27 Feb 2019

“This Is Unprecedented Territory” – Pakistan Shoots Down 2 Indian Fighter Jets In Dramatic Border Conflict Escalation
Indian and Pakistani fighter jets engaged each other, resulting in the worst escalation since the war between the two in 1971. Pakistan said it engaged six targets across the de facto border between the nuclear-armed neighbors. Pakistan said its fighter planes shot down two Indian fighter aircraft that entered its airspace. Two Indian pilots were in its custody, one of them in hospital. Meanwhile, Indian paramilitary forces clashed with Kashmir militants in India-controlled Kashmir on Wednesday. Two militants were killed. One analyst told Bloomberg that we are now in “unprecedented territory.”

BDS Fail: Pope Gives Green Light for Vatican to Invest in Israel
The anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement suffered yet another setback last week when Pope Francis approved investing Vatican funds in Israeli start-ups. A representative of the Vatican’s investment fund, Dickson Doll, spoke earlier this month at the Axis Tel Aviv investors’ conference, and discussed investment opportunities with a number of Israeli companies.

Trust In Media Hits Rock Bottom: 60% Of Americans Think Journalists Pay Their Sources
a survey conducted by the Columbia Journalism Review recently confirmed that trust in the American media has hit a new low. According to the survey of 4,214 American adults, which was carried out by Reuters/Ipsos, the media ranked dead last in a list of most trustworthy Washington institutions, behind Congress, the military and – get this – the executive branch.

Cardinal George Pell Child Abuse Conviction Shows Catholic Church ‘Is Incapable of Change From Within’
A group for survivors of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church said the conviction of Cardinal George Pell—a papal adviser and the most senior member of the church to be found guilty of molesting children—in Australia shows the institution “is incapable of change from within.” Pell, 77, was convicted in December of sexually abusing two choir boys in a room at Melbourne’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral in 1996, the Associated Press reported.

Witchcraft, Lies and Football
So, Tom Brady says his wife is a witch and her rituals helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl. But she’s a “good witch, “ Brady laughingly told the media. There’s actually no such thing and Brady’s reckless ignorance will now help promote witchcraft and sorcery to an American public that’s already confused enough.

What North Korea’s Underground Christians are Praying For as President Trump Meets with Kim Jong-Un; How We Can ‘Stand in the Gap’ in Prayer with Them
Peace. That’s the No. 1 thing that everyone is hoping and praying will come from this meeting in Vietnam. But while millions watch Kim Jung-Un and Trump at this summit, hoping for a denuclearization deal, thousands of people back in North Korea will be secretly praying for another kind of peace.

Netanyahu: ‘Won’t be Another Mosque on the Temple Mount’
An Israeli government official said: “The prime minister gave instructions to enforce the court’s order without compromise. The political echelon won’t allow the site to become a mosque. This directive was passed to the police and this message was delivered to certain authorities and to Jordan as well. The prime minister has instructed the public security minister [Gilad Erdan] to remove the rugs and other equipment from the site.”

Unofficial Relations Between Israel and Sunni-Arab Gulf States Continue to Increase
The Warsaw summit on the Middle East held earlier this month served as the latest reminder of the growth of unofficial relations between Israel and Sunni-Arab Gulf states. The conference saw Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu share a platform with foreign ministers from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Yemen and Oman. These Persian Gulf countries have no official ties with Israel as of now, but are nevertheless expanding their engagement with the Jewish state.

Ilhan Omar represents Hamas in Congress? Laurie Cardoza-Moore makes claim
Proclaiming Justice to the Nations founder Laurie Cardoza-Moore has accused Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) of being a “Hamas plant” in Congress. “Ilhan Omar covertly represents Hamas in the US Congress, we need to act now before this blows up in our faces,” Cardoza-Moore said in a statement.

Netanyahu lands in Moscow for meeting with Putin over Syria
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed here on a frigid Moscow morning for talks Wednesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He is scheduled to meet Putin in the early afternoon in the Kremlin. A planned meeting in the evening with leaders of the Jewish community was cancelled, and his departure back to Israel — now scheduled for 9.30 pm.– was moved up.

Pakistan India: Pakistan shoots down Indian aircraft over Kashmir
Pakistan says it has shot down two Indian military jets and captured two pilots in a major escalation between the nuclear powers over Kashmir. India says it lost one MiG21 fighter and a pilot is missing in action. Pakistani PM Imran Khan said the two sides could not afford a miscalculation with the weapons they had.

House votes to block Trump border wall national emergency
The US House of Representatives has voted to revoke President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration over building a US-Mexico border wall. The bid to overturn the declaration now goes to the Republican-majority Senate, where some conservatives have said they will vote with Democrats. Mr Trump, who declared the emergency after Congress refused funding for the wall, has said he will veto the bill.

OneWeb satellite internet mega-constellation set to fly
London-based start-up OneWeb is set to launch the first six satellites in its multi-billion-pound project to take the internet to every corner of the globe. The plans could eventually see some 2,000 spacecraft orbiting overhead. Other companies are also promising so-called mega-constellations, but OneWeb believes it has first-mover advantage with an operational system.

U.S. House Democrats introduce sweeping ‘Medicare for All’ bill
Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled an ambitious proposal on Tuesday to move all Americans into the government’s Medicare health insurance program, tapping into public frustration over the rising cost of healthcare that has become a key issue for the party as it seeks to gain control of Congress and the White House in 2020.

Stick to Marx not ‘ghosts and spirits’, China warns party members
China’s ruling Communist Party warned party members…to stick to Marx and Lenin and not believe in “ghosts and spirits”, in the latest effort to root out superstitious practices. China officially guarantees freedom of religion for…Christianity, Buddhism and Islam, but party members are meant to be atheists and are especially banned from participating in what China calls superstitious practices like visiting soothsayers.

In major religion case, Supreme Court weighs Maryland cross dispute
The conservative-majority U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday takes up one of the biggest cases of its current term when it weighs whether a cross-shaped war memorial on public land in Maryland is an unconstitutional government endorsement of religion. The…Peace Cross, a…concrete memorial to 49 men…Prince George’s County killed in World War One, is situated on public land at a busy road intersection in Bladensburg…

Typhoon Wutip sideswipes Guam: The first February super typhoon in a century packs 180 mph gusts
The United States was hit by a barrage of wild weather over the weekend. Tornadoes carved through the South, a blizzard buried the northern plains, and flash floods drenched the Tennessee Valley. But amid the busy weekend, the United States also was struck by something you might not be expecting at this time of the year: a typhoon.

‘Ice tsunami’ spawned by windstorm spurs evacuations along Lake Erie, as thousands without power across East
High winds causing chaos across the eastern half of the country with power outages and travel delays have created another problem: a literal wall of ice.

100 mph winds in Sierra, snow from Oregon to Montana
A fierce winter storm packing winds in excess of 100 mph (160 kph) and predicted to bring as much as 8 feet (2.4 meters) of snow to the Sierra Nevada barreled into the West on Monday, toppling trucks and trees, triggering power outages and closing roads and schools from Oregon to Montana.

February is coldest in Los Angeles in nearly 60 years
This month is the coldest February in downtown Los Angeles in nearly 60 years, with the average high temperature at 60.6 degrees as of Sunday. That’s a full 8 degrees below the normal average temperature, the National Weather Service said in a news release announcing the record lows.

AI ‘Deity’ To Preach Buddhism In Japanese Temple
A Japanese robot has been created to preach the teachings of Buddha in colloquial language at the Kodaiji Temple in the ancient city of Kyoto.

Ontario board will force elementary schools to fly homosexual ‘pride’ flag in June
An Ontario public school board voted last week to force all its elementary schools to fly the pro-homosexual rainbow “pride” flag for at least a week in June.

Christian Professor Rebecca Todd Peters Claims “Abortion is a Moral Good”
A guest lecturer at Emory University in Georgia plans to tell students why she, as a Christian, believes that abortion is a “moral good.”

United Methodist Church vote keeps gay clergy, marriage bans
Representatives of the United Methodist Church voted Tuesday to uphold traditional church bans against homosexual clergy and same-sex marriage — a move that could lead to a schism in the second-largest Protestant denomination in the United States.

Feminist Kamala Harris Supports Decriminalizing Sex Work
Further distancing herself from her professionaprosecutorial past, the supposed feminist Kamala Harris now supports decriminalizing sex work.

Man Receives A Microchip Implant Live On-Stage At The Mobile World Congress Technology Event In Barcelona Spain
For nearly 10 years now, we here at Now The End Begins have been telling you about the coming Mark of the Beast. The human implantable microchip was first released in the aftermath of 9/11, and since then the technology has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2017 we told you about the Wisconsin company Three Square who held a ‘chip party‘ for all of their employees. Then in 2018 we told how that same company who had previously promised their chips would never be used for tracking are now being used for tracking. My, my, but things are accelerating so quickly.

The 5 Most Troubling Religion Courses Taught in College Classrooms this Year
Leftist (and often times secular) professors are spending their time demonizing Christianity, misrepresenting the Bible, and misconstruing long established religious principles.  While this list could go on for pages, here are the five most troubling religion courses we found that are being offered this school year.

IAF Air Strike: Pakistan Prepares For ‘All Eventualities’ Following India Attack
It’s the biggest escalation between South Asia’s nuclear-armed rivals in decades and with a bitterly contested national election in India just weeks away, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was quick to exploit his military’s air strikes on a terrorist camp inside Pakistan Tuesday.

Child with 4 LGBT Parents Campaigns for Gay Couple in Disney Comic
A Dutch child with two lesbian mothers and two homosexual fathers has pressured a comic book publisher into including a gay couple in its next issue of Donald Duck.

The Four States of the Apocalypse
“This is the flip side (of) tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich. The rich leave, and now what do you do?” said New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Feb. 4.

Facebook says ad transparency rules will go live barely 3 weeks before elections
Facebook on Tuesday refused to give a precise date for the rollout of its political advertisement transparency tool, which will force the sponsors of ads to identify themselves publicly.

George Soros and Bill Gates Exposed as the Force Behind Facebook’s New ‘Fake News’ Detector
…Billionaire globalist George Soros is among several liberal ‘luminaries’ funding the social media platform’s latest foray into soft censorship of dissent.

Nazi flag flown in Canadian community, removed following complaints
A Nazi swastika flag was raised over a property in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, drawing complaints from neighbors and the local Jewish community.

US officials discuss Israeli-Palestinian peace with Gulf leaders
US officials Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt have met with leaders in the United Arab Emirates and Oman as part of a regional tour to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.