26 Jan 2019

Iran on threats from France: ‘We will reconsider our relations with Europe’
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Qassemi, responded today (Saturday) in regards to threatened sanctions from the French foreign minister over Iran’s ballistic missile program last night. “Our military capabilities are part of legitimate defense powers of the state, and guarantee the national security of the Islamic Republic, which is based on deterrence.” Qassemi said.

Tense day on the Gaza border
Friday riots on the Gaza border came amid rising tensions between Israel and Hamas which rules the Gaza Strip. On Friday the fields along the border fence, where Israeli communities are within eyesight of Palestinian houses in Gaza, tensions ran high. Tanks, IDF patrols and security vehicles ensured that potential violence did not boil over.

Brumadinho dam collapse: ‘Little hope’ of finding missing in Brazil
At least 300 people are missing after a dam collapsed at an iron ore mine in south-eastern Brazil, officials say. The break caused a sea of muddy sludge that buried the dam’s cafeteria where workers were eating lunch. Rescue teams used earth-moving machinery at the site near the town of Brumadinho, in Minas Gerais state.

Icy blast reminds of 2014 ‘polar vortex,’ with worst to come
An arctic blast spread painful cold across the Midwest on Friday, closing schools, opening warming centers and even intimidating ice fishermen in a taste of the even more dangerous weather expected next week. Forecasters called it a replay of the “polar vortex” that bludgeoned the U.S. in 2014 — and maybe even colder, with wind chills by midweek as much as 45 below in Chicago.

Trump climbs down in wall row, Congress passes bill ending shutdown
President Donald Trump on Friday brought a temporary end to the longest government shutdown in US history, while dropping his previous insistence on immediate funding for wall construction along the Mexican border. The announcement in the White House Rose Garden on the bipartisan deal marked a retreat by Trump, suspending a row that paralyzed Washington, disrupted air travel, and left more than 800,000 federal employees without pay for five weeks.

Parents denied access to their children’s medical records by law
A Coralville father recently found out he will no longer have access to his 12-year-old daughter’s medical records…Kevin Christians, of Coralville, said a letter triggered his concerns alerting him he was losing access to his daughter’s medical records. At the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, parents are no longer able to see test results, messages from doctors and other information once a child turns 12.

Qatar to pay aid into Gaza, with Hamas approval
Qatar on Friday said it will pay $20 million in humanitarian aid to boost the ailing economy of Gaza, a day after the coastal strip’s Palestinian rulers stopped the oil-rich Gulf state from paying money directly to impoverished government workers there. The move was widely seen as a compromise between Qatar, which appears intent on increasing its regional influence, and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, which controls Gaza.

Americans Fear The AI Apocalypse
Americans ranked the AI apocalypse as more catastrophic than the possible failure to address climate change, even though respondents said that it was less likely to happen…

Australian city Adelaide sets new national heat record
Adelaide has sweltered through the highest temperature ever recorded by a major Australian city, peaking at a searing 46.6 degrees Celsius (115.9 degrees Fahrenheit) as the drought-parched nation heads toward potentially the hottest January on record

Ambulance equipment contaminated with drug-resistant superbug
Ambulance oxygen tanks are likely to carry the “superbug” MRSA, a small U.S. study suggests, pointing to the need for regular disinfection of medical equipment.

Ohio Governor Says He Will Sign Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Restriction into Effect
As an Iowa judge strikes down a law banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, Ohio’s new governor shares that he will “absolutely” sign a similar bill into effect in his state.

Italy loosens their gun laws to allow citizens to defend themselves against rampant Muslim migrant assaults plaguing Europe
In September last year, the Italian government loosened the countries gun laws. The new law doubled the number of “sport” weapons that licensed citizens could own, a category that includes some semiautomatic weapons such as several models of the AR-15. It also loosened limits on magazine capacity.

In A Desperate Attempt To Deflect Attention From Swirling Catholic Priest Pedophile Sex Scandals, Pope Francis Attacks Trump And The Wall
At every possible turn, the leader of the Catholic Church and the king of Vatican City, Pope Francis, has been trying to run away from the tsunami that is the pedophile sex scandal involving Catholic priests and bishops. Even going so far as to blatantly lie and outright deny that he had prior knowledge of the sex scandal in Chile when he absolutely knew all about it but did nothing. After being confronted by one of the victims who became a homosexual after being sexually assault by a gay Catholic pedophile priest, Pope Francis incredible turned around and told the man it was “OK to be gay“. It boggles the mind, but let’s continue.

Texas Finds 95,000 Non-US Citizens Registered To Vote — 58,000 Have Actually Voted In Recent Elections
On Friday January 25, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that 95,000 individuals registered to vote in the Lone Star State have been identified as “Non-US Citizens,” meaning they are illegally registered to vote. Further evidence brought forth by Texas Secretary of State David Whitely confirms that 58,000 of these individuals have broken the law and voted in “one or more” recent elections.

India successfully tests ship-borne air defense system created with Israel
The Indian Navy conducted a successful trial of the maritime Barak-8 interceptor on Thursday, in the latest test of the joint Indian-Israeli missile defense system, the Indian Defense Ministry said.

George Soros At Davos: ‘Trump Is Renewing His Attacks on US Allies’
Globalist billionaire George Soros has suggested that the US and China’s current cold ‘trade war’ “could soon turn into a hot one.”