17 Mar 2019

Palestinians distribute sweets after terrorist attack in Ariel – report
Palestinians distributed sweets in the southern Gaza Strip on Sunday morning following the terror attacks in Ariel, according to a video tweeted by the Palestinian Information Center, an Arabic news site, on Sunday. “Distribution of Candy in the southern Gaza Strip, Khan Yunis, to celebrate the heroic morning,” the tweet translates. At least one Israeli was killed and two others were injured in two attacks outside the West Bank settlement.

Indonesia floods: Dozens dead in Papua province
At least 58 people have been killed in flash floods in the eastern Indonesian province of Papua. Rescue workers are struggling to reach remote parts of the province, and there are fears the number of dead may rise. Roads have been blocked by landslides and fallen trees, and floodwaters have damaged two bridges and more than 100 houses.

Newark’s mayor exploring universal basic income program
Getting a paycheck for doing nothing could be in the future for residents of New Jersey’s largest city. Newark Mayor Ras Baraka says the city is going to study a pilot program to provide a universal basic income, or basically guaranteeing income for all residents whether they have a job. He made the statement during his annual State of the City address Tuesday night at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

New US military budget focused on China despite border talk
…To a remarkable degree, the 2020 Pentagon budget proposal is shaped by national security threats that acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has summarized in three words: “China, China, China.” The U.S. is still fighting small wars against Islamic extremists, and Russia remains a serious concern, but Shanahan seeks to shift the military’s main focus to what he considers the more pressing security problem of a rapidly growing Chinese military.

Historic floods hit Nebraska after ‘bomb cyclone’ storm
Large parts of Nebraska and the U.S. Central Plains were underwater on Saturday after a late-winter “bomb cyclone” storm triggered historic flooding along the Missouri and Platte rivers, causing two deaths, tearing apart homes and swallowing roadways. The National Weather Service predicted dangerous flooding would continue through the weekend in Nebraska and in south and west central Iowa, particularly along the Missouri River.

Pentagon Wants to Test A Space-Based Weapon in 2023
Defense officials want to test a neutral particle-beam in orbit in fiscal 2023 as part of a ramped-up effort to explore various types of space-based weaponry. They’ve asked for $304 million in the 2020 budget to develop such beams, more powerful lasers, and other new tech for next-generation missile defense. Such weapons are needed, they say, to counter new missiles from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.

Catholic student not vaccinated for chicken pox sues NKY Health Dept., claims he was told he couldn’t play basketball amid outbreak
…According to the lawsuit, Kunkel is a practicing Catholic who rejects the use of any vaccine that is “derived from aborted fetal cells” as they are “immoral, illegal, and sinful.” As a result, he has never received the Varicella Vaccine, or the chicken pox vaccine.

New Zealand To Change Gun Laws After Mosque Shooting
Less than a day after a terrorist attack at two mosques that left 49 people dead and several fighting for their lives, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she will change gun laws of the country, with the prime minister noting that the New Zealand government is now looking at banning semi-automatic weapons.

Limbaugh: ChristChurch Shooter A ‘Leftist’ Who Staged ‘False Flag’ Attack To Frame Conservatives
Following Thursday’s deadly terror attacks on two New Zealand mosques, which left 49 people dead, radio host Rush Limbaugh mentioned an “ongoing theory” that the shooter – identified by Australian media as 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant, is actually a “leftist who writes the manifesto and then goes out and performs the deed purposely to smear his political enemies.”

The point of the drill is to showcase Iran’s military prowess. It comes in the wake of a large naval drill in February and frequent new tests of ballistic missiles.

Aborted babies are still being used in today’s vaccine production
The “sordid history” of vaccine production using aborted babies began with the eugenics movement and has become a billion-dollar industry that threatens parents’ rights and fills the pockets of pharmaceutical companies and abortion providers, a leading advocate for ethical vaccines has said.

Mystery Illness Traced to Bloody Ritual Practiced by Muslims
Add self-flagellation to the list of ways to get a dangerous viral blood infection. Researchers said Wednesday that they were initially puzzled how 10 British men had become infected with a little-known virus, because the men hadn’t taken risks usually associated with the infection.

Yellow Vest Protests Explode In Violence As Fed Up French Citizens Set Paris Burning In Response To Macron’s ‘Great Debate’ Fiasco
In recent weeks, the Yellow Vests in France had been holding protests that were drawing smaller amounts of demonstrators, leading to speculation that the movement had run its course. That assumption has proved to be false this weekend by the explosion of anger that led to one of the most violent demonstrations to date. Paris is indeed burning, and Macron is running scared.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Mocks Christians For Praying For The Victims And Families Of Those Shot In New Zealand Mosque Massacre
Now I know that unsaved people cannot understand or know the things of the spirit of God and of the word of God, because there is no Spirit of God dwelling within them. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of those people, obviously. But even with that said, to say that prayer “doesn’t do any good” reveals a disturbing level of coldness and cynicism. Many times I have witnessed unsaved people who were faced with tragedy, and most of those times they asked for my prayer. But not so with AOC.

Hating Jewish people is as old as Judean Hills, remarkably diverse
A freshman member of Congress openly espouses bigotry toward Jews and Israel. Her fellow Democrats, with only a few exceptions, fail to forcefully condemn her words and views. Troubling to be sure, but let’s remember: This gnarly tree grows in an old, luxuriant and global forest.

At age 15, Beto O’Rourke wrote a short story fantasizing about killing children, mass murder
Many presidents become authors after their presidencies, writing their memoirs. Beto O’Rourke, who is running for president in 2020, has already done some writing.