11 Mar 2019

Palestinian officials: Abbas picks ally for new premier
Ishtayeh, a British-educated economist, is a top official in Abbas’ Fatah movement. He is a former peace negotiator and strong proponent of a two-state solution with Israel. He also is a strong critic of the Islamic militant group Hamas, which seized control of the Gaza Strip from Fatah forces in 2007.

Pope Denounces Anti-Semitism Among Christians While Democrats Hesitate To Denounce It Among Themselves
Francis’ unequivocal denunciation of anti-Semitism came days after House Democrats delayed voting on a resolution against anti-Semitism sparked by comments from Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, one of the first two Muslim women elected to the House, in which she claimed that supporters of Israel were loyal to a foreign country and therefore could not be fully loyal to the U.S.

Congress hates Christians, whites, men
This week Congress passed a resolution against “hate,” which is laughable. Never has Congress been filled with more hateful people. We have a government full of evil liberals and cowardly RINO Republicans who hate Christians, whites and men.

PA Slashes Salaries to Civil Servants But Pays Terrorists in Full
The Palestinian Authority (PA) announced that it will pay civil servants half of their salaries for February but terrorists and their families have already received the full amount paid to them as a stipend for attacking Israelis.

Israeli Police Stands Strong in Holy War At The Gate of Mercy
A video released by Hamas media intended to show the brutality of Israeli police showed instead one lone policeman standing strong against in the battle for Judaism’s holiest site. With a firm but polite demeanor, this policeman handles in his daily beat a situation that could explode into a regional conflict.

Shi’ite militia leader in Iraq threatens U.S., slams ‘Zionist regime’
Two Shi’ite militia leaders spoke out over the weekend, with one threatening the US, and the other demanding American troops leave Iraq. Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba spokesman Hashim al-Mousawi slammed the US and Israel after the US last week designated the group as a terrorist threat. Iraqi Transportation Minister Hadi al-Amiri said he was looking forward to a visit by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and that he opposes the continued US presence in Iraq.

King Abdullah heads to Washington amid Temple Mount crisis
Jordan’s King Abdullah II left Amman for Washington on Saturday to speak with members of Congress about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including the crisis over the Golden Gate on Temple Mount. In talks on Thursday, Israeli and Jordanian officials failed to resolve what began on February 22, when Jerusalem’s Wakf Islamic religious trust unilaterally opened a building near the Golden Gate that Israel had closed in 2003. In response, Israel arrested a senior Wakf official two days later.

U.S.-backed SDF says attack on last Islamic State enclave has begun
The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) started an attack to capture Islamic State’s last remaining shred of territory in eastern Syria on Sunday and were exchanging fire with the jihadist militants, an SDF official said.

Report: US Military Buildup in Iraq to Prepare for Confrontation With Pro-Iranian Forces Set to Conquer Golan
an Israeli English-language military intelligence news site, reported over the weekend that U.S. troops were flown to Iraq last Wednesday to prepare for confrontations with pro-Iranian forces in Syria and northern Iraq. In their exclusive report, Debka stated that American forces in the Gulf region and southern Europe were placed on high alert in anticipation of the confrontation.

Syria Notifies Israel It Will Attack If IDF Doesn’t Leave Golan Heights
In a surprising and provocative ultimatum, Syria has notified Israel through United Nations diplomatic channels that it is prepared to go to war if Israel does not leave the Golan Heights. Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad reportedly sent the message through the head of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO), Christine Lund, this past week, according to a World Israel News report and later picked up other major Israeli sources, including The Jerusalem Post. “Syria will attack Israel if it does not leave the Golan Heights,” Mikdad told the UN representative.

Turkey’s economy slides into recession
Turkey went into recession at the end of last year, according to the country’s official statistics office. The Turkish Statistical Institute said the economy shrank by 2.4% in the fourth quarter of 2018, from the previous quarter. It followed a 1.6% drop the previous quarter, making two quarters of falling growth – the definition of recession.

Russia internet freedom: Thousands protest against cyber-security bill
Thousands of people in Russia have protested against plans to introduce tighter restrictions on the internet. A mass rally in Moscow and similar demonstrations in two other cities were called after parliament backed the controversial bill last month. The government says the bill, which allows it to isolate Russia’s internet service from the rest of the world, will improve cyber-security.

Exclusive poll: Young Americans are embracing socialism
Generation Z has a more positive view of the word “socialism” than previous generations, and — along with millennials — are more likely to embrace socialistic policies and principles than past generations, according to a new Harris Poll given exclusively to Axios…Gen Z and millennials are projected to make up 37% of the electorate in 2020, and what they’re looking for in a presidential candidate is shifting.

America is set to surpass Saudi Arabia in a ‘remarkable’ oil milestone
Move over, Saudi Arabia. America is about to steal the kingdom’s energy exporting crown. The United States will surpass Saudi Arabia later this year in exports of oil, natural gas liquids and petroleum products, like gasoline, according to energy research firm Rystad Energy. That milestone, driven by the transformative shale boom, would make the United States the world’s leading exporter of oil and liquids.

Christian University Blocks Black Speaker Because Her Pro-Life Views are “Radical Beliefs”
A university that boasts of offering “Minnesota’s finest Christian education” blocked a black pro-life advocate from speaking on campus.

UK schools are now teaching how to treat knife wounds, as Islamic stabbing attacks skyrocket all over Britain
…“Now schoolchildren are to be taught how to treat knife wounds: New first aid classes are planned amid soaring numbers of teens stabbed”:

Hillary Clinton: Killing Babies in Abortions is a “Human Right”
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton backed legislation Friday that would require the State Department to bring back a “Reproductive Rights” section in their annual Human Rights report. Clinton claimed the term’s omission was “dangerous” and also advocated for a global right to access abortion.

Rioting Muslims are burning down France…and not one thing is being done to stop them
Predominantly Muslim rioters in the French city of Grenoble set cars on fire and hurled molotov cocktails at police for a fourth consecutive night.

Ocasio-Cortez Fundraising Email: Let’s End The US-Israeli Relationship
Well, if you thought there would be a day where the far left wing of the House Democratic caucus would quiet down a bit, given their anti-Semitism issues, you’d be wrong. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) sent a fundraising email last night suggesting that AIPAC was coming after her and that the U.S.-Israeli relationship should be severed. No, I’m not kidding. This is insanity. AOC has been one of the few defenders of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who once again was accused of anti-Semitism for suggesting those who support Israel are exhibiting dual loyalty.

Washington State Trying to Force Churches to Pay for Abortions in Their Health Insurance Plans
Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a lawsuit in federal court Friday against Washington state officials for forcing churches to pay for elective abortions in their health insurance plans. ADF attorneys represent Cedar Park Assembly of God in the federal suit, challenging the constitutionality and legality of a new state mandate that requires the Seattle-area church to fund abortion if it provides its staff members access to group health insurance.

A federal judge removed a bar on President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender individuals serving in the military Thursday as litigation in the case moves forward.

Civil War: Swedish Citizens Rise Up To Protest Globalism
Citizens across Sweden have begun rising up to protest globalism, in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of French protestors.

The US is building up their military presence in Israel as a prelude for their impending clashes with pro-Iranian militias in Iraq
US troop reinforcements were flown to Iraq on Wednesday, March 6 ready for an offensive by Iraq’s two largest pro-Iranian militias against US forces in northern Iraq and Syria. The additional troops were consigned from US bases in Jordan and Israel. The next day, when those militias called for “resistance to US presence in the region,” American forces in the Gulf region and southern Europe, particularly in Romania and Bulgaria, were also placed on high readiness.

Over 1,500 Migrants Cleared From Bulldozed Italian Shanty Town
Approximately 1,592 migrants have been removed from a shanty town migrant camp in southern Italy as part of the populist government’s policy to dismantle squatter camps across the country.

Democrats Hire George Soros-Tied Investigator for Latest Trump-Russia Probe
The Democrat-led House Intelligence Committee has hired an investigator with ties to liberal billionaire George Soros for the latest Trump-Russia probe.