3 Feb 2019

Israel begins construction of smart fence along Gaza border
Israel began construction of an upgraded security barrier along the Gaza Strip border last week… “On Thursday, we began working on the final component of the barrier project along the Gaza border,” said Brig.-Gen. Eran Ophir, head of the army’s fence-building project. “The barrier is unique and especially suited to threats from the Gaza Strip and will provide a maximum response to prevent entry into Israeli territory.”

Australia weather: Townsville warned as floodgates open
Thousands of residents in and around the Australian city of Townsville have been warned of “unprecedented flooding” after dam gates were fully opened on Sunday as monsoon rains continued. Rain in the state of Queensland, where Townsville is located, has swollen the Ross River dam beyond its capacity. Officials earlier warned that up to 20,000 homes could be flooded.

China Urges the World to Undermine U.S. Sanctions
China’s state-run Global Times on Friday applauded the launch of a European system to evade U.S. sanctions on Iran, pleased by the damage it could inflict upon U.S. sanctions against China, Venezuela, North Korea, and other countries. The Chinese saluted France, Germany, and Britain for moving toward a day when the U.S. dollar is no longer the world’s dominant currency and perhaps Chinese money will take its place.

GM Sought to Outsource 2.8K U.S. Jobs to Foreigners While Laying Off Americans
Multinational corporation General Motors (GM) sought to import nearly 2,800 foreign workers in the last three years to take U.S. jobs while laying off American workers. GM will be laying off at least 4,250 of its white-collar workers in Canada and America — with the vast majority in the U.S. — starting next week.

The Pope’s Stubborn Silence on the Persecution of Christians
Unfortunately, Pope Francis’s stance on Islam seems to be coming from a fantasy world. “Authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence”, the Pope claimed, not quite accurately. It is as if all of the Pope’s efforts have been directed to exonerating Islam from any of its responsibilities.

CCCU vice chair admits there is ‘risk’ associated with its LGBT compromise
A board member for one of the largest Christian college associations in the country admits that there is “risk” associated with its recent push for legislation that would provide LGBT discrimination protections in exchange for religious exemptions for traditional Christian beliefs on sexuality. Shirley Mullen…defended the 180-school network’s support for the “Fairness for All” initiative…

Iranian, Russian diplomats hold talks over Syria
The meeting anticipates a trilateral summit of the presidents of the guarantor states of the Syria peace process, Iran, Russia, and Turkey, scheduled to be held on February 14 in Russia’s Sochi. Since January 2017, Moscow, Tehran, and Ankara have been mediating dialogue between representatives from the Damascus government and opposition groups in a series of talks held in Astana and other places.

Feds caught pushing Buddhist-based meditation on preschoolers
The federal government has been caught trying to push a Buddhist-based meditation program on preschoolers, and the American Center for Law and Justice is demanding that the public be given the details.

US thaws from Arctic deep freeze, as death toll hits 21
A brutal cold spell that paralyzed the US Midwest, freezing water mains, causing power outages and canceling flights, eased on Friday, with forecasts predicting a rapid thaw.

UK weather: coldest day in seven years as mercury drops to -14.4C
The lowest temperature in the UK for seven years was recorded on Thursday as snowy and icy weather continued to hit Britain.

Alps hit by ‘once-in-a-generation’ snow storms
Tens of thousands of people have been stranded across the Alps after ‘once-in-a-generation’ weather dumped almost 2 meters of snow on some ski resorts in less than 48 hours.

13 States that Have Ruled Unborn Babies Are Children
Last week, New York state shocked the nation by passing an abortion law that allows pregnant women to terminate their pregnancies up until their due dates. The progressive law is the first of its kind, but New York appears to only be the first of many states who are considering adopting similar legislation.

Exhumed Remains Of Karl Marx To Run For US President
“…6,000 years of human history shows us that whenever too much wealth becomes concentrated at the top, it always gets redistributed by either socialist policies or violent revolution…”

Report: San Francisco Has More Drug Addicts Than High School Students
San Francisco has more intravenous drug users than high school students, according to a San Francisco news outlet. “Injection drug users” outweigh high schoolers by more than 50 percent according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Federal Court Orders Discovery on Clinton Email, Benghazi Scandal: Top Obama-Clinton Officials, Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes to Respond to Judicial Watch Questions Under Oath
Judicial Watch announced today that United States District Judge Royce C. Lamberth ruled that discovery can begin in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Obama administration senior State Department officials, lawyers, and Clinton aides will now be deposed under oath. Senior officials — including Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Jacob Sullivan, and FBI official E.W. Priestap — will now have to answer Judicial Watch’s written questions under oath.

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Admits Twitter Colludes with Far Left Activist Groups and Governments Like Pakistan to Censor Users
Isn’t it time for Twitter to move its headquarters to Lahore? We reported in July 2018 that Twitter has long been accused of censoring conservatives.  Twitter was indeed censoring and shadowbanning the President of the United States, Donald Trump’s twitter account, @realDonaldTrump.

Bavarian Elementary Schools To Install ‘Third Sex’ Bathrooms
Three new elementary schools around Munich in the German state of Bavaria are putting forth a proposal to create a bathroom for a “third gender” for children who do not identify as boys or girls.

Paul Craig Roberts Exposes “The Lawless Government”
“I remember when a suspect was regarded as innocent until proven guilty in a fair trial… In the United States, law is no longer a shield of the people. Law is a weapon in the hands of prosecutors…”