22 Feb 2019

US, China Trade Negotiators Rush To Strike A Deal Before Trump Tariffs Hit
“It can be said that we are now in the sprint phase, and both negotiating teams are working towards the goal of reaching an agreement within the deadline, but some problems are still quite complicated to resolve,”

Top FBI lawyer thought Hillary should be charged
Former FBI General Counsel James Baker originally believed Hillary Clinton should be charged for mishandling highly classified information, according to his testimony to Senate and House committees. Baker thought Clinton’s use of a private server to transmit classified information was “alarming” and “appalling,” reported investigative reporter Sara Carter. The FBI’s top lawyer believed the former secretary of state’s behavior was sufficient to obtain an indictment under the Espionage Act for mishandling sensitive government documents.

Strong earthquake shakes Ecuador
An earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale struck Ecuador early Friday afternoon. According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake’s epicenter was registered as 140 miles southeast of Ambato, Ecuador. The quake, which occurred at 10:17a.m. local time, affected both Peru and Colombia, in addition to Ecuador.

Evangelical Christian Leader Demands Ilhan Omar’s Resignation Over Antisemitism
Laurie Cardoza-Moore, President of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations is launching a nationwide campaign to create enough pressure to demand Ilhan Omar’s immediate resignation from Congress. The move, which includes a petition called “The Million Signature March,” follows at least two separate occasions when Rep. Omar’s tweets have been interpreted as wildly antisemitic.

Report: Millennials Largely Uninterested in Israel
Approximately 4,000 people, between the ages of 14-52, were surveyed. Participants included residents of 12 countries, collectively, in North America, Western Europe, South America and Australia. The main finding revealed that as generations decrease in age, so does their interest in Israel as a subject.

Iran navy conducts “massive drill” in Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman
Iran has sent much of its navy to take part in a three-day drill across two million square kilometers of sea between the Straits of Hormuz and the Indian Ocean. Iranian media boasted that this was a major illustration of Tehran’s sea power. Missiles will be launched, reconnaissance drones, and submarines will take part, along with helicopters and frigates.

Israel’s first lunar spacecraft, Beresheet, blasts off – analysis
Space exploration for Israel could have come to a grinding halt in 2003, when the country’s first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, perished with his American colleagues in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. It took years for the Israel space program to get back on track. But with this week’s launch of the SpaceIL lunar spacecraft, the sky is the limit.

Pulwama attack: India government must protect Kashmiris – top court
India’s top court has ordered the government to protect Kashmiri people from attacks in apparent retaliation for last week’s deadly bombing in Indian-administered Kashmir. There have been several reports of Kashmiri students and businessmen being harassed or beaten up in recent days. The Supreme Court has also sought a response from the states where these alleged incidents happened.

Australia seeks clarification on China coal import ‘block’
The Australian government says it is seeking an “urgent” clarification from Beijing over reports that a major Chinese port has halted imports of Australian coal. Australia is a top supplier of coal to China, its biggest export market. Beijing has not confirmed the reported halt in the port of Dalian, but called changes in such arrangements “normal”.

Venezuela crisis: Maduro closing border with Brazil
Venezuela’s embattled President Nicolás Maduro has ordered the closure of the border with Brazil amid a row over foreign humanitarian aid. The leftist leader went on TV to say he was also considering shutting the key border with Colombia to stop the opposition bringing in relief. He denies any crisis and calls the aid delivery plans a US-orchestrated show.

Syria war: US to leave 200 troops for peacekeeping after withdrawal
The US military will keep 200 troops in Syria to serve as a peacekeeping force after it pulls out most of its soldiers, the White House says. President Donald Trump has come under fierce criticism for his decision last December to withdraw 2,000 troops. He said the Islamic State group (IS) had been “defeated”, but critics warn the group has not disappeared entirely.

China’s CRISPR twins might have had their brains inadvertently enhanced
The brains of two genetically edited girls born in China last year may have been changed in ways that enhance cognition and memory, scientists say. The twins, called Lulu and Nana, reportedly had their genes modified before birth by a Chinese scientific team using the new editing tool CRISPR. The goal was to make the girls immune to infection by HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

US military conducts observation flight over Russia
The US military is conducting a surveillance flight over Russia as part of an international agreement, the Pentagon said Thursday. The flight falls under the Open Skies Treaty, an international accord aimed at promoting military transparency through reciprocal, unarmed observation flights over each of the 34 signatory countries’ terrains.

Speak Of The Bible: Locust Swarms Imminent In Egypt, Saudi Arabia
The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned that an infestation of desert locusts in Sudan and Eritrea is rapidly spreading along both sides of the Red Sea towards Egypt and Saudi Arabia. According to an agency press release, heavy rains triggered two generations of breeding since October, leading to a substantial increase in the locust population.

Magnitude 7.5 quake hits Peru-Ecuador border region-USGS
A deep earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 struck the Peru-Ecuador border region early on Friday morning, the United States Geological Survey said. The quake’s epicentre was in a sparsely populated area 224 km (140 miles) east-southeast of Ambato, Ecuador, at a depth of 132 km. The USGS’s initial reading had assessed the quake, which occurred at 5:17 a.m. (1017 GMT), at magnitude 7.7.

Vermont House passes H. 57 no-limits abortion bill
The Vermont House passed overwhelmingly Thursday a sweeping, no-limits abortion bill that makes terminating a pregnancy a “fundamental right” and ensures access to the procedure at every stage of gestation.

Controversial GMO Mosquito Experiment To Fight Malaria Kicks Off
Scientists have launched a major new phase in the testing of a controversial genetically modified organism: a mosquito designed to quickly spread a genetic mutation lethal to its own species, NPR has learned.

FDA chief says feds might intervene if states continue allowing vaccine exemptions
The head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning that states might “force the hand of the federal health agencies” if they continue to allow vaccine exemptions amid an ongoing measles outbreak.

More than 130 dead in measles outbreak blamed on Philippine anti-vax movement
More than 130 people, mainly children, have died and 8,443 others have fallen ill in the Philippines during a measles outbreak that has been largely blamed on nationwide fears about vaccinations.

Snow falls in Las Vegas for the second time in a week
For the second time in a week it snowed in the Las Vegas area. A winter storm moving through the Southwest on Wednesday drew down temperatures and sparked precipitation.

Pope says church’s attackers are linked to devil
Pope Francis says that those who are constantly attacking the church are linked to the devil. Francis on Wednesday told pilgrims from southern Italy that the church’s “defects” must be denounced in order to correct them.

CA Democrats Author Bill to Protect Sex Offenders Who Lure Minors
State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Assemblywoman Susan Eggman (D-Stockton) introduced recent legislation “to end blatant discrimination against LGBT young people regarding California’s sex offender registry.”

The World Council of Churches sent foreign nationals to pose as tourists to gather information about IDF operations and training in Jerusalem and Hebron, according to reports.

VICTORY: Arizona Defeats Bill to Allow Infanticide and End Medical Care for Babies Born Alive After Abortions
An Arizona House committee has defeated legislation that would allow infanticide, following the new law in New York state for abortions up to birth. Like that New York state law, the Arizona bill would repeal medical care for babies born alive after abortions. That’s a law that’s been on the books for 44 years.

After Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth, New York Wants to Shut Down Christian Adoption Agency
Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing a faith-based adoption provider will be available for media interviews after a federal court hearing Tuesday in New Hope Family Services’ lawsuit against the state of New York. New Hope asked the court in December to stop the state from targeting it for its religious beliefs and to preserve its ability to continue placing children in adoptive homes while the lawsuit moves forward.

Disturbing Video Surfaces Shows NY Abortion Clinic Assuring Woman Baby Will Be Killed If Born Alive
With the issue of late-term abortions being debated in legislatures across the country, pro-life advocate Lila Rose shared an undercover video shot in 2013 showing a woman identified as a New York abortion facility worker promising a would-be client that a baby breathing following a procedure would be drowned.

China has unveiled its ‘first female AI news anchor’
…China’s state-run news agency, Xinhua, today unveiled “the world’s first female AI news anchor”; a gender-balancing counterpart for the existing male AI news presenters.

Expert Confirms Flu Shot Behind Deadly Epidemic That’s Killed Thousands
As thousands continue to die from the deadly flu outbreak, health officials have now come forward to confirm that the influenza epidemic was actually caused by the vaccine itself.

Governments warned to stockpile antibiotics to prepare for the coming global pandemic
A new report is urging government officials to begin stockpiling antibiotics in preparation for a potential global influenza pandemic, claiming that doing so will ultimately end up saving authorities tens of billions of dollars.

Lansdale PA Mayor Proclaims February 2nd As ‘Inclusion Day’ To Commemorate ‘Drag Queen Story Fun Time’ LGBTQP Indoctrination Of School Children
Let your mind wander back in time to just a few years ago. Try and imagine a world, an America, where drag queens would be allowed to do ‘story time’ indoctrination and read books filled with perversion to your children. Now try and imagine where the mayor of your town would like that so much, that he would issue an official proclamation celebrating that event. Now, open your eyes. You’re living in the end times.