24 Feb 2019

Bennett: Netanyahu and Trump to build Palestinian state after elections
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will go along with US President Donald Trump’s peace plan and call for a Palestinian state, Education Minister Naftali Bennett warned on his way into Sunday’s cabinet meeting. “Netanyahu and Trump are coordinating the presentation of a plan to establish a Palestinian state the day after the election,” he said.

Police arrest head of Waqf following Temple Mount riots
The two senior Wakf officials were arrested on Sunday in a follow-up to Friday’s riots on the Temple Mount in which thousands of Palestinians stormed the Golden Gate, which had been closed by a court order since 2003. Jerusalem Police on Sunday arrested the east Jerusalem Wakf chairman Sheikh Abdel Azim Salhab, and Sheikh Najeh Bkeirat, deputy director of the Wakf.

AIPAC, AJC issue rare rebuke of Netanyahu for drawing in extremists
America’s largest Israel advocacy organizations issued an extraordinary rebuke of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government…responding to his move to ally with an extremist party…On Wednesday, Netanyahu supported an agreement between Bayit Yehudi and Otzma Yehudit, an offshoot of a racist political movement that has been designated a terrorist organization abroad and banned from Knesset lists since the 1980s.

Kim Jong-un leaves North Korea for Vietnam by train
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has departed for Hanoi by train for talks with US President Donald Trump. He arrived at the Chinese border city of Dandong after 21:00 local time (13:00 GMT) on Saturday. The much anticipated second US-North Korea summit is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday in the Vietnamese capital.

Australian farmers’ long road after mass cattle deaths
Like many other Australian graziers, Matt Bennetto could only start to count the dead after the rain had stopped. Flying in a helicopter over his sodden cattle station, he was confronted by the “nightmare” of mass cattle losses. Animals were strewn across pastures which had turned into water and mud.

Pope Francis compares child sex abuse to human sacrifice
Pope Francis has promised concrete action to tackle child sex abuse at the end of a Roman Catholic Church summit on paedophilia. Clergy guilty of abuse were “tools of Satan”, the Pope said, pledging to face every case with “utmost seriousness”. Child sex abuse, he said, reminded him of the ancient religious practice of child sacrifice in pagan rites.

Venezuela crisis: Guaidó calls for support amid deadly border clashes
Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó has called on other nations to consider “all measures” to oust President Nicolas Maduro. International pressure is building on Mr Maduro after opposition-led efforts to bring aid into Venezuela descended into deadly violence on Saturday. At least two people died in clashes between civilians and troops loyal to Mr Maduro, including a 14-year-old boy.

U.S., China sprint to seal deal ahead of Trump’s deadline
U.S. and Chinese negotiators met for over seven hours on Saturday to resolve their trade dispute and avoid an escalation of the tit-for-tat tariffs that have already disrupted global commerce, slowed the world economy and roiled financial markets. The two sides will meet again on Sunday morning as they race to seal an agreement before a March 1 deadline imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump…

Judge tosses criminal ‘noise’ complaint against street preacher –
A judge in Washington state has tossed a criminal “noise” complaint against an evangelist who preaches regularly outside a Planned Parenthood abortion business.

Putin Threatens to Target U.S. with Hypersonic Missiles
Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his version of a State of the Union address on Wednesday and included a threat to target the United States with ostensibly invincible hypersonic nuclear-capable missiles if the U.S. deploys intermediate-range ballistic missiles to Europe.

Arkansas passes bill ordering their law enforcement to cut off all ties with Islamic group CAIR, due to their close ties to terrorists
On Monday, February 18, the Arkansas House of Representatives sent a strong signal to law enforcement agencies within its borders to beware of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Black South African politician urges his followers to ‘kill whites’ – ‘We will kill their children and their women’
The leader of a South African political party has called for the killing of white women and children in a row over the taxi industry. Andile Mngxitama, president of Black First Land First (BLF), was speaking at a rally on the weekend in Potchefstroom near Johannesburg when he made the violent comments. He tells the cheering crowd: ‘For each one person that is being killed by the taxi industry, we will kill five white people.

US vows to take action as Venezuela aid operation turns deadly
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Saturday the United States “will take action” as high-risk operation to get humanitarian aid into Venezuela descended into deadly chaos Saturday after President Nicolas Maduro’s security forces fired on demonstrators and aid trucks were set ablaze.

Supreme Court tells abortionists to leave Catholic bishops alone, in major religious victory for Conservatives
The U.S. Supreme Court, without comment, has refused to take up a case launched by the abortion industry against Catholic bishops in Texas, leaving standing a lower court decision that told the abortionists to leave the religious leaders alone.

Pope says on eve of abuse summit: Those who spend lives accusing Church are ‘relatives of the devil’
 Those who spend their lives accusing the Church are the “friends, cousins and relatives of the devil,” Pope Francis said today, on the eve of the Vatican clergy sex abuse summit.

Planned Parenthood President: We Kill Babies Because “We Believe in Life. It’s Being Pro-Life”
Interview magazine published a pro-abortion puff piece on Feb. 20 in which Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen gave a softball interview to Chelsea Clinton in what was essentially a love letter to abortion giant.

HERE WE GO: Crooked Hillary and Politico Publish Hit List of 200 Influential Conservatives They call “Foreign Actors” Who They Want Removed from Twitter
Hillary Clinton, Politico, the liberal media, DC elites and far left organizations are coordinating efforts to silence real people who support Donald Trump and his agenda in the runup of the 2020 election.

The Riddle of Climate Change
Let me explain. Pollution and climate change are two separate issues. Environmental pollution is a man-made problem that humans can and should remedy. Taking responsibility for our behavior is a necessary part of civilized life and eliminating environmental horrors like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is something we all need to support. So far so good.

Student Suspended from University for Calling Halal Slaughter ‘Inhumane’
A British teenager claims he has been suspended from university for describing halal slaughter as “inhumane” and saying immigrants should not be allowed to use the National Health Service (NHS) for free, and cannot return unless he signs a conduct agreement and undertakes diversity training.

Major Florida Sex Trafficking Sting Results in Nearly 50 Arrests and 200 Warrants, with More Still Coming
Authorities say they have connected dozens of men to a major sex and human trafficking operation in Florida. Now nearly 50 of them are in police custody, and five spas have been raided. Vero Beach Police Chief David Currey explained there was “very little” in the way of actual massaging going on at the spas.

Donald Trump Administration: Abortion Is Not Family Planning
The Trump administration issued a final rule Friday that underscores that federal taxpayer funds provided for family planning services may not be used to support abortion in any way.

UK: Students vote against starting a Jewish society after Holocaust denier complains
How many Muslim societies, planning G-d knows what, does Essex University have? Thanks to the left, and in significant part thanks to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, Jew-hatred has been normalized in Britain today. Politicians all across the political spectrum are rushing to win the vote of the growing and restive Muslim population by becoming increasingly antisemitic. It’s evil.