26 Feb 2019

Blizzard brought Winona County, southern Minnesota to standstill
Tim Walz declared a peacetime state of emergency in response to the blizzard, allowing for the Minnesota National Guard to assists stranded motorists around the state. But even the national guard had issues in Wabasha County. According to a Facebook post by the Wabasha Police Department, a tank was stuck Sunday while trying to assist in rescue efforts. “If a tank cannot make it,” the post said, “you should probably not try.”

Russian TV lists potential nuclear strike targets in US after Putin warning
Russian state TV on Sunday listed potential targets in the U.S. in the event of a nuclear strike and claimed that its new hypersonic missile technology could reach them in less than five minutes. Reuters called the report “unusual even by the sometimes bellicose standards of Russian state TV.” The targets included the Pentagon and Camp David.

‘Trump won’t force Mideast peace plan on Israel’
“The rule by Trump is…Trump and his administration will not force Israel to do something that [Israel] views as being against its security interests. If Israel says, ‘No’, Washington won’t force Jerusalem [to accept it], and that is a very important thing.”

Kushner: Trump’s peace plan will focus on drawing the borders of Israel
Jared Kushner was interviewed on Monday on Sky News in Arabic, saying that “the American peace plan is very detailed and will focus on drawing the border and resolving the core issues.” “The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been used for years to incite extremism,” Kushner said, “for years resistance to the nation of Israel has united the region, but now it is changing … We see that Iran is the greatest threat in the region.” “We want to see the Palestinians united under one leadership, the Palestinians want a non-corrupt government that cares for their own interests,” Kushner added.

Mystery surrounds Mohammad Javad Zarif’s ‘resignation
A day after Mohammad Javad Zarif announced his resignation on Instagram, the foreign minister of Iran is receiving support from members of parliament in Tehran amid calls for the president not to accept his decision. The resignation of Iran’s most famous diplomat and the man often seen as the foreign face of Tehran, has plunged Iran’s highest levels of government and media into a momentary sense of bewilderment and lack of certainty.

Jesus was a ‘sorcerer,’ Bible a ‘book of magic,’ say Christian witches ahead of first annual convention
The first annual Christian witches convention is set to be hosted in Salem, Massachusetts, this April and will feature internationally recognized Prophet Calvin Witcher who agrees with the convention’s host that Jesus was a sorcerer and the Bible is really a “book of magic.” The Rev. Valerie Love, the force behind the event who describes herself as a practicing Christian witch and an ordained minister of spiritual consciousness, recently launched the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School to help Christians tap into magic, which critics are condemning as “dangerous.” In an extended discussion with Witcher … said the Bible is a “huge book of sorcery.”

Netanyahu bids ‘good riddance’ after Iranian FM Mohammed Zarif resigns
“Zarif is gone – good riddance,” Prime Minister Netanyahu said on Tuesday after Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Zarif announced his resignation. Writing on Twitter, Netanyahu said that “as long as I’m around, Iran won’t get nuclear weapons.” “Many thanks for the generosity of the dear and brave people of Iran and its authorities over the past 67 months,” Zarif wrote on his Instagram page jzarif_ir late Monday.

Balakot: Indian air strikes target militants in Pakistan
India says it launched air strikes against militants in Pakistani territory in a major escalation of tensions between the two countries. A top Indian minister said strikes targeted a training camp of the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) group in Balakot. Pakistan said the strikes hit an empty area but vowed to respond.

Iran hosts Syria’s Assad in Tehran, slams American “plots”
In an important and symbolic visit Syria’s Bashar al-Assad visited Tehran on Monday and met with Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei as well as other key officials. Iran praised Syria’s “victory” as an example of Iran’s victory and condemned US “plots” against the region. In a rare trip abroad for Assad, the Syrian regime leader traveled to Iran where he held numerous meetings with Iranian officials.

Time for Action: Chase Bank Denies Service to Conservatives
It’s hard to imagine how conservatives could be even more complacent than they actually are about what’s being done to this country. The schools our children are taught in are almost universally run by liberals who hate everything we stand for, but we don’t demand that our representatives pull funding from state schools that behave that way.

UCLA Students Support Concentration Camps For Trump Supporters
Kaitlin Bennett went undercover at UCLA as Jenna Talia to ask students to sign a petition to throw conservatives into involuntary re-education camps. Not only were the students she approached ecstatic to sign it, but one member of UCLA’s student government encouraged her to change the language to “diversity” and “sensitivity training” to hide their real intentions so the administration would approve it.

Report: Home Assistants with ‘Moral AI’ Could Call Police on Owners
The Daily Mail reported that home assistants could soon report their owners to the police for breaking the law based on a “Moral A.I.” system, if the ideas of academics in Europe are implemented. The newspaper reported that academics at the University of Bergen in Norway discussed the idea of a “moral A.I.” for smart home assistants, like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod, during a conference.

Trump peace proposal inflaming the Right
After Jared Kushner, adviser and son-in-law to President Donald Trump, made some revealing statements about the much-discussed Trump peace plan on Monday, New Right Party is trading barbs with the Likud regarding the possibility that Trump will pressure Israel into allowing a Palestinian state.

Kushner, in Gulf, says U.S. Mideast peace plan addresses borders issue
White House adviser Jared Kushner, giving a broad outline of a U.S. peace plan for the Middle East, said it will address final-status issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including establishing borders. In an interview…Kushner made no specific mention of a Palestinian state, whose creation had been at the foundation of Washington’s peace efforts for two decades.

House set to vote to end Trump’s border wall ’emergency’
The U.S. House of Representatives votes on Tuesday on a resolution to terminate President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to build a wall on the border with Mexico. House Democrats introduced the resolution last week, challenging Trump’s assertion that he could take money Congress had appropriated for other activities and use it to build the wall.

Judge gives green light to Trump ban on gun ‘bump stocks’
A federal judge gave the Trump administration the go-ahead on Monday to ban “bump stocks” – rapid-fire gun attachments used in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history – in a defeat for firearms rights advocates. Opponents had sought a preliminary injunction saying the government did not have the legal authority to enforce the ban.

Why is ‘locust’ a trigger word for the Bible?
Locusts are swarming in the Middle East, triggering thoughts of biblical plagues and pestilence. Here are a few of last week’s headlines warning of major imminent attacks in the Middle East – not by men and weapons of war, but by grasshoppers.

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Prevented FBI From Pursuing Gross Negligence Charges Against Clinton
..Early in the Hillary Clinton email case, the Department of Justice reached a decision that would have far-reaching implications in the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Russian State TV: If Putin Strikes America With Nuclear Weapons, These Are His Targets
On Sunday night, Dmitry Kiselyov, presenter of Russia’s main weekly TV news show ‘Vesti Nedeli,’ revealed a map of America with marked off targets, should a Cold War-style nuclear war develop between Russia and the United States.

Democrats Hoping To Be The Next President All Voted Against Born Alive Bill And One Republican Didn’t Even Vote
The Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act, which would have ensured that babies who survive abortions are given medical attention, failed to pass the U.S. Senate Monday evening.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Hints That People Will Need To Be Prevented Through Forced Sterilization From Having Kids In Order To ‘Stop Climate Change’ From Spreading
Before you go and accuse me of writing a ‘sensationalistic headline’ please hear me out, because what I am telling you is very true. Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as silly sounding and ignorant she may be, has made it to the ‘big show’ of American politics, and she has very powerful backing behind her.

PayPal CEO Admits Partnership with Far-Left SPLC to Blacklist Conservatives
PayPal CEO Dan Schulman admitted during an interview with the Wall Street Journal that PayPal works with the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) when it considers blacklisting conservatives.

Prosecutors Charge LGBT Activist with Burning Down Own Home
…The newspaper, citing two individuals who worked along Joly at St. Johns United Church of Christ, where the Jackson Pride Center is based from, reported that Jolly, 54, had become “frustrated the controversy over gay rights had died down with the passage of the nondiscrimination law.”

Six Dead in Mexican Border City Weekend Cartel Clashes near Texas
Six people died in the most recent wave of local cartel violence over the weekend.

NY Democrats’ Health Care Law Spends $500m Taxpayer Money on Illegal Immigrants
Democratic New York lawmakers have introduced a new bill that pushes to spend over $500 million in taxpayer money to provide free health care for illegal immigrants in the cash-strapped state.

IN THE NAME OF ALLAH: The End Times ‘Universal Peace Document’ Pope Francis Signed With Islamic Leader Makes No Reference Of Any Kind To Jesus Christ Or The Bible
Back in 2015, when Pope Francis addressed the United Nations, he said a very unusual thing. Speaking to the General Assembly, the Catholic leader said that he had come ‘in my own name‘ to speak with them. Huh?? I thought that the “holy father” was the ‘Vicar of Christ‘, and was the representative of Jesus Christ on the earth? The Bible tells us, of course, that the pope is no such thing, but the Catholic Church says that he is, right? So why on Earth did he not say that he had come ‘in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth’?

How the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact might unleash a violent civil war following the 2020 election… which is exactly what Democrats want
It’s no longer difficult to see how the next civil war unfolds. Lawless Democrats, driven to the point of madness over the defeat of Hillary Clinton, have already formed a pact of a dozen U.S. states. This pact — dubbed the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact — will divert the electoral votes of those states to the candidate that wins the popular vote (i.e. has the most overall national votes), even if those votes are achieved via widespread voting fraud, ballot harvesting and the coordinated mass voting of illegals — all favorite tactics of lawless Democrats.

Islamic Jihad touts new missile that can hit Tel Aviv and beyond
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group boasted Sunday evening that it had developed a new missile that can hit beyond Tel Aviv, threatening to turn Israeli cities into “hell.”

Britain to blacklist Hezbollah in its entirety as a terror group
The United Kingdom on Monday moved to outlaw the Lebanese organization Hezbollah and recognize it in its entirety as a terror group, the British government said in a statement.