25 Feb 2019

Middle East Braces for Locust Plague Return
After a wave of strange phenomena Egypt and Saudi Arabia are currently struggling to cope with swarms of locusts; and the plague promises to only get worse. Unusually heavy rains this month are leading to the second generation born of a wave of locusts that first appeared in Sudan and Eritrea in December.

The Anti-Israel World Council of Churches
The World Council of Churches Program in Israel ostensibly sends delegates to “monitor” and “report human rights abuses”. It is all a sham. The organization works with fringe anti-Israel organizations such as B’eTselem and Breaking the Silence. It took years to finally expose the World Council of Churches Program for what it is-an Anti-Israel Group with an Anti-Israel agenda.

Post-Khashoggi, Saudis Make a Major Move
The kingdom names a female envoy to the US. The kingdom appointed Princess Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan to the post Saturday … The daughter of a major Saudi figure—her dad, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, was ambassador to the US from 1983 to 2005 …

Pope Francis: Predator Priests Become ‘Tool of Satan
Francis closes out summit on sexual abuse with harsh words, but leaves survivors disappointed.

Violence Breaks Out On Temple Mount as Muslims Claim Gate Where Shechinah Dwells
Jerusalem Police on Sunday arrested two senior officials of the Waqf (Muslim authority): the Chairman of the Wakf Department in east Jerusalem, Shiekh Abdel Azim Salhab and Sheikh Najeh Bkeirat, deputy director of the Wakf. The Waqf is under Jordanian jurisdiction and earlier this month, the Jordanian government increased the Waqf council from 11 to 18 in a move that was seen to bolster the Palestinian Authority control over the Temple Mount. It is believed that this is an attempt to consolidate control over the site before the U.S. announces President Trump’s Middle-East Peace Plan.

Iran hints at major confrontation with Israel
You probably didn’t know this, but Judaism is at the basis of the radical Muslim ideology Wahhabism and is responsible for the rise of the Islamic State Jihadist group. This is what Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), the division responsible for exporting the Islamic Revolution, claimed during a speech after the Friday prayers in the city of Babol, Iran.

Vietnam relishes role as peace maker as it seeks to balance ties
While the leaders of North Korea and the United States debate banishing nuclear bombs from the Korean peninsula, the host of their summit this week, Vietnam, long almost synonymous with war, is relishing its role as a promoter of peace.

NYC Muslim cleric: Don’t befriend Christians, Jews
A New York City Muslim cleric told his congregants in a sermon they must not befriend or engage in any alliances with Christians and Jews. The exhortation by Abul Baraa Muhammad Abdullah Amreeki was based directly on verses from the Quran, …

Pentagon sending 1,000 more troops to the Mexican border
The Pentagon will increase the number of troops along the U.S.-Mexico border to about 6,000 by the start of next month as the Trump administration turns its attention to securing remote areas between official ports of entry, a senior U.S. defense official said Friday. About 1,000 additional personnel will be deployed with orders to string more concertina wire and install detection systems, the official said.

Is Silicon Valley’s quest for immortality a fate worse than death?
A number of billionaires have pumped money into research that aims to keep people fighting fit as they age. Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have pumped millions into Calico, a secretive health venture which aims to “solve death”. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and the billionaire Peter Thiel are backers of Unity Biotechnology, which hopes to combat the effects of aging. The idea of never dying might sound like something from science fiction, but the experimental techniques are far removed from a brain in a jar, a body in a freezer or a heart wired up to a car battery.

Islamic Jihad claims new missiles can reach Netanya
The Gaza-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror said Sunday evening that with the help of Iran it has developed a new missile capable of striking cities beyond Netanya. In a documentary broadcast on Iran’s Al-Alam television, a spokesperson known as Abu Hamza claimed the group possesses “precision” rockets and missiles with destructive power that “only God knows.”

High court deciding fate of cross-shaped Maryland memorial
Steven C. Lowe says he has always thought that a 40-foot-tall, concrete cross that stands on a large, grassy highway median near his Maryland home was odd. For years, he says, he didn’t know that the cross is a war memorial. A plaque on the cross’ base lists the names of 49 area residents who died in World War I, but it isn’t easily read from the road and getting to the monument requires dashing across traffic.

Special ops to turn focus from war on terror to China, Russia
America’s elite special operations forces are getting new marching orders as the Pentagon…trains its eye on big-power rivals such as China and Russia. In a major shift of mission, officials at U.S. Special Operations Command are drafting new guidance to reorient its cadre of top-tier military units to fight the expanding armies and navies of what U.S. strategists call “near-peer” powers.

Israel arrests senior Muslim cleric after Jerusalem holy site unrest
Police in Jerusalem arrested…a senior Muslim cleric…two days after he re-opened a mosque sealed by Israel during a Palestinian uprising in 2003. Sheikh Abdel-Azeem Salhab…personally reopened the gate leading into the Bab al-Rahmeh mosque on Friday, and hundreds of Muslims went inside to pray for the first time in years.

China’s technology challenge is bigger than just Huawei, British spymaster says
The West needs to understand that the challenge of China’s technological revolution runs much deeper than Huawei’s row with the United States over intellectual property theft and state espionage, one of Britain’s top spies said. Huawei…is under intense scrutiny after the United States told allies not to use its technology because of fears it could be a vehicle for Chinese spy operations.

High schools not prepared for coming ‘tsunami’ of children with autism: support group
High schools are not prepared for a “tsunami” of children with autism who need greater education options, an autism support group has warned.

Florida mom discovers suicide tips in video on YouTube Kids
Warning: This story mentions suicide and may be disturbing to some readers.  A mom is warning parents to better monitor their kids’ online activity after finding a disturbing video that appears to give children instructions to harm themselves.

Trump Administration cuts $60 million from radically liberal Planned Parenthood
The Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released its final rule changing funding regulations under the Title X family planning program, a long-awaited action expected to reduce Planned Parenthood’s federal tax subsidies by almost $60 million.

Australian official: Climate change is a U.N.-led conspiracy to establish a new world order
Climate change controversy continues to grow, with an increasing number of skeptics coming forward to speak out. Now, a top adviser to former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has just declared that global warming is a conspiracy pushed by a power-hungry United Nations.

Can Facebook Monopolize Your Data, Even If You’re Not On Facebook?
Facebook spent years forging various partnership agreements with other digital media monsters to gobble up huge troves of users’ private data even when customers are not perusing the company’s platform, according to testing conducted by The Wall Street Journal.

Man Who Refuses to Pay Taxes Until Abortion Is Defunded Wins Huge Court Victory
A Christian man who refuses to pay his taxes until the government stops funding abortion has won an historic lawsuit against the IRS.

Pennsylvania Mayor to Issue ‘Inclusion Day’ Proclamation in Support of Recent ‘Drag Queen Story Fun Time’
The mayor of Lansdale, Pennsylvania has agreed to issue a proclamation marking every Feb. 2 as “Inclusion Day” in commemoration of a recent “Drag Queen Story Fun Time” featuring the drag queen “Annie Christ”—a play-on-words of “anti-Christ.” The event generated both support and protest.

Pope Francis Calls for ‘All Out Battle’ Against Sex Abuse But Disappoints Victims, Leaves Unanswered Questions
Pope Francis spoke Sunday at the conclusion of a four-day Vatican summit addressing the sexual abuse of minors in light of recent scandals in the Church.

NYC Muslim cleric: Don’t befriend Christians, Jews
A New York City Muslim cleric told his congregants in a sermon they must not befriend or engage in any alliances with Christians and Jews.

The 9 Elements of Genocide Are In Place and Are Awaiting the Right False Flag
If we take an objective look at today’s America, we can clearly see that all the elements of a genocide, all nine elements, are in place and the event is  simply awaiting the right catalyst.

Watch Deep-Sea Iranian Sub Carry Out First Cruise Missile Test-Launch
The drill was interpreted as a warning to the US following the return of US aircraft carriers to the region after a long absence…