19 Feb 2019

Racing toward Armageddon
“Oh, give me a break! I’ve heard that before! They’ve been saying forever that Jesus is coming back, and nothing has really changed.” Actually, a lot of things have changed. I believe we’re living in the last days. It’s as though everything has been sped up, moving rapidly toward what the Bible calls the end of days or the last days. Jesus compared it to labor pains: The closer to the moment of delivery, the closer together the labor pains will be.

‘Ilhan Omar is waging an unholy war against the Jewish people’
Evangelical Christian leader launches campaign to demand Congresswoman Omar’s resignation over anti-Semitism. “The Jews don’t stand alone.” “Ilhan Omar is waging an unholy war against the Jewish people from Congress. She is about to learn that the Jewish people don’t stand alone, millions of people of faith and conscience stand with the Jewish people. We will neither sleep nor slumber as she uses the heart of American democracy and freedom to defame God’s chosen people and God’s chosen land.”

Netanyahu on eve of U.S. peace plan rollout: ‘Our ties stronger than ever’
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a cabinet meeting on Sunday Israel’s relationship with the U.S. is at its apex. Netanyahu’s comments come some two months before the US is expected, at long last, to roll out its Middle East peace blueprint – after the April 9 election. Netanyahu met US Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last week at the Middle East summit in Warsaw. He said that the conference marked a “historic change” which held a great deal of significance for Israel.

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to step down in March – official
Rod Rosenstein, the U.S. deputy attorney general who appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate possible ties between Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign, is expected to step down by mid March, a Justice Department official said on Monday.

Scientists Baffled by New Phenomenon: Explosions of Light in Cloudless Skies
The Research Institute of Nuclear Physics at the Russian State University reported that an ultraviolet telescope mounted on the Lomonosov MVL-300 satellite registered unexplained “explosions” in the upper atmosphere. “With the help of the telescope, we have obtained even more important results than we expected,” Mikhail Panasyuk told Sputnik News. “It looks like we have encountered new physical phenomena… We do not yet know their physical nature…

Sea of Galilee’s waterline expected to rise above lower red line
The water level in the Sea of Galilee, or Kinneret, is expected to climb above the freshwater lake’s lower red line for the first time in two years, at which point pumping will no longer face government restrictions.

US, North Korea considering exchanging liaison officers
The US and North Korea are seriously considering exchanging liaison officers, an incremental step towards building formal diplomatic relations, two sources with knowledge of the discussions told CNN on Monday.

Supreme Court candidate blasted for being Christian
Brian Hagedorn, a current Wisconsin Court of Appeals judge and a former legal counsel for Gov. Scott Walker, said at the time he was considering a run for the top court that he “expected to be attacked here, because that’s what’s happening all across the country,”

‘TREASON’: Rep. Chris Stewart Lambastes Andrew McCabe For Push To Oust Trump
Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) appeared on Fox News following the bombshell report and laid into McCabe for engaging in actions that the congressman likened to a “coup” and to attempted “treason.” “What I think we have to ask ourselves, is: How in the world was this man the Acting Director of the FBI when he exercised this kind of judgment?” said the GOP rep. “An individual who seriously said, we should implement the 25th Amendment, which is essentially a coup. I mean, it’s essentially treason to say, we’re gonna remove this president — based on what? Based on nothing,”

Boeing wins US$43 million contract to build four Orca robotic super subs
The US Navy has awarded Boeing a US$43 million contract to build four of its Orca Extra Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (XLUUVs) and support gear. Built in partnership with Huntington Ingalls Industries, the 51-ft (15.5 m) long unmanned submarines will operate in blue water environments thanks to autonomous navigation systems and a fuel module providing a range of 6,500 nm (7,480 mi / 12,038 km).

Hungary to establish trade office in Jerusalem
Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced Tuesday that his country will set up a trade delegation with “diplomatic status” in Jerusalem. The announcement followed an hour-long meeting he had with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu, at a photo opportunity with Oban, referred to the trade office as an “extension” of the Hungarian embassy in Jerusalem.

Palestinians say Israel ‘playing with fire’ by closing Temple Mount gate
The Palestinian Authority on Monday warned that Israel was “playing with fire” after clashes erupted at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem over the closure of the Golden Gate site – also known as the Gate of Mercy – to Muslim worshipers. The PA also accused Israel of “waging war on Islam” and called on the intervention of the international community.

Pulwama attack: Pakistan warns India against military action
Pakistan has warned it will retaliate if India takes military action against it after a militant attack on Indian forces in Indian-administered Kashmir. Prime Minister Imran Khan went on television to call on India to provide evidence to support its claims that Pakistan was involved. More than 40 members of India’s security forces died in Thursday’s suicide bombing on their convoy.

Trump urges Venezuelan military: ‘Set your country free’
US President Donald Trump has appealed directly to the Venezuelan military to abandon their support for President Nicolás Maduro. In a speech in Miami, the president warned “the eyes of the entire world” were on those propping him up. Mr Trump said those who continued to back Mr Maduro’s government were risking their own futures and lives.

Anti-Semitic Attacks Fuel Continuing Rise in Hate Crimes in New York
One video showed a 51-year-old Jewish man being beaten to the ground by three young men, who seemed to select him at random. Another showed an Orthodox Jewish man being chased across the street by a man wielding a tree branch. A third showed an Orthodox Jewish man hanging on to a fence as an assailant jumped and choked him.

Global Slowdown Leaves Growth Weakest Since Financial Crisis
The global economy’s loss of momentum has left expansion now looking like its weakest since the global financial crisis, a development that’s already sparked a dramatic shift among central banks. A UBS model suggests world growth slowed to a 2.1 percent annualized pace at the end of 2018, which it says would be the weakest since 2008-2009.

Waqf demand leads to fears of fresh Temple Mount clashes
A year and a half after the crisis over using metal detectors at the Temple Mount compound, new tensions are developing at the Jerusalem site holy to Jews and Muslims, which threaten to erupt into violence. In recent days, the Waqf…has been trying to reopen a small compound in the eastern part of the Mount, on the inner side of the Golden Gate entrance.

Ahead of Saudi visit, China seeks ‘deeper trust’ with Iran
China wants to deepen “strategic trust” with Iran, the Chinese government’s top diplomat told Iran’s foreign minister on Tuesday, days before Saudi Arabia’s crown prince visits Beijing, underscoring China’s difficult Middle East balancing act. China has traditionally played little role in Middle East conflicts or diplomacy, despite its reliance on the region for oil, but it has been trying to raise its profile, especially in the Arab world.

New round of U.S.-China trade talks to begin in Washington on Tuesday
new round of talks between the United States and China to resolve their trade war will take place in Washington on Tuesday, with follow-up sessions at a higher level later in the week, the White House said. The talks follow a round of negotiations that ended in Beijing last week without a deal but which officials said had generated progress on contentious issues between the world’s two largest economies.

Islamic State steps up guerrilla attacks in Syria: SDF
Islamic State has stepped up guerrilla attacks against U.S.-backed fighters in eastern Syria, pointing to the threat the jihadists will pose even after they lose their last enclave there… The U.S.-backed SDF is on the brink of defeating Islamic State (IS) in its last pocket in eastern Syria, the village of Baghouz, where it estimates a few hundred Islamic State fighters and about 2,000 civilians are under siege.

Blain: “My Recent US Trip Was An Eye-Opener – Poverty Has Never Been So Visible On The Street”
“Why should a rich man pay to make the poor comfortable? Because, if you don’t… eventually they will eat you. Simple as – it’s the cost of membership.”

China hearing gospel via Africa; church growing amid brutal persecution
As the Chinese economically invest in and build infrastructure in Africa, Africans are evangelizing the Chinese.

YouTube Facilitates Softcore Child Porn Exploitation Network, Says Content Creator
}A YouTube content creator is accusing the video platform of facilitating a soft-core child porn exploitation network right out in the open.

Massive IDF Drill ‘Simulates Conditions of All-Out War with Hezbollah’ in Lebanon
The Israeli army underwent a massive simulation within the past week to train troops for combat missions in conditions similar to those in Lebanon, announced the Israel Defense Forces on Friday.

French schools to change ‘mother & father’ to ‘parent 1 and 2’ under new law, which appeases LGBT community
A prominent psychiatrist, at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Paul R McHugh, claims that transgender individuals suffer from a form of mental illness and that Gender Reassignment is “biologically impossible.”

Johns Hopkins Chief Psychiatrist: Transgender Is A ‘Mental Disorder’
A prominent psychiatrist, at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Paul R McHugh, claims that transgender individuals suffer from a form of mental illness and that Gender Reassignment is “biologically impossible.”

Barna Group Shock Poll Reveals That 47% Of All Christian Millennials Believe That Witnessing The Gospel And Evangelizing Is Wrong
The command of our apostle Paul, rightly divided and dispensationally correct, is that all born again Christian are to preach, teach and otherwise share the gospel of the grace of God with as many people as is humanly possible. It is a theme and a subject he touches on over, and over and over again. However, your average Laodicean end times church spends precious little time on the doctrines that Jesus and the Holy Spirit gave to Paul during those three and a half years of his “christian college” education in the Damascus wilderness.

Islamic State fighters besieged in Syria refuse to surrender, ask for an exit
More than 300 Islamic State fighters surrounded in a tiny area in eastern Syria are refusing to surrender to US-backed Syrian forces and are trying to negotiate an exit, Syrian activists and a person close to the negotiations said Monday.

Rouhani: US sanctions are ‘economic war’ on Iran
Iran’s president on Monday described the US sanctions imposed on Iran as an “economic war,” which he characterized as “more difficult than military war.”

India Weighs Military Strikes In Kashmir After Deadliest Terror Attack In 30 Years
Tensions are once again rising along South Asia’s most volatile border region…