14 Mar 2019

Bringing Fruit Offerings to God on Temple Mount
Two groups of approximately 50 people each, braved a rainy but blessed morning, to ascend the Temple Mount. A call had gone out a day or two earlier for Jews to take part in Ha’aliyah Hamonit, a mass ascension to create a presence on the site of the two Temples. While there, the woman, who had somehow managed to bring dates with her, distributed them to those gathered. Each person made a blessing over the fruit prior to eating it and Rabbi Ariel said one when everyone had finished.

Palestinian Attempt to Conquer the Temple Mount With Corpses
While the world watches tensions grow on the Temple Mount a side aspect of the conflict is going unnoticed, a “war” for the Temple Mount that is being fought with dead bodies. On Tuesday, a Palestinian terrorist threw a firebomb into a police post next to the Dome of the Rock. A policeman was seriously wounded and riots ensued after police arrested the terrorist. The police responded by closing all entrances to the site and ordering everyone to leave.

House Republicans Urge Sending Cohen Case to Justice Department for Alleged Perjury
leading House Republicans are ramping up pressure on House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings to refer the case of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen to the Justice Department because of allegations that he perjured himself during congressional testimony.

U.S. and India agree to establish six U.S. nuclear power plants in India
The United States and India on Wednesday agreed to strengthen security and civil nuclear cooperation, including the establishment of six U.S. nuclear power plants in India, the two countries said in a joint statement.

PA organizations in the US reject ‘Deal of the Century’
Organizations representing Palestinian Arabs in the US on Wednesday announced their absolute opposition to participating in any political framework that seeks to promote economic peace with Israel as an alternative to the establishment of a Palestinian state with eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

Lisa Page admitted Obama DOJ ordered stand-down on Clinton email prosecution, GOP rep says
Lisa Page: Justice Department told agents not to charge Hillary Clinton. “the FBI was ordered by the Obama DOJ not to consider charging Hillary Clinton for gross negligence in the handling of classified information,” the congressman alleged in a social media post late Tuesday, citing a newly unearthed transcript of Page’s closed-door testimony.

10 Colorado Counties Declare Sanctuary Status Against Gun Confiscation Law
Ten Colorado counties have declared “Second Amendment Sanctuary” status against a gun confiscation law being pushed by state-level Democrats.

Satellite images show another Iranian missile site in Syria
Satellite images taken by Israeli intelligence firm ImageSat International (ISI) on Wednesday appear to show a new missile factory being constructed in the Syria raising additional suspicion of Iranian involvement in missile production in the country. The images show a site surrounded by a fence, three hangers, a newly built water tower and buses and vans were detected in the site entrance within the securely fenced compound…

1,700-year-old inscription found at Negev Excavation
Archaeologists have uncovered a Greek inscription at the Haluza excavation in southern Israel indicating the name of the town. The name Haluza is mentioned in many historic sources, but this is the first archaeological evidence for the name of the city of Haluza found at the site itself. It is one of the two main possible locations for the Biblical city of Ziklag, mentioned in Genesis and I Samuel.

Israel issues complaint to U.N. over terrorists on Golan border
Israel issued a formal complaint to the United Nations Security Council over Hezbollah’s recently revealed “Golan Project,” which has positioned operatives along Israel’s northern border. Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon…wrote to council members stating that Israel “will not ignore the conversion of Syria and Lebanon to a military front against us and will act with force against the aggression from Tehran,” referring to Hezbollah’s Iranian backers.

Senate votes to end US support of Saudi-led Yemen war
The US Republican-led Senate has approved a bill to end US support for the Saudi-led coalition war in Yemen. The bipartisan vote was 54 to 46, and is a rebuke to President Donald Trump’s support of Saudi Arabia and its leader despite recent tensions. Mr Trump has vowed to veto the resolution should it pass through the Democrat-led House.

More than 1,000 drivers stranded in Colorado Springs area, Gov. Polis declares state of emergency as bomb cyclone paralyzes Front Range
Snow driven by winds approaching 100 mph shut down schools, highways, air travel and businesses in the Pikes Peak region Wednesday and left more than 1,000 stranded in their cars awaiting rescue. The rapidly intensifying storm — known as a bomb cyclone — caused whiteout conditions for drivers caught in its fury and prompted the governor to call out the National Guard and El Paso County to declare an emergency.

Parents Blame Elementary School’s Cell Tower After 4th Student Diagnosed With Cancer
A fourth child has been diagnosed with cancer at a San Joaquin County elementary school, and parents believe it’s because of radiation caused by a cell phone tower. The towers are spread throughout the community, but it’s this particular one that parents say needs to go. “We had a doctor tell us that it’s 100 percent environmental, the kind of tumor that he has,” said Monica Ferrulli.

Polish newspaper’s front page teaches ‘how to recognize a Jew’
A right-wing newspaper with national distribution in Poland ran on its front page an article that instructs readers on “how to recognize a Jew.” The Polish-language weekly, Tylko Polska, or “Only Poland,” lists on its front page “Names, anthropological features, expressions, appearances, character traits, methods of operation” and “disinformation activities.” The text also reads: “How to defeat them? This cannot go on!”

‘IDF will shoot African infiltrators,’ Israeli official tells shocked activists
A United Nations plan to resolve the issue of African migrants in Israel has been secretly revived by the government… The renewal of the plan was leaked by activists from South Tel Aviv who are furious at the prospect of around half of the almost 40,000 migrants being allowed to remain in the country. Even more shocking…is a call by the head of Israel’s Immigration Authority for the IDF to open fire on any Africans who…sail to Israel seeking asylum.

US drops ‘occupied’ from description of West Bank, Golan Heights
The US State Department changed its usual description of the Golan Heights from “Israeli-occupied” to “Israeli-controlled” in an annual global human rights report released by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday. A separate section on the West Bank and Gaza Strip, areas that Israel captured along with the Golan Heights in the 1967 Six-Day War, also did not refer to those territories as being “occupied” or under “occupation.”

Syria’s Assad struggles to reap spoils after military gains
Eight years since Syria began its descent into war, many of President Bashar al-Assad’s enemies have been defeated and the bulk of the country is back under his control. But he isn’t celebrating. “We must not wrongly think, as happened in the last year, that the war is over. I say this not just to citizens but also to officials,” Assad told supporters in a speech last month.

CUT OFF: Trump is requesting ZERO dollars for the ‘Palestinians’ in the new budget
The difference between Trump and the Democrats could not be clearer. Unlike the Democrats, Trump believes that incitement, terrorism, and anti-Semitism should not be rewarded with financial aid from American taxpayers. Thank god this man was elected President. Any Jewish American who votes against President Trump is mad.

Georgia: Jewish parents furious over map of terror state ‘Palestine’ replacing Israel featured at middle school multicultural night
From Barack Obama to Bernie Sanders to Rashida Tlaib to Ilhan Omar, American Jews turned a blind eye to the anti-Semitism from the left. As a result, anti-Semitism is now normalized in the United States.

Top Catholic Cardinal Pell sentenced to six years for choirboy abuse
Disgraced Australian Cardinal George Pell was on Wednesday sentenced to six years in prison for sexually abusing two choirboys, in what the judge lambasted as a “brazen” attack and “grave” abuse of power.

Dick’s Throws in the Towel: Pulling Guns from 125 Stores
Dick’s Sporting Goods announced Tuesday it will pull guns from 125 stores around the country.

It has been several years since the term “New World Order was widely used. It almost seems as if it faded from the world scene after George Bush (father) popularized the term in the 1990’s. His use of the term didn’t set too well with conservative voters. After a glorious victory over Iraq, he became a one-term president. Politicians learned not to use the cliché around voters. But across the pond, in stodgy old Europe, the New World Order is as popular as ever.

Swedish Government Pushes New ‘Gender Swap’ Program for Teens | Neon Nettle
Authorities in Sweden are steering male teenagers who apply for summer jobs towards “traditionally female professions” and females to males jobs in a bid to “break” traditional gender roles, according to reports.

The Pope Is Creating a One-World Religion to Complement the Coming One-World Government
The Fall of Rome has commenced. The Pope is holding private meetings in an effort to create a one world religion which will complement the coming one-world government that the UN has publicly stated that they will install by 2030.  Here is the story.

$2M in Soros, Feinstein-Linked Dark Money Connects to Trump Dossier Creators
A dark money group, with ties to liberal billionaire George Soros and senior Democrat Dianne Feinstein, gave $2 million to an organization that contracted Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to investigate the president and create the now-infamous Trump-Russia dossier, it has been revealed.

BOOM! President Trump Warns Obama Deep State – a “Broken and Corrupt Machine” – Justice Will Be Served, More to Come!
For over two years the Deep State FBI-DOJ and their liberal media has been investigating and harassing the Trump administration over a made-up Russia conspiracy.
They have found nothing. Yet they continue to abuse their power.

NY Aggressively Auditing Residents Fleeing State, Tracking Social Media, Phone Records
New York is aggressively auditing its wealthy residents attempting to flee the high-tax state for Florida, going so far as to monitor cell phone records, social media use and visits to the veterinarian or dentist, according to CNBC.