8 Mar 2019

‘Time for a Jewish Exodus from the Democratic party’
Elizabeth Pipko, a 23-year-old Jewish figure skater-turned-model, who recently launched the ‘’JEXODUS’ movement, calling for a “mass Jewish exodus from the Democratic party”.
House Democrats were drawn into an internecine fight over their party’s response to a string of anti-Semitic controversies sparked by Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s criticism of Israel supporters and allegations Jewish groups had bought off lawmakers to support Israel. Her suggestions that supporters of Israel were guilty of ‘dual loyalties’ or allegiance to a foreign power were decried as anti-Semitic by Republicans and even some Democrats. I think we saw it in the Obama presidency, the turn towards anti-Israel policies, accompanied by a rise in anti-Semitism in our country. And its only gotten worse, and right now we have anti-Semitism in the halls of Congress. So if not now, when?”

Islamic Waqf Refuses Order of Israeli Court to Withdraw from Temple Mount
The court ordered that the “Gate of Mercy” (Sha’ar HaRachamim) be closed by next Monday. However, Waqf Council chairman Sheikh Abdelazeem Salhab refused, not only vowing the area would “remain open for Muslims to pray,” but demanding that Israel permit the Waqf to renovate the site. He also demanded that Israeli revoke orders against dozens of Waqf officials and guards who have been banned from the Temple Mount.

Top U.S. general: Fight against ISIS not over – report
ISIS is “waiting for the right time to resurge,” according to the top US general overseeing military operations in the Middle East. Gen. Joseph Votel said that despite ISIS’ territorial loss, the fight against ISIS is “far from over.” Rather, he said, the group is positioning itself for a potential resurgence. “This ISIS population being evacuated from the remaining vestiges of the caliphate largely remains unrepentant, unbroken and radicalized,” Votel said, noting that in the next phase, “we will see low-level attacks, we’ll see assassinations, we’ll see IED attacks, we’ll see ambush type things as they begin to emerge from this.”

A synagogue on the Temple Mount? Activists say let the Jews move in
According to Asaf Fried, a spokesman for an association of organizations dedicated to Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, more than 50 leaders from across the religious spectrum gathered on Sunday to discuss the situation on the Temple Mount. Participants included Rabbi Yehudah Glick (Likud), Baruch Marzel (Otzma Yehudit) and members of the rabbinate. Jews believe the site – venerated as holy in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam alike – is where the First and Second Temples used to sit.

The U.S. peace plan will divide Jerusalem – Saudi reporter
Saudi Arabia has been in touch with the US administration regarding the peace initiative, as it is rumored that the deal will include recognition of Israel by surrounding Arab countries.

House approves resolution condemning hatred
While critics argued Omar should have been directly named in the resolution, a number of progressives and members of key minority caucuses stood by her this week, balking at the suggestion she be singled out and calling for the language to be broadened to include the condemnation of other forms of bigotry.

Petition seeks deportation for Ilhan Omar
She’s already the target of a petition demanding her resignation. Now, the Department of Homeland Security is being urged to investigate her and begin deportation or other removal proceedings. The petition was submitted to DHS by former Justice Department prosecutor Larry Klayman, who this week added a demand that the House of Representatives “investigate, consider and take remedial action” on the issue.

U.S. House passes resolution condemning antisemitism
After democratic lawmakers revised a resolution condemning antisemitism to include broad condemnation of hate in all its forms, the US House of Representatives passed the new legislation… “We are pleased the House of Representatives took a firm stance against anti-Semitism, including making an explicit statement rejecting the pernicious myth of dual loyalty and other vile slurs…,” the Anti-Defamation League…said…”We strongly agree that anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry, and other forms of hate constitute a threat to our democracy.”

Finland’s government resigns over failed healthcare reform
Finland’s entire government has resigned over its failure to achieve a key policy goal on social welfare and healthcare reform. Prime Minister Juha Sipila said he was “hugely disappointed” in the outcome. Finland’s extensive welfare systems are under financial pressure as the nation’s population ages, yet reform plans remain politically controversial.

Venezuela power cuts: Blackouts hit Caracas and spread
The power cut plunged the capital Caracas into almost complete darkness during rush hour on Thursday, before extending to other areas. The government of President Nicolás Maduro has blamed the opposition, accusing them of sabotage. It comes amid rising tensions over opposition efforts – backed by the US and some Latin American countries – to remove Mr Maduro from power.

Students at elite Washington school projected swastikas during assembly
High school students at the elite Sidwell Friends School displayed swastikas during an afternoon assembly Wednesday, the head of the private academy informed families in a letter. The incident happened during an interactive portion of a presentation about a student-run nonprofit that uses soccer to build community among refugee children in the Washington region, according to the letter.

Adults won’t take climate change seriously. So we, the youth, are forced to strike.
We, the youth of America, are fed up with decades of inaction on climate change. On Friday, March 15, young people like us across the United States will strike from school. We strike to bring attention to the millions of our generation who will most suffer the consequences of increased global temperatures, rising seas, and extreme weather. But this isn’t a message only to America.

Historic avalanche danger causes havoc in Colorado mountains
Historic avalanche danger caused havoc in the Colorado mountains Thursday, shutting down portions of two highways and prompting a rare warning for drivers to avoid a route leading to some of the state’s busiest ski resorts. After another round of heavy snow, at least three major snow slides buried vehicles and ruptured a natural gas line. No injuries were reported.

Heads bowed to the ground, suspected IS members surrender
Suspected Islamic State group members, including foreign fighters, sat in a long line in a field of bright yellow flowers, exhausted and hunched over as they were questioned and searched Thursday by U.S.-led coalition members and Kurdish fighters. They were the latest group to surrender from the besieged final pocket of Syrian territory held by the militant group.

New Russian bill introduces punishment for insulting state
Russian lawmakers passed legislation Thursday that imposes restrictions on online media and criminalizes anyone who insults the state. The bill introduces fines for publishing materials showing disrespect to the state, its symbols and government organs. Repeat offenders could face a 15-day jail sentence.

Lebanon warns neighbours against using disputed territory for Israel’s EastMed gas pipeline
Lebanon on Thursday warned its Mediterranean neighbours that a planned EastMed gas pipeline from Israel to the European Union must not be allowed to violate its maritime borders. Beirut has an unresolved maritime border dispute with Israel – which it regards as an enemy country – over a sea area of about 860 sq km (330 square miles) extending along the edge of three of Lebanon’s southern energy blocks.

Suicide, alcohol, drug deaths reach all-time high
The number of deaths from alcohol, drugs and suicide in 2017 hit the highest level since federal data collection started in 1999, according to an analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data by two public health nonprofits.

36 Christians in Greece arrested for erecting a massive cross to scare off Muslim migrants
Police arrested 35 Greek citizens and an Albanian man on the Greek island of Lesbos for raising a giant metallic cross meant to deter migrants and refugees from reaching the island.

Trumps Deal of the Century will force Israel to give up half of Jerusalem to the Muslims for their own state
Saudi Arabia has been in touch with the US administration regarding the peace initiative, as it is rumored that the deal will include recognition of Israel by surrounding Arab countries.

Facebook To Begin Deleting Groups And Pages That ‘Spread Misinformation’ On The Risks And Dangers Of Vaccinations
When I first became a parent some years ago, I did my research on the risks, benefits and known dangers of vaccinating your child. The Internet was still in its infancy, pardon the pun, but even at that time there much evidence to pour over. I concluded my research by deciding to not have our kids vaxxed, opting instead for raising them in a healthy and largely organic lifestyle. Today my children are robust and healthy and with one or two notable exceptions, almost never need to visit the doctor.

Pedophiles Demand to be Part of LGBT Community, Call for ‘Normalization’
Pedophiles are now attempting to ‘rebrand’ themselves as ‘MAP’ (Minor-Attracted Persons) in a strange effort to be accepted into the LGBT community by ‘normalizing’ pedophilia.

Perry HS (AZ) Goes Full Gestapo and Declares Itself to be a Constitutional Free Zone
..at Perry High School in Arizona, the administration has decided what political views will be tolerated and which ones will not be honored. Last week at this school, students were singled out for the political expression of wearing MAGA clothing, they were harassed, belittled and even punished for participating in an administratively sponsored event at the school.

More than 140 children may have had their hearts removed in ancient sacrifice in Peru
Anthropologists have found evidence of a mass ritual killing that involved the deaths of more than 140 children, three adults, and at least 200 young llamas on the northern coast of Peru.

Joe Biden Confronted Over Child Molesting Claims At CSPAN LIVE Event
Joe Biden is a prime example of the permissiveness that infests the inner circle of the D.C. Satanists and pedophiles?The pedophilia problem in government is the elephant in the room, and it used to keep politicians in check.

Sadiq Khan Admits Defeat on London’s Knife Crime Epidemic: ‘I’ve Done All I Can’
As the British government prepares to send military troops to deal with violence in the capital, London Mayor Sadiq Khan rolled his eyes as he admitted defeat on London’s knife crime epidemic.

Southern Poverty Law Center website triggered FRC shooting
The Family Research Council shooter, who pleaded guilty today to a terrorism charge, picked his target off a “hate map” on the website of the ultra-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center which is upset with the conservative group’s opposition to gay rights.

Largest Child Porn Bust in History Ignored By Mainstream Media
Norwegian Police has just uncovered over 150 terabytes of child porn, in the largest child sex abuse case in modern history, according to reports.

Election Fraud: Brenda Snipes Destroyed Ballots & Allowed Aliens, Felons to Vote
As the controversy swirls around the election results in Florida, at the eye of the storm is an official who has a long history of losing and destroying ballots and breaking laws by allowing felons and illegal immigrants to vote.