24 Jan 2019

Is Saudi Arabia About to Build A Mega City Atop Mount Sinai?
As researchers debate the location of Biblical Mount Sinai, the Saudi Arabian government is moving forward with plans for a mega-city built on top of one of the prime candidates. Mauro is not alone in his assertion that Jabal al Lawz is the Biblical Mount Sinai. After visiting the site in 2018, Bible scholar and bestselling author Joel Richardson told WND, “If those on the fence actually could visit the site, I guarantee they would be fully convinced, or 95 percent there.”

Microsoft Teams with Establishment ‘NewsGuard’ to Create News Blacklist
Without consulting with its users, Microsoft has installed an establishment media browser extension, purportedly designed to rate the accuracy of news websites, as a default extension on mobile versions of its Edge browser. In practice, it creates a news blacklist by warning users away from sites including Breitbart News, The Drudge Report, and the Daily Mail. The browser extension, called “Newsguard,” presents users with a red warning label if they navigate to a website that it judges to be unreliable. A “green” rating is given to websites that NewsGuard considers trustworthy. A number of pro-Trump websites, including Breitbart News, are given a “red” rating by the extension.

Erdogan Seeks Support in Moscow as Putin Becomes Syria Kingmaker
The two leaders met again in Moscow on Wednesday to discuss coordination in Syria, where they’ve been on opposing sides even as they deepened their friendship. Russia has backed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad throughout the eight years of fighting, while Turkey supported militant forces seeking to overthrow him.

New York Abortion Law Worse Than Pharaoh
A new law passed by New York now permits abortion up until the mother’s due date, a horrifying concept some compare to Pharaoh throwing the Hebrew babies into the River Nile. One rabbi emphasized that abortion is murder, the destruction of a soul that is instilled upon conception.

Britain Signs First Post-Brexit Trade Deal with Israel
Uncertainty still swirls around the United Kingdom and the issue of Brexit; will it happen or won’t it? And if it does happen what form will it take? Well, the first moves toward a British exit from the European Union coincided with the announcement that a trade deal has “in principle” been agreed with Israel. Britain’s International Development Secretary Liam Fox, a key cabinet supporter of Brexit, made the announcement on Wednesday afternoon alongside Israel’s Economy Minister Eli Cohen.

The aftershocks keep coming: 4.5 earthquake rumbles through Southcentral Alaska
The shaker was the latest of thousands of aftershocks to roll through the region after the 7.0 mainshock hit Nov. 30. Seismologists say these earthquakes will continue to be considered aftershocks until the region returns to pre-Nov. 30 levels of seismic activity.

PA Accuses Israel, Hamas of Plotting to Assassinate Abbas
Al-Habbash claimed Israel and Hamas share a desire to “assassinate” Abbas. He alleged that Israeli cabinet members have talked about “ways of getting rid of” Abbas, and said this was done in parallel with Hamas urging foreign parliaments to revoke Abbas’s legitimacy as president:

Russia to Israel: Stop ‘arbitrary’ attacks in Syria
The practice of arbitrary strikes on the territory of a sovereign state – in this case, we are talking about Syria – should be ruled out,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, in answer to a question from Russian news agency TASS about recent Israeli airstrikes on Syria. These comments followed a predawn Israeli retaliatory raid in Syria on Monday that the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said killed 21 people, 12 of them believed to be members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps

Venezuela’s Guaido declares himself president
Juan Guaido, President of Venezuela’s National Assembly, during a rally against President Maduro’s government in Caracas, January 23. Backed by hundreds of thousands of protesters and the support of the U.S., Guaido declared himself interim president.

U.S. ambassador says Trump peace plan to be revealed in April – report
The Trump administration is seriously considering releasing its Middle East peace plan as soon as possible after Israel’s national election on April 9. White House officials believe they have a window of just a year to roll out its plans for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, after Israel’s elections in April and before the launch of the US 2020 presidential campaign the following summer.

Iron Dome deployed near Tel Aviv, IDF forces fired on from Syria
The Iron Dome air defense system was deployed near Tel Aviv, Israel media reported Thursday morning. Overnight, IDF forces operating near the border with Syria were fired upon, according to a statement released by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. The IDF returned fire. No Israel forces were reported wounded in the incident. The army’s statement did not identify who fired at the soldiers, nor if any enemy forces were wounded.

Australia horse deaths: Wild animals perish at dried-up waterhole
An extreme heatwave in Australia has led to the deaths of more than 90 wild horses in the outback, authorities say. Rangers found dead and dying animals in a dried-up waterhole near Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory, last week. About 40 of the animals had already died from dehydration and starvation. Surviving horses were later culled.

Antibiotic resistance plan to fight ‘urgent’ global threat
Drug-resistant superbugs are as big a threat as climate change, the health secretary will say as he unveils a new five-year plan to tackle the problem. Overuse of antibiotics is making infections harder to treat and leading to thousands of deaths a year through drug-resistant superbugs. The government plans to change the way it funds drug companies to encourage them to develop new medicines.

Controversial Fake News Filter NewsGuard Built Into Microsoft’s Mobile Browser
Corporate and neocon-backed startup NewsGuard is one step closer to its vision of bringing its “unreliable” news rater to every screen after Microsoft makes it an integral part of its Edge mobile browser.

Maduro Overthrow: Venezuela Rises Up From Ashes of Socialism
Venezuela is in turmoil after President Trump announced he recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the nation’s president, rather than socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro.

IT’S OFFICIAL: The liberal left has now openly declared war on Christianity
The Left spent much of last week attacking Karen Pence because she got a job at a Christian school that follows Christian teaching. By the end of the week, #ExposeChristianSchools was trending on Twitter.

CATASTROPHE: Germany is now dumping thousands of Muslim migrants on other EU countries, making them pay for Merkel’s blunders
The German government says that in a first, more asylum-seekers were transferred to other European Union countries than Germany took in last year.

Iran’s General Soleimani primes pro-Iranian militias in Syria and Iraq for terror attacks on exiting US forces
Iran’s Mid East commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani has devised a plot to force US troops not just to leave Syria but to be thrown out of US bases in Iraq as well, DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report.

Left Wing American Catholic Priest calls March For Life repulsive
A prominent American priest has dissed the Washington March for Life as “repulsive and futile,” denouncing the pro-life event as “basically a gathering for many right-wing anti-abortion hardliners.”Franciscan friar Father Daniel Horan, a pro-LGBT priest and professor who will be speaking at the upcoming Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, took to Twitter this weekend to bash the March for Life and condemn without trial a group of white Catholic high school boys as “racists” for supposedly “taunting” a Native American man beating a drum.

Deadly Superbug Enters US After People Have Surgeries In Mexico
A potentially deadly superbug infected U.S. patients from multiple states after they had surgery in Mexico, underscoring a worrying trend in the rapidly growing medical tourism sector.

Court ruling confirms Gardasil vaccine kills people… scientific evidence beyond any doubt… so where is the outcry?
May God bless the Tarsell family, who fought the U.S. government eight long years to validate a medical burden of proof that the Gardasil vaccine killed their daughter. The Tarsell’s 21-year-old daughter Christina Richelle “died from an arrhythmia induced by an autoimmune response” to Gardasil, an HPV vaccine that she received only days before her death.

CARBON FOOTPRINT: Environmentalists Take 1,500 Private Jets To Davos, Switzerland, ‘Climate Change’ Gathering
A handful of the world’s wealthiest and most successful people are gathering in Davos, Switzerland, this week to discuss how to make the world a better place — and, in particular, how to address the “urgent” threat of climate change — but they’ll take more than 1,500 separate private jets to get to the tony ski resort.

Vermont Looks To Make Abortion Up To Birth A Constitutional Right
Taking a que from radical New York Democrats, Vermont is on track to make abortion up to birth a constitutional right.

Simmering, Ready to Explode: The War Between Iran and Israel Heats Up in Syria
As American pundits and policymakers debate how to approach Syria following President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops, the stage is being set in the war-torn country for a region-wide conflict. The key to this coming storm is the war between Iran and Israel, which escalated in important ways on Sunday night.

Venezuela Pres Nicolas Maduro Tells US Diplomats To Get Out After Trump’s Latest Move
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said Wednesday he is severing diplomatic ties with the U.S. and expelling U.S. diplomatic personnel within 72 hours after U.S. President Donald Trump recognized his rival as the country’s true leader.

Venezuela Erupts Against Dictator Maduro as His Socialist Regime Starts to Completely Collapse
Hundreds-of-thousands of people took to the streets in Venezuela Wednesday afternoon in protest of illegitimate President Nicolas Maduro and in support of internationally recognized President Juan Guadio.

Acetaminophen can induce a zombie-like state that makes people emotionless and uncaring
 it turns out acetaminophen (the active ingredient in drugs like Tylenol) can turn off more than just your pain — it can dull your emotions and reduce your ability to feel empathy for others.

Prog-Left Now Openly Calling All Would-Be Killers To The Kill
Fuelled by mainstream, social media and celebrity Twitter accounts, the hate-spewing progressive-left is now openly calling all would-be killers to the kill.

IT’S PARTY TIME! New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Celebrates As He Signs Reproductive Health Act Bill Authorizing Killing Of Babies Up To The Moment Of Birth
Just one generation ago, the world has horrified when newsreels from the Allied Forces liberating Germany shocked the world with raw moving images of Hitler’s concentration camps. People watched with jaws scraping the floor as they saw in utter disbelief the mass killing of human beings in gas chambers, ovens, and being shot in large groups.

Taliban Resumes Peace Talks with U.S. ‘Hours’ After Killing at Least 45
Afghan Taliban narco-jihadis issued a statement saying they had restarted peace negotiations with U.S. officials “hours” after they carried out a brazen attack on Monday that left at least 45 members of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency dead at a military base near Kabul.