16 Feb 2019

Vatican defrocks former US cardinal Theodore McCarrick over sex abuse
Pope Francis has defrocked former U.S. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick after Vatican officials found him guilty of soliciting for sex while hearing Confession and sexual crimes against minors and adults, the Holy See said Saturday.
The scandal swirling around McCarrick was even more damning to the church’s reputation in the eyes of the faithful because it apparently was an open secret that he slept with adult seminarians.

Turkey,Russia, Iran increasingly challenge US during Syria discussions
The Presidents of Turkey, Iran and Russia gathered in Sochi at the end of last week to discuss the situation in Syria. It is the latest of several important and high profile gatherings of these countries to seek a way to end the Syrian conflict and also to increase their coordination on regional issues. This is a direct challenge to US power in the Middle East…

Gene-edited animal plan to relieve poverty in Africa
A researcher in Edinburgh is leading efforts to develop gene-edited farm animals for poor farmers in Africa. Prof Appolinaire Djikeng is developing cows, pigs and chickens that are resistant to diseases and more productive. Among them are cattle that have been gene edited to be heat-resistant.

Abdul Fattah al-Sisi: Egyptian president may rule until 2034
Egypt’s parliament has overwhelmingly voted to approve draft constitutional changes that could extend President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi’s time in office by another 12 years. Mr Sisi is due to stand down in 2022 when his second four-year term ends. But 485 of the country’s 596 lawmakers voted on Thursday to lengthen presidential terms to six years and let Mr al-Sisi serve another two.

Trump declares national emergency to get border wall funding
President Donald Trump capped months of political drama Friday, announcing he’s signing a bill to fund the government, avoiding another government shutdown, while also taking the extraordinary action of declaring a national emergency to secure additional money for his proposed border wall that congressional Democrats refused to give him. “I am going to be signing a national emergency,” Trump said.

Chinese State Media Warns of Impending ‘High-Tech Cold War’ Fueled by A.I. Competition
U.S President Donald Trump’s executive order instructing the American government this week to prioritize the development of artificial intelligence (AI) could trigger a “new high-technology Cold War” between the United States and China, the Beijing-run Global Times cautioned on Tuesday.

Israeli officer lightly hurt by explosive device on Gaza border
An Israeli officer was lightly wounded after an explosive device had been hurled at him during violent clashes that erupted along the Gaza border as some 11,000 Palestinians took part in a weekly demonstration on Friday evening… At least 20 Palestinians are reported to have also been wounded by IDF fire, according to the medical sources in Gaza.

Iran asks Pakistan to move against attackers, warns Saudi
Iran urged neighbouring Pakistan on Saturday to crack down on militants who killed 27 of its Revolutionary Guards…or expect military action by Tehran “to punish the terrorists”…Revolutionary Guards commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari also warned Iran’s regional rival Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that they could face “retaliatory measures” for supporting militant Sunni groups…

Pro-Abort Grandmas in Maine Form Group to Promote Aborting Grandkids
A group of grandmothers in Maine is causing quite a stir for a little group they’ve formed “GRR!” which advocates for their children and grandchildren to have the right to abort any further progeny.

Judicial Watch uncovers ‘chart’ of Hillary’s potential violations
Government watchdog Judicial Watch revealed Friday it has obtained another 186 pages of documentation from the Justice Department regarding Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, and they show evidence of a cover-up of an FBI chart of possible violations by her.

Gunman kills 5 people, wounds 5 police at Illinois factory
An employee of a manufacturing company opened fire at its suburban Chicago plant Friday, killing five people and wounding five police officers before he was fatally shot, police said.

India Blames Pakistan for Terror Attack, Vows ‘Jaw-Breaking Reply’
India accused its fellow nuclear power Pakistan of being behind a terrorist suicide bomb attack in Kashmir that killed at least 44 Indian security officers on Thursday, reportedly marking the deadliest attack in the disputed region in decades.

France Investigates Pope’s Ambassador for Homosexual Assault
The Paris public prosecutor has opened an investigation into charges that the Vatican nuncio to France, Archbishop Luigi Ventura, repeatedly molested a junior mayoral aide sexually during a speech last month.

Russians Told To “Prepare For Worst Outcome” As US Prepares New Sanctions
“We need to prepare for the very worst of situation”

Hillsong Church Affirms Full Pro-LGBTQ Position As They Hold Their One World Religion Alpha Conference Featuring A Roman Catholic Mass
Hillsong Church has millions of followers who have made their Laodicean church corporation wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Over the past few years, Hillsong has gone from a mildly worldly group that won Grammy awards, to a full-blown snakepit of apostasy and heretical teachings.

Jon Voight Fiercely Defends His Film ‘Roe V. Wade’
In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail, Oscar winner Jon Voight fiercely defended his new film, “Roe v. Wade,” which has triggered ferocious backlash from pro-abortion advocates.

CULTURE OF DEATH: Illinois Democrats Move To Lift Ban On Partial Birth Abortion
The newly elected, Governor JB Pritzker, has promised to make Illinois the abortion capital of the world, and he’s making good on his word.

House Judiciary Committee Probes Trump National Emergency After Contradictory Statement
“By the president’s very own admission in the Rose Garden, there is no national emergency.”