1 Apr 2019

Pope to Catholics in Morocco: Your mission is not conversion
Pope Francis told Morocco’s tiny Catholic community on Sunday their role in the predominantly Muslim country was not to covert their neighbors but live in brotherhood with all other faiths. Francis has used his two-day trip to stress inter-faith dialog. He has also backed Moroccan King Mohammed VI’s efforts to spread a form of Islam that promotes inter-religious dialog and rejects violence in God’s name.

Lapid to ‘Post’: World leaders want Netanyahu to go
The international community is sick of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and wants the Blue and White Party to form the next government, the party’s No. 2 candidate, Yair Lapid, told The Jerusalem Post in an interview in Tel Aviv on Sunday. “Many of the world leaders I am in touch with desperately want Netanyahu to go,” Lapid said. “Bibi has a problem with the Democratic Party,

Palestinian Islamic Jihad reportedly planning attack on Israel
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group is preparing a “significant” terror attack to undermine the ceasefire arrangement between Israel and Hamas, Yediot Aharonot reported on Monday. According to the report, security forces deployed along the Gaza security fence have noticed “unusual” activity by the group’s military wing, leading security officials to believe that the group might be planning a rocket barrage or breaching of the security fence in the coming hours or days.

Papadopoulos: Mueller investigated Israel ties, not Russian ones
What I was really targeted for by the Mueller team and these individuals has nothing to with Russia, it has to do with my work in Israel,” he told Army Radi

Chuck Schumer called ‘Shm*ck Schumer’ by Cali. Arab-American Caucus chair
Chairman of the Arab American Caucus of the Californian Democratic Party Iyad Afalqa slammed Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer on social media, calling him a “shm*ck”, a “traitor” and belonging to a “fascist Israel lobby,” the Jewish Journal reported.

Trump Isn’t Cyrus, Yet
During the signing ceremony at the White House, Prime Minister Netanyahu established the historical significance of the Golan decision. “In the long sweep of Jewish history,” declared the Prime Minister, “there have been a handful of proclamations by non-Jewish leaders on behalf of our people and our land: Cyrus the Great, the great Persian king; Lord Balfour; President Harry S. Truman; and President Donald J. Trump.” This was not the first comparison of a US president to the Persian king.

2,600 Year-Old Seal Bearing Name Of “Servant of the King” Found in City of David
A clay seal bearing the inscription, “Natan-Melech, servant of the king” was found in the City of David. The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced that find, dating it to the First Temple period. Natan Melech is mentioned in the book of II Kings as a servant of King Josiah.

Israel Consents to UN Payout of $300 Million in Wake of Hamas Rockets
Despite five missiles fired at southern Israel and 40,000 Gazan rioters challenging the border, an agreement between Israel and Hamas is being implemented that includes massive payouts to Hamas.

Christian genocide in Nigeria: 5 facts you need to know
Hundreds of lives have been lost and hundreds of homes have been burned since the start of 2019, raising questions again about the truth behind the violence occurring between Fulani Muslim herdsmen and predominantly Christian farmers in Nigeria’s Middle Belt.

Ocasio-Cortez Claims Republicans Passed Term Limits To Prevent FDR From Running Again
Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attempted to rewrite history in real time during her Friday night MSNBC town hall event with host Chris Hayes. As the freshman Democrat waxed on about the time in history when her party was at its strongest — during the Great Depression leading up to World War II — she claimed that the 22nd Amendment was ratified in order to prevent President Franklin Delano Roosevelt from running again.

Israel, US Military complete THAAD missile defense drills
The Israeli military announced the end of the first ever practical deployment of the American THAAD anti-ballistic missile defense system to Israel on Monday. The missile defense system was deployed to Israel in early March as well as 250 American personnel belonging to the US European Command (EUCOM) as part of a joint drill between the two allies.

Hamas waiting for Israel response to ceasefire understandings
Hamas said on Sunday that it is waiting to hear from Egyptian mediators what Israel’s response is to the proposed ceasefire understandings between the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip and Israel. Egyptian intelligence officials headed from the coastal enclave to Israel on Sunday to continue their discussions about ways of reaching new ceasefire understandings.

Abbas: U.S. to allow Israel to annex parts of West Bank, give Hamas Gaza
The Trump Administration will allow Israel to annex portions of the West Bank and split the Gaza Strip from the West Bank so that it can be a state of its own…Abbas said…”What is coming from the US is more dangerous and serious,” he said. “The US will tell Israel, annex part of the Palestinian lands and grant self-rule to what’s left of the land, and give the Gaza Strip a state so that Hamas can play there.

Japan reveals name of new imperial era will be ‘Reiwa’
Japan has announced that the name of its new imperial era, set to begin on 1 May, will be “Reiwa” – signifying order and harmony. The country’s current era, Heisei, will end in a month with Emperor Akihito’s historic abdication. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga announced the highly anticipated name by holding up a board with the characters handwritten on it.

Turkey local elections: Setback for Erdogan as his party loses capital
The party of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has lost control of the capital, Ankara, in local elections in a setback to his 16 years in power. The opposition is also ahead in the contest for mayor of the largest city, Istanbul, the election commission says. Nationally, the president’s AKP-led alliance has won more than 51% of the vote in the municipal elections.

Tiny First Temple find could be first proof of aide to biblical King Josiah
Two minuscule 2,600-year-old inscriptions recently uncovered in the City of David’s Givati Parking Lot excavation are vastly enlarging the understanding of ancient Jerusalem in the late 8th century BCE. The two inscriptions, in paleo-Hebrew writing, were found separately in a large First Temple structure within the span of a few weeks by long-term team members Ayyala Rodan and Sveta Pnik.

Arab leaders to draft UN Security Council resolution on Golan
Arab leaders said on Sunday they would seek a UN Security Council resolution against the US decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and promised to support Palestinians in their bid for statehood. Arab leaders, long divided by regional rivalries, also ended their annual summit in Tunisia calling for cooperation with non-Arab Iran based on non-interference in each others’ affairs.

Christian business owners who show evidence of faith risk being shut down
..From San Francisco, California to San Antonio, Texas, the church is being persecuted. Faithful Christians — those who still believe in the Bible as their rule of faith and practice — are being harassed for simply holding to the millennia-old creeds of their faith. Devout Catholics are being blackballed from our nation’s courts. Evangelicals are being excluded from the public debate. Today, orthodox Christians are not only considered politically unpopular, but they are now dubbed morally unacceptable to even engage in local commerce.

40,000 armed and dangerous Muslim rioters try to storm Israel’s southern border with Gaza
HAPPENING NOW: 40,000 violent rioters in Gaza, some armed with knives, explosives, and grenades, are attempting to breach Israel’s border and reach Israeli families on the other side of the fence. If IDF soldiers weren’t there, they could.

New Zealand removes any reference to Jesus from parliamentary prayer because it offends Muslims
In the wake of the Christchurch mosque attack, we come to find out that New Zealand has removed references to Jesus from the parliamentary prayer, sparking outrage among the country’s Christian population.

American Muslim Lawmaker Says Prayer in Name of Jesus is Islamophobic
Pennsylvania’s first female Muslim lawmaker in the General Assembly accused a Republican colleague of Islamophobia after she opened a legislative session with a prayer that invoked the name of Jesus Christ.

Trump Cuts Direct Aid to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador over Illegal Migrant Caravans Threatening America
The State Department is following President Donald Trump’s call to punish Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador for migrant caravans by cutting off foreign aid to the three countries.

NBC Admits Hillary Clinton Used her Job to Cover up Pedophile Rings as Secretary of State
The NBC examination was communicated when they were a genuine news association instead of a part of the Democratic Party’s PR division, and gave inward State Department notices to back up cases of a huge Hillary Clinton tip top pedophile ring conceal.

IBM, the same company that provided punch card computing systems to the Nazis, lays groundwork for global “Mark of the Beast” cryptocurrency network
The world is moving increasingly closer towards the type of single global currency system that was prophesied about in the Biblical book of Revelation. And leading the charge with its full-scale implementation is none other than multinational tech corporation IBM, which recently introduced a new financial transaction technology known as IBM Blockchain World Wire that has “Mark of the Beast” written all over it.

Brazil president heads to Israel with embassy move up in the air
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was heading for an official visit to Israel Sunday morning, where he was expected to announce whether he will move the Brazilian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

NYC to Use $11.6M Taxpayer Funds to Help Illegal Immigrants Fight Deportation
New York City is allocating $11.6 million in taxpayer funds to pay for lawyers to help illegal immigrants who are facing deportation from the United States.

George Soros Plotting ‘Bloodbath’ Race Riots in DC Ahead of Midterms
Insiders are speaking out to expose billionaire globalist George Soros for fueling violent race riots in Washington D.C. ahead of the Midterms.

Kansas Brings Back Bill Requiring Voters to Prove US Citizenship
Kansas is seeking to resurrect a bill making it a legal requirement to prove US citizenship before voting in elections in the state, according to reports.