bare.

Pakistan accuses India of plotting fresh military attack
Pakistan says it has “reliable intelligence” India is planning a military attack this month, something India dismissed as “war hysteria”. Foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi made the comments on Sunday. Already tense relations between the two deteriorated this year when Pakistan-based militants killed dozens of Indian troops in Indian-administered Kashmir.

ULEZ: New pollution charge begins in London
The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has come into force in central London. Drivers of older, more polluting vehicles are being charged to enter the congestion zone area at any time. Transport for London (TfL) hopes the move will reduce the number of polluting cars in the capital, and estimates about 40,000 vehicles will be affected every day.

Libya crisis: Fighting near Tripoli leaves 21 dead
Libya’s UN-backed government says 21 people have been killed and 27 wounded in fighting near the capital, Tripoli. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called for an immediate halt to the fighting and called for talks. Forces under Gen Khalifa Haftar have advanced from the east with the aim of taking Tripoli.

The Swedish Church Creates LGBTQ View of the Bible for Children, Identifies Jesus as ‘Queer’
The Diocese of Västerås, a division of the Church of Sweden, is now giving away an LGBTQ guide for “Christian queer kids.” Bible-believing Christians may be stunned to hear that this extreme guide describes Jesus as “queer” and Joseph as transvestite.

LGBTQ Activists Seek Control of Maine Mental Health Professionals
LGBTQ lobbyists are working to achieve control of mental health professionals in Maine as a means to crush the notion that children who claim to be a gender that is incompatible with their biological sex are psychologically impaired.

New World Order: Former Un Under-Secretary-General Calls For One World Currency
This year, the world commemorates the anniversaries of two key events in the development of the global monetary system. The first is the creation of the International Monetary Fund at the Bretton Woods conference 75 years ago. The second is the advent, 50 years ago, of the Special Drawing Right (SDR), the IMF’s global reserve asset.

Black-led South Africa permanently withdraws ambassador to Israel, as their open hostility to the Jewish State reaches boiling point
The South African government has implemented what International Relations Minister Sisulu calls “stage one” of its programme of downgrading relations with Israel, by withdrawing its ambassador from Tel Aviv permanently.

Swedish Official: Soros “One of the Most Dangerous Men” in Europe
A prominent Swedish lawmaker asserts that Hungarian billionaire George Soros’s influence on European politics and policies make him “one of the most dangerous men,” according to Samhällsnytt.

California Caves to Planned Parenthood’s Demands, Forces Churches to Fund Abortions
Three churches filed a notice of appeal Thursday in their lawsuit challenging the California Department of Managed Health Care’s mandate that forces churches to pay for elective abortions in their health insurance plans.

California Democrats push for abortion pill in campus clinics
California Democrats again are trying to mandate the abortion pill be stocked in campus clinics across the Golden State’s university system, and this time they’ve got a friend in the governor’s office.

13 Reasons Why the Democratic Party Should Be Declared to be a Domestic Terror Group
At the present time under American law, all citizens have the right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble to air grievances, freedom to have access to an uncontrolled media, the freedom to possess firearms for self-defense, the right to avoid the freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to due process and a trial by a jury of one’s own peers in which life, liberty and property cannot be forfeited without follow judicial rules, etc….

The Vatican IS Saying the West Will Disappear and “Islam Will Rule the World”
The Vatican has some of its top officials state that the West will disappear under the horde of Muslim immigrants. Further, they are proclaiming that “Islam will dominate the world”. These shocking statements make one wonder how the Vatican can backtrack and claim to be worshipping Jesus? The CSS analyzes these shocking statements in the following broadcast.

110,000 Lives Hang In the Balance As Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act Gets April 8th Hearing
exas will make history on Monday as the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act (TX HB896) is scheduled to become the first abortion abolition bill to be heard by a legislative committee since the Supreme Court opined that all 50 states should allow abortion in 1973.

Idol Loving Catholics In New Work City Line Up To Worship The 150-Year Old Preserved Heart Of Dead French Priest ‘Saint’ John Vianney
The Roman Catholic Church has always been the church that Rome built, and it has never been nor will ever be the Church that Jesus Christ shed His blood for. The Vatican has always been a hold of idols and every unclean thing, having a perverse fascination with death. Case in point is today’s story of thousands of Catholic lining up for hours to worship in front of a box said to contain the heart of French Catholic priest John Vianney. This ‘heart in a box’ has been to 28 states so far, just to let you know the Catholic appetite for idol worship.

New York Supreme Court overturns Rockland County’s “medical martial law” ban on unvaccinated children; medical fascist Ed Day rebuked by common sense
The Supreme Court of the State of New York has overturned the medical martial law declaration of Rockland County, NY, whose “head executioner,” Ed Day, had declared a state of emergency and threatened to imprison children and teens for up to six months if they were caught in public unvaccinated.