6 Mar 2019

Psychedelic research on microdosing rats with DMT reveals unusual results
The research also uncovered some rather strange and unexpected negative results. In female rats, the microdosing seemed to result in a condition known as neuronal atrophy, a kind of neuronal shrinkage that is the opposite of the neuronal growth previously observed in large DMT dosages. Another odd result was a significant increase in weight, only seen in the male rats. This was despite the fact that the microdosing regime generally resulted in lower appetites.

American Civil War 2: US Media Will Have Only Itself to Blame if All Hell Breaks Loose
For the first time in years, the drumbeat of civil war has become audible across the United States. The nation looks destined to repeat history thanks to a media that is no longer able to objectively perform its job. The predominantly left-leaning US media has just entered its third consecutive year of open warfare against Donald Trump. This non-stop assault risks aggravating political passions to the point where ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ snowballs into something completely beyond our ability to control. Like full-blown Civil War. With a level of audacity and self-righteousness that has become a trademark of the Left, not once did the article float the possibility that just maybe the mainstream media is complicit in the ongoing deterioration of political discourse, …

Christian Baker Jack Phillips Vindicated by “Overwhelming Evidence” of Hostility Toward Religion: Court Case Dropped
The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is reporting that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC) has decided to drop its transgender cake case against Christian baker Jack Phillips. (Photo: AP/ CBN News) ADF says it was nothing more than anti-religious “harassment” that came even though Phillips had just won his previous case at the US Supreme Court. CCRC’s decision to drop the case comes after members of the commission were exposed by newly discovered evidence that revealed clear hostility toward religious freedom.

‘Israel tells Hamas to rein in border violence or face major military action’
Israel is reportedly warning Palestinian terror organization Hamas that it faces widespread military action if it does not rein in violence along the country’s border with the Gaza Strip, the neighboring coastal enclave that it rules.

Democrats think Trump will be re-elected, says Limbaugh
Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday said Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler’s letter to 81 Trump associates seeking dirt on the president is helping set the stage for impeachment after Trump is re-elected in 2020. Only then, he suggests, will the left be confident enough, or brazen enough, to try for impeachment. “The Democrats expect Trump to be re-elected.

Human enhancement: Is it good for society?
These technologies are currently geared towards upgrading or restoring physical and psychological abilities for medical purposes. An application is surfacing, however, that is designed with another goal in mind: embellishing performance. Although using this technology is very much an individual choice, it nevertheless has an impact on society as a whole.

Netanyahu declares Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV a terrorist organization
rime Minister and Minister of Defense Benjamin Netanyahu signed an order declaring the Al-Aqsa TV channel a terrorist organization on Wednesday, according to a statement released by Israel’s Defense Ministry. The TV channel was declared a terrorist organization under Israel’s Anti-Terrorism law.

Democrats delay vote on antismitism to include other types of bigotry
House Democrats will not vote on an antisemitism resolution Wednesday as they are still refining the language of the measure, with multiple members saying it is likely to be broadened to reject other forms of religious bigotry such as Islamophobia. The resolution is Democratic leadership’s response to recent comments from Minnesota freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar that lawmakers in both parties have said play into antisemitic stereotypes.

North Korea rebuilding Sohae rocket launch site, say observers
New satellite images of North Korea suggest it is restoring a rocket launch site it had pledged to dismantle, say analysts. The images were taken two days after talks between the leaders of the US and North Korea ended without them reaching a deal on denuclearisation. The Tongchang-ri site has been used for satellite launches and engine testing, never for ballistic missile launches.

Thomas Sowell warns U.S. may not resist siren song of socialism: ‘I wouldn’t bet on it’
Thomas Sowell, a living legend in the field of economics, says he fears the U.S. may eventually succumb to the siren song of socialism. The author of “Basic Economics,” “The Vision of the Anointed,” “The Quest for Cosmic Justice” and numerous other books said the U.S. may very well go down a path of financial ruin due to “wonderful-sounding” rhetoric.

U.S. Budget Deficit Widens 77 Percent
The U.S. budget deficit widened to $310 billion in the first four months of the fiscal year, underscoring the revenue hit from Republican tax cuts and an increase in government spending. The budget gap widened 77 percent compared with the same October-January period a year earlier, according to the Treasury monthly budget report released on Tuesday…

‘Israel tells Hamas to rein in border violence or face major military action’
Israel is reportedly warning Palestinian terror organization Hamas that it faces widespread military action if it does not rein in violence along the country’s border with the Gaza Strip, the neighboring coastal enclave that it rules. The two sides are in the midst of indirect negotiations mediated by Egypt meant to consolidate a ceasefire arrangement after months of escalating tensions between the two sides…

Israel hit by widespread floods as wintry weather persists into March
Heavy rains, accompanied by hail and thunderstorms, caused floods across Israel on Tuesday, stranding cars mid-stream in the north and damaging a shopping mall in the city of Modi’in. Southern Israel was hit the hardest with heavy thunderstorm causing the Revivim River in the Negev Desert to overflow.

Record Snowfall In February Precedes Record Low Temperatures In March
Although a record-setting February is behind us, March is on track to set some records of its own.

Denver Weather: Coldest Early March Temps In Nearly 60 Years
Arctic cold will grip the eastern half of Colorado today and tonight with some areas seeing the coldest temperatures for early March in nearly 60 years according to the National Weather Service. Many places on the northeast plains fell below zero Sunday morning including Denver International Airport with a low of -6 degrees.

Australia breaks weather records with hottest ever summer
Australia has endured its hottest summer ever, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, breaking the previous record set six years ago.

Entire Australian town ‘all but wiped off the map’ in massive bushfire
A rural township just outside Melbourne has reportedly been lost to flames. Tonimbuk, a small town in the Bunyip State Park, has been all but razed to the ground by a fire that tore through the State Park on Monday.

Republicans seek first-ever convention in Jerusalem ahead of 2020 election
For the first time, representatives of the Republican Party living outside the United States plan on convening an international conference in Jerusalem.

George Soros-Linked Money Used To Promote BDS Movement Against Israel
The EIRIS Foundation, a charity organization that focuses on investment research, received donations totaling nearly $300,000 from Soros’ Open Society Foundations to build a “Business in Occupied Lands” database, according to financial reports from the U.K. Charity Commission between 2015 to 2017.

8 journalists fired after Menendez comes to Soros’ defense
Eight reporters and editors at U.S. tax-funded TV and Radio Marti, which broadcasts in Spanish to communist Cuba, have been fired after a report aired portraying left-wing billionaire George Soros in an unflattering light.

The Deep State Has Begun Their Final Approach-“The Purge” Has Arrived – Dave Hodges
.there is one connection we might have missed, the genocide of late term abortions. This is the latest purge. This dynamic fits perfectly within the schema of the Purge series, both TV and movies. Although the movie and the TV series of “The Purge” did not deal specifically with late term abortion, all the trappings and innuendos are there for the public to see.

Democrats Push Bill to Give Driver’s Licenses and ID Cards to Illegal Immigrants
Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor Tony Evers has laid out plans to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses and ID cards during his Biennial Budget Address.

Pope Francis Warns Young Children: ‘The Devil is Real’
Pope Francis reportedly told a group of children on Sunday that the Devil exists and is their “biggest enemy, and is not a ‘fairytale’.”

MyPillow CEO: ‘Saving Minnows in California and Killing Babies in New York; Are You Kidding Me?’
Condemning the liberal mindset that defends animal life more than human life, MyPillow CEO promised his Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) audience that “This is going to change.”

84-Year-Old Widow Threatened with Eviction for Holding Bible Studies at Veterans Senior Home
California state officials are threatening to evict 84-year-old widow from a Veterans Home unless she shuts down her Bible studies.

Vatican archives to dispel ‘myth of Hitler’s pope’?
Amid claims that the characterization of World War II-era Pope Pius XII as “Hitler’s pope” is slanderous, Pope Francis has ordered the opening of secret archives.

Is Netanyahu a crook? Allegedly. A threat to democracy? That verdict is sadly in
…Israel’s spectacularly articulate prime minister, in his frequent live television appearances to put his case to the public, depicts the charges as a house of cards of flimsy accusations, hatched by opposition parties who seek to harm the country, inflated by a media that shares the opposition agenda and loathes him for his very success, investigated by a biased and dishonest police force, overseen by a politicized state prosecution, and marshaled by a weak, incompetent attorney general who shares the leftists’ agenda.