1 Mar 2019

“Deal of the century” or a plan doomed to failure?
So what’s the problem? The deal of the century’s main flaw is that it is based on the assumption that in 2019, Middle Eastern culture is not the same as it was a century ago, and that the region’s nations as well as their rulers, are prepared to accept Israel as a legitimate national entity with the a priori right to exist as a Jewish state or the state of the Jewish people – if Israel gives up Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the settlements. The problem is that this premise is totally wrong, and even those nations who made peace with us do not recognize the Jewish people’s right to a state of its own.

For Israelis, right or left, Netanyahu’s indictment is sad: editor’s note
The indictments against Netanyahu refer to crimes he is suspected of committing over the last few years while serving as Israel’s prime minister. More than historic though, Thursday will be remembered as a sad day, not just for the people who support Benjamin Netanyahu and believe he is innocent and the victim of political persecution, but also for those opposed to Netanyahu and the policies he has led for the last 10 years as Israel’s powerful prime minister.

Blessings From Heaven: Kinneret Rises Six Centimeters in 24 Hours
As God continues to answer Israel’s prayers for rain, the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) rose by an astounding six centimeters (2.36 inches) over the last 24 hours and almost five feet so far this winter. Prior to this bountiful rainfall, Israel had been suffering from a five-year drought and 2018 was one of the driest in the last 100 years. Though Israel is a leader in water technology, receiving much of its water from desalination and recycling, the Kinneret, supplied by rainfall, still accounts for 25 percent of the drinking water.

Nanoparticle eye drops give mice night vision
Mammals such as humans are only capable of visually processing light in the visible spectrum, hence its name. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, however, wanted to find out if it was possible to extend that capability farther, allowing mice to visually detect longer wavelength infrared light that is given off by objects in both bright and dark environments.

Health officials confirm outbreak of potentially deadly contagious disease
MACON COUNTY, N.C. —Macon County Public Health officials have confirmed an outbreak of meningitis and at least one death caused by the disease. Two deaths have occurred in the last three weeks; one is confirmed to have been caused by Neisseria meningitidis.

‘Liar, liar, pants on fire!’: Republicans bring out posters to mock Michael Cohen during his congressional testimony
During their questioning, Republicans displayed the posters on easels, as is common for members to display charts or evidence in certain cases. On the posters were quotes attempting to discredit Cohen and pictures of a Twitter account created at his request to praise his appearance and sex appeal. One sign simply called him a liar.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren slams Israeli corruption with Netanyahu’s indictment
“Corruption—in Israel, in the US, or anywhere else—is a cancer that threatens democracy,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Democratic presidential candidate wrote on her Twitter account late Thursday night. Her statement was made in the wake of Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit’s announcement on Thursday that he has intent to indict – pending a hearing – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for bribery.

If India and Pakistan go to war, Israeli weapons could be decisive
As India and Pakistan contemplate their next moves amid rising tensions, airstrikes and the downing of an Indian warplane, Israeli weapons could play a decisive role in a future war. India has become a key defense partner for Israel in recent years with Israeli technology playing a major role in India’s modernization programs for its large armed forces.

Parashat Vayakhel: Who will build the Tabernacle?
In this week’s Torah portion, Vayakhel, we read the description of how the fund-raising was done to build the Mishkan, the Tabernacle, the temporary temple that accompanied the Children of Israel until the permanent one was built in Jerusalem. The call to contribute to the building of the Mishkan went out to the entire nation – men and women – and, indeed, the response was impressive:…

Somali militants holed up as battle rages in Mogadishu
Somalia’s security forces are battling gunmen in a building in Mogadishu, hours after a suicide car bomb attack on a busy street left at least 20 people dead, security sources say. The attack was launched late on Thursday by suspected al-Shabab militants in an area lined with hotels, shops and restaurants. The gunmen then seized a nearby building and were surrounded.

Brexit: EU rejects no deal citizens rights call
The EU has rejected calls for an agreement to protect UK and EU expats’ rights, if there is a no-deal Brexit. Tory MP Alberto Costa quit his government job to table an amendment calling for the protections. It was backed by the government in votes on Wednesday, with Mr Costa urging the PM to write to EU chiefs to demand an agreement on rights.

Experts On High Alert After Dead, Sick Dolphins Wash Ashore On Calif. Coastline
From Laguna to Huntington Beach, an unprecedented number of dolphins are washing ashore dead or so sick that they have to be humanely euthanized. “It’s a shock and not happy about it whatsoever,” said Newport Beach resident Eric Fritz. “They’re our friends, are you kidding? I’ve rode waves with dolphins before.”

Humans could get X-Men ‘SUPER VISION’ to see in the DARK after nanoparticles let mice see infrared
HUMANS could get the power to see in the dark after mice were injected with nanoparticles which gave them the ability to see infrared light. The rodents were given infrared night vision for 10 weeks after the injection, with only minor side effects, in an experiment conducted by Chinese and US scientists.

Israel slams ‘hostile’ and ‘biased’ UN report on Gaza deaths
Israel on Thursday hit back furiously at a UN Human Rights Council’s report claiming Israeli soldiers intentionally fired on civilians and could have committed crimes against humanity during a string of crackdowns against Palestinian demonstrators last year in Gaza that left 189 people dead.

The Middle East Peace Plan Being Pushed By Jared Kushner Will Require Israel To Tear Down Their 440 Miles Of Protective Barrier Border Walls
Israel has spent the better part of the last decade and a half building an elaborate labyrinth of protective barrier border walls that shield them from attacks on the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the Golan Heights and on their southern border with Egypt. This has reduced the number of terrorist incursions to virtually zero. Illegal immigration? Non-existent. Walls work. The only people against Israel’s wall system are the terrorists. No surprise there.

If I Were The Devil: Paul Harvey’s 1965 Warning To America Comes True
Alex Jones breaks down a special report highlighting the prophetic 1965 speech by Paul Harvey, explaining how the devil deceives humanity.

92% of Berlin left-wing activists live with their parents
The vast majority of left-wing protesters arrested on suspicion of politically-fuelled offences in Berlin are young men who live with their parents, a new report found.

‘Atmospheric river’ spawns massive flooding in California, turns town into ‘island’ as thousands told to flee
Days of heavy rain from a weather system known as an “atmospheric river” pounding Northern California has spawned floodwaters that have inundated a town north of San Francisco, cutting off all road access Wednesday as authorities warned thousands to flee.

One Day After Jared Kushner Says Israel’s Walls ‘Must Come Down For Peace’, Benjamin Netanyahu Is Indicted On Fraud And Bribery Charges
Just as the radical Progressive Left in America wakes up each and every day thinking of how they might be able to bring down President Donald Trump, the radical Progressive Left in Israel does the same with their hatred of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Today they scored of victory of sorts as the Israeli attorney general announced his intention to indict Netanyahu on a variety of charges.

Rise of drug-resistant superbugs rings alarm bells in Europe
The spread of superbugs resistant to antimicrobial drugs shows no sign of slowing in Europe, health officials said on Tuesday, making food poisoning and other infections more difficult to treat.

How to Buy Your Way Into a Top Secret US Government Intel Facility – FBI/DOJ Coverup of Clinton Foundation Connected AGT
A 2016 DOJ criminal investigation was suppressed and buried by the DOJ/FBI that involved a major NY Democratic power broker and the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.

The Queen Signs Official EU Withdrawal Bill, Making Brexit ‘Irreversible’
Queen Elizabeth II has signed the official EU Withdrawal Bill into law which will make Brexit irreversible and an ‘Act of Parliament.’The massive blow will completely derail George Soros’ campaign for a second referendum.

Did CNN Ambush Bernie Sanders With Political Operatives Disguised As Everyday People? 
“Former Biology Professor” (and Chair of the Baltimore County Democratic Party)